Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Interested in an effective Achilles Tendonitis Treatment?

Something that you can use at home, that actually works?

Then you’re definitely in the right place.

  1. First I’ll talk about what doesn’t work.
  2. Then I’ll give you some options with professionals that I think are effective.
  3. Then I’ll tell you how to save money and do it all by yourself at home for free.

Treating Achilles Tendonitis effectively requires getting EACH AND EVERY factor involved in causing the pain and problem.  That's why so many doctors fail to help you actually get out of pain...they don't even know what all the factors are!

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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment That Doesn't Work

* Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Rest Rest is actually an unwise method of dealing with Tendonitis, Tendonitis of the Achilles specifically, and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Which Of These Is An Effective Achilles Tendonitis Treatment?

- Rest
- Anti-inflammatory
- Splints or Braces
- None Of The Above

Find out at

* Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Anti-inflammatory medicine Products like Advil and Ibuprofen. Good for temporary pain relief, and it may limit some of the aftereffects of inflammation.

Unfortunately, you still have inflammation and a pain causing dynamic, so when the pill wears off you’re back to very close to exactly where you started.

I believe that it’s best to deal with the source of the pain and eliminate the problem, as opposed to just masking the pain and pretending that the problem will go away on its own.

It rarely works out that way.

* Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Corticosteroid shots Follow the link for a full explanation.

In short, corticosteroid injections provide only temporary pain relief. Which is a problem if you then go use your tendon more than you should be and can’t accurately feel pain from further damage...

Definitely NEVER get an injection directly into the tendon, as that has been shown to further weaken the structure.

* Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Pain Relief Creams If they work at all, they may lessen your sensation of pain by Distraction, basically irritating your skin and blocking out slower pain signals competing for the neuroreceptors.

The same irritation can also bring blood to the area, which is very beneficial.

They may lower the amount of pain you feel, but they don't even begin to fix or alleviate the problem.

* Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Ultrasound

Does ultrasound work on torn achilles tendon? I've never heard anyone say 'yes'.

In theory, I like the idea of Ultrasound to address tendonitis. Theoretically it should move the little fibers in your tissue.

It even claims to warm the tissue.

In reality, I can’t imagine it actually working, and I have never seen evidence that it does. I certainly have never met a person or a client that has had it and reported any benefit from it.

I’d love to see it work for Achilles Tendonitis but....well....I haven’t yet.

* Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is good in theory, and can be in practice. The trick with PRP is that your tendonitis has to consist of ACTUAL damage to the tendon.

Centrifuging plasma out of your own blood and injecting it into a damaged tendon is GREAT at helping the tendon heal.

But, what if your Achilles tendon hurts but isn't damaged? What if your tendon isn't actualy the source of the pain?

Then Platelet Rich Plasma therapy isn't going to help, and you'll just have stuck a needle into an already irritated tendon.

If you have  Torn Achilles Tendon or Achilles Tendon Rupture, that drastically ups the challenge, and surgery may be a necessity.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment
Professional Options That Can Be Effective


I’m a big fan of skilled Acupuncture.

A highly skilled Acupuncturist can make a big difference in an Achilles Tendonitis pain dynamic.

Still, for dealing DIRECTLY with healing Tendonitis Damage, my primary choice would be massage therapy.

If you can do both, that’ would be GREAT! They operate in different realms. If you can afford both, do it.


Chiropractic is great for a lot of things.

Chiropractic care can help align you up so you’re operating in a better, more functional way.

Specifically as an Achilles Tendonitis Treatment, chiro will not directly affect damage already in place in your tendon structure.

Massage Therapy

A highly skilled massage therapist can deal directly with the damaged tissue of Achilles Tendonitis and the Achilles Tendon.

This will flush waste product and pain enhancing chemicals out, get new blood and nutrition in. It also breaks up specific spots of scar tissue and if done right, will help your tendon repair itself in such a way that it’s just as strong as it was before injury.

Remember, the way the body naturally heals itself is fast, but not as structurally strong as it was pre-injury.

Make sure it’s a skilled massage therapist with experience with your kind of injury, or you may walk out wishing you hadn’t wasted your time or money.

Physical Therapy

Again, my bias is for Massage Therapy (ONLY from a highly skilled practitioner).

Making a general statement here, Physical Therapy deals with the biomechanics of your motion and can help balance your structure, retrain you to perform your sport/activity in a way that is easier on your body, and will do a certain amount of healing therapy like ultrasound, hydrotherapy, stretching and strengthening.

I’m not a fan of stretching or strengthening when healing from Tendonitis.

Still, an exceptional Physical Therapist like a friend of mine up in Seattle will be able to set you up to heal.

The level of skill of the PT makes a huge difference in the results you get.

The RIGHT skill will have you heal the quickest and the most thoroughly.

There are many ways to approach an injury. Everybody has their bias as to what works best.

Go with what gives you the best results.

Witch Doctor

Who knows. It might be worth it to try it out. :) As I often say, "If it works, then who cares?"

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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment
Self Care At Home

The bad news is, it will take some effort to fix your Achilles Tendonitis.

The good news is that healing Achilles Tendonitis can be done, and you can do it at home for free.

It will take some time and some effort, but since there’s no magic pill out there to make it easy....

How fast to you want to be pain free and fully healed?

The more time and effort you put into it, the faster you will achieve that goal.

If you dabble, you will get some results.

If you do what I suggest till the pain is gone and then stop, the pain will come back as you stay active.

If you do exactly what I suggest, exactly as I suggest that you do it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

And, if you are very active, it is likely that you will need to make this self care a new habit.

I too wish there was a magic pill, an instant fix.

There isn’t.

Ready to begin?

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment -- ICE PACK

This is a secondary treatment to add in. It’s not the most effective, but it is easy, and it does what it does for you.

1. Get an ice pack as big and as heavy as you can find. This can be an ice pack, a frozen gel pack, or a giant pack of frozen corn. The bigger and heavier the better. The more area it covers, the better(I don't suggest frozen peas as they start to smell like....well...peas as they thaw.)

2. Center the heavy icepack on the painful tendon. Arrange the ice pack so it covers as much of your flesh as possible. If you have pain in one leg, ice one side. If both hurt, do both.

You might as well do both since you’re sitting there so both sides get the benefit.

You can lay on your stomach and rest the heavy ice packs on your calves/Achilles tendon(s), or you can arrange yourself such that your calves/Achilles tendon(s) are resting on the ice packs.

3. Let it stay on for 10-15 minutes. You can strap it to your lower leg/ankle if it is necessary to move around, that's fine. Do this at least once before ice massaging and once after.

Always wait at least 10-15 minutes between taking ice off and putting it back on.

You can do this throughout the day, too. Ice is your friend. The more you do, the better you will feel.

I urge you to treat this as a serious experiment for 7 days. Not only will it make me look good, but your Achilles will feel amazingly better if you do this -exactly- for a week.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment -- ICE MASSAGE

This is your primary anti-inflammation and injury treatment.

It is specific and can target the actual injury site.

1. Obtain some Dixie Cups. Fill them with water and freeze them.

2. A minimum of 4 times a day, pull out a Dixie Cup and tear off the top half inch or so.

3. Ice Massage the most painful part of the muscle/Achilles tendon with the ice cube in the Dixie Cup. This means that you rub the area, and after locating the spot that hurts most, rub it with the ice cube. Press it in there, but don’t cause more pain.

4. For a minimum of 5 minutes (at least 4 times per day), push the ice into the painful area. Up and down the painful parts. (Keep it moving, don't just let the ice sit in one spot.) In a sense, you want to gently grind on anything that hurts, and everything connected to it.

If your skin gets numb from the cold, it's time to stop. You don't have to work it that long, but depending on how much real estate you have to cover to ice massage your injury, this might take you 5 minutes or more.

Cold is very effective. It is even more effective when you 'push' the cold deeper into your structure.

It is even MORE effective when you firmly (but carefully) rub cold 'into' an injured structure.

How do you know you're at the right spot? Keep pressing and rubbing around. You'll KNOW when you're on it.....

You are likely to find a very specific, sharply painful 'hot spot'.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment – ICE DIPPING

And now, for a fun method of effective Achilles Tendonitis treatment.

Fill up a large bucket (that your entire foot and most of you lower leg will fit into) or your tub (more work but more effective) with cold water, then ice.

Use frozen water bottles, or buy a couple bags of ice if you use the tub.

Then a minimum of ten times a day (ideally in a 2 hour time period, but throughout the day works fine too. The more the merrier.) dip your foot and lower leg into the ice water for 10-15 seconds.

10-15 seconds only. You can leave it in longer, but that’s not necessary.

You are after the cumulative effect of Ice Dipping over and over and over.

Ice dipping is like squeezing the sponge that is your lower leg. Old stuff out. New stuff in.

If you are truly adventurous and committed to having a healthy machine, you will also jump all the way into the tub for a full body Ice Dip!

Ice Packs help fight Inflammation and increase circulation locally.

Ice Massage fights inflammation at the specific injury site, and breaks up the fragile scar tissue.

Ice Dipping creates a huge circulatory turn over, flushing waste product and pain enhancing chemicals out, and then the body overcompensates and pushes lots of new blood, oxygen, and nutrition in.

The more you do, the faster your pain will disappear.

The more regularly you do this after a workout, the more you help your body recover from the breakdown of exercise.

Icing exercises your circulatory system in a different way than going for a run. Icing is very, very good for you.

Some sources say that immersing yourself in cold helps you burn fat. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but hey, even better.

The Reversing Achilles Tendonitis program.

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