How Much magnesium is too much??

by Don
(Brisbane Australia)

Hi there Joshua,

Don here from Australia.

I have a question, which hopefully you have a quick answer for...

for the last six months I have been taking magnesium twice a day, and my health has been improving out of sight for it. I have been taking a product by which is called a Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate 750. believing I was taking 750mg of Mag each capsule.

after reading the fine print, it turns out this Chelate provides 150mg of mag that can be properly absorbed by the body... interesting fact, if I dare take any more than one cap morning, and one cap at night, loose stools is the result. so for a long time now, I believed I was at my tolerance level...

I had to see my family GP yesterday ( even though I don't trust a lot of what they have to say), and he was absolutely horrified that I had been taking magnesium for such a long period of time, and severely cautioned me about liver, kidney, intestinal, and even heart irregularities from taking mag, if it is not perfectly balanced with calcium?? I am now totally confused, as not once did he ever warn me about the toxic reactions i had to the prescription drugs, he has described to me occasionally over the years...

His reaction actually startled me, as I believed I was only taking a non-toxic element, essential to the body's survival.. he now wants to book me in for a kidney analysis, and chastised me, for taking matters into my own hands.

Come on Joshua, I really need your help here. Since I've been on magnesium, night-time muscle twitches, are nonexistent, dull, aching muscle pain is gone, energy levels have returned, and now my GP informs me I could be killing myself?? Serious??

I find it very ironic that the medical profession still prescribes vile poisons like Levaquin and Cipro, yet apparently magnesium could kill me??

What the??


Joshua Answers:

'What the??' indeed!

Those are some excellent questions you ask.

It boggles my mind that, as a whole, the medical profession not only believes that vitamins and minerals aren't important to health, but that they can also be harmful. As opposed to pharmaceutical drugs that regularly hurt, harm, and kill.

Levaquin Tendonitis is HORRIBLE, yet Levaquin is handed out left and right every day at hospitals for all sorts of things, including acne, and non-bacterial infections.

Also, pharmaceuticals, depending on which ones
they are, are proven to create nutritional deficiencies due to how they operate in the body. Yet your doctor never mentioned that to you, did he?

Also, doctors tell people all day long to take Calcium for bone health, etc, but never mention that vitamin d and magnesium are REQUIRED to utilize Calcium. Yet they don't check Vit D levels, or recommend taking Magnesium with the Calcium. They don't seem to worry about too much Calcium....

Now, onto Magnesium.

If you take too much of anything, it can damage you. Are you taking too much? I don't know.

It might be fun to get tested, just to see. Granted, hospital Magnesium tests just test the mag that is in your blood, which isn't actually what you want/need to know to determine your magnesium health/levels.

How much are you taking? What was the '750' if it's just 150mg/pill?

And you're taking 2/day? So you're supplementing 300mg/day? And your doctor is freaking out?

It doesn't matter really how much you take in a day. Well...actually, what does matter is 'Do you have enough Magnesium in your body, or don't you?'

If you don't, you have to fill up your body first, before you can then take any damage.

If you have pain and twitches etc, and Magnesium makes them go away, that's a pretty clear case for a need. If you stop mag for a day or two or five, and twitches and pain come back, that's a clear sign you body used up your stores and you're not getting enough from food.

Tendonitis and Magnesium Deficiency Side Effects go hand in hand.

And of course B6 is required to utilize Magnesium, so if you're short on that....

So. How much are you taking daily

(Ironically, if you're only taking 150mg in am and 150mg in pm, and you get loose stool from that, that's a clue that you actually NEED more magnesium. External options are something like Transdermal Magnesium Gel and Epsom Salt baths.)

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Mar 11, 2011
Thanks Joshua
by: Don

Hi mate.

yes, I have tried a few doctors, and surprise surprise, none of them support alternative therapies, or additional dietary supplementation. Some of the comments I have been given are almost comical.." if you think it helps"," Isn't going to address the real issue", "alternative practitioners rely on hope not science", and some other, even more in insulting ones...shock, horror..

My doctors biggest issue, was not the amount of magnesium i was taking, but purely the length of time.. to be honest, I think he's making such a song and dance about this because of the grief I gave him about some prescription drugs, and an immunization vaccine,which landed me in hospital almost disabled, unable to work for months on end, and a recovery ongoing to his current day. ( side note: the medical profession, apart from saving my life in hospital, then discharging me, have offered no ongoing help at all in my recovery.

The only reason I can work,and provide for myself today, it is solely due to taking charge of my own health, and the good fortune of the Internet and "meeting" people like yourself.
I will say this to everybody out there, I truly believe doctors can actually save our lives, but sickness is their business, they like us to keep coming back, as it keeps them in a job... all the comments I've just made are a sad fact of life, but at the end of the day, no doctor has helped me regain the ability to be participating in my favourite sport as I am now... make your choices wisely..and to Joshua and Kerri, without you guys I would not be here today..


Joshua Comments:

Well, it looks like your Magnesium is 150mg/pill, in that the label says that's what it provides. (If it is 750mg, that explains why you can only do 1 in am and 1 in pm, although I couldn't take 750mg at once. That wouldn't be good for my intestines....)

"Hope, not science..." Puh-lease. If doctors kept up with current research, they wouldn't....I'm just going to let that one go.

I acknowledge you for taking responsibility for your health. Though it is unfortunate the 'trusted' medical establishment can't really be trusted for some things. Gunshots and car crashes, YES! Illness....not so much.

Oct 10, 2011
Life is great!
by: Anonymous

It has been a very long time since I've posted here, but I really just want to touch base with the one person IN THE WORLD that has been able to help me with what was of very disabling and crippling problem at the time, and enabled me to get my life back on track, for a pittance...

Today, I have no tendinitis related issues to ask for help about thanks to Joshua.. you gave me my life back.

The only problem I do have, is my family doctor continually harping on at me, because I have been taking Magnesium, Vitamin B complex and Vit D3 for over a year now, (with monstrous improvement in my health) All my doctor can do is continually warn me I am putting my life at risk by taking vitamins for such a long time!

I had a crippling reaction from a flu shot...Can you believe my doctor coming down so hard on me because of vitamins, yet what he gave me could of killed me? His only reply, "All drugs have side effects.." Great.

Anyway, the crux of my message, should I continue taking what I am Joshua? Am I really hurting my body as my doctor wants me to believe? But, as cynical as this sounds, sickness keeps doctors in business? He is still very angry I have taken matters into my own hands and improved my life.

You will say get another doctor, but I have had so much faith in this guy for 17 years, and he truly believes what he is telling me is true.

Honestly, unless it is truly life or death, I think we all need to be educated...blind faith can have serious repercussions that no-one will claim responsibility for.....The medical profession are so blind folded. When I tell my doctor how I have dealt with the massive problems I have overcome, his only reaction is, "If that is what you think works for you, good for you"..They truly believe science and synthetic chemicals are far superior to nature and what the body actually sad, I am sure the body is not dysfunctional because of a lack of synthetic drugs in it's system..

I truly owe my life to a man called Joshua Tucker..I am embarrassed at how little you charged me to save my life. I am back at work full time, write hand written contracts and use the computer all day long, thanks to you.

Do I still get recurring symptoms? Absolutely! Do I treat them exactly as you have taught me? Nearly everyday, but you have to be really committed as Joshua firmly says.

We all want a quick fix, and we expect drugs to fix a lifetime of bodily abuse...however I am now back persuing my passion of freediving and spearfishing, and enjoying every minute of life itself...thank you Joshua! and good luck to everyone who visits this amazing site...

Don, Brisbane Australia


Joshua Comments:

Hi Don.

Thanks for the good words a while back. I sat on publishing this for...a while :)

1. You're fine with the magnesium you were taking. Sadly, I agree with what you're saying about doctors and evil, evil nutrition.

2. How are you doing now, a few years later?

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