Ankle, knee and thigh tendonitis after bad climbing accident

by AnonymusE

pain at top front of ankle

pain at top front of ankle


I found your website about a couple weeks ago. I was in a crisis, a tendinitis crisis.
I studied around for a few days and decided to try your "ice-therapies," not because the ice
but because your ecological approach. And besides your generosity and clarity.

(my english not good)
So here I am, a week after I started with your method and wow!, Thank You!! not crisis now
but still with a great challenge ahead of me.

Let me tell you what did i do. I dipped my whole left foot in icy water 10-10-2hrs-7days.
And did some frozen water bottle massage to the anterior,tibial peroneal tendons.

I used ice packs in my left knee, twice a day, two periods.I did some frozen bottle massage
after the ice to the inner side ligaments and tendons in that area. (i guess its the tibial
collateral ligament, the one on the inner side of the left knee joint.)

And third, I used frozen gel packs in the area of the upper outer thigh. I dont know the name
of this ligament but i include here some graphics, one of the small ligament that attaches
that muscle to the proximal latera (outter) side of femur.

All of them have improved slowly but surely.

What happend there? Of course. 35 years ago i had a climbing accident. Paraplegic and (7th
dorsal compression) and left ankle badly broken and left femur also broken in two segments.
Surgery in the spine, in the ankle (both sides were opened and lots of metalware were left there,
they all were taken out latter, but the whole area was subjected to tremendous injury and scar
tissue formation because of surgeries). Femur recieved an metal rod, one that hurted my upper
femur atachment point of that muscle i mentioned).

So I recovered. In six months i saw my right leg ended semiparalized, 50 %.
My left leg showed no neuro-motor affectation, but with severe fractures and a shortening
of 3/8th". I use a compensation in the shue.

I didnt use any stick 18 months latter.
Two years ago i returned to the stick.
And two weeks ago i got two crutches, and i still use them.

So its been 35 years of compensation patterns. Cronich injuries and bad healing
that left scar tissue and adherences.(calcaneus tendon
is not so damaged).
My problem is clear, lots of tendonosis and some tendonitis.

So here i am, much better but still needing to improve on little pains and a lot on
weak tendons.

So if you please, i would very much appreciate your advice.


ps.I´m on d3 ( 5000iu/day), b6, mg, and c-500 twice a day.
I eat fine, eggs, fish, vegetables, green salads, vegetables, fruits, nuts,etc.

ppss. Ha, i am a man, 57, and I am 5' 3", 100 pounds.


Joshua Answers:

Hi AnonymusE.

No worries. Your English is plenty good.

'Slowly but surely'. That's exactly how icing operates. It creates circulation, which does a variety of good things. It's not necessarily a fix, but icing lowers pain levels, brings new blood and nutrition to the area, gets waste product and irritant out.

And that's good for the body on a variety of levels.

You have a lot of constant trigger to keep the Process of Inflammation going strong. The more circulation you can get, the better (I often wish I could keep a bathtub full of ice going constantly. Do that several times a day, over time.....super good for the body.)

Food intake looks good. In general I'd suggest more protein.

So let me ask some questions here so I have a better picture.

1. How paralyzed were you? Totally.

2. You had surgery and things have gotten better. Now things are getting worse again?

If so, pain is getting worse, yes?

If so, is loss of motor function getting worse?

Loss of sensation getting worse?

3. All the metal has been removed?

4. How much Magnesium are you taking? How much B6?

5. Why do you think that you have lots of Tendonosis in addition to Tendonitis?

See: What Is Tendonitis

I've got some suggestions for you, but answer the above questions first.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Mar 21, 2012
answers - Ankle, knee and thigh tendonitis after bad climbing accident
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,

1. I was paralyzed from the waist down below, both legs. My sensitivity was lost from the border of rib cage way down.

2. Well, the surgery was made right after the accident, and i began to recover my motricity slowly after a couple months after the surgery.

And slowly i was able to go into wheel chair, and then two crutches and then no crutches nor
stick. My left leg recovered its motricity almost completly but was burdened by the fractures and the consequences of those surgeries, mainly the one of the ankle.

As my right leg lost around 50% its motricity, then my left leg now had to compensate for that other lacking 50%, and as it was burdened by the ankle and femur surgeries, well, it went into a spiral of overuse and injuries.

I remember that about ten years later i stopped driving my standard transmission beetle because the clutch pedal began to give me pains. And sucesive episodes of injury and pain followed.

Things are getting worst because the spiral of overuse and injury in my left leg, (tendonitis) came to a crisis. My left leg is not loosing sensitivity nor motricity. And the pain is getting worse because the tendonitis came to a point
of great injury and scar formation in the tendons, i guess.

3. Yes, all metal has been removed, except for a small plate in the spine, to
compenmsate for the crushed damaged vertebrae.

4. Mg...250 mg...1 pill/day...very bad brand, with only 6mg of mg gluconate
and the rest mg oxide (garbage). I didnt get a better one where i live, but i
will search for a better product.
B6...100 mg...1 pill/day...pyridoxin clorohydrate

5. Perhaps i brought the word tendonosis out of a non-informed opinion.

According to your definition of tendonosis and tendinitis, i now would say that it is an extreme case of tendinitis.

Last sunday as i was feeling more in control of my left leg and the reduction of pain and an increase in its force i felt like i could give a little more weight to it and i did a little more stepping on it, with crutches, as 15 days ago i didnt do.

In the night pain and burning at the peroneal tendon and way up on the corresponding muscle area.

Today i took a shower and i stepped more on the left leg and i felt some pain after that, but not a burning sensation, in the knee, inner side, and
on the front lateral tendon of the ankle. I used ice and pain subsided but i am kind of afraid to have had a new injury.

I am still on ice-water bucket, 4 gal. and ice-packs and frozen gel.

Mar 26, 2012
Joshua Responds - Ankle, knee and thigh tendonitis after bad climbing accident
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hey AnonymousE.

I've already mentioned it I think, but see: Magnesium for Tendonitis

More, more, more.

Icing is great to lower pain levels, but isn't a fix.

Anything like yoga, gentle stretching, connective tissue massage is good. All over lengthening.

Your body has taken a beating. A beating and a cutting, actually.

So there's a HUGE draw to tighten up. Tight muscle, tight connective tissue. And that tightness demands higher nutritional intake.

So does the chronic inflammation process.

Imagine your bones/skeleton. Now imagine it covered in a kitchen sponge, shaped-like-your-body.

Now imagine a bunch of people squeezing that sponge in multiple places.

Now imagine that where they're squeezing, the sponge is dry and crunchy.

Where it's dry and crunchy, it's too tight, and painful, and short on juicy circulation.

Your body is stuck in a slowly progressive pattern of increasingly dry and crunchy.

Your job is to push it towards being soft and squishy.

That's good the metal's out, overall. It's good you're doing so well, overall.

The fact is, your body has received lots of trauma.

Will you ever get back to 100%? No.

Can you lower your pain levels 100%? Maybe.

Can you lower your pain levels 50%. Certainly.

80%? Maybe.

It just all depends on how much effort, and how much of the RIGHT effort, you put into it.

Mar 28, 2012
Re Ankle, knee and thigh tendonitis after bad climbing accident
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,

thank you so much for your comments and recomendations. Right on the spot, right on the spot!!

I know its up to me and i am ready to get to do the RIGHT effort but in a way that its fun, as much as i can. :-) And for that, the main ingredient is to love myself.

"Your body is stuck in a slowly progressive pattern of increasingly dry and crunchy" provoking tightness. Absolutely. I am going out of that stuckness, Yes, I am.

So, nutrition, (by the way i got a new much better Mg suplement)yoga , gentle stretching, connective tissue massage. OK

Do you think using heat would help for the stretching and massage?

I am still on icing every other day, it helps.

So then by what you say, the more i recover the softness and squishyness of muscle-tendons I will be able to get more strenght. Is that right?


Joshua Comments:

Heat, yes. Heat brings blood to the area.

More soft and supple = more functional strength, yes indeed.

Apr 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your comments.
I am fine, but i had a kind of recoil, as was improving and i got to a certain point of improvemente (noticeable pain diminishing, feeling the leg once again like mine, a little more srtrenght) but i seem to have come to a point of no further improvement and even at some time it feels as worsening a little, not as before the ice treatment.

My intuition and the way i feel tells me that the scars and adherences, tight connective tissue are the brake that limits my recovery to a major
degree, as you already said to me. Tight left peroneal muscles are now the new drawback. I need to get the scars out and soften the tissues. Any
sugestion onhow can i accelerate this task?


Joshua Comments:

The short but accurate answer is - Massage.

Move that tissue, stretch that tissue, squeeze, knead, pin and stretch, etc.

Get in there, find what feels tight and painful, and work it till it's soft and supple. Not necessarily a quick process, but very doable.

Apr 14, 2012
comments from Anonymous
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much Joshua for your advice. Now I have been more aware of tendons themselves, and thus of the hot spots i need to work more carefuly, patiently.

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