Im a football player and i have jumper's knee or tendonitis in my knee!!!

by Tony P.
(Ft. Lauderdale, Fl)

I will do anything to get rid of this knee tendonitis problem.

I'm going off to play college football in July and i need this gone by then. I've been going to plenty of chiropracter's but nothing has helped yet.

Please i beg you reply back to my message i really need a way to get rid of this lingering problem.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Tony. Ok, we've got a time limit. Let's get to work.

Knee Tendonitis can be hard, or easy to deal with, it just all depends on the variables involved.

I need more information to better help.

1. Where exactly does it hurt. Please answer this question and thoroughly and as detailed as possible.

2. When does it hurt? Always, just when active, etc?

3. Just one knee, or both?

4. I assume you are a big muscular guy? Running Back?

5. Any activities other than what I would expect from high school football?

6. What have you been doing lately? What kind of training?

7. How long have you been having this issue? When did it begin?

8. Why exactly do you think it's Jumper's Knee, or Tendonitis of the Knee? As opposed to some other kind of pain or just an ache.

Let me know, and let's see what we can do.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Apr 16, 2009
Part 2 - I'm a football player and I have Jumper's knee or tendonitis in my knee.
by: Tony

1. It hurts right in the middle of my knee right under the knee cap.

2. It mostly hurts when I'm doing active things like running jumping and right after the activities. It even hurts when I'm squatting weight or when i drive or just try to get up from sitting down.

3. It's both my knees.

4. I'm pretty big i weigh 225 and i played running back and linebacker in high school but i got recruited to play only linebacker in college.

5. No not really just training for the upcoming season. I don't do any other activities but train for football.

6. Well i haven't been doing any sprinting jumping or any on field work because I've been going therapy for my knees. They told me not to do any of that. I've just been in the weight room for over two months and they don't seem like they've gotten any better. I have to start back training on the field again at least by the middle of June because my football camp starts in August. I can't go up there big slow and out of shape u know??

7. I've had knee tendonitis for like two years now and it has gotten worse over the years.

8. Every doctor or chiropractor I've been to has said it's tendonitis.

Apr 16, 2009
Part 3 - I'm a football player and I have Jumper's knee or tendonitis in my knee.
by: The Tendonitis Expert

1. It hurts right in the middle of my knee right under the knee cap.

Sounds like Tendonitis of the Patella tendon. Has any doctor or anybody doing therapy on you given it a name?

2. It even hurts when I'm squatting weight or when i drive or just try to get up from sitting down.

It definitely makes sense that it would hurt when squatting. And driving and rising from the seated position too.

3. It's both my knees.


6. Well i haven't been doing any sprinting jumping or any on field work because I've been going therapy for my knees. They told me not to do any of that. .......I can't go up there big slow and out of shape u know??

Yeah, I know! It's late, tell me again, what are they having you do/telling you to do for therapy or self care at home? And, are you doing it?

7. I've had knee tendonitis for like two years now and it has gotten worse over the years.

Makes sense.

8. Every doctor or chiropractor I've been to has said it's tendonitis.

And apparently hasn't been able to do anything for you.

let's see.

Hurting progressively for two years, you're what...18 years old?

A couple more questions to answer and then I'll tell you some stuff to do.

1. What does your nutritional intake look like. What would you say a day's worth of eating looks like for you? Chicken and vegetables, or Burger King and grilled cheese? I'm just looking for your protein and nutrient intake. Calories too.

2. Do your knees squeak at all when you bend them a little/straighten them a little?

3. Have the doctor's called it by a name other than just 'tendonitis'?

4. If I already asked this, don't answer. What are you doing for therapy and self care at home, and are you doing it?

You're a big kid with a lot of muscle, and a lot of activity that puts strain on that patella. I can show you how to eliminate the tendonitis and pain. And tell you some things to do to help keep it from coming back.

And, it may be that you will have to constantly do the self care to keep the pain away and the knee tendon healthy due to the heavy strain you provide it. It won't take much time to do, but you might need to do it regularly.


Apr 23, 2009
PART 4 - I'm a football player and i have jumper's knee or tendonitis in my knee!!!
by: Tony P.






Joshua Answers:

Ok, so here's what I recommend.

1. Stop the fast food, specifically because it does not deliver the nutrition that an athlete of your caliber needs.

I promise you that you are protein deficient, which means that you don't have the necessary intake of protein building blocks to keep your muscle and tendon strong.

Your youth will only take you so far. If you want to be a top level athlete, or even an ok athlete but injury free, you -have- to increase your protein intake.

It's possible that that is all you need for your patella tendon to heal. I've seen cases where after months of chronic tendonitis pain, after a few days of upping the intake or protein, the pain went away. Because the body finally had the material it needed to fix the structure.

Good protein sources: red meat, chicken, fish like canned tuna fish, cottage cheese, eggs and/or egg whites.

Fast food just doesn't have the quality nutrients that your machine needs to thrive. Chicken fast food maybe gets you enough protein, burgers and fries definitely not.

2. Start doing self care at home. For at least a week, ice pack at home, and get an ice cube and grind (gently)the hot/sharp/painful spot under the knee cap.

Do this intensively. Ice pack for 5 minutes, off for 5, back on for 5. Use the ice cube for about 5 minutes, at least 3 times/day. Break up the scar tissue and force the inflammation out.

The more the merrier. Seriously. The more you do this, the faster you will be pain free. If you stay active, you may have to keep doing it intensively for a while as you will continue to irritate the tendon while you are trying to heal.

This is really simple, but takes some work. And results are reliable.

Don't let the simplicity throw you off. While it's not fancy like at the chiropractor's office, it will actually work -if- you do it.

More protein.
More icing.
Stretch your quads and hamstrings.

The key is doing this yourself, at home, and intensively till the pain is gone or minimal.

Consider it a part of your workout. And as some coach somewhere said, "Nothing good comes easy."

Get to work.

Keep me updated and ask any questions that come up.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

Feb 10, 2012
Jumpers knee hurts below my knee on and under tendon
by: Anonymous

I too have this problem. But mine hurts just below my knee on and under the tendon. Im a junior and not going to college to play ball as much as id love too im just not big or stong enuf to go.

But i do want this taken care of so i can have a great senior year. I play offensive and deffensive tackle. I weigh about 235 and i train 3 times a week for about an hour or two depending on the workout. I eat well, salads, lots of protein, chicken, steak, and protein shakes.

I sprained my knee my freshmen year and again this past year. And we have been done for about 4 months. And its prgressivly gotten worce. My doctor called it jumpers knee and said i have micro tears in the tendon and possible micro fracture in the tibia under my knee.

Its only in one and hurts when doing squats (whitch ive stoped doing latly becuz the pain is unbearable and i tend to just drop the weight becuz i cant stand up) and when walking up and down stairs and in cold weather.

Any thing i can do to speed up this prossess? And to avoid a possible surgery?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Does it hurt on the outside of the joint? Meaning, it's the tendon under and/or below the patella that hurts.

Or when you can't stand up out of a squat due to the knee pain, for instance, is it deeper in the joint that hurts?

What exactly does it feel like when you're walking up and down stairs?

Apr 23, 2012
I have the same symptoms and another and its been hassling me for just about 2 years now
by: Jarrett

I have been told by four physio's that I have patella tendinitis but every treatment they give me doesn't seem to work.

I have that same shape feeling just below the knee cap and all the way down the tendon which causes pain even getting out of a chair, going up and down stairs and I struggle to walk.

I am a basketball player, 17 years old, and weigh 70kg

I also feel a pain on the inside of my legs, on what I also believe is a tendon but I just dont have any knowledge on what is actually is. This pain has only been felt recently in the last 2 months.
I fear this is something worse than tendinitis.

I was wondering if you can give me any other advice that can cure my pain so I can actually play some competitive basketball again.

My current rehab for Patella Tendinitis is wearing a quarter of a Nitro-Dur 5 patch which is a vasodilator, and doing 3 sets of 15 reps of a single leg progression squat....which is now being to hard to achieve.

This worked miracles within 24 hours but after a week it no longer had any effect.

Any idea's and help would be greatly appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

A Nitro-Dur 5 patch? Really? Wow.

Not so bad in theory, on one hand, because it vaso-dilates and increases blood flow.

But NOT GOOD, in my humble opinion, because it affects your entire body.

Nitro-Dur 5 patches are also given to reduce chronic chest pain in heart disease situations...

You're an (assumably) healthy 17 year old. So hopefully it's not a problem.

But the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Clearly it wasn't a fix. The good news is that it helped, so assumably in brought new blood to the area.

But it doesn't address WHY there's not enough blood flow there in the first place.

So? WHy do you have pain? Ultimately, the primary reasons are too tight muscle and nutritional issues. That's the simple version, it is of course a lot more complex that that, but let's start there.

Actually, before we start there:

1. What exactly have you tried to make things better?

2. History of foot/ankle/leg injury, even from when you were a little kid?

3. Example of a normal daily food intake.

4. What does 'that same shape feeling' mean, exactly?

5. In detail, why can't you do the single leg squats?

Apr 26, 2012
by: Jarrett

Yes Im a healthy 17 year old/

1. What exactly have you tried to make things better?

I do foam rolling on the IT band and one leg squats.
A lot of stretching of the quads and hamstrings.
Ive had ultrasound and did acupuncture.
I got told that my feet naturally go away from the mid-line of my body and have to wear insoles as well.

2. History of foot/ankle/leg injury, even from when you were a little kid?

The only thing that effected me when I was a kid was that when i was in under 12's I had a very bad case of osgood schlatter disease, in both knees.

In 2009 I broke me left ankle, which still has flexibility problems.

3. My dietary intake isn't very good.
In the morning I have a milo, and baked beans with toast.
Lunch a ham roll or two.
Dinner varies between junk some nights to steak and sausages the next.
I also snack on crap between meals.

4. Sorry about that, I meant ''that same sharp feeling''.
I get a real strong throbbing/stabbing feeling on my patella tendon and it is sometimes unbearable.

I also get a pain on the side of my knee which I do not know what it is. It is located half way up the knee cap towards the inside of knee. ( its a small muscle or tendon...I really have no clue)

It also throbs while just sitting down in a chair and is very uncomfortable.

5. The single leg squats are just painful and I struggle to do them.


Joshua Comments:

1. Look up 'tensor fascia latte' muscle. It is the muscle that controls the IT band. It doesn't do much good to foam roll the IT band. Let me rephrase that: work the TFL muscle. When it relaxes, it will relax the IT band.

2. Read the The ARPwave System page. It will give you an idea of how the old ankle injury affects you farther up the leg.

3. If you want to be athletic, you have to stop eating crap. More protein. More good fat. Less crap. It's like pouring sugar into a gas tank...not the best idea.

Your body needs nutrition. It seems obvious, and it is, but our brains somehow overlook the significance of it. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

Also, get your Vitamin D level checked. ASAP.

4. See: this ebook about hip tightness and muscle balance and how it relates with patellar tendonitis.

Barton has a lot of information on his website that I haven't gotten to adding yet, and it's good information. He's a great athletic trainer, and I like and trust his info.

5. Why are you doing single leg squats? They're tough and stressful on the knees, especially if you aren't doing them 'right'. And you're trying to squat over an inflexible ankle...

Also, look at the anatomy and see if that inside-the-knee pain is is the 'medial collateral ligament'.

Oct 09, 2012
my son has the same problem
by: Mrs. Navarrete

Hi my 14nail yr old has similar problems, the doctors have done an MRI, ultra sound, xray, etc. We exhausted therapy sessios, its been going on for over a year. My son now is unable to bend his leg he hurts so much it kills me.

The Dr. Put a brace on his knee and put him on crutches to avoid any movement, it helped very little for the first few days. My son does not drink milk or eat vegtables all he wants to eat is fast food.. his bad eating habits are my fault 100% I had back surgery so it was easier for me to buy him McDonalds but that will definatley stop... I am going to do everything you are suggesting starting today.

Thank you so much for taking your time and giving us strangers advice.. GOD BLESS YOU!


Joshua Comments:

Darn kids.

Yeah, fast food is not food.

If he wants a body that works, he needs to eat real food. And at this point, he needs to do some therapeutic supplementation.

He's still got growing to do, and that's just not going to happen on a fast food diet.

Feb 27, 2013
severe knee tendonitis from deadlifting
by: Anonymous

I have a got bad tendinitis after heavy deadlifting.
inflamation caused me limping for 2 months. Now the inflamation has gone down a lot but it hurts. Standing hurts the most. Short Walks in house are painful but berable. Got my mri done and nothing was worng. I have been told by orthopedi surgeon tht i have tendiitis. Now i am quite helpless. Feels like it will never go away. Its been 5 months since it started and i havent been able to do anything.Needed some advice and if someone has gone through this.


Joshua Comments:

Rest doesn't work, especially for active people that continue to do the things that got them hurt in the first place.

Say more about your knee tendonitis symptoms. describe in detail.

Apr 30, 2013
Left knee, can't bend for a jumper, have a baker's cyst
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a 22 year old that has been dealing with patella tendinitis in my left knee for about two years now (pain at the bottom of the knee cap). I play basketball and football. I'm 5'10 at about 185 lbs. The first year wasn't so bad, I could play once or twice a week and could get by with rest and ice. The second year is when things got progressively worse...I can't do a single leg squat at all, can't bend my knees to shoot a proper jumper, can't run, and feel extreme throbbing pain when sitting in a car for more than 15 min. My nutrition and food intake is as good as it gets - fruits, vegetables, high quality proteins and no junk food. I've gotten an MRI which showed a very small bakers cist but the doctors and specialists have said it shouldn't be a contributing factor. I have taken two cortisone shots and tried physical therapy, neither of have proven effective. Would really appreciate any advice, thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I always challenge the 'my nutrition' is good, though kudo's to you for no junk food.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

If it's not from the Baker's Cyst, then it's from muscles and connective tissue not performing optimally. Meaning, they're too tight.

Imagine standing up straight, then having to 300 pound guys TIGHTLY wrap a giant roll of saran wrap around your thighs, knees, lower legs, and ankles. Then imagine going for a walk, trying to squat/bend, etc. Not gonna happen very well.

Nutritional lack and tightness. There's ALWAYS some degree of both at play.

Also see: Patellar Tendonitis and Barton's ebook on that page.

May 22, 2013
patella tendon in right knee and starting to hurt in left knee
by: Rory

I've had a problem with patella tendonitis in my right knee for nearly a year now and its beginning to effect my left knee as well. I feel it the whole time even when not playing sport and the pain level is quite high.

I play football (soccer) in the UK but haven't been able to play at close to 100% for the whole season. I now have 3 months off at the end of the season. I ice my knee every day and my diet is good and I no longer do leg weights. What would you recommend to try and get over/manage this problem?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Rory.

My suggestions:

1. Magnesium For Tendonitis

2. This ebook about hip tightness and muscle balance and how it relates with patellar tendonitis.

3. Do you have any history of ankle injury?

Jul 20, 2013
Jumper's Knee - Return to football
by: Christian Hahn

Hello Expert!
I have been dealing with jumper's knee for over a year. I started stretching a lot and got massage and the pain went away from the tendon.

Now i can do single leg squats without pain, but when i walk a lot or do something active, i feel weak pain the the muscles surrounding the knee (not the tendon).

My question is: How should i strengthen my knee/muscles so i can return to football 100%? What exercises should i be doing?

Thank you so much,


Joshua Comments:

Hi Christian.

So that's interesting, you can do single leg squats without problem, but just walking around has you feel something problematic in the muscles around your knee.

1. What does 'the muscles around your knee' mean, exactly? In the thigh, you mean?

2. Probably you need more stretching and massage. Strength generally isn't so much an issue IF the issue is too tight muscle and too tight connective tissue.

When muscle is too compressed and contracted, it loses strength potential. If you do half a bicep curl, for instance, then you only have so much potential left. If the muscles in your legs are (I'm making up a number here to make an example) 50% contracted because that's the new 'normal', then they can't perform like you want them to, and no amount of 'strengthening' exercises will make them stronger (and will generally just make them even tighter).

So as a very general statement, I say more stretching and massage, get your legs cleared out of 'stuck' muscle fibers.

You've come a long way, made a lot of progress by making change in the leg muscles and connective tissue, -probably- you just need to go a little farther.

3. The ebook I linked to in the last response is worth taking a look at too.

Oct 13, 2013
by: Christian Han

Thanks for your reply!

Im doing alot better. Im stretching after every exercise. Im doing 40-50 kg in basic leg exercies (extentions, curls, leg press), which isnt even half of what i used to, but i feel NO pain.

I even jogged 2-3 minutes yesterday.

The pain around the muscles are gone.

My question now is - how should i proceed?
Im afraid to lift harder cuss i can still feel that my tendon isnt as strong. (Maybe im just afraid)

When can i begin running? - Im afraid of setbacks, as i have had that before by returning to practice.

Thanks, Christian


Joshua Comments:

1. Have you been doing anything other than stretching?

2. Slowly increase your activity until you start to irritate something. See where that level is now.

Nov 25, 2013
patellar tendonitis from playing soccer, had PRP still hurt
by: Adriano

I've been diagnosed with patellar tendonitis in both my knees. I'm 34 years old and used to play regularly soccer before this ailment.

I got this condition since last February and I've been doing some physio, 3 platellet rich plasma injection + one cortisone injection. But nothing seems to be working, I'm still in pain and can't play !

I'm 74 kg and eat only healthy food !

Your help would be much appreciated


Joshua Comments:

1. What do you eat?

2. How limber are you?

3. What self care are you doing, aside from injections and such?

Dec 02, 2013
patellar tendonitis from playing soccer
by: Adriano

1. What do you eat?
Usually, breakfast eggs with tomatoes and zucchini + 2 toasts. During the day, chicken breasts and veggies or pasta

2. How limber are you?
absolutely not limber at all

3. What self care are you doing, aside from injections and such?
I do eccentric exercises and some hamstrings strengthening


Joshua Comments:

Hi Adriano.


1. It doesn't look like you eat enough protein or good fat, and probably not enough calories for your activity level. Can't heal any actual damage without that.

2. If you don't take enough quality food in (pasta and toast is not nutrient rich) then your body isn't getting enough nutrition to operate optimally.

3. Without adequate nutrition, muscles can't relax. Tight muscles put tension on tendons etc.

4. Do you have any actual damage? PRP injections can't help a non-injured tendon.

5. I'm a big fan of this ebook for Patellar Tendonitis

If you have damage, that's one thing. If you just have too tight muscles and connective tissue and your structures are out of alignment, so to speak, that could be a quick turnaround in pain levels and function.

Dec 04, 2013
patellar tendonitis tendon damage from playing soccer
by: Adriano

2. If you don't take enough quality food in (pasta and toast is not nutrient rich) then your body isn't getting enough nutrition to operate optimally.

What good quality food should I eat ?

4. Do you have any actual damage? PRP injections can't help a non-injured tendon.

Yes I do. scans clearly show a lack of tissue on my damaged tendons. Would you like me to send you the scans ?


Joshua Comments:

2. avacado, coconut oil and coconut butter, organic pastured sources of butter raw milk meat. Nuts, if you're into that. Organic vegetables.

4. What does 'a lack of tissue' mean?

Aug 04, 2014
Patellar tendon trouble
by: Daryl

I've had trouble with my left knee for 15 months, had an MRI scan and it turns out there is a 1.5cm inner substantive tear (or something like that).

Went to the surgeon and he said it would heal on its own and could take up to 3 years to fully heal. I went and got a 2nd opinion and the knee specialist says i need a op on it, what he says he would do would be to go in and make 2 small incisions on the tendon to make it bleed so it would all heal as one.

I'm going through the Medical system again so it would be around a year i reckon but i get this procedure done, i was wondering if could train on in the meantime.

I've started running again, doing 3-4 km runs, but would i be able to go back and play soccer again or is it too dangerous?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Daryl.

Well, if there's damage, if something's torn, then continuing to train on it will predictibly lead to more damage/more tear.

Aside from the tear itself (and loss of structural integrity), all the factors involved in the tear happening in the first place are still in play.

You are the best one to make the call since you can feel what's happening in there, but as a general answer, I'd say soccer would be too dangerous.

If you can run (even, controlled, aware) with no problem that's good, but all the instinctive stops/starts/sprints in soccer can increase the odds of your body doing something that moves it towards injury.

May 12, 2015
Tendonitis and getting ready to play a sport in college
by: Brian

Hey josh it's Brian. I have been having tendonitis pain in my left knee since about a year ago. It happened while playing basketball. I have stopped playing basketball and started swimming and have gotten a lot of money to go to college offa swimming scholarship.

My only problem is, swimming in college requires a lot of running and lifting. I still have the same pain from my tendonitis and it's starting to come up in my other knee. Do you have any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Brian.

Describe the knee pain/symptoms/behavior.

May 13, 2015
Getting ready to play a sport in college
by: Brian

1. The pain is okay until starting activities like playing basketball or swimming. For some reason when I swim it doesn't bother me but after I get out of the water my knees are very weak.
2. Weak, hurts when I sit, hurts after a work out. Usually hurts around the knee but if it gets severe it starts hurting on the knee cap.


Joshua Comments:

More detailed description of the pain. You got some 'when' there, but more 'how' flavor.

Sharp, dull, throbbing, stabbing, constant, comes-and-goes-, starts low builds up, goes from nothing to severe in x amount of time, etc.

May 17, 2015
Tendonitis in knee getting ready play sport in college
by: Brian

The pain starts out dull but the more I play on it the pain increases to a sharp pain. I'm not able to play everyday. I've been to the physical therapist and done strengthening but I still can't increase activity like I'm suppose to be able to.


Joshua Comments:

Details, Brian, I need details.

You need to create a word picture so I can better understand what you have going on.

'dull gets sharper' is good info, but it's only a very small piece of the picture.

Where exactly? All over? In one spot? What spot? How long does the pain last. How does it behave.

Etc. Etc.

Jun 14, 2015
Lineman with a severe case of patellar tendinosis
by: Jarrett

Hi I am Jarrett, I am 16, 6ft tall and weigh around 250+.

I just recently saw a doctor about my knee and she said that I had tendinosis and I thought that wasn't that bad so all she did was prescribed me PT and I have been doing it, but its not helping, if anything I am now noticing it a lot more and its much sharper.

My football season is coming up this july and i need to be in shape for august. My main question is should i continue playing football or should I hang it up to make sure that I don't need surgery and I dont end up having only limited access to my full potential.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jarrett.

How exactly did the doctor think the PT was going to help the Tendonosis?

What were you doing in PT?

Aug 08, 2015
Jumper's knee in 6 foot tall 14 year old volleyball player
by: Olivia

English is not my native language:-)

My 6ft /14 year old has been dealing with knee pain for 18 months. She is a very active volleyball player and jumps a lot.

Her pain started slowly at the lower-middle of the knee. And increased during the time to about 2' under the knee.

She just took 3 weeks off. And had 2 practices and the pain is really bad that she can't really play / jump. I have taken her to few ortho specialists.

She had x-rays last month and even MRI about 18 months ago. Both specialists claim that she has growing pains and nothing is wrong.

But how can be nothing wrong when the pain is so bad that she can't play anymore. We are also going to PT, chiropractor and nothing helped yet.

She is using foam roller daily as instructed. Her pain gets really bad when jumping. There is little bit of pain on the lower side of the knee. But mostly about 2' below the knee on the chin.

Any ideas? Thank you very much.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Olivia.

6 foot at 14 years old, yeah, there's been a lot of growing going on.

Growing pains are a real thing. There's a lot going on in there.

Having said that 18 months is a long time. Having said that...there's been a lot of growing been going on lately

And, probably her diet could use improvement.

What is her Vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out.

Does she supplement with any nutrition? She probably should if she wants the pain to go away sooner than later.

If she doesn't have enough magnesium and vitamin D, for instance, she can't utilize her calcium (as well as she should), and that's not great for growing girls. Or athletes.

It's almost certain that she's low on vitamin d. And low on magnesium. Both are big big players in overall function and lack of pain.

That's great she's foam rolling, etc, and that the MRI didn't show any thing.

I'd put the focus on nutrition. Let me know what her Vit D level is.

Jan 12, 2017
Help Me Should I Still Play Soccer With This Knee Pain?
by: Anonymous

I am a Runner and Soccer player. I noticed that my right knee was hurting when I bend it. I ran into a gate while running downhill.

Ever since then I have had a bump under my knee like the patella. Its hurts when I squat, run, or anything physical activity.

Should I still be playing soccer?


Joshua Comments:

Does the knee hurt because you got a soft tissue/joint/bone bruise when you hit the gate?

Apr 02, 2017
Jumpers knee injury is affecting my time play on the pitch in game and in training and also effecting my form
by: Ausem thraya

My dream is to play football (soccer) for a my village team I only play 25 minutes each game and I'm out because of my knee injury.

I have jumpers knee for 5 years now since I was ten I never noticed it until I started to play semi pro and if some gives it a little tap with their knuckle of something I just feel pain like no other.

This is all affecting my dream my future dream.

I'm 15 years old now I'm 75 kg I know

I'm overweight but I need more advice Instead of losing weight I'm not so tall and by the way don't tell me not to play the sport anymore it is not gonna work to tell me not play games.

I'll say yes but I want to stay in touch with the Ball and at least practice 1 hour a day so please help me give me advice as soon as possible I need this just for my future .


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ausem.

I'd never tell you not to play.

I'd tell you to fix your jumper's knee.

Read this thread. Twice. Follow all the links and read those pages.

Come back with questions.

Apr 05, 2017
Interior knee pain below knee cap
by: Berg

Hi Joshua,

My knee pain is keeping me from playing Squash.

I've been to a physician who insists that this is a fat pad issue. However, it's been 12 months and I'm not getting better. I got this pain gradually and probably by playing squash (lunges).

The pain comes from bending the knee, usually when lunging or walking down stairs. When the knee gets to a certain angle there is a lightning pain and the knee "collapse". The pain is situated under the right knee cap to the left.

My physician has instructed me to stretch my quads and hamstrings, and strength exercise through bulgarian lunges, nordic hamstrings and hip exercises. I eat healthy, and eat fish atleast twice a week.

Do you have any advice regarding this?
Kind regards


Joshua Comments:

"Fat pad issue..." Please say more about that/what the physician means by that.

I'd definitely work the quads/hamstrings etc.

And, probably the lower leg is a big player as well. Not absorbing force like it's supposed to, and that force is transferring up to the knee/structures.

That spot in the knee that hurts and causes that the meniscus?

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