Tendonitis Pain In Right Hand, Wrist, Top Of Hand, Knuckles, Fingers, and Forearm

by Jay L.
(Calgary, Canada)

I have had the electro tests on my nerves and they do not believe I have carpal tunnel. The doctor there told me it is more likely to be tendonitis.

Does this make sense? All the sites I have researched do not show tendinitis causing pain through the hand and knuckles.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Jay.

It's true, most sources don't think of Tendonitis as anything other that a very site specific injury or source of pain.

Unfortunately, that's just now how the body works. The body does not work in isolation. Everything is connected. Everything responds and compensates and shifts to each and every tiny change.

It's also useful to notice that you doctor has no idea what is causing your pain.

You could have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and have just fine results from the nerve conduction testing.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is nothing but a label for a set of symptoms, can be VERY similar to Wrist Tendonitis.

If you have a Pain Causing Dynamic, whether it's mild or acute, you can have all sorts of pain throughout the area.

Tell me more about your symptoms, your activities, the history of this, etc, in as much detail as possible, and I'll have a better idea of what's going on.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Tendonitis Pain In Right Hand, Wrist, Top Of Hand, Knuckles, Fingers, and Forearm

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Feb 04, 2011
pain in top of hand
by: danny

i have been experiencing a lot of pain in the top of my right hand, lately it causes my discomfort the pain is quite sharp sometimes and it feels really tight strain .

Mar 13, 2012
similar issue - Tendonitis Pain In Right Hand, Wrist, Top Of Hand, Knuckles, Fingers, and Forearm
by: Amy

I realize this is in regards to an old post, but I've recently had a similar issue. The pain is on the back of my hand, between the ring and pinky fingers...sometimes extending to the wrist. In a neutral position, it seems okay, but certain movements can bring me to my knees, even something as mundane as hooking and unhooking my bra.

When I have to stand from the floor or a recliner, i can't push up with my palms, I have to make a fist and push like that...opinion?


Joshua Comments:

Plenty of opinion, always! :)

But first, more details:

1. When you push off with a fist, does it hurt at all?

2. If you standing and you put your hand flat on a surface (table, counter) and push, does it hurt? Like pushing out of a chair?

3. If your arm/wrist is flat (as opposed to when it's bent back to push off the floor/chair) and you push, does it hurt?

4. If your wrist is bent forward and you push, does it hurt?

5. When you say pain 'extending to the wrist', what does that mean, exactly?

6. Describe the pain symptoms, and any other symptoms.

Mar 19, 2012
by: Amy

Okay, let me see if I can answer all these, lol.

1. If I am pushing down with a fist, it does not hurt AT ALL, as long as I keep my wrist straight.

2. If I'm standing and push down, I do feel a bit of pain on the outside of my wrist...nothing I can't handle, though. I just try not to push too hard! :)

3. If arm is flat and I push against something, absolutely no pain.

4. Forgive my language, but it hurts like hell if I bend my wrist forward and try to keep my fingers straight. With my right hand, I can bend my fingers forward enough to touch underneath my wrist. Impossible for my left.

5. Describe "extending to the wrist". Hmm. This is hard. I'll try to incorporate question 6 with this as well. The pain seems to mainly occur on the top of my hand between the wrist and the knuckle on my pinky and ring fingers. If I am doing some sort of activity, it hurts mainly on top of my hand. If I am resting or otherwise doing nothing, the pain seems to be mainly on the outside of the wrist.

This all started about four or five weeks ago. Everything I had read thus far about tendonitis states that when folks have flare ups, they generally don't last more than two weeks. I was really putting off having to go to the doctor if it was something silly. I've worn a rigid brace for a week or two, and that did good, considering it kept the wrist from the movements that cause pain; however, it wasn't getting any better, so I discontinued that.

Thanks so much for your opinions, there isn't too much I can find.

Mar 20, 2012
Joshua Replies to Amy - Tendonitis Pain In Right Hand, Wrist, Top Of Hand, Knuckles, Fingers, and Forearm
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Oh...if only flare ups lasted two weeks...

Let me rephrase that. They either do, or they don't.

The body does weird things. Sometimes you just hurt for a bit for no good reason, and it goes away. *shrug*

The pain can be due to a number of things, but ultimately that action fires muscles and associated factors etc a certain way which triggers a PAIN signal to fire.

So, you're options as I see them:

1. Wait it out and see what happens.

2. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation, Ice Dip a bunch, and see what happens. Might as well squeeze your forearm muscles regularly, locate tight spots, and squeeze extra.

3. Get the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook and do everything it says.

That will be a good tool if this does happen to just go away...but come back again in the future.

The danger is, due to the Pain Causing Dynamic, the pain you have now is setting you up for more pain in the future.

Break the dynamic now, and get the ecology of your forearm (which attaches to structures in your wrist and is the real culprit, ultimately) happy again. That's my favored plan of attack.

Having said that, I'm as lazy as the next guy, and I often wait things out just to see what happens.

More questions, more answers.

Apr 03, 2012
Also wrist and top of hand pain
by: Loribeth

The top of my hand and wrist have been hurting also. I just noticed this in the last couple days. It seems to be more severe after driving for a little while. Also some in typing but I think that's just from the use of my hands, nothing similar to carpal tunnel. I have looked up the symptoms for that and they don't match.
It's my right hand. The top (or back side) between my ring finger/pinky finger and wrist. My wrist hurts on the underneath side and some in the palm. I can't think of anything I've done to injure it and I can't see anything wrong from looking at it.
I guess maybe it's just tendonitis? I've had it in my elbow and ankle before and I know you have to stop using it if possible so it can heal.
Not sure if I have a question other than if you think that it sounds like tendonitis and if I'm correct to try to not use it. (Although with an office job that may be hard to do).
Thanks!! :)


Joshua Comments:

You said "...I know you have to stop using it if possible so it can heal.". You -think- that because that's what you've been told by doctors and the internet. There's no truth to it, for a variety of reasons, including, what's to heal?

Are you injured? No injury, no need to 'heal'.

There are other factors, of course, that cause pain. But I'm no fan of Rest.

Jul 16, 2012
Pain also in Knuckles, top of hand and wrist
by: Carly

Hi Joshua,

I am also experiencing severe pain in my right wrist, knuckles and top of hand. It hurts to put weight on and move my wrist and fingers in certain directions. If I flex my hand up and down it hurts and to fold my fingers underneath my hand it really hurts.

This has been going on for some years now for me. I never really know what triggers it, I have my suspicions but nothing for sure. My GP told me that I suffered from something called De Quervains Tenosynovitis and I have looked this up online it is quite a specific test. This test does not cause me pain. Should I go back to see my GP again.

Look forward to hearing from you



Joshua Comments:

It doesn't sound like Dequervains Tendonitis, which is just thumb tendonitis.

Doesn't sound like your GP called it right, nor has been able to help over the last few years (or if you're new to your GP, wasn't able to provide any relief to a chronic problem), so, ya know, it's up to you.

Just from what you've said, I don't know, could be your version of Wrist Tendonitis, which is a problem of the forearm that affects the wrist and in your case possibly the hand.

I'd suggest you do the self care you find on the site, or get my Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook, do the self care, and then let me know what happens, and we can fine tune from there.

Aug 17, 2012
Pain/pulling feeling in Knuckle
by: Andy

I have a painful pulling feeling from the knuckle of my left ring finger. Normally, if my wrist is straight. If I flex my wrist (bend it so the palm moves toward my arm) i feel a pulling sensation from that knuckle. This has been occurring for some time, probably more than a year. But lately, on some days, I feel pain even when my wrist is straight.

Thank you,


Joshua Comments:



Oct 02, 2012
Acute Right Hand Pain
by: Alesha

Hi there - im on day 3 of this acute pain, was hoping it would go away so I did not have to make a trip to the doctor - the source is a spot just above my wrist on top of my hand, so sore and tender and feels like stabbing pains - i cannot lift anything not even a carton of milk and this is making carring my 17month old son a nightmare - i cant make a fist as that hurts far too much and it kept me awake all last night, the pain was so severe, it seems to be worse at night as it throbs and I cant lean on it all - any advice as to what this could be??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Alesha.

It could be a variety of things.

Primarily, it's the pain enhancing chemical released by the Process of Inflammation.

If you have a young child, you're also looking at nutritional insufficiency adding to the whole dynamic.

Start here: How To Reduce Inflammation

And here: Magnesium for Tendonitis

Oct 16, 2012
you can have pain from carpal tunnel on the posterior of the wrist
by: Dustin

I am just wondering if you can have pain from carpal tunnel on the posterior of the wrist and not just the anterior.

I have pain on the posterior wrist with certain activities that I perform which in turn causes increased pain and discomfort as well as decreased ROM and decreased grip strength. Can this be caused from or related to carpal tunnel?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dustin.

Sure. You can have pain anywhere.

The question is, do you actually have 'Carpal Tunnel'?

Regardless of that answer, the cause of your pain is, ultimately, the Pain Causing Dynamic.

Tightness, and more of it, causes pain and problem like reduced range of motion etc.

Dec 18, 2012
Pain in my right hand
by: Rockciano Garza

Hi I wrk in a freezer dept.and I my hand freeze up bad...is it posible to damage nerves? Cause the last two days I been gettin pains in my right hand shootin to my tips of my fingers to my palms,and my knucklez...it painful...can some body tell me sumthing...thx


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rockciano.

Is it possible to damage nerves? Sure it is.

What does 'I had my hands freeze up bad' mean, exactly?

Jan 17, 2013
New wrist pain, very similar
by: Lindsey


Starting just last week I began experiencing short, shooting pains from my wrist to the knuckle on my index finger while performing menial tasks that involve the rotaion of my wrist or awkward grabbing.

At first, it was brief and infrequent (but enough to make me vocalize pain), but this morning it started while I was simply making a sandwich, and brought me to my knees immediately. All day my hand has been bearing a deep dull pain with the frequent shooting pain that I would describe as nerve pain that seems to be slowly creeping up my forearm. These pains occur most often while typing, writing, dialing or picking up the phone, or any activity that requires my wrist to move, which is basically my entire job.

While there is a lot of pain, nothing is swollen in my hand or wrist. It would seem to me that the pain is originating in my wrist.

Should I ride this out and see if it goes away? Would it seem to you that this might be tendon pain or nerve pain?

I recently recovered from a back injury, do you think that any strain still in my trapezius would pull on my arm muscles causing it to pinch?

The physical therapist I used to see thought I might have tendonitis in my "stupid"spinatus tendon or weakness in my subscapularis in the same arm as my pained wrist, does tendonitis spread or stay localized?

I know this is a lot of information, but I would appreciate any advice.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lindsey.

1. The more information the better.

2. The PT said 'stupid spinatus' or 'supraspinatus'? A supraspinatus weakness/imbalance can cause issue down the arm, but doesn't sound like your particular situation, though I could be playing a role.

3. The mechanism of the tendonitis dynamic spreads, as the individual factors cause the structures around to follow it's lead. That's a function of the Pain Causing Dynamic.

4. Back injury can definitely affect the shoulders and arms, as back injury and recovery causes a Pain Causing Dynamic.

5. I would never suggest just riding something out. I guess you could, as an experiment to see what happens. I'd rather you learn How To Reduce Inflammation and ice dip the forearm and see what happens.

6. I'm also a big fan of Magnesium For Tendonitis

Keep me updated.

Feb 20, 2013
Pain in my wrist, numbing of the top of my hand from my thunb to my middle finger
by: Lani

Hi,,I've recently been to the doc & she seems to think I have carpal tunnel, im being referred to a specialist!

So this is what's going on! First off I do not work with computers at all! One morning I awoke with my hand tingling & numb I thought it was jut asleep but the tingling last for a few days & its still numb 3 months later! I get pain in the middle of my wrist & lately I've been getting a pain thats going to my elbow!

The inner wrist hurts & if I scratch my inner wrist up & down I get the tingling in my 3 fingers thhe whole top of my hand to my ring finger is numb including my first 3 fibers!!

When i say inner wrist I mean the left side of my right wrist..as of the past 3 days my LEFT shoulder has been hurting like in my joint where my arm goes into my shoulder!

Could these two be related! Is this early arithritis. ,is there something going on with my nerves idk the shoulder pain is in a different arm then the carpal tunnel!! Just feels like tendinitis in.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lani.

It sounds like there's several clues of several different variables at play.

My guess is most of the problem is up at the neck.

Magnesium For Tendonitis never hurt anybody, of course.

If you slept on your neck wrong, and muscles clamped down and never let go (due to nutritional insufficiency, verterbral subluxation, etc) then that can compress on the nerve, like stepping on a water hose. Just gotta take the foot off.

Maybe you have something going on at the elbow, forearm, and wrist, probably you do, but I'd look at the neck first. I don't usually suggest a person see a chiropractor, but i'd be curious to see what happened to your symptoms after a session or two.

I'm not to worried about the other shoulder, in the sense that everything in the body adapts to everytyhing else. If you have a problem on one side, the other side has to compensate in a variety of ways.

Feb 21, 2013
Wrist pain and disc issue
by: Lindsey

She called the the supraspinatus, but joked that she sometimes refers to it as the stupidspinatus as a PT joke.

My doctor was always concerned with pain down my arms and wrists with my back injury because I've got a circumfrential bulge in my C5-C6 that, when when I'm extra stressed out enough to cause my back muscles to strain, he said can press on some nerves. So if that's a factor, I'll eventually need to actually do something about it, I suppose.

The pain has subsided quite a bit and turned into a "once in a while" kind of thing. The wrist will ache for a day or two then stop for a week or so. I've been using something called MaxFreeze, that I feel does some good when I'm having a flare up.

Basically I'm riding it out until my insurance kicks in before I establish a doctor in this area (I just moved to a different geographical region so I think this could be a result of a lot of stress causing my back to flare). Then I'll be able to decide if it's tendon related or spine related, I'm really only riding it out for that reason.

I'll do some research on the Magnesium for Tendonitis and I'll look around at the How To Reduce Inflammation page, but like I said, there's no noticeable inflamation in the area.

Feb 25, 2013
Worrisome hand
by: Samantha

I just started working out again (which it has been over 6 months) and when I tried to do push-ups I have a sharp pain between my pinky & ring finger on my left hand.

It is only when I put weight on it such as, pushing my body off the ground or even when I tried doing standing up push-ups off the wall.

It almost feels like I need to pop my knuckles but then it's a sharp pain. I know I am 25lbs overweight so perhaps that has something to do with it? I have never had this issue nor any physical problems before.

Mar 15, 2013
elbow to wrist
by: Adam

about 5 months ago I landed really hard on my shoulder and possible caused something to jar loose. I have had some issues with that but very recently i was skiing and landed awkwardly and had to put all my weight on the pole causing some discomfort in my elbow. About 2 weeks later I started getting these pulsing paines shooting down my forearm and into my hand that seem to localize between my ring and middle finger.

Now it is not crippling pain by any means but very uncomfortable. I do lift weights pretty heavily 4 days a week and run about 30k a week. But on top of that i work behind a computer all day as well.

If i could get some guidance on something to aleviate this pain or fix what may be wrong that would be outstanding. Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Adam.

So what's hurting now? Your shoulder or your elbow or...?

May 14, 2013
hand pain for months, intense pain making a fist
by: Anonymous

My right hand has been very sore for a few months now. The pain starts in between my index finger and my middle finger and is starting to spread down to my wrist. There is swelling in between the fingers too which Dr believes is the tendon.

My hand is very weak and it hurts to even hold anything in it. I cant make a fist without it hurting so bad I'm almost in tears. I can't bend my middle finger or move it to the side without it feeling like its ripping and I'm in pain.

My Dr gave Motrin 800s and norcos to help but it still isn't helping. Can u give me some advice as to what it could be and hopefully a way to get some relief for this??


Joshua Commments:

Take a look at the Tenosynovitis page, see if that rings a bell.

Defintely read the What Is Tendonitis page.

And learn How To Reduce Inflammation. You'll need to do that intensively for at least a few days to lower pain levels. It's not a fix, but it's your best chance of lowering pain levels quickly while getting the other benefits it provides.

Jun 14, 2013
On top of right hand pain
by: Anonymous

Today, I realized on top of my right hand it started hurting when i put weight on it. or even for doing simple things such as grabbing a blanket with only one hand.

I haven't told anyone since it is only the first day. it also hurts if i push my middle finger in... Help?


Joshua Comments:

Need more details. Who what how where when how long physical activities previous injury age etc.

Jun 15, 2013
Pain in knuckle of my pinky finger
by: Cortney

Ive been having pain in my knuckle of my pinky finger or about a week now... It throbs, and there is sometimes stabbing pain. It comes and goes.

Jun 28, 2013
Pain query, sharp pulling when I push something or shift gears
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua
Sometimes when I push something or shift gears I feel a pain on the top of my hand which feels like my veins or tendons are being yanked sharply. What is causing this ?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

It's probably a spasm. A sudden and very strong and fast (but small) cramp. It feels like an electric shock a little bit, yes? Muscle contraction is electric, nerve impulse is electric, etc.

So when the body has this little sudden contraction, it fires off a big charge through the area and connected structures, basically.

Maybe it doesn't feel electric, but that pulling is literal pulling of tissue in the area from muscle contraction (which pulls on connective tissue which pulls on everything it's connected to.

Jul 07, 2013
Tendonitis or arthritis or hypothyroid symptoms?
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua

I hope you can help me? I went to the gym for 9 weeks before my symptoms started. They began with extreme pain in the balls of my both feet, it got to the point I couldn't walk properly.

My fingers also swelled up, mainly the 2 next to the thumb on both hands but also the ring, the right thumb and the inside joint of my little fingers. My knees also were very painful.

14 weeks down the line, I was told I had zeronegative arthritis, there was no evidence of arthritis. I got a wrist scan on my right wrist and they found tendonitis on the ulnar side with the sheath also inflamed.

My fingers have never decreased, I tried your advice for 2 days now..icing and I am hurting bad again and 2 main fingers have increased in size.

My wrist also has began to hurt again even without using it. I had a scan done of my feet and I have a ganglion in one and both have inflammation. I cannot wear normal shoes like I use too. My knees are still fragile but don't hurt all the time.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism but this is now under control after only 12 days of taking medication.

Please could you tell me if you think I may have tendonitis in these areas, as I don't believe it is arthritis?

Can you tell me if the ice will work for me as I have more pain now but I am thinking it may be that it will hurt before it gets better.

I have also been given a referral for a nerve conductor test, do you think that would be beneficial for me?

Thank you


Joshua Comments:

HI Margaret.

Nerve Conduction Tests aren't beneficial in that they don't help or fix anything.

Might they provide you some helpful information? Maybe.

If you're suddenly having foot pain and upper body pain and inflammation everywhere, the question is, WHY?

Thyroid issues certainly don't help body function, so that's good that's under control with medication but again the question is WHY the thyroid issue?

Generally, it's a nutritional issue.


1. Go off ALL gluten for 60 days, then have a pizza and see how you feel. Gluten is an inflammatory agent and causes ALL sorts of problems.

2. Describe a day in the life of you diet.

3. How old are you?

4. History of health problem or injury of any kind?

5. History of athletics? What kind of job (sitting all day, moving around all day, etc)

6. What is your vitamin D level. If you don't know, find out.


Jul 15, 2013
Don't know what it is?
by: Margaret

Hi Joshua

Thankyou for your reply.
A day in the life of my diet - Embarrassing cause it is not good!
Breakfast - 2 slices of toast, I try now to use healthy bread..gluten free, I always used to use peanut butter but recently over the last 2 weeks have used butter and marmamlade, 1 cup of coffee, little milk and no sugar.

I sometimes snack in the morning....usually snacks through out the day...slices of cooked ham, chocolate bar or 2, oranges, biscuits.
Lunch - whatever is quick and easy - pies, soup with bread, fast food etc.

Snacks also include ice cream.
Dinner- mostly stirfry's like curries.
Snack - biscuits.

I am not over weight, I am 5ft 6ins and I weight 65kgs. I am 45 years old, I am a busy mother of 2 young children, I have other children that are older.

I attended a gym for 9 weeks, 3 times a week.

First of all I was given weights suitable for me but after a while I increased them to what I felt I was able to do.

I don't know of any injuries, I know my knee hurt once whilst in the gym doing leg weights.

I got an ultrasound done of my wrist and the tendon and sheath are inflamed.

It has been 16 weeks now since all my symptoms started, I generally feel so much better but I still have pain in my wrist and fingers which are also still swollen.

I also still can not wear normal shoes. My knees still give me pain from time to time but nothing like they used too.

I went to see a chiropractor today who adjusted my pelvis and has told me that we will eventually get to what it is that is causing it.

I would love to do the 60 day gluten free but I am so busy and I would not even know how to shop that way. I shop on a budget for the whole family.
I looked into gluten free recipes and it is time consuming to me, I could be wrong.

My vitamin D level I was told was fine but possibly a little on the low side.

I appreciate your advice.



Joshua Comments:

1. Find out what your Vit D level is. It's pretty important for proper function of all systems in the body (adequate levels of Vit D reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 85%....)

2. Gluten free is definitely a change in habit..but it's the habit change that's hard, not actually the diet.

3. I'm not going to call your dietary intake 'bad', but I will say that it's low on nutrition. And the body can't function without proper nutrition. It's going to be worth it for you in the short and the long run to make some wise adjustments. (And thus I'm a fan of therapeutic supplementation, it's an easy cheat. :)

Jul 27, 2013
waitress with hugemungus pain in wrist!!
by: rhonda

I have been waitress for about 25 years. I am left handed, and use my left hand for everything. I don't have medical insurance, so going to the doctor is the last resort.

For the last 3 weeks my wrist has been killing me!! Where I could carry big trays with ease, they now about drop me to my knees. It's on the outside of my wrist and i did all the tests you had above, and the only one that killed me painfully was the one where you push away, I can't move my wrist back to push without pain to my wrist and pointer finger.

I didn't hurt it or do anything different, and I did rest it for a week when i went on vacation. I just went back to work today, and pain is still there and still the same.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rhonda.

That's no surprise re: the pain coming back after a week of rest, as rest doesn't help anything (see the link to the 'Rest' page further down the thread).

So, what have you been doing to try to help it so far?

Jul 29, 2013
Numbness and pain in right hand, wrist and knuckles
by: Carly

I have found out that the pain I have been suffering from in the top of my hand, knuckles and fingers for the past couple of years is not de quervains but is actually a dorsal ganglion cyst - the hospital are going to operate on it.

Thank you for your advice though.


Joshua Comments:

Well, we work with what we got, do some trial and error, and learn as we go.

Purely out of curiosity, was there any conversation with the hospital re: choosing between options of surgery and smacking the ganglion cyst with a bible (like they did in the good old days).

Also out of curiosity, how 'deep' is the cyst and/or how close to a nerve?

Jul 29, 2013
Ganglion Cyst too deep to hit with a bible
by: Carly

It's really deep - they have aspirated twice and removed 80% of the fluid but each time within 7 days it returned. They do not recommend hitting it with a bible and due to the fact that I have had severe trauma to this wrist breaking both my radius and ulna when I was younger - I was not keen to try this method. They have decided to proceed with excision as it wakes me from sleep due to pain but have said that because of it's depth and size they will have to do so under a general anaesthetic - they do think that I may have de quervains which has caused the tendon sheath to tear and cause the cyst but the steroid injections provided no relief to the pain at all.


Joshua Comments:

Yeah, the deeper a ganglion cyst is, the more problematic it is to try to burst it with force. Not only do people hurt themselves just by the impact, but the sudden burst of fluid from the bubble can cause damage.

The problem with ganglion cysts is that they generally reform. If aspirated, they just fill back up. If removed, hopefully it will take a good long while before anything regrows.

But the forces that cause it to grow/regrow are still in place

Torn tendon sheath doesn't by definition cause ganglion cysts to form. If you have a previous break, that certainly makes sense, as ganglion cysts tend to form where there is force/torque happening in the tissue.

I have the Reversing DeQuervain's Tendonitis ebook completed, just need to get the salespage up etc, so it will be a couple days before you see it on the site. Might be worth it to try what it says to do, and it will help you recover from surgery quicker than normal too.

Why do the docs think you have DeQuervain's, and do they know you tore some tendon sheath tissue, or are they just theorizing about all that?

Jul 30, 2013
by: Carly

Excellent I will. Well I have been suffering with pain on and off for about 6 years. My old GP originally diagnosed it as de quervains using the test whereby you pull your thumb across your palm and then move the wrist. It would only flare up occasionally and go away after using a splint and anti inflammatry pills.

The past two years has seen the growth of the bump and more consistent pain, weight bearing squeezing, generally any movement and I have good days and bad days. They do know about the trauma that occurred 20 years ago and I think it is a theory about the tendon tear.

I have been under the local hospital (UK) since January and met with a few of the consultants assistants and they tried most things. At first the sent me for an ultrasound to aspirate it and the consultant wouldn't as it wasn't superficial enough. The second told me he didn't think it was the ganglion causing pain but de quervains and a ganglion was an off shot of that. He gave me a cortisone injection and yet another splint. The third decided it was the ganglion and sent me back for an ultrasound and aspiration which they did that time. The last time I went I actually met with the consultant herself. She tried to aspirate it again but could not get any fluid from it. She did then try to pop it with force using her hands (very painful). The cyst I understand is lying between two tendons in my wrist - I don't think they actually know the cause.

They have also muted that it could be due to the work I undertake a bit like RSI but who knows - the bump itself isn't too unsightly and doesn't bother me it's the pain and lack of use of my right hand that is the problem.

Thank you

Aug 03, 2013
Almost there
by: Margaret

Hi Joshua
I wrote to you before and now I have some more information to go on.
I attended a podiatrist who said the ganglion in the ball of my foot was pressing on a tendon which had caused a bursa...which created the inflammation and the painful condition I experienced, I am still in treatment for that at the moment but the Rheumatiodologist's diagnose of arthritis in my feet was wrong.
Also I had another ultrasound of my wrist which finally showed a build up of fluid in different areas which I believe is the cause of injury in the gym and the reason I have tendonitis of the wrist.
As you know from before my fingers are swollen, the first 3 of them. I have a pins and needles sensation that goes through my hand (thumb side) and into these fingers....I was checked for carpal tunnel before and I don't have it but I am thinking maybe the fluid is built up and compressing a nerve?
Do you have any remedies to get rid of this kind of fluid build up? The doctors are still trying to convince me I have arthritis and put me on lifelong immune suppressant medication.
They were wrong about my feet and my knees which were sore because of my feet.
The chiropractor did not help...I really don't think he did much at all but got paid for it.
Any advice gratefully received.....Thanks!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Margaret.

1. Bursa's don't form, they are set structures of a body's anatomy. So either you misquoted her or she's off her rocker, or she's using the term to mean 'a build up of tissue' which is certainly possible.

2. 'Lifelong immune suppressant medication' is barbaric and...well...dumb. Why not just remove the source of the inflammation? Sugar, gluten, fix any leaky gut (proteins etc get through the cell wall and the body attacks itself), etc.

3. Quickly remind me, what was the 'injury' in the wrist that the fluid is supposedly from?

4. What's the current status of the foot/ganglion cyst in the foot?

Aug 03, 2013
sero negative carpal tunnel?? lol
by: Margaret

I probably did misquote the podiatrist.
It is all too technical for me but I was just relieved to hear it was not arthritis...1st time in a long time!

I went to a gym for 9 weeks prior to all my symptoms and at the same time I took bad painful feet, my fingers began to swell. Doctor and Rhuemy immediately latched onto sero negative arthritis and wouldn't and still won't let go of that diagnosis.

Ultrasound found tendonitis in my right wrist of the sheath and tendon, the left was not scanned...it was on the small finger side.

I have symptoms of carpal tunnel, if I touch that side of wrist or below thumb area, I get pins and needles, all the right fingers are swollen too, on both hands.

Ultrasound did not reveal carpal tunnel.
I don't know for sure that I injured my wrist, I just know that I was doing weights and I was left too it after first being shown what was suitable for me.

I have took it for myself that the fluid is a result of some sort of injury I may have got.
I am hypothyroid so it could also be a result of that.

The podiatrist gave me an anesthetic injection into both feet and I have to go back next week.
I feel better in one foot but the other one still feels like a small hard lump that could still have to decrease or may need more work done.

Aug 03, 2013
by: Margaret

Just forgot to add, I don't know for sure but will in a while.....I don't think I have inflammation any more, I asked the ultrasound lady what she found and she said effusion.
I said what is that and she said a build up of fluid...medically speaking.
I am no longer in pain, just swollen fingers and trapped fluid as far as I know.

Aug 03, 2013
Ultrasound results
by: Margaret

Hi Joshua

Just back from the doctors to find out what the test revealed.
Here it is, I have fluid in the tendon sheath of the extensor carpi ulnaris, tendon and sheath are vascular. This is the right wrist.
Left wrist - there is a 15x3x5mm cystic lesion adjacent to the distal flexor carpi radialis. It is consistent with a ganglion.
Tendons and sheaths have a normal appearance.
The doctor gave me steriods for the tendonopathy or tenosynovitis of the extensor carpi ulnaris and a letter for a surgeon to remove the ganglion.
I would like to know your thoughts on this?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Margaret.

Here are my thoughts on Corticosteroid Injections.

Ganglion Cysts

You have a chronic Process of Inflammation that is causing excess fluid to secrete and build up. Theoretically the body should drain it away, but it isn't. So you need to help it.

Remind me, have you been ice dipping?

Is the ganglion cyst actually causing any problems? It may or may not be, just all depends.

And then you weigh that against the damage surgery causes and could cause.

Sep 25, 2013
hand tendinitis pain and pain in my rib cage around to my spine
by: Debbie

My right hand hurts with tightness and aches and when I push it down on a surface it hurts it is top of my right hand and from my middle finger and tight in top can you help,.?

I also have pained and burning sensation in my muscles round my left rib cage and travel around to my back near my spine.. Connected..?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Debbie.

I need more information.

What activities do you do? What's your overall health? Why might your ribs be hurting?

Oct 03, 2013
Diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua

I have finally I believe got a proper diagnosis for my condition. I have been told I have Thoracic outlet syndrome. I am now correcting my posture and I remembered just over 6 months ago that I badly hurt my neck on a kiddie slide.

I feel nerve feelings over my shoulder area and also in the clavicle area.

I have alot of tension in my neck and shoulder area.

I still have some edema in my fingers mostly the ring finger now.

The physiotherapist who diagnosed me gave me exercises to do rolling on a basketball, my shoulder blades hurt due to my condition and my spine also now due to the exercises.

Do you have any idea how long it will take me to get better?


Joshua Comments:

Hi AnonyTOS.

I can't answer the question, because the answer depends on a lot of things: what you do to try to remedy the situation, your specific physical make up and structural posture/position, what muscles and connective tissue are doing, your nutritional status, etc.

1. What EXACTLY are you doing to counter the Thoracid Outlet Syndrome dynamic?

2. Age?

3. Overall health?

4. History of activity, like, what job do you do? (Sit at a desk all day, moving around all day, etc) In other words, what has your body been doing (posturally and functionally) the last 10+ years?

5. What brought this on do you think? How long has it been leading up to this?

Oct 17, 2013
pinky knuckle goes under ring finger knuckle
by: Anonymous

Hurts to shake hands pinky knuckle goes down very painful. Like pinky knuckle isn't connected grip is weak to. Hurts to bend wrist back like can't do a pushup.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonypinky.

1. Did anything happen to 'injure' it?

2. For the wrist, that means that muscles and connective tissue in your forearm are TOO TIGHT.

3. What are you doing for self care to help it?

Nov 07, 2013
Help please:
by: Vanna

For the past week or so I've had constant pain shooting through my fingers, I use to crack my knuckles skirt and now my fingers get extremely sore.

But my middle finger on my right hand is the worst it's an irritated feeling but as well as sore, it hurts to bend to touch and it's always irritated.

The pain in my hand comes and goes but my middle finger is always bad.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Vanna.

Ice dipped yet? See the How To Reduce Inflammation link deeper in the thread.

This has been going on just a week?

Nov 23, 2013
the top of my hand is swollen and feels jammed
by: Abby

The top of my hand around my middle knuckle is swollen and has been for two days now. Feels like it has been jammed or something too could that be associated with my carpal tunnel? What can I do to make the jammed feeling go away?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Abby.

1. Read the entire thread.

2. Follow the How To Reduce Inflammation link you'll find in here.

3. Is it dislocated at all?

4. VERY light traction (gently pull on the finger to gently 'un-jam' it. THat jammed feeling can be actual compression of the joint, or it can just be from the swelling and inflammation, or a combination of both.

Nov 30, 2013
Ganglion Excision left me in pain and no mobility
by: Anonymous


I have commented on here before some time ago when the doctor thought I had de quervains and then it was decided I had a dorsal ganglion cyst. I had the cyst excised three weeks ago now.

My entire hand is numb and the finger next to my thumb following the operation but more importantly - I have little or no movement in the joint.

The wrist is very painful with any movement and I have (what I am told) a large solid lump of scar tissue that has filled the void of the cyst. My surgeon told me there was a large defect to the dorsal joint capsule which was repaired at the end of surgery and was the cause of the cyst. Is there anything I can do to improve my joint movement, reduce pain and scar tissue?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Carly.

That sounds like no fun at all....:(

First off, I would Ice Dip like crazy. You want as much pain causing chemical and waste product out and as much nutrition filled blood in as possible.

Do that, as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page, then give me an update here on how it feels with that.

Also, in general throughout the day, just keep your wrist moving, even just a TINY bit. Tiny motion keeps, deep in the wrist, things moving, keeps structures lubricated, helps counter the compression/lock down that pain causes, etc.

We'll just have to see about the scarr tissue etc.

Dec 22, 2013
Limited Wrist Movement is it muscle or bone?
by: Hayley

I have an odd tic syndrome that makes me have to move my body in odd ways because of discomfort.

Lately I have been moving my wrists a lot and this morning I woke up with extreme discomfort in my wrists especially in my left one. When I move both my wrists forward with my fingers straight it is fine there is little to no pain.

When I put my left hand in a fist, though, and try and move it forward it moves about a cm forward and then it becomes absolutely impossible to move it any further at all. When I move it the little bit it can a bump forms in the middle of my wrist. Could that be a muscle? or a bone?


Joshua Comments:

Hello Hayley.

I'm not sure, I'd need to know more.

1. Do you you actually have a 'syndrome'?

2. What does this mean? "When I move it the little bit it can a bump forms in the middle of my wrist."

3. Just your wrists, or other body parts/areas too?

4. Describe 'discomfort'.

Feb 11, 2014
hand/finger pain after pregnancy
by: tgbrowneyes

Just found this string so I thought is try to see if I can get some info from you...I have Dequairvaine's Tenosinitus and had a cortisone shot for it awhile back. Helped for awhile but it came back. havent gotten another shot yet as I was pregnant.

Just had my second son and now have more pain and more than the thumb/wrist. Now, I also have pain on the top of the hand between the first knuckles of the first and middle fingers, especially when I push those two fingers to the side, away from my thumb.

I'm sure lifting my boys (2yrs and 2 months) is the culprit. Rest is not an option, so am I looking at shots for the new pain also?

Anything I can do myself? Thanks for your time.


Joshua Comments:

Hi TGBrowneyes.

Well, kids are partly to blame as they are nutrition-sucking parasites... :) Cute and Loveable I'm sure, but they are what they are because they siphoned nutrition from you.

THat's just the way it works.

1. Read the Tenosynovitis page.

2. Read the Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel page. It's not about tenosynovitis per se, but everything applies.

Read the pages linked to from those pages too, the Pain Causing Dynamici, Inflammation, etc.

Rest isn't an option, that's true. But rest doesn't help anyway....

Mar 27, 2014
hand pain
by: marie

I have pain on the top of my left hand, but it doesn't bother me or hurt unless I touch something with it, for example I rub the back of my hand against my clothes and the pain is just unreal, if the back of my hand hits or touches something the pain is unreal, yet I can rub and touch the back of my hand and it doesn't hurt or bother me at all.

May 29, 2014
I'm a Nursing Assistant with Wrist/hand pain, wakes me at night
by: Jenny

I'm an Stna (state tested nursing assistant) and have been one for 18 years. Here in the past few months my right wrist and hand hurt so bad it wakes me from sleep.

I will find a little relief when my husband massages my hand and cracks my thumb, but the relief doesn't re last long.

Please help I need to work pain free.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jenny.

Start here: Wrist Tendonitis

Then go here: Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms (explains the cause of each symptom)

Then go here: Pain Causing Dynamic

Then go here: Process of Inflammation

Then go here: How To Reduce Inflammation

Aug 07, 2014
injured finger, space betwen ring and middle fingers
by: Carlos

Hi Joshua, I have injured my finger number 4 which is the ring finger by playing around with my dog,

I cought a small metal pipe in between my middle and ring finger which pushed my ring finger more to the right since the swing was going that way it made it popped and now my middle finger and my ring finger have a space between them when I put them together and my ring finger hurts when I close my hand, this happened to the ring finger on my right hand.

I just want to know how can I fix it its not the bone. thanks


Joshua Comments:

Hi Carlos.

I'm not sure what the issue is.

Did you dislocate a finger/joint?

Sep 21, 2014
Moving inside of my finger joint moves unlike other fingers after hitting it with a hammer
by: Dustin

Hi. I have had pain and stiffness for some time in the top joint of my finger.

Now if I bend it something inside it seems to pop and move that is not present in my other fingers. Its weird. Any ideas on what it might be? I have hit it with a hammer before.


Joshua Comments:

Well, it sounds like you either damaged the joint by hitting it with a hammer in the past, or the muscles and tendons specifically attached to that finger joint are too tight, thus compressing the joint and causing the 'pop' as it's forced to 'jump' through it's range of motion.

Sep 25, 2014
Pain to the right knuckles feels like static and sticking pain right hand thumb and triger. Finger sharp pain pain shooting up my right arm all the way to my neck
by: Anonymous

Pain to my knuckles burning and sharp on my right hand my thumb an trigger finger lots of pain all up my right arm and to my neck lots of pain

Sep 29, 2014
Pain in my knuckles, top of hand
by: Durden

Acute, sharp. I work out religiously. This has caused me to stop. I can't do pull ups, I can't use a suspension Body weight TRX) style. (right hand)

Things I can't do because sharp pain when these actions are made: twist caps off, use my thumb and pointer to pull off something. Make a fist and squeeze it tight. If my fingers are fully straight I can't bend them backwards.

Pains are in my knuckles, middle top (various). I'm being rendered to a Rhumitoid hand surgeon. I'm 34 years old, suffered from Graves' disease(hyperthyroid) and had it treated with radio.

I work in the oil industry outside turning valves, climbing, using wrenches. Starting to get symtoms in my left hand.


Joshua CommentsL

Hi Durden.

Did you hit/smash your knuckles on something? Or is the hand pain just from the inflammatory issues you're experiencing?

Are you gluten free? If you're not, were I you I would go 100% gluten/wheat/grain for 3 months. Most auto-immune 'diseases' and 'inflammatory diseases', including Graves, is primarily the result of gluten and resulting Leaky Gut
(will open a new page from Kerri's www-easy-immune-health.com site).

If you're a beer drinker, switch to cider for a while.

Start eating good fat (avocado, organic pastured sources of butter, coconut oil)(and whey protein isolate) to help heal the gut.

Drop inflammatory agents like all gluten/wheat/grains and processed vegetable cooking oil.

That's the 'deepest' and most important thing to do.

If you punched a wall, that'd be one thing. But if your hands are having these symptoms from Graves, then no amount if icing or massage is goign to fix it (may help, but won't fix) and you have to go after the source of the symptoms, which is chronic systemic inflammation and the side effects/resulting mechanism of what happens when one has leaky gut.

Oct 08, 2014
index finger pain from lifting at work
by: caz

i hurt myself lifting at work and i got this shooting pain in my index and middle finger and in the palm of my hand it cracked, for weeks i have had pains in my index finger and thumb but mostly my index finger.

i cannot bend it without hurting and i cannot lift anything with out it hurting, my doc said it was tendonitis and reckoned it should heal in few weeks, i've had this pain for 6 weeks now.

i have been to physio and they said something about tissue damage, so how long will it take to heal?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Caz.

There's no real way of answering that question, since I don't know if have an actual rip/tear injury or not.

Also, you're working from the assumption that things will always eventually get better all on their own, which is not necessarily true.

See: Pain Causing Dynamic

What are you doing for self care to help it get better?

Oct 18, 2014
Achiing sore pain in the middleof the back of my hand
by: Anonymous

I have had an aching sore pain the back of my hand in the middle. It started after I woke up and It's not stopped. I work as a nightshift manager and I replenish throughout the night, went to work last night and found it difficult to lift and when I did it was sore.

Same when I went out during the day.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Is this the first time this has happened?

Did something new/different happen at your job or in your life that might have kicked in a pain dynamic? Either an activity you don't normally do, or a stressful event (that uses up nutrition and thus the body can't operate optimally which often leads to pain or illness).

Oct 25, 2014
Mystery hand pain in gymnast and tumbler
by: Kristen

The last several years, off and on throughout my tumbling and gymnastics practice, I have had sharp pains in my right hand.

It has recently started to bother me more again after a couple years. I have researched wrist/hand pain, but not with much success .

I don't know if I should look into seeing my doctor?? Usually it only hurts really bad during stretching/practicing.

My wrist pops constantly; 5-10 times just rolling it around once. Often times it hurts when I bend my hand backward. Usually the pain comes from the middle of my hand, and on the top; not my palm. I

t hurts more in the two-thirds of my hand closest to my pinkie finger. When ever it starts to hurt, I have to stop putting any kind of pressure on it pretty quickly.

If I don't do any gymnastics and am very careful with my hand, it might be pretty much back to normal within a few days.

Might I have tendinitis? My symptoms/pain don't sound like much of what I have read about tendinitis, but I think it's closer than anything else.


Hi Kristen.

You could have tendonitis.

You could have a bruised joint somewhere in the hand/wrist (there's a bunch of articular surfaces).

It sounds like if you rest for a few days the pain goes away, but if you start using the hand again it comes right back, yeah?

Either way, you're looking at a Pain Causing Dynamic (see link farther up the thread) and a general tendonitis dynamic (not enough nutrition, too tight muscle and connective tissue, and chronic inflammation).

Popping is generally from muscle tightness/imbalance. The wrist gets compressed so to move through it's range of motion it has to jump out of it's groove to some degree.

Rest is in no way shape or form a fix. Nor a form of therapy.

What are you doing for self care?

Nov 05, 2014
pain in top of hand, worked in a carpet mill
by: ruby

I have recently been experiencing pain in the top of my hand my wrist and forearm.

I have worked in a carpet mill all my life. The pain is uncomfortable and irritating, I experience tightness and soreness constantly.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ruby. Thanks for sharing.

If you are, what are you doing for self care to help get rid of these symptoms? (I ask it like that because maybe you're just now at the point where you're getting worried about it and motivated to look for answers.)

Nov 07, 2014
Gymnast with wrist pain and weakness can't do a cartwheel without collapsing
by: Kristen

Currently I am not doing anything for self-care. When it starts to hurt, I usually try to stretch out my hand/wrist extra well, but then I also try not to use it, because it just hurts too much. If I try to continue using it, I have collapsed mid-cartwheel or handstand before, just because of all the pressure on it. It's like my muscles stop working; I just can't hold myself up anymore. Why is rest not a good thing?


Joshua Comments:

Find out about Rest.

Muscles 'lose' strength and 'give out' for a couple main reasons.

1. The tighter a muscle is, the less strength potential it has. Meaning, the more contracted it is, the less contraction it can perform. So the tighter it is, the less strength is available.

2. If it's already 'weak', and/or if the body is injured or think it's injured, then the body won't let it get injured. So you go to do a cartwheel, and the nervous system says NO WAY!, stops contracrting at all, and you fall. But you don't get a rip/tear.

So that's probably a fair trade off.

Nov 22, 2014
pain in hand and wrist I don't know what to do
by: Kevin chafin

my whole hand hurts and the wrist I constantly every freaking day all rhe time I can ball my fist up and it cracks every time it hurts like hell.

My doctor doesn't think it's carpal tunnel has not done any test and I don't know what to do.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kevin.

So what are you doing now, or what have you done so far, to help make this better?

What are you doing that is making it worse?

Read this thread and follow/read the links on this thread, then ask any questions you have here.

Dec 11, 2014
Why are my fingers numb and tingly?
by: Cassie

For the past couple weeks my fingers have been numb and tingly. I'm a gymnast so maybe it is that?

Can you please tell me what might have caused it and what can I do to make it go away?


Joshua Comments:

1. Read through this thread and follow/read the links to pages like 'rest', 'rest and relaxation', 'pain causing dynamic', 'wrist tendonitis', etc.

2. Do you have any neck or hand/arm/wrist injuries?

3. Tell me more about the numbness/tingling. Sometimes, always, comes and goes?

4. If you hold your arm up to the ceiling and hold it there, does the numbness/tingling start/get worse?

Dec 30, 2014
Does my hand pain sound like tendonitis? Doctor claims it's arthritis
by: Camille

In the last couple of years I have had super bad pain all over but particularly noticeable in my hands.

A physician said it was arthritis from abuse to my hands thru out life. I'm 52. No one on either side of my family has it. I dont drink, smoke or toke.

I took ibuprofen for years for migraines, not now, and have a habit of not drinking at least half the daily suggested amount of fluids.

I did discover by researching I am Vit D deficient even though I have been supplementing since I tested deficient in March. Any ideas? Suggestions?

I am not a technology enthusiast so not lots of typing, I cook, I clean.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Camille.

1. What was your Vit D level?

2. How much have you been supplementing with?

3. Arthritis is either (primarily) caused by long term tight muscles compressing the joints, or systemic inflammation from eating inflammatory foods

4. How much gluten/wheat/processed foods/sugar/processed vegetable cooking oil do you intake?

5. Drink more water.

Jan 06, 2015
pain on knuckle (little finger)
by: Charlie

Hi Joshua,

I've been experiencing pain in my left hand for around a week now, had xrays and no breaks.

The pain comes when ever and pressure is applied to the outside of my hand, image a karate chop action. Is especially painfully if I push the the outside knuckle on my little finger inwards towards my thumb.

The nurse said it sounds like tendonitis but want a second opinion if possible please. It also hurts when typing but downwards pressure doesn't seem to hurt as much as the inward, towards thumb direction.

Any ideas? Many thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Charlie.

So...is it joint pain? Or overall area pain?

Jan 27, 2015
Pain on the back of the hand, possible wrist tendonitis
by: Jordan

Hi there, I have been having a dull pain on the top of my wrist where my wrist flexes and moves up and down. The dull ache is only when I bend my wrist downwards, as if I was trying to touch my elbow.

No numbness or tingling in my hand or fingers, but when I try to lift a heavy object or do a barbell curl, the pain is there and hurts quite a bit.

I've been putting natural oils on it, Rub A535 on it, ice and heat but it only temperately takes the pain away and is back a few hours later. I do not use any wrist braces.

I do work on a computer during the day so I've made sure to be seated properly and type using proper form but the dull achy pain is always there, and only on the top of my wrist, never the bottom or side, right in the middle on top.

Any answers or help would be appreciated, I have not seen a doctor yet but have read plenty about this, but all I ever see is wrist pain on the bottom of the wrist and never the top so I though I would check here first.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Jordan.

Pain can show up anywhere, including the back of the hand (see this thread).

1. Read this thread and follow the links I point to (Pain causing dynamic, magnesium for tendonitis, etc).

2. See Related: Hand And Wrist Pain From Weight Lifting Playing Guitar And Computer Use

3. See Related: How Do I Heal My Wrist Tendonitis And Reverse The Tendonitis Damage?

4. Then come back with any questions.

Mar 05, 2015
Pain from middle finger movement down to forearm
by: YM

I have this constant pain whenever I move my middle finger on my left hand. It feels like the pain begins around the knuckle area and goes down to the middle of my forearm underneath.

I try to keep my hand in a fist plus massage and add pressure to elevate or prevent pain. This just started recently and I work with lifting and typing everyday.

Aug 30, 2015
wrist pain can't do a push up
by: Anonymous

I have bad wrist pain . I can't put any weight on it like push up.

Its not swollen no injury but if you pull my two fingers out you can feel it separate and hear bones grinding.

Please help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Read the entire thread, follow the links and read those pages.

Come back with questions.

Jan 13, 2016
suffering to get best doctor!!!
by: Kuldeep M.

I m 21 year old mbbs student.

i m suffering from pain in base of right hand thum since last 3-4 year. early it felt some time during writting, but it got worst time to time, now I felt some without doing any activity. There is inflammation in right hand thumb also. Left hand seems good and fine.

I showed many expert and also a head of departnent of our colleges respected physio, medicine and orthopedics doctors also. Though I did not get relieve.

pls help sir...

thank u..


Joshua Comments:

Hello Kuldeep.

Unfortunately, doctors as a profession have no training in tendonitis and thus have very little ability to understand or fix the problem.

So while we presume that doctors do/should have the answers, the vast majority of patients' experiences is that they don't.

So. Read this entire thread, and follow and read all the links to other pages you'll find in it.

That's where to start.

Jan 24, 2016
by: Anonymous

Had cortisone for tendernitis but lump on wrist gettin bigger.

Jan 24, 2016
by: jennifer

I have read all the comments and its not only me suffering from this type of pain, two years ago this kind of pain with the numbing and strikes of pain shooting knife kind of jolts up the wrist.

Ended up getting tested, the doctor said it was tendentious and told me to go home and it should get better, hello, two years later and I am unable to straighten my baby finger and ring finger on my right had, really really bad pain and shooting pain in the wrist and now up the arm.

As I am right handed I use that hand for everything.... please what should I do now?????


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jennifer.

Did you follow the links and read those pages?

Specifically, the ones for Process of Inflammation, Pain Causing Dynamic, and Magnesium For Tendonitis?

If not, that's what to do next.

Apr 11, 2016
Please help
by: Janet

My pain started off in my palm every time I grab something it gave me a shooting pain.

I woke the next morning my hand is worst especially my pointer finger.

The most I can't straighten or bend my hand it really hurts my knuckles and palm is swollen I don't know what I did or what to do but it really hurts.

Apr 24, 2016
my life
by: Anonymous

I have pain in my index finger on top of my first knuckle where my nail is and it shooting up to my hand and then up my arm is very painful even when you touch it.

May 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi 5 days ago I injected in my wrist ever since it's been red and swollen and hurts so much when I move my hand up or down what could i have injected into part from vein please?


Joshua Comments:

1. What did you inject into your wrist?

2. look up some wrist anatomy. There's all sorts of stuff to hit, and I have no idea what you were trying to accomplish or how/where you were injecting.

May 02, 2016
Hand and wrist pain
by: Fran

Hi, I've been being treated for carpal tunnel syndrome for 2 yrs, shots seem to help but I have maxed out with 4 and now doctor has recommended surgery.

I feel like my symptoms do not match symptoms of CTS.

I'm having stiffness in my last three fingers when waking up and pain in my right wrist palm side down from pinky, mostly when I lift something heavy or press down on something with hands down or even when pressing with my finger, hand tingling went away thou.

Also I have weakness in first finger and thumb, what do you think?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Fran.

1. I think that cortisteroid injections for carpal tunnel symptoms is a terrible treatment modality in that it has no chance of fixing the problem.

2. I think that what you describe (last three fingers) points to compression at the elbow and/or neck (yet another reason injections are generally doomed to fail).

Hopefully that doctor isn't also the surgeon, as I have serious doubts about where he's going to be making cuts and whether that's going to help.

See: Quiz Your Doctor

Jul 02, 2016
Any ideas?
by: Jara

it's a shooting pain starts back of palm and up to middle of arm when i put any pressure or lift with that left wrist..

Nov 11, 2016
Pain on top of left hand
by: Bob A

My symptoms are identical to Amy's, but only in my left hand. About an inch & a half from the V of my pinky and ring finger. If I press down, it hurts alot, sort of like a burning senseation. If I make a fist, doesn't hurt, if I open my hand. No pain. Only when I touch the ares. Similar as when you hit your funny bone.

Dec 31, 2016
Distracting Wrist pain by rubbing on a table
by: Tommy

I have pain in both my wrist but I have a habit of rubbing my wrist on the edge of the table when I have these pains in my wrist.

It's always a table with smooth edges, I want to know why I do that, when I rub them on the edge, my wrist will have a red area where it, but the pain goes away. Just hoping to find answers for that, before I rub my wrist to nothing.


Joshua Comments:

I don't know why you do that, but one possible/likely reason is that you are 'distracting' the pain signal.

Pain is a very slow signal. Movement, rubbing like you are, any number of other imputs send a signal that competes with the pain signal to get through the 'gate'.

So you're 'distracting' your nervous system, basically.

Jan 01, 2017
Hand/finger pain from twisting
by: Kari

So a few weeks ago I was opening a twist off bottle of saline. It hurt quite a bit and remained sore for several weeks. I didn't stop using it as I am also not a fan of rest. I think you should keep using what hurts while being cautious. I do what I can tolerate and maybe a little more.

But the other day , opening another bottle of saline, it hurt real bad.

The pain is my middle finger, up to the middle knuckle, and lower at the base of the middle finger.

Swelling is located at the dorsum side of my hand between the metacarpal heads on the left and right of middle finger. Making a fist and squeezing is very painful. Squeezing and lifting isn't possible, I tried to pick up my sons ski's and couldn't without trial and error.

Any thoughts? Maybe this one needs rest??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kari.

1. Have you ice dipped it a bunch? If so, what happened?

2. Does it feel like you actually injured something (rip/tear), or is it just hurting badly without injury?

3. Is it the joint itself that hurts, or....?

Jan 05, 2017
Waitress with tendonitis in right wrist
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm a full-time student at college and work about 15-20 hours a week waitressing.

I just got diagnosed with tendonitis on my right wrist.

I'm a right-handed person. I'm curious to know if I have to quit being a waitress since I use my right arm for nearly everything at the restaurant?

I also have these huge balls of nerves that are painful and cause my wrist to look swollen.

Thanks for helping out!

"I also have these huge balls of nerves that are painful and cause my wrist to look swollen."

WHAT??? Say more about that. That doesn't sound good/normal/right.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I personally wouldn't quit my job over some wrist tendonitis symptoms...I'd fix the problem causing the symptoms.

Jan 22, 2017
Wrist pain worse with fingers extended
by: John

I've been having pain on the dorsal side of my wrist with flexion and extension, although it is much worse with fingers extended.

If I flex/extend the hand with my hand in a fist the pain is not that bad. Any ideas why it would be different with fingers extended vs in a fist?


Joshua Comments:

When fingers are extended certain muscles/structures are longer/shorter than when in fist position.

I imagine the muscles on the palm side of your forearm are too tight, such that when in a fist position they are in a shortened position they're not compressing your wrist like they are when fingers are extended and the muscles/tendons are 'longer' and tighter.

Make sense?

Feb 02, 2017
I'm 14 years old
by: Derek hein

I pushed a slide about 2 months ago and today I've been experiencing sharp pains in my pinky knuckle and it is also a little pushed in from the accident and I only get the pain while bending it up (sometimes) and bending it in a unnoticeable way is any one else getting this or is just me? And should I see a doc?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Derek.

If you think you broke something or actually have some damage, then you may want to go see a doc.

They're probably just tell you to rest and possible put you in a splint or brace, but it's not a bad thing to see what they have to say and to confirm whether or not there is some actual damage. (One can have pain without any damage.)

Feb 03, 2017
Painful burning sensation
by: Anonymous

I cant twist my wrist move up or down and every day my wrist knuckle stays swollen.

When moved wrong its like a numbing painful feeling and when i don't do nothing at all it will feel like on inside of arm its on fire to where it makes me cry.

I can't put weight on it or use it to pull myself up cant shake hand cause it start hurting.

Feb 26, 2017
how to set my hand from pain
by: Anonymous

I have fallen from some height so, my right hand is unwilling to lift some height pls make me all right.


Joshua Comments:

Did you break your hand/wrist?

Mar 19, 2017
Top of hand pain from carpenter chisel
by: Tom


I've had pain in the top of my hand for about four years. I've had an x ray, no issues.

I am a timber farmer (carpenter) the pain is in my left hand ( I'm right handed) so the hand I hold a chisel. I realize my forearms are very tense due to the work I do.

I can't put any weight on it i.e. If I was doing a push up with my fingers flat on the ground, it pinches/stabbing pain about two fingers width from the wrist. It's not a problem if I use a fist so my wrist is straight.

Is there a possibility that the tenons rub and swell as a result of hitting a chisel?

The pain calms over night but I can never put any weight on it and resently I had a fall off a bike which seems to have Flared everything up.

Any thoughts all the doctors are offering is injections, which I want to keep as a last resort, in case they really effect my work!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Tom.

"Is there a possibility that the tenons rub and swell as a result of hitting a chisel? "

Do you mean you hit a tendon(s) with the chisel? Then yes absolutely that would be a problem.

But I think you mean just using a chisel in regular fashion, in which case, no.

Tendons 'rub and swell' because the muscle connected to them are chronically too tight and thus chronically putting too much constant tension on the tendon.

And then, that too tight muscle (already working too hard 24/7) is fatigued and it can't do it's job very well, and long story short, that causes a downward spiral of lack of function, pain, and problem.

Can't do pushups with your hands flat on the floor? It's because the muscles/connective tissue in your forearms are too tight and the pushup posiiton/pressure causes compression of the wrist and other negatives.

In your case, it sounds like some of the little wrist bones are stuck compressed (which sends a pain signal, etc). So (I surmise that) some of the back of your hand pain is from compressed bones and some is irritated tendons.

Along those lines.....

"I realize my forearms are very tense due to the work I do. "

Nope. It's not from the work you do. It's from the gradual progressive increase in the tendonitis dynamic: muscle and connective tissue tightness, inflammation, and nutritional lack.

The chronic tenseness is (part of) the problem. The physical actions required of your profession/hobby is not the problem.

So the good news is, keep on carpentering.

The 'bad' news is, is that you have a multi-factored dynamic in play that's causing pain and problem, and predictably will continue to do progressively so, a little better a little worse, ongoingly.

More good news is, it's totally reversible (or at least you can get rid of as much pain/tightness as you're motivated to do).

Presuming you're motivated and want to 'fix' your hand pain I suggest Reversing Wrist Tendonitis.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Mar 20, 2017
Pain in my left wrist on the top of the hand with flare ups
by: Anonymous

I have had serious pain in both my hands for the past 4 years.

Recently the pain has been in my left hand and it is always located in the wrist where the arm meets the hand. The pain is bad when I push off a surface with my hand bent or if I squeeze.

I also have pain that extends to my fingers especially my thumb and index finger and any movement that involves the slightest amount of force would cause extreme stinging pain in my hand.

I had the nerve conduction test done, and the results were that I had no problems. The doctor I also saw said that I probably didn't have carpel tunnel.

I had a cortisone injection done to my right hand, but it seemed to just make matters worse.

I get flare ups in winter but it seems to be mostly random. The pain will usually be very quick and sharp and then it will throb for a minute or two and then go away for weeks to months. The past three days I have had the pain in my left hand and it hasn't gone away minutes after the pain like it usually does, instead every time I put pressure on my hand I get the pain and its been a constant flow of pain and throbbing.

I have tried to use deep heat gels which seem to help for a while, but I am really starting to wonder what is the cause of this and how I will be able to get rid of this.

I am wondering if my symptoms might be related to tendonitis because in the past month I also experienced a similar pain in my right foot that felt as if I had twisted my ankle but It was better after a few minutes if I kept pressure off of it. Any information would really help. thanks


Joshua Comments:

Well, if you don't/didn't have numbness or tingling then you were never in any danger of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

No numbness/tingling, no Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis

So. It sounds like tendonitis or have some element(s) of Rheumatoid Arthritis Early Symptoms

Probably the former as you've had constant wrist pain for years.

The RA symptomology is more joint pain with 'comes and goes' and 'flare ups'.

So that's just something to factor in as a possible player (and you can have both dynamics at play, tendinitis and RA), and I just have your short description to work from.

Tendonitis is a progressive dynamic, so it makes total sense that you've had chronic wrist pain, and then pain/problem shows up elsewhere.

That's just how the tendonitis dynamic works. The Pain Causing Dynamic feeds on itself to make things tighter, keep inflammation active, and ongoingly deplete nutrition.

Apr 05, 2017
HELP! I'm ready to cut my nerves to get this pain to stop
by: trishdadish

I, like so many on here, have had a reoccurring pain on the top of my right hand. But my pain is located right below the knuckles between my pointer finger and middle finger, specifically between the bones. This pain is excruciating!!!

I mean yell out profanity, tourettes style in agony.

I've been experiencing this pain for years. It comes out of no where, and usually lasts intermittently for minutes.

Those terrors have been happening multiple times a day for the last 3-4 days. Then by the grace of God when the pain goes away, it can sometimes stay away for a long time, even multiple months can lapse between terrors.

I've never reached out about it before but these last terrors are SO bad, I'm looking at these Lyrcia commercials thinking can I use that?

I'm serious, and not making lite of people with nerve damage. I really feel like I have some nerve damage going on.

I do a lot of computer work and use my right hand to control my mouse with lots of scrolling. I've had ergo come out and assess my work station, but I do feel like my mouse has something to do with it.

I've thought about acupuncture which might help.

Or maybe an x-ray to see what's going on in there? I don't know. =( Any advise is greatly appreciate. Thanks! =)


Joshua Comments:

Hi Trish.

1. I'm not a fan of Rest, but I am a fan of switching things up.

See: New Ergonomics Definition.

Switch mouse hands and see what happens.

2. It doesn't sound like nerve damage. Is there any reason to think it might be nerve damage?

Meaning, did you have a surgery or a crushing in jury or something?

3. If we shook hands right now and I squeezed, would that cause pain immediately, or a little while later?

4. Have you ever ice dipped a la How To Reduce Inflammation? When it's in a hurting phase, or when it's not?

If so, what happened? If not, I HIGHLY suggest the next time it's in a hurting phase, you ice dip like a crazy woman, meaning MANY MANY MANY times a day for a few days. The number of times you dip for 10-20 seconds will be a direct correlation to how motivated you are to stop the pain.

5. An xray probably won't do much for you, it only shows bone fractures or BIG soft tissue injury, and anything around your knuckles isn't big enough to have a rip big enough to show up on x ray (that's true enough to be true in this scenario).

And it's unlikely you have a fracture..unless you have an unhealing fracture....which is technically possible but very unlikely.

MRI would be a better bet.

The question is, are you hurting because you have an actual rip/tear injury? Probably not, because at least in theory your pain and symptoms would be more persistent.

Having said that, you could have something like a bone bruise in there (again, ever had a big impact or crushing event, or do a lot of rock climbing or bull riding [lots of grip strength and motion])?

Apr 12, 2017
Wrist hand pain help?
by: Lisa

Hi all I'm a 37 year old female.

I've had this wrist pain for over two months now.

I can feel pain pushing up from a chair in my wrist , I've no pain fingers pulled forwards, but real pain and weakness like it can't take it when you touch tip of little finger with tip of thumb.

I've pain down the side of my hand from under my little finger and pain at the base of my thumb and base of my hand next to wrist all the pain is on the palm side of my hand and not on the back, I struggle to pull heavy things out with my right hand now and tight bottle tops, my hand feels tight and a bruised feeling when touching the areas.

Making a fist and pushing my hand backwards hurts real bad and a little forwards.

Sometimes this pain runs up into my forearm too, my GP told me it probably strained but it's got worse now and it's over 2 months with no change but more painful after working with hands.

However my left hand is fine.

Any idea what's going on with me?

Many thanks 😀


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

Did you 'do' anything to cause this? Any sports or impact event, rock climbing, etc?

Ultimately that doesn't really matter (the activity doesn't matter). Pain comes from tightness and inflammation and nutritional insufficiency.

The points there at the wrist that hurt get all the attention. But even if you were in a car accident and slammed your hand against the dash or whatever, much of the focus of recover should be on the forearm.

Wrist bones/joint can be bruised, and you might have a little bit of that, but mostly it sounds like wrist tendonitis dynamic, where your forearm muscles and connective tissue are TOO TIGHT, and that compresses the fingers and wrist.

So you make a fist and stretch it back and the overly short tissue gets overstretched, hurting tissue and compressing the wrist bones/joint.

I'd get to work with the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis program (see links on this thread/page).

Whether you have a strain (tiny rip/tear) or you don't, the program covers what needs to be done to get rid of pain and restore function.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Apr 26, 2017
Pain left wrist between wrist and forarm
by: B

Hi years ago i had surgery on my left hand where they shaved my three bones thumb pointer and middle.

Recently I had a ganglion cyst same hand was hard and squishy about the size of a large marble.

It did go away after time but now I have almost no strength and my hand wrist and for arm feels like someone's squeezing it and my veins are trying to pop out.

I can't do a push up or if standing trying to put my hand flat on floor my arm gives and won't allow me to.

Please help my hand/wrist/arm are not swollen however feels like it is to the point of it exploding.

Any thoughts?


Joshua Comments:

Hi B.

Why did they shave the three hand bones (which three bones?)?

Apr 26, 2017
by: B

Not sure it was years ago i want to say back in 2000 I was in gymnastics and they said then it was tendonitis but shaved my thumb, pointer finger and middle finger.

At the time I believe I was 14 years and years ago i went several years without and issues until about 2 he's ago with the ganglion cyst it popped and now I have no strength and my hand and forarm feels like it's about to explode with horrible throbbing pain.

Not sure why I think I had tendonitis I injured it in gymnastics. They shaved my thumb pointer finger and middle finger. Any thoughts?


Joshua Comments:

Hi B.

Tendonitis is a dynamic made up of multiple factors. You were young and very hand/arm active and like most kids, undernourished for that level of activity.

I can't imagine that that surgery wasn't unneccesary and overkill, but here we are.

The factors that caused your pain/problem then are the same problems that are causing your pain/problems now...plus the ganglion cyst.

So you need to reverse the tendonitis dynamic.

Where exactly is the ganglion cyst growing?

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