Can't lift a coffee mug due to Wrist Tendonitis pain

by dave
(kamloops, bc, canada)

Hello, I'm 49 male, generally in good shape. I'm a regular runner and gardener and in overall good health, although I have been taking an acid blocker (rabeprazole) for about 6months to address a hiatus hernia in my lower esophagus.

I have had chronic tennis and golfers my right arm, likely from years of carrying a heavy bar with my right hand. The elbow area is not debilitating, more irritating and occasionally moderately painful and occasionally I wear a brace.

Anyhow about 6 months ago while using a spade to chop out some sod I got wrist pain...I continued working as it didn't seem like something that would persist, and I've done a helluva lot worse things that I should have suffered injury for.

Yet it has and has gotten worse to the point in the morning I can't even lift a cup of coffee with my right hand, and I get excruciating pain when I shake someone's hand, try to open the fridge door, steer the tractor with my right hand, etc.

X-rays showed nothing...I have also felt to a lesser degree the same pain off and on now in my left wrist in the same exact location for the same period of time.

I've tried bracing, and that helps stabilize but doesn't fix anything. Ice just seems to numb the area for awhile. Alleve doesn't seem to touch it.

The pain is pretty much about a little more than
1 inch around, on my pinky finger side at the base of my palm. Mostly around the inner side of the bump on the bone that is there.

I've wondered if this could be a side effect of the acid blocker but that doesn't seem likely. Any thoughts?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Dave.

Some comments, then some questions.

Tendonitis, whether it's Wrist Tendonitis or symptoms in any other location, may or may not include actual injury.

Point being, maybe you have injury, maybe your pain is due to other factors.

As you've mentioned, Wrist splints and braces don't help or fix anything. Neither does Rest.

I imagine we're looking at the usual factors of the Pain Causing Dynamic, plus nutritional deficiency.


1. How exactly have you iced it?

2. Have you done any research to see what nutritional deficiencies your acid blocker can cause?

3. Did you have the wrist pain before the acid blockers?

4. Any history of injury?

5. Overall health and energy levels?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Dec 03, 2011
wrist is much better now after stopping acid blockers
by: dave

Hello again, I stopped taking the acid blockers and also started taking vitamins...wrist is now much better. Somehow I think the acid blocker was preventing my wrist from healing itself, or was otherwise weakening it. I can only guess at why this may have been the case, such as inhibiting vitamin B absorbtion.
Anyhow it took a few weeks and the wrist is not yet 100%, but is much, much better.


Joshua Comments:


Funny how it works that way...

Yes, acid blockers....are just a symptom of the system being out of whack....and they make it MORE out of whack.

Too bad doctors can't be sued for prescribing them instead of actually telling you how to fix the problem.

Jan 22, 2012
Wrist pain that comes and goes
by: C

The pain in my wrist comes and goes, I know it is caused through the job i do assembly, lifting etc.

Just wondering if wearing a wrist brace will make it worse or help.

I'm 36years old.


Joshua Comments:

Hello C.

I assert that Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms aren't actually caused your job. Non directly, anwyay.

They're caused by nutritional insufficiency and the Pain Causing Dynamic.

Wrist splints and braces are fine to help get you through the day, but they're not going to help or fix the problem.

Jan 22, 2012
what do i have? the pain comes and it goes in my hand and wrists....
by: Heidi

I am a 37yr old female. worked cosmetics retail for 2 1/2 yrs.I am on the register alot and doing makeovers. I thought at first i may have sprained my wrists from lifting heavy boxes of stock.

I cant lift a thing or handle a coffee cup at times. I do notice it is worse when i go outside, which i live in wy. my fingers do not ever get numb but its solid pain when it acts up. what do you think i have? and why do i have this at my age? How can i get this under control? thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hello Heidi.

It sounds like Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms to me.

A Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome requires you to have numbness and/or tingling.

If you can't pick up a coffee cup due to pain then you need to learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

If you just experience weakness, that's most likely a function of your muscles being TOO TIGHT and not having much strength potential left. There's more to that of course, including inflammation, how the brain communicates with the area and what signals it's getting, Vitamin D and Magnesium insufficiency/deficiency, etc.

Why do you have this at your age? The same reasons every body else has it: The Pain Causing Dynamic, the Process of Inflammation, poor nutrition, muscles and connective tissue getting too tight and staying tight, poor posture, etc.

Plus, you're 37, and the benefits of youth aren't what they used to be.....:)

Jan 31, 2017
Wrist pain but don't recall injuring myself
by: Anonymous

I am in fact 15 years old, and have this extreme on and off pain in my wrist.

Pushing a button, lifting a bag, anything small seems to be very difficult for me.

I don't recall injuring myself in the wrist at all.


Joshua Comments:

A rip/tear injury isn't required to have limiting/disabling levels of pain.

Apr 28, 2017
Well I'm doing this because I was curious
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm 28. Pipe-fitter and played a lot of rough sports growing up and get constant pain in some of my muscles through out my week but I prevail I heal with that pain through out the day go on without it after a few days of rest.

My point is I can shed some light on my wrist experience when I was 19.

At 19 I had a pain and bump show up on the top side (not on the palm side) I couldn't lift nor do a push up or open a door. It went on for two to three months not healing.

I tried everything and the doctors were not helpful when I talked to them I never got X-rays though.

I tried a copper bracelet I never believed in the hoax but I thought I could give it a try. One week went by and I was fully healed and I have not yet had it return.

I play lots of video games and have my hands constantly twist wrenches holding grinders.

Now I don't believe that copper helps with pain. I think however it helps with joint fluid or the joint specifically. Just last year had an issue with my spine where it felt kind of the same as my wrist I got xrays and the doctors couldn't find anything particular to the spot my chiropractor said it's something rubbing against something.

I have recently bought a copper brace for my back and it's been helping that specific spot on my spin.

Doesn't really aid my lower back but it's attacking that spot.


Joshua Comments:

Hey, if it helps, great!

May 07, 2018
Wrist pains
by: Anonymous

So I thought I'd ask here as I'm 38. Have a busy life with two kids one of which is 11 months and currently crawling into every nook and cranny at home which means I'm lifting him a lot at the moment. I did a bit of gardening over a week ago and since then both wrists have been very sore.

I try massaging them but like other posts sometimes I'm afraid to lift the kettle as I've a weakness in my wrists and they are quite painful. I've worked in a job for 20 years typing but never suffered pain like this and I can't rest them as still need to care for baby. Could this be tendonitis?

I have antiinflammatories I take now and again for a disc problem in my back but not sure if these would help the wrists too.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. See: Anti-Inflammatory

2. What you describe sounds like a tendonitis dynamic to me: progressive tightness of muscle and connective tissue, inflammation, and lack of nutrition...all working together to cause pain and problem.

Sep 17, 2018
arm and hand pain/Loss of strength
by: Rob G

I am 58 with a prior service with a VA disability injury to my neck and shoulders. Over the years it has increased discomfort or pain and the VA doctor sends me to PT. PT ordered me a neck traction machine to use at home. I used it about 4 times after I received and the forth time it hurt me for about 4 days.

Ever since then I have been getting numbness, pain and loss of strength in both of my hands. Mostly my right had to where I can't even pick a cup of coffee without using my left hand to assist.

I had a nerve test done very recently but no word from the doctor yet. Would a pinched nerve from my neck cause all of these symptoms?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rob.

Yes, a pinched nerve would cause some/all of those symptoms. But...a pinched nerve is a symptom of a larger ecology....we'll call it a tendonitis dynamic.

With emphasis on the dynamic. Consisting of too tight muscle and connective tissue (eating up nutrition, compressing down on nerve etc), chronic inflammation process (causing pain and tightness and eating up nutrition, and lack of nutrition (causing, among other things, an inability for tight muscle to relax).

I imagine that that was already in place, the traction was too much, meaning it was pulling tight muscles apart such that they thought they were getting pulled dangerously apart so they tightened up even more to 'guard' against being pulled apart...and now your stuck with the new tightness and thus increased symptoms of nerve compression.

Nov 17, 2019
Tendonitis related to Contracture?
by: Anonymous

My wrist tendonitis is so bad I have pain lifting a cup, turning a key, opening a door and even pulling up my underwear!

I have contracture and swelling in both hands. I also take anti acid drugs for GERD. Are these related? I can’t stop taking the drugs because I have duodenal NETs. I am upping nutrients since cortisone shots and NSAIDs don’t work. I hate the thought of losing the use of my hands.


Joshua Comments:

NET = neuroendocrine tumor

Long story short, if your hcl (stomic acid) leval, production, function isn't working right, then one isn't going to be digesting food as well and thus not absorbing nutrition as well, etc.

Which leads to all sorts of problems.

Technicially you might have 'tendonitis', but really in all scenarios it's a 'tendonitis dynamic', made up of three primary factors: too tight muscle and connective tissue, inflammation process, and nutritional lack.

One can have more or less of any one or the other.

If you're hurting for nutrition, your body can't operate properly, and contracture and swelling and pain are unsurprising symptoms.

IN that scenario, getting adequate nutrition to your cells is A. of utmost importance and B. the only thing that is going to (have a chance) to make a positive difference.

Stretching, massage, strengthening, corticosteroid injections, surgery, etc, aren't going to make anything work better. Can't if the body doesn't have what it needs to work properly.

Mar 17, 2020
Please help
by: Anonymous

My pain is bad in my arms and forearms..I cam barely turn the wheel in car numb arms and fingers all overall health is bad I feel major arms are the worst..

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