Nerve Conduction Test Pain from Hell

by Melisa

He put the needle in my right wrist, no warning on what to expect and I felt as if I had been shot there, my hand flying up to my face.

I screamed, he jumped (the doctor) and I only let him do my right leg as I had the beginnings of peripheral neuropathy in that foot. Hollering at the top of my lungs the whole time, "I can do this...I can do this..." to which the doctor began to chant with me, "you can do this..."

I live with chronic pain...I'm no whimp.

It was a nightmare and I would not tell anyone but the truth about this archaic test.

BAH Humbug!!!!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Melissa.


Thanks for sharing!

Yep. Not everybody has that experience when they get a Nerve Conduction Test for something like Tendonitis or peripheral neuropathy, but as you've describe, many do.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Regardless of the results of the test, the trick now is to fix the problem that is causing your symptoms. And that's the Pain Causing Dynamic

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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Jan 08, 2017
Never thought EMG would be so bad
by: Bodie

Hi, I am not sure if nerve conduction test or what--I was told EMG for buttocks, hip and leg pain.

Never thought it would be so bad as years ago they did do EMG on arms, hands but I thought some needles through which they conducted electrical current.

What I had done this time is criminal. This quack inserted needles--(I read online probes), into vessels in feet, legs, and upper lumbar---that went deep into muscle. This was all painful enough---but not as much as after effects I am experiencing now seventeen days later--and still have not received report.

I have pain in each foot mid-way and going up in v-like and extreme pain in some toes more than others---they just feel as though frozen, or cut off. It was total from middle of foot up through toes.

Will this eventually go away? The pain in buttocks is still there, but now have terrible discomfort in upper lumbar almost as in a cement cast.

Why would anyone do something like this to a living being? Do you have any recommendations?

I am a retired nurse so fully aware there is no point in trying to report this---doctors REALLY have each others backs--something nursing still has not learned. Thanks for any helpful ideas. This doctor has done something so wrong and I pray God's judgment will be done.

I feel if one thing does not kill us---doctors are doing something to insure that something will eventually bring us back for costly surgeries.

This is wrong 2Tim 4;14 tells we are right to ask God to intervene, and Ps. 109 to be prayed in faith as well. Something terrible has gone wrong with our sick society.

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