Recent Carpal Tunnel Surgery, still have weakness, pain, and a grinding feeling

by Betty D.
(Camden, SC USA)

After over six years of pain, numbness, tingling and a weak ability to hold onto things with my right hand I had surgery in June 2009. My wrist was in a plaster cast for two weeks after surgery.

During that time I felt pain not only in the area of the surgical wound but also in my right thumb and wrist just below the thumb. The cast is now gone, stitches removed and the wound nearly healed.

However, I continue to have the pain in the meaty part of the lower thumb and wrist just below that point. It feels sometimes like a grinding or rubbing against a coarse area inside this part of the lower hand/wrist junction at the thumb.

I have even more weakness right now following surgery. When I do attempt to grip items it hurts and I can feel a tightness and pulling that is uncomfortable.

My surgery was very recent and for some reason my physical therapy authorization has not yet been authorized but I have tried some simple excerises on my own.

Let me add that I have diabetes although I control it well.

I wonder if this is affecting, possibly slowing somewhat, my healing. The after surgery pain at the wound site was not all that bad after the first three to four days.

However, I do continue to have problems with weakness and the coarse grinding sensation. One area under the wound site is very sensitive and when pressed against is painful.

I apply cetaphil cream and rub it in and around the scar site several times a day. I'll post another followup report after some more healing time has passed.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Betty. Thank you so much for sharing.

Please do update us as time goes by.

And, I'm a big believer in helping yourself heal better and faster from Carpal Tunnel Surgery, or any Tendonitis surgery, for that matter.

I highly suggest that you start Ice Dipping, as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

You have a lot of inflammation process happening in

That's a normal part of the Tendonitis dynamic, in general, and can be bad news, and obviously can get even worse when someone goes cutting around in there.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

As far as the grinding, I don't know the exact situation of your hand, but I also suggest that you start massaging the muscles of your thumb pad.

Just 30 seconds here and there throughout the day, squeezing and eventually digging a little bit at the tight bands of muscle that you will feel in there.

If the muscles are super tight, they will pull the bones of the joint together, compressing the joint such that the bones don't glide over their articulating surfaces but instead grind.

Weakness can be caused by a couple factors, I wouldn't worry about it at this point. But do know that if the body feels pain or perceives that movement is dangerous (like your does right now), it will not allow the muscles their full strength potential.

As far as the diabetes, that can play a role, but if you have it under control and don't have any other downsides from it, your description of you post carpal tunnel surgery experience sounds like a very familiar and usual story.

Tenodnitis and Carpal Tunnel dynamics usually don't just go away without a fight (or at least, a nice talking to).

Keep us updated!

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Recent Carpal Tunnel Surgery, still have weakness, pain, and a grinding feeling

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Sep 26, 2017
Infection after carpal tunnel and ulnar surgery
by: Worried

HI my husband had surgery for carpal tunnel and the ulnarrow nerve on 8/28

He pulled 2 stitches then his hand swelled up the size of 2 hands and redness all the way to the elbow. Nasty drainage then the doctor went in a week later and cleaned out the infection.

I have been changing the bandage 5 times a day because of all the drainage now he said he may need to take him back in the OR for another Surgery... my husband has Heart problems and is a Diabetic I am so worried that he may lose his hand need advice please.

Thank you..worried


Joshua Comments:

Hi Worried.

What are they going to do in another surgery?

How did he 'pull two stitches'? What does that mean, exactly?

What are they doing for the infection?

He's got a lot going on with the heart health and diabetes, which points to a nutritional problem, which points to his body not working as well as it should (immune system to fight off infection, specifically).

I'm curious what's happening with all that swelling (that's a lot of swelling) and what will happen with the infection gets under control (if it's not already).

Mar 11, 2017
Pain 3 months after carpal tunnel and guyons canal release
by: Anonymous

I had my surgery 12/22/16 they did a carpal release and release at guyons canal through one incision.

The site pulled open after stitches were removed and the dr didn't even see me just said to splint the hand again.

Now at almost 3 month despite therapy 2-3 days a week the hand is still very painful on the pinky side gripping is terrible and bearing weight is next to impossible.

I am a paramedic and need my hands to lift and preform cpr.

They told me it's pillar pain and put me on gabipenton I saw a specialist because the hand muscles are atrophying and he said since I have sensation that it's fine and I need more time the surgery hand is a full inch smaller around then the other and I'm really getting discouraged any suggestions would be great.


Joshua Comments:

Hi AnonyEMT.

1. Is the incision(s) healed?

2. What have you been doing at PT 2-3x/week?

Mar 05, 2017
CTS Surgery Experience
by: Anonymous

Hi, I started experiencing CTS about 3 years ago, i had 2 cortizone injections in each hand before getting surgery on both.

First was the left hand , the wound was very tender and painful for about 6 weeks, once healed it was ok for a while but has been troublesome ever since.

A doctor said the scar tissue had built up and was pushing on the nerve. So i had another cortizone injection, Which Worked!! the scar tissue went down and my hand feels great, one week later the tissue around the nerve in my wrist is constantly inflammed causing terrible weakness and aching pain.

I am now taking nortryptaline which has dulled the pain slightly.

Right hand- quick easy surgery,no pain of wound and healed within 3 weeks,now 1 year later right hand is cured, i took arnica symphitis after the surgery..and took good care of it, this is my dominant hand so im happy this was a success but also left hand seems to be a failure..


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

1. "A doctor said the scar tissue had built up and was pushing on the nerve. So i had another cortizone injection.... the scar tissue went down"

I'm not sure why your doctor would say such a thing....but it doesn't work that way. Corticosteroids don't make scar tissue 'go down'. There's either scar tissue there or there's not.

I think you're meaning that post-surgery the scar tissue built up on the incision(s). Yes. That's likely. Injections of corticosteroids can decrease swelling, which can/will reduce interior pressures/swellings.

2. What are you going to do now for the left side?

Jun 22, 2016
injured hand
by: Maureen

I had carpel tunnel surgery 4 months ago last month I fell and hit my hand on the ground since then I have had pain and swelling.

Could I have injured or messed up the surgery?

I have an appointment in a week but was just courious.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Maureen.

Yes, a fall post-surgery can definitely have some bad repercussions.

4 months you're -probably- all right, but....we'll just have to see what happens.

How much pain? How much swelling?

May 30, 2016
Recent Carpal Tunnel Surgery, still have weakness, pain, and a grinding feeling
by: Lotte

About 4 months ago I had Carpal Surgery on my right hand. Shortly before the date of my surgery I developed pain and soreness in my thumb joint and along the upper hand side of my wrist.

I pointed this out to my surgeon and he guessed it was inflamed tendons and suggested a cortisone injection just before the surgery. The injection did not yield any significant relief and neither has the carpal tunnel surgery.

If this surgery has such a low success rate, why are doctors still recommending it?

I have met no one yet who reports long term success with the carpal tunnel surgery. I still have numbness and tightness of fingers and other parts of both hands.

Right hand actually seems worse since the surgery . . . still have locking fingers/trigger finger.

May 30, 2016
Carpal tunnel release surgery on right dominant hand
by: Sherrie Taylor

Well, I was diagnosed with CTS as a result of an on the job injury.

My job description was packaging which put a lot of stress on both wrist. I was diagnosed 2 months later after employment. My symptoms were numbness,tingling in all fingers,weakness, burning in hands, severe pain up to the shoulder, couldn't rest at night due to the pain, swelling and burning.

I received therapy for 4 months with no improvement, after therapy failed I decided to try the cortisone shot in my dominant hand which is my right hand.

The cortisone shot made my symptoms worse.

I also tried pain medication which failed also.My condition didn't improve so I decided to have the surgery on my dominant hand. On the day of surgery I was given local anesthesia.

I was told by the surgeon it only took about 45 minutes to perform the procedure. My recovery time was about an hour.

My hand was swollen and numb which lasted about 5 hours after the surgery. My incision was made in the palm of my hand which made it very difficult for me to use for weeks after the operation. It's been almost 5 weeks since my surgery and I'm experiencing new symptoms.

A lot of burning in my wrist,pain up to my elbow and when I try to reach for something I experience an electric shock in my fingers. It's definitely very uncomfortable but was told it was normal.

I'm experiencing more pain now than before the surgery. I'm not sure how long it will take for my symptoms to get better but I definitely wouldn't have the surgery again. For weeks after the operation I couldn't do anything with my right hand.

So, if your considering having the surgery done on your dominant hand your definitely going to need someone to help you out around the house. I had to learn how to use my left hand to shower and try to do some household chores.

I'm unsure of how long it will actually take to gain use of my hand again but will not consider a second surgery.

May 28, 2016
Pain everywhere and pinky so swollen I can not even bend it
by: Heather

I had Carpal Release surgery 3 months ago. I had a major case of Carpal Tunnel as the EMG showed. Had surgery, went home a week later had cast removed, a week later, stitches removed, and then problems start.

After the Dr removed the stitches, I had a hole still in the middle of my palm, she said don't worry, it will close up.

It took a month and half to close up, drained frequently, and was painful. No i have the nasty scae, and my wrist color looks really bad, and my thumb has no movement really, and my poor pinky is so swollen i cant even bend it. I am in pain every min of every day. My surgeon has nothing to say about it. I go see a hand specialist Friday hoping to get relief of some sort.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Heather.

What did the specialist say?

1. It's good you went to another doctor. Anytime a doctor 'has nothing to say', that means they have no idea what to do for you, or why you are in the condition you are in.

2. Skin wounds not healing for a month is a big problem, and points to a variety of possible issues including nutritional deficiency, etc.

Are you diabetic at all? (Also a nutritional issue..) One downside of the health issue scenario called diabetes is slow healing.

3. Did they determine WHERE the nerve compression issue was? Wrist? Elbow/forearm? Shoulder? Neck? Or did they just assume it was at the wrist?

4. Are your symptoms worse -after- surgery? And if so, how long after surgery?

Apr 20, 2016
Unique situation
by: Rina

I have unique situation, I had a stroke about 11 (2005) years ago, and have no use of my left hand. All of the things I do using the right hand.

I ended up having CPT surgery in January 2010, which solved the problem. Now, however, I have sharp pains in my thumb, and I need help with everything. The doctor said it was normal and to just use the brace and take Advil (600mg, 4x a day) and soak my thumb 3 times a day. Does this seem right to you?

Thank you,


Joshua Comments:

The surgery gave you full use of your left side back?

That's pretty awesome.

I don't know enough about that particular scenario so really can't say much. Ok, I don't know anything about the particulars of that scenario.

It depends on whether there is any actual nerve damage/bruising, that can take a long time to recover, so your symptoms very well may be normal.

Having said that, I'm not a fan of relying only on braces/splints and painkillers.

- positive thoughts visualizing things working well/healing/etc

- regular small movements of the fingers/arm/shoulder/etc to keep signals firing/communication happening

- improve your nutritional intake (for instance, make sure your Vitamin D level is between 60-80ng/ml)

- Plenty of water (it's not cliche, it's very important to health and healing)

All the above is important and helpful, and, the nutrition is SUPER important so you body has what it needs to work properly/as well as possible.

Mar 05, 2016
Post Surgery
by: Jean H

Had my surgery on 2/9. Prior to surgery my hands would be numb upon waking. My dominant hand would be stiff to the point that I would really have to work it to gain a fist.

The tips of my center finger on both hands have a numbing feeling to the point that using an adding machine or typing on a keyboard I make mistakes.

Had the nerve test which showed 7.70 in the dominant hand and 7.00 in the other. Surgery recommended. After surgery, now not only is the center finger still numb but the index finger is partially and the underside of the thumb drives me totally insane.

Severe pain shoots down my arm into my thumb if I go to reach for anything. Return visit I was told all of this is normal. I think not, and refuse to have the other hand done unless the dominant hand recovers.

I have another issue that I cannot put pressure on the hand (re: using toilet paper). Can I expect any improvement? Do you think this is normal. I thought I would wait six months and then return to the doctor with whatever I have.

Your thoughts?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jean.

A month out from surgery isn't a particularly long time for recovery, especially if nerve was involved.

1. Swelling from surgery can put extra pressure on the nerve.

Are you ice dipping?

2. If the nerve was nicked, cut, or bruised during the surgery, that would obviously be problematic and thus lasting symptoms would be unsurprising.

3. Existing inflammation process gets exacerbated by the physical insult of injury, and creates more swelling (see #1 above) and releases lots of pain enhancing chemical that overall makes everything more painful and on edge. Again, are you ice dipping?

4. Was the orignial numbness etc from the wrist, from from higher up the arm/neck? Surgery down there won't help it if the compression is happening higher up the structure.

Dec 16, 2015
Great pt assistance
by: Carpel tunnel usa

I had carpal tunnel surgery on 9/10/2015 and my Dr gave a few exercises to do after week 3.

I too thought I would not be able to use my hand.

The pain was terrible until I took it upon myself to work with a physical therapies (started on 11/15/2015) .

After the 2nd visit the major pain went away. My main area is my thumb....and oh boy the pain when I accidently pulled a seat belt with my hand/thumb and be careful when dressing yourself and you use your thumb.

Useful tool my pt advises to use is gua sha tool for the hand....great for soft tissue use along with cetapil cream. You can research online for other similar tools too.

As of 12/15/2015 not fully recovered but at least I can deal with the pain because of the assistance of my pt.

Sep 21, 2015
Recent carpal and cubital surgery now worse off than before
by: Sonja

I just had carpel/cubital tunnel surgery Rh- 9/3 Lh-9/9

I have tenderness still on left hand at the meaty part under thumb as well as problems now with my right thumb locking straight. (New since surgery)

I'm also still experiencing pain in my elbows at certain points that feels like my elbows are just going to break.

I'm lost, this surgery was supposed to help but now I'm worse off then I was prior to the surgeries!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sonja.

I'm sorry to hear that.

So they did surgery at the wrist and the elbow on the same days?

Surgery is advertised as 'the fix', but it very often isn't.

What did the dr. advise you to do for self care?

Note: 2 weeks post a significant surgery, it's not necessarily surprising you still have pain etc. The locking thumb is not good or 'normal', nor the 'breaking' feeling.

I'd see the doc again to get all that documented.

If you do, let us know what the doctor says about your post-surgery experience/scenario.

Sep 07, 2015
Carpal Tunnel Surgery twice, more pain than before
by: norman

I've had CTS release 4 weeks ago for a second time on my right hand my symptoms have not changed in fact there worse now than before I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks with the surgeon I'm really worried about this,any comments why this is happening?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Norman.

Why did you have a release a second time?

Why didn't the first one work?

Why did you or the surgeon think a second would if the first didn't?

Are you having Carpal Tunnel Symptoms from Vitamin B6 insufficiency? Did the doctor check for that? Did you supplement with B6 to see what would happen?

What about too tight tissue all over the rest of the forearm/wrist? Anything being done about that?

What are you doing to decrease the inflammation caused by the surgery injury?

If surgery didn't target the ACTUAL culprit, then it's no surprise it's A. not working and B. not better.

May 27, 2015
Can u help
by: Betty

I hope some one can tell me how long it will take for my hand to get better two month ago had my hand fix from carpal tunnel my wrist still hurts my the thumb it fells like a knot what can I do?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Betty.

HOw long it takes to get better depends on a variety of factors, including:

* how much and what kind of damage the surgeon did during the surgery

* the original causes of the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms (nutritional insufficiency, too tight muscle and connective tissue, inflammation, etc)

* the self care you are doing to help yourself recover

What self care have you been doing since the surgery two months ago?

Jan 31, 2015
Wrist pain 8 years after carpal tunnel surgery
by: Amanda

I had surgery 8 years ago.

In the last two years I have had really bad pain in my wrist (the pain is on the bone right down from the thumb) the pain is to the point my wrist kills.

It's hard to lift things or to do anything with my hand.

I was told it's calcium build up. If so how do I stop the pain.

Thanks a lot

Amanda W.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Amanda.

1. Why exactly did they say it's calcium build up?

2. Who said it's calcium build up?

3. Calcium build up where, exactly?

4. Calicum build up, or scar tissue build up?

5. Is this pain similar/different to pain you had leading up to surgery?

6. What exactly did they do during the surgery?

7. How was the surgery recovery?

8. How were symptoms from surgery until 2 years ago when this pain became a problem?

Jan 31, 2015
Should I Have Carpal Tunnel Surgery?
by: Mia M

My doctorr said that it was time that I made up my mind if I was going to have surgery or not.

I dont know what to do I have 7 kids and they said that i should but i dont think that i am ready for it yet.

But I dont wanna wait too long because my dad died a week after his surgery and I want to do this for him and my boyfriend and his kid I love them all and would do anything for them.

I would i just dont know if I'm ready.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mia.

You didn't leave your email or check the notifications box so I hope you find this.

1. Only you can decide whether you're ready or not.

2. Only you can decide whether to actually have surgery or not.

3. Only you can put the time/effort in to see if surgery is even an option worth considering.

What other self care have you tried?

Did you Quiz Your Doctor? (See link in the thread).

Why do you think surgery is going to help, exactly?

Jan 04, 2015
Very sore palms & wrists after surgery on both sides
by: Deborah

I've had both wrists operated on to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. It's been over 6 months.

While I don't experience the numbness or pain running up my arms, if I suddenly move my hand in a particular motion, it will immediately become very sore and tender.

My palms are also very sore, especially on the thumb side. Is this caused from the surgery or is it a symptom of something else?

I still cannot hold on to an item for very long and sometimes I think I have it in my grasp and the minute I move, I drop it. This is very frustrating.

My doctor keeps assuring me everything I'm experiencing is "normal" and that I just need to be patient.

He advises me it can take as long as a year to completely heal. Is this true?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Deborah.

You didn't leave your email or check the notifications box, I hope you find this.

"My palms are also very sore, especially on the thumb side. Is this caused from the surgery or is it a symptom of something else? "

Surgery causes damage. And that trauma aggravates the factors that were causing your symptoms in the first place.

So the answer is 'the surgery' and 'something else'.

"My doctor keeps assuring me everything I'm experiencing is "normal"

Well that's certainly convenient for him/her, isn't it? You still hurt 6 months later..take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

"He advises me it can take as long as a year to completely heal. Is this true?"

Probably. But what exactly does that mean? It can take as long as a year for the surgery incision and trauma to heal? Yes that's true.

Will all your pain and symptoms go away and you'll return to 'healthy and pain' free by the end of the year? That's probably -not- true. Maybe, but you're halfway there and normal movements cause pain.

Understand the reasons for each of the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

See Related: Swelling In Finger Joints Wrist Carpal Tunnel Surgerys Constant Chronic Pain

Nov 24, 2014
Three weeks after cts surgery and in unbearable pain
by: Jacqui

I had CT release three weeks ago tomorrow and I’m suffering from severe pillar pain.

My surgeon refused to acknowledge the pillar pain until the day he took the stitches out and he had an intern following him around the office like a puppy dog.

The pain began two days after surgery, and I went to see him. He said I should just be grateful that my carpal tunnel pain and numbness were gone and to rest my hand.

A week later I was back in because the pain was getting worse. He told me to stop using my hand so it could rest and heal. He said I was pushing myself too much.

The day I got my stitches out he said that I could fill a sock with rice to the size of a baseball and gently squeeze it. Other than that he said he wasn’t going to prescribe physical therapy and that I still needed to take it easy and not really use the hand for too much. No lifting anything over a couple of pounds.

Week three and now the entire base of hand throbs all the time. I can’t rest it on my desk at work to type or use my mouse. I can’t lift a glass of water with it. I can’t pull my blankets up when I go to bed with that hand.

Everything I’ve read in the past three weeks says PT is a must, that not using the hand or not moving it so the tendons can learn how to slide over the muscles and bones again could mean a permanent loss of range of motion. Yes, he says don’t use it, don’t do more than squeeze the damned ball of rice.

Each day brings more pain, spreading to more and more of my hand and starting to be in my arm. I don’t want to call him again because I’m pretty sure he’s just going to tell me to go back on medical leave and rest it. He’s useless.

Oh yeah, here’s the best part. My ex husband (best friend) had taken me for surgery, waited and took me home, then cared for me that first day.

He said when the surgeon came out to the waiting room after surgery he told him I was a wimp because I cried when they did the Bier block. HELL YES, I CRIED!!!!! IT HURT LIKE HELL!!!!!!!! I still don’t understand why they said they had to do the block while I was awake and they wouldn’t put me in twilight sleep until they had done the block.

They didn’t care to explain that and made it seem like I was just being difficult. Clearly the surgeon thinks I’m making more of this than there I should be and yet I’m the one losing the use of my dominant right hand. I want to SCREAM!

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? I’ve iced, taken Norco, taken Ibuprofen, massaged it, used a hackey sack ball to roll gently over the entire hand as suggested by several sites and it’s only getting worse.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jacqui.

We've already talked and you got and are working with The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and the ebook that comes with it.

But I'm posting this here for others to see your experience, and if you have updates or questions (general questions here, questions re: treatment from the DVD via email), this is a good place for it so others can benefit from your experience.

Also because I don't remember it coming up when we talked....yes, isn't it dissapointing and disheartening when doctors don't care about your problems/your pain, and they essentially blame your pain/their poor surgical outcomes on their patients??

It makes me mad.

Nov 21, 2014
Carpal tunnel release, De Quervain's and ganglion cysts then Cipro
by: E

I began having symptoms Carpal Tunnel Symptoms symptoms while on vacation mid-April 2014 waking up with numbness that quickly diminished.

As soon as I got home I researched my symptoms and realized it was CTS and I ordered a wrist splint and started wearing it at night.

My symptoms rapidly got worse and I was waking several times a night in excruciating pain. By June I saw a sports med doc who sent me for an EMG test. There was not response at all from my nerve or muscle.

I was booked for surgery early July. Surgery went well I was very slowly recovering until about 6 weeks out after surgery where I was complaining about wrist and thumb pain with tiny lumps on my tendon.

I was diagnosed with De Quervain's disease and given a medrol dose pack. A few weeks later I was in excruciating pain with a dorsal ganglion cyst. My doc ordered an MRI.

The cyst ruptured a few days later and my pain subsided. This happened prior to the MRI. The findings of the MRI revealed the flattened cyst, the multiple areas of tendonitis and vast inflammation as well as a possible tear with a cyst on top of it.

At this time I asked my doc if Cipro and or Lexapro could have caused or contributed to my symptoms. I was told no. The degrees of inflammation caused the doc to order blood work looking for Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis or another auto-immune disease.

I saw a hand specialist who said that my issues were from having such a severe case of CTS and I'm still healing from surgery and the nerve still has a way to go. He recommended another EMG. I have slight improvements but still very abnormal. The nerve should continue to heal.

I asked him about Cipro and Lexapro, and he said no about Cipro and looked Lexapro up on his phone and said no. I then saw my PCP and again she said no to that question. She ordered more blood work that I'm waiting on. I see a rheumatologist next week. In the last few weeks I've began developing tendonitis in my left hand!

Today after reading everything that I have about Cipro I'm disgusted that I have had a running prescription for this drug for several years to take at the first sign of UTI, as I have gotten chronic UTI's for years. I'm now believing that this medication is most likely my problem and since I started Lexapro about 18 months ago which also has fluoride it may have put me into toxic levels.

I don't know where to turn from here. Why are docs discounting my symptoms?

After reading the FDA statement I'm convinced that this is my problem.

I hope that there is a doctor that will listen and HELP me!!!


Joshua Comments:

Hello E.

You didn't leave your email or check the notifications box, so I hope you find this somehow.

If you get chronic UTIs, that points to nutritional issues and/or diminished immune system function.

If you've taken Cipro or any other fluoroquinolone over time, they deplete magnesium, which causes all sorts of problems including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other pain dynamics.

I don't know exactly why doctors don't believe that Cipro or Levaquin (the main ones) cause problems, since there is a BLACK BOX WARNING right on the box.

If you find this, let's continue the conversation.

Nov 20, 2014
had cts surgery ,now have tendonitis
by: Anonychef

I had cts surgery and took 10 months for recovery .

I am a chef and after about 3-5 months from returning to work i started to experience alot of hand and wrist pain ,even in my forearms .

My doctor had told me i now have tendonitis in both hands and i should look for a new career.

I guess i am just looking for any information as to what i can do to ease my pain .

My doctor suggested i try and do as little as possible using my hands ,but as i am working its almost impossible .

Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated .


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonychef.

First off, I'd dump that doctor. 'Quit your job' is bullshit. Basically s/he is telling you that they have no clue why you hurt or what to do about it.

'Use your hands as little as possible.'??? What kind of treatment is that? Doctors that say that should be ashamed of themselves.

Anyhoo, you're where you're at, and want to be able to use your hands.

Carpal Tunnel is just one flavor of the Tendonitis dynamic that can show up most anywhere in the body. Each location of tendonitis/pain has some specific unique behaviors, but the other 90% is the same no matter where in the body it is.

Plus, you have to fix the negatives that the surgery introduced to the pre-existing dyanamic (that the surgery didn't and couldn't fix).

1. ake sure you understand the answer to this question: What Is Tendonitis?

2. Read this entire thread.

3. Read every link in this thread: specifically, Pain Causing Dynamic, How To Reduce Inflammation, Magnesium For Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Then get back to me with any questions you have.

Oct 08, 2014
carpal tunnel surgery a year ago and no change
by: rob

Hi all had carpal tunnel surgery 3 days shy of a year ago .

There is no change in numbness still 24/7 but still have good use of them.

Also had spine surgery on my neck march 30 this year, that was supposed to fix my hands . Didn't work .

I also broke the middle finger 2 weeks after spin surgery .

It has healed some still in pain hands get to hurting more after I use them more then less . So I take ibuprofen by the tons to dull the pain . It neaver stops .

Just wanted to let every one know not all are great after surgery.

Sep 18, 2014
Carpal Tunnel Surgery Gone Horribly Wrong Severed A Nerve Permanent Nerve Pain and Nightmare
by: Cindy

I had carpal tunnel surgery 12 years ago and my life was changed forever. It was my right hand and as luck would have it, I am right handed.

During the surgery the hand surgeon cut a nerve and I developed what was termed at the time as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). It required several surgeries, including nerve blocks, tunneled epidural catheters and eventually a spinal cord stimulator.

After ten more years, I am left with a skewed central nervous system and the fear that the remission will end and the RSD will return. It cost me two years of my life where I could not function from the drugs, surgeries and pain. For the next 10 years, I have lived with limited range of motion in my fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder (caused by frozen shoulder following a surgery) as well as pain on an ongoing basis.

I can go on and on about the events, but I won't. I won't say not to have the surgery, I just caution everyone to make sure that all other treatment avenues have been exhausted before you jump into surgery.

I was told that my suffering may have been in vain given that I most likely did not have carpal tunnel but something going on in my neck that was causing the numbness, tingling and pain in my fingers.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cindy.

That sounds horrible, I'm so sorry to hear that. (I added 'nightmare' to the end of the subject line there.....)

Thank you for sharing your story and your suggestions to others..

Aug 14, 2014
Upper arm pain after carpal tunnel operation on both hands
by: Sheena

I had Carpal Tunnel operation done on both my hands.

They put on the tourniquet I felt it getting tighter and tighter and tighter after.

Telling the nurse its really hurting me she said it normal. I've been through this before it was NOT normal.

But now pains in my upper arm on the left I can't lift my arm can't put my arm behind me to put on or take off my bra with getting.

It is painful having to grab my arm to stop the pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sheena.

How's recovery going?

What have you been doing for self care?

See Related: Need Help ASAP Carpal Tunnel Surgery And Excruciating Pain

Jun 02, 2014
Super sensitive skin after carpal tunnel surgey on May 6, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hello. I had open CTS surgery on May 6th, 2014. Things seem to be healing quite well. I see the surgeon again on June 25th.

What's making me crazy is how super sensitive all my skin is - in my palm, my inner wrist, etc. I just jump if my hand/wrist brushes any fabric or other surface. Like a horrid tickle. Also sometimes the scar just burns.

Is this all normal?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I don't know if its normal, but it's common for all sorts of after effects of sharp objects cutting in and around and hopefully not on the nerve passing through the carpal tunnel.

It's been less than a month post surgery, so it's unsurprising if you still have some side effects of carpal tunnel surgery.

If its still there a month from now, then I'd get concerned.

Having said that, there's really nothing for your doctor to do about it other than to say "well, take some anti-inflammatories and rest it more and let's hope it goes away".

Personally, I'd get busy helping it all heal and recover as fast as possible. For instance, see: How To Reduce Inflammation.

May 21, 2014
open carpal tunnel surgery
by: Anonymous

Its been 7 months since open carpal surgery. 3 pound grip strength in non dominate hand using grip tester after 7 months, now a trigger finger and trigger thumb as well surgery scar still numb and tender, and tightness in palm seems like a cord....

Surgeon states it didnt come from surgery ....Do you think the nerve could of been damage during surgery or is this something normally.....therapist states I'm that 5% that has a horror story after surgery?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

The surgeon said what specifically wasn't from the surgery? The humbness and tightness around the scar?

Apr 14, 2014
had cts left hand said ulnar nerve now needs to be fixed
by: Dale

Had carpal tunnel surgery on left hand. After brace came off my ring finger and little finger didn't want to work well.

It's been over three months and Doc. said you fix one thing and it causes another, he said I'll need a surgery on my elbow to move the ulnar nerve to the other side of my elbow and now I'm scared after reading all of these other posts.

He also did right hand and it hasn't even been a month and it doesn't hurt like the left. My left wrist hurts real bad too and at the incision when the right doesn't.

I have arthritis in my hands too but they're not real bad. I also had my index finger prior to surgery shooting pains in left hand when one day I hit the ground with a golf club and it shot up my arm and into my index finger. He gave me two shots for that but it still shocks me sometimes and the shots in the finger didn't work.

Do you have any suggestions? I do have a bad back and bad knees. I see a chiropractor and he's aware of all of my hand problems.

I take a lot of supplements and my blood scans are good but I'm going to take you up on the extra b-6 and icing. I take extra b-12 already. I see the doctor on 04/02/2014 and would appreciate your advice before then. I have severe tendonitis and I know I have inflammation too.

Thanks for the advice.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dale.

1. "It's been over three months and Doc. said you fix one thing and it causes another" That's crap. Get a new doctor.

You don't suddenly need ulnar nerve surgery if you didn't need it before the carpal tunnel surgery. If you did, he missed it and is not competent. If you don't, you don't, and shouldn't.

2. Here are great questions to ask a doctor before carpal tunnel and/or ulnar nerve surgery. Quiz Your Doc

3. Sounds like you have a lot going on all over. That points to nutritional issues.

What and how much supplements do you take/have you been taking the last decade?

Along those lines, what does 'extra' (b6, b-12, etc) mean, specifically?

4. What did the doctor say on 4-2-14?

Nov 21, 2013
numb upper pointer and pain in small area on my ring finger. thumb pain intermittent. had a locked thumb
by: Paula

I have a numb upper pointer finger, pain in a small area on my pointer that is aggravated by touch or bumping, pain in my thumb but the thumd was locked.

I had poor conduction studies and the above symptoms minus the thumb symptoms. Had a carpal tunnel release and developed post op apex 12 weeks the thumb symptoms after opening a can using a hand opener.

Had an injection and used range of motion to get the thumb to unlock. I also wore a brace/ immobilizer. My finger symptoms never improved after the carpal tunnel release.

So what to do now?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Paula.

Sorry to hear that.

So, what do do now? While it might sound self serving, get The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and the ebook that comes with it.

You need a plan, and that plan is also a post-surgery plan. You had a Carpal Tunnel dynamic, you still have a Carpal Tunnel dynamic, -and- the downsides of the physical insult and injury of surgery.

More questions, more answers.

Very Related See: Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

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Nov 13, 2013
2 surgeries at same time, CTS and Tennis Elbow, UK
by: Debbie

Hi there I had carpol tunnel surgery in july 2013 plus tennis elbow as well! For me the worst bit was the local anathetic via armpit not nice!!!!

Had 4 weeks off I'm a chef and lone worker, I had shock type pains as well as cramps OOUCH!!!! I'm undergoing pysio still as around 5th day post op felt a pop in thumb since then cannot grate/peel without agony!!!!

Due to see surgen end oct he won't put me on list for left side tennis elbow til he's seen me why???? I'm in agony now working is very tough for me now get throbbing in thumb too plus symptoms of tingling coming back in 3 fingers and don't know why as well as this last week diagnosed with fibro! + arthritis of right hip so feeling quite sorry for myself!

The tennis elbow op right side has helped but slight pain there at times I live in the UK thanks for the rant.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Debbie.

Sounds like you need to deal with nutritional insufficiency if you have so much happening all over.

Here's one conversation on surgery recovery. Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

Here's hoping that your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms aren't from lack of vitamin B6. Carpal Tunnel And Vitamin B6

You should DEFINITELY be ice dipping for that thumb (and everything else). Learn How To Reduce Inflammation

And here's conversation on Hip Osteoarthritis

Keep us updated, and, more questions, more answers!

Oct 28, 2013
finger movement worse after carpal tunnel surgery
by: the plumber

Good day, Had carpal tunnel surgery on July 30/2013,, The cut healed fined,, the problem i am having now is that i can not bring all my fingers together to point,, I can not touch my pinky finger to my thumb and i can not pull my thumb into my palm very well, I have no strength in gripping,

I did the test with the machine squeezing it,, On my right hand i had 8 psi (strong hand) the right hand is the hand i had the surgery, On my left hand i did the sqeeze test and i got 47 psi,, I also have pain when i push or pull with my hand, The pain shoots up into my forearm, I am a type 1 diabetic with sugars under control, Is it i just need more time to recover, The type of work i do is heavy construction,, Always using my hands , I need the strength, Is it ever going to come back?

Its going on 3 months now,,
Thanks for the advice


Joshua Comments:

Hi Plumber.

Is it ever goign to come back? Probably not. Not unelss you do something to make it regain what it's lost.

It doesn't sound like nerve was cut, that's good news.

But surgery isn't a magical fix, and it causes injury to the body, and when skin/tissue is cut/severed/injured, it knits back tighter than it was before.

It sounds like you're tighter than you were before. Not super surprising, all in all.

See: Pain Causing Dynamic (which is what you had before surgery, and is what has been progressing since surgery.

More questions, more answers.

Jul 19, 2013
Carpal Tunnel Post-Surgery Issues
by: Anonymous

Had my right wrist done back in November of 2012. The day of the surgery I was released to go home, and after three hours I was in agony and pain so bad I had to be admitted to the local hospital for pain management.

My wrist is still so painful at times I could scream. All my fingers are stiff and sore in the joints and still can't push on my wrists. I had the left hand done a month later and the left one has healed much better than the right but really sore finger joints along with some wrist discomfort.

How long will the recovery process take. I can't shake hands as the pain in that hand is awful.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I don't know how long it will take to recover, it just all depends.

It depends on:

1. how much damage the surgeon did in there

2. your overall state of health and how fast you generally recover from injury

3. how replete your body is of nutrition (chances are high that you have less nutrition in you now than you did before the surgery

4. how much of your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms were from B6 insufficiency. Far too many people get surgery for carpal tunnel when all their symptoms were just from B6 insufficiency/deficiency

5. what self care you are doing/have been doing to help your body heal and recover

Jul 14, 2013
hands will never be the same
by: Yvette Stafford

I wish I would have never had the Carpal Tunnel Release surgery, my hands will never be the same, I don't care what anyone says. They are weak, have stabbing pains, burning, sore muscles, drop stuff, swell, tightness.....just hurt all the time.

Doctor said they would always hurt.....but I was fine......and could go back to the job I was doing that caused this. STUPID.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Yvette.

Sorry to hear that.

Hopefully the surgery just irritated the negative factors that were already in place (which means the symptoms are reversible), as opposed to permanent damage if the surgeon nicked a nerve or caused other serious damage that would prevent reversal of symptoms.

May 03, 2013
Left hand op
by: AnonymousMark

Hi Guys.
I had carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand 09-04-2013. I've got the movement back in my fingers but the problem I'm having is that the scar doesn't have any give in it. When I move my hand it feels like the scar wants to rip open it feels like its burning and loads of needles are being pushed in it.

I'm rubbing E45 into it a few times a day. Has anybody else had this type of feeling ? If so how long does it take to go away ?


Joshua Comments:

It probalby won't just 'go away' unless you continue to do rehab work on it to turn the brittle scar tissue into more soft and malleable form.

Mar 12, 2013
carpal tunnel release...done in both hands
by: velvet

I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand dec. Of 2012 and I had my left hand done jan 28 th of this yr and my right hand turned out perfect and left hand is 6 weeks in and its doin ok, I have pain in it yet and no strength, but that will come back in time it took my right hand between 6 to 8 months to get all my strengh back it doesn't happen in a couple months.

Keep doin the exercises and rubbing the scar and it will keep getting better, but it does take a long time....good luck everybody!

I hope every thing works out for all of you that are having a lot of trouble.

Feb 25, 2013
carpal tunel surgery issues
by: rahrah

i had carpal tunnel surgery jan 8th after a couple yrs of issues dropping stuff the pain and numbness has gotten worse. well i wasnt told a whole lot prior to surgery i did alot of research i went off family who had it done and had good luck i had my left hand done which i am left handed so its been alot of fun.

well it is now end of feb i am still having alot of pain and i have a lump about the size of a marble below the surgery site ive done ot therapy i still cant move my wrist back and forth i feel a grinding or popping i still have tingling and stuff im more miserable than i was prior to this damn surgery i keep being told this is all normal but that lump is so sore and hurts so bad.

i finally got another appointment with the surgeon its taken me this long to get back in with him.

any advice?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rahaah.

I do have advice! :)

1. Read the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome page and the relevant links on that page.

2. Quiz Your Doc

3. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation

4. And of course, I'm biased towards the self care protocol in my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and companion ebook. Which is good pre and post surgery.

Jan 23, 2013
Going on Three weeks Post Open release...
by: GoingOn

So I had right Carpal Tunnel Surgery done nearly 3 weeks ago. The surgeon did not offer Physical Therapy after he cut the stitches out. I felt this was off, so I called the next day to inquire and was told they usually offer PT for CTR?!

Umm ok, so I explained how I wanted to ensure i have Full range use of my hand etc.. They sent me a script to go get therapy. Is this unusual?

Further, today I had numbness in the hand that had the surgery on, should I be alarmed? I'll be trying to get in somewhere for PT but was really wondering if I need to bother the Dr. again about the numbness.. Thanks!


Joshua Comments:

Hi GoingOn.

1. I don't know that I'd be alarmed about it, as alarm isn't going to help anything.

Did you have numbness before, and now it's back 3 weeks after carpal tunnel open release surgery? That's not uncommon at all. Especially if some or all of your original numbness wasn't actually being caused at the carpal tunnel.

2. You can call your doctor about it, but surgery is a surgeon's only tool. If surgery didn't magically make it all better, he's got nothing else for you. Curious to see what he'd say though.

3. Physical therapy is commonly prescribed with carpal tunnel surgery. Or not.

I hope it helps!

Keep us updated on how things go.

Also, this has some added commentary relevant to you: Postsurgery Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms Remain With Muscle Atrophy No Relief

Jan 17, 2013
tightness after closing a car door 5 days after carpal tunnel surgery
by: toby

Hi, I had carpal tunnel surgery done 5 days ago everything was great until I went to shut a door and now I cannot make a fist and my pinky feels like something is pinched. Just wondering if you have any suggestions on what to do.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Toby.

1. I'd wonder if I ripped/tore something closing that door.

2. You were or weren't wearing a brace/splint?

3. How extensive/traumatic was the surgery? What did they do, exactly?

4. What does 'I can't make a fist' mean, exactly? Can you move all your fingers and bend your wrist? Meaning, do the structures still work but you just can't make a complete fist?

5. I'd learn Process of Inflammation and start ice dipping extensively, because the inflammation process that was already at play just got amped WAY up.

Dec 18, 2012
Infection and open wound after carpal tunnel surgery.
by: Kat

I've recently had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my left wrist in Mid November the right in early August which went perfectly fine but this surgery after care seems different than the first.

I know that each surgery is different and can cause different issue after but the intern did this surgery with my plastic surgeon there when I got home a few hrs later I noticed that the cut was still bleeding so I left it alone and 48hrs later took off the bandage as the doc told me too and then saw that the very end of the area didn't have a stitch and was somewhat open by saturday the area was red and inflamed and went to the ER and was given anti biotics for it and an inflamatory pain killer which ended up landing me in the ER the next day and when the nurse hooked me up to take my BP the bottom of the cut kind of "exploded" you could say! the whole area around the cut turned black and blue and it oozed i was then given large doses of anti biotics via IV and recovered again at home on daily dose of anti biotics and my hand was doing fine and yesterday I started noticing that the area was getting red and started to burn.

I was wondering if you knew if it was possible for my hand to be infected still or could it get infected again? I saw the plastic's guy last week and he took the scab off of my hand and told me it was caused by stitch irritation.

The swelling in my wrist hasn't gone down since surgery either and was thinking that possibly there was a connection between my hand hurting again and the swelling.. I know you can't say for sure but if you had a suggestion I'd be grateful I'm at my wits end and I'm scared to go back to the ER after the doc there last time didn't listen to me at all!



Joshua Commets:

Hi Kat.


2. It sounds like they botched the closing of the wound. Thus you had an open wound for at least 48 hours, thus open to infection.

3. I can't say anything re: infection, as I have no idea what's going on in there.

4. The swelling, well, you just had a wound caused by surgery, and an open wound. The body doesn't like that, and thus the Process of Inflammation.

Swelling and pain is to be expected after surgery.

Oct 23, 2012
Shooting pains two months after CT release op
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,
I had carpal tunnel release on both hands two months ago and recovered relatively well after the op. The scarring on both hands is healing ok but I have just started to develop shooting pains in both wrists and the pad at the base of my thumbs is fleshy and lacking in tone.

Is there any reason why these pains should develop at this stage? Luckily I no longer suffer from the dreadful pins and needles and numbness in my hands.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I don't know that it 'should' develop, but there's tons of reasons why it 'could' develop, all based around that all the original factors that were causing your symptoms are still in place.

The surgery did what it did, but didn't get rid of nor reverse the factors causing your carpal tunnel symptoms.

So that's great your experience of life is better and symptoms are reduced.

But I'd still do all the things necessary to get rid of the problem. Surgery doesn't get rid of the problem, it just, at best, clears some amount of symptoms up for some amount of time.

Oct 18, 2012
what to do next
by: Anonymous

Fingers are stiffer then before surgery. No pain now or before surgery. I used to have tingle fingers that does seem to be better.

I go to physical therapy twice a week. They use ultrasound and massage, teach me exercises and picking up small objects.

I also take extra vitamin B6 and am not overwweight and eat very healthy.

Will the stiffness go away with time?

This is very concerning for me.


Joshua Comments:

Unfortunately I can't make any predictions about the tightness.

It just all depends on WHY it's tight, and what you do to effectively reduce the reasons that are CAUSING the tightness.

Oct 17, 2012
five weeks still have stiffness
by: Anonymous

I am five weeks out from my surgery. Having problems with sriffness in my fingers. My hand is colder then the other hand. The tingling is gone. No pain, except where the scar is healing. Is it normal to have so much stiffness? I do my gliding exercises and massage the scar multiple times a day.


Joshua Comments:

Good news/bad news, yes, it's common.

There's plenty of reasons why, including pre-existing and enhanced tightness, inflammation, post surgery scar tissue buildup, increased nutritional insufficiency, nerve damage from surgery, etc.

Oct 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

ok thanks joshua.

Oct 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

HI joshua, it is very tight. and the sensation is very bad if i touch it or something else touches it it is a very sharp feeling that goes trough my hand. i am doing occupational therepy right now


Joshua Comments:

Well, if it's just tight and you have motor function, that's good news. If the (big) nerve was severed there'd be lack motor function.

If it's just tight, then get good nutrition in you and reverse the tightness, both of those are a must.

Oct 13, 2012
follow up after carpal tunnel surgery and tingling and can't move my finger
by: Anonymous

hi Joshua. I am answering u back i had the surgery in march and i had no feeling in my index finer. well its been 7 mths and my finger is still the same it wont bend and i still have tingleing in my finger if u touch it, it tingles up my u think it is permenant.


Joshua Comments:

Hi there.

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing. But let me ask some questions first.

Why can't you move the finger? Because it's tight, or because there's no signal going to it, or because it hurts when you try to move it?

How's the sensation in that finger?

What have you been doing for self care before/after the surgery to help your body work better?

Oct 13, 2012
carpal and cubital tunnel surgerys
by: shari

Hi, in June I had carpal tunnel surgery,for the second time. The first surgery was in 1995 and in 2011 I had a cyst removed off the same hand ( right hand).

I went back to work in August and started having problems in my elbow and last 2 fingers. Went back to ortho. surgeon, he ordered another Emg. It not only showed that I had Cubital tunnel, but I had Carpal tunnel again even though I had surgery for it 2 months ago.

It also showed I had dead nerves in my forarm. Doctor decided to do cubital tunnel surgery in Sept, it's been about 2 weeks after surgery and having all kinds of problems from pain,tingling and numbness in last two fingers and half of hand.

Also having cramping feeling in entire hand and burning sensation at elbows incision site. I seen to be in more pain than I was before the surgery.

Don't know what to do, have carpal tunnel surgery again or what? Have lost the use of half my hand already, not able to work because of it. Not sure another surgery will help or just.make things worse.

Any thoughts???


Joshua Comments:

Hi Shari.

Seriously, you'd consider another surgery?


The first two didn't help, and seem to have made things worse. What exactly would you expect from another surgery?

Exactly what nerves are they saying are 'dead'? If your nerves were dead, you wouldn't be able to use your hand, you'd have paralyzation and loss of sensation etc.

Your surgeons don't know WHY you had your original symptoms. They didn't show you how to get rid of the actual problem. I'd like to know EXACTLY what they thought cutting into your flesh was going to do for you.

So. Now you still have all the original negative factors, plus the negative factors added by multiple surgeries.

Read through the links you'll find in this thread, including the one on B6, the Pain Causing Dynamic, the Process of inflammation, How to reduce inflammation, Magnesium for Tendonitis.

Ultimately, I suggest that you get the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook for a complete plan of attack.

Hopefully we'll be able to reverse the dynamic that is causing your symptoms and repair the damage caused by multiple surgeries.

It will take some work and some effort, but I see no reason we can't get a minimum of 50% of your symptoms to go away.

Sep 14, 2012
by: Kimberly smalls

The surgeons at saint raphaels never told me what to do so a few days ago i started lifting a 2 lb weight doing reps of 20 i went to my pcp she said she thinks i should be pain free by now im so frustrated.


Joshua Comments:

You just had your body -cut- into. It's barely been a month.

Having said that, numbness and burning is not a good indication of a beneficial surgery.

I suggest, at the very least, that you learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

Sep 12, 2012
post-CT release pain on the skin
by: Kaye

Some of the comments here have helped me understand some of the pain I am having in my hand - probably "pillar pain". I am also having lots of the "shooting" pains throughout my hand and at times it is intense enough that I am taking tramadol 3x a day to alleviate the pain and be able to do my work. I don't see anyone describing SKIN pain on the forearm though. It's only the arm that I had release procedure on. This just started yesterday, 25 days after my surgery. At first my forearm skin just hurt all over - very sensitive to touch. By the end of the day, there are several slightly raised, light pink colored, blotches between my wrist and elbow, just on top of my arm. There are no blotches on the underside of the arm, but that area is very tender as well, more the tendons or muscles that hurt, not the skin. I start PT next week for shoulder impingement, and think maybe I should ask PT for some help with my hand as well. Seems like adhesions and scar tissue can cause problems after CT surgery - and every time I have had surgery, I end up with adhesion issues. Could this forearm pain be related to scar tissue from the CT release surgery? thank you!


Joshua Comments:

"Every time you have had surgery"? How many times have you had surgery?

Without knowing anything about you, this is my response to your skin symptoms.

1. Inflammation and the pain enhancing chemicals it pumps out.

2. Hystamine response.

3. Various effects of nutritional insufficiency, including good fats.

Are you on any medications? How do the symptoms match up to the Tramadol, time-wise?

Sep 10, 2012
Response to my first corespondence
by: Kim smalls

I had surgery on 8/8/2012 and to answer you question about my pains there very different feeling the numbness in my middle finger went away but my fingers still hurt when i bend them i never had this pain before and i am experiencing a burning pain on the right side of my wrist that i didnt have before all the pain and numbness i had before the surgery is gone it hurts in the wrist area when i write the pain is very bother some because its constant im suppose to have my left hand done in oct but im debating now.


Joshua Comments:

And, what have you been doing for self care post surgery to help make things better?

Aug 22, 2012
One year on
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,
I had surgery a year back for right carpal tunnel release, in april i suffered a truamatic stress attack which was diagnosed as PTSD. Since then my hand has gone backwards. My grip strength from post surgery was 4kgs in the right hand but has reduced to 1-2 kgs. The forearm pain that i had prior to the surgery still persists, I have shoulder bursitis and have also taken a cortizone injection which helped for 2 weeks only, the pain has returned and is even worse, throbbing, burning pain.the pain in the forearm worsens when I work on the computer for 2-3 hrs.My hand gets colder than the other hand and i cannot even life a cup of tea at times, brushing my teeth causes pain in the hand as well. I am only 40 yrs old but it seems like 60 now.
I have spoken to the doctors and they say, it is complex regional pain and chronic pain and have sent me to a pain mgmt clinic.
There is no physio being done on my shoulder or any part of the arm.


Joshua Comments:

Aside from the injury caused by surgery, I say....nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

See: Carpal Tunnel and Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Get your Vitamin D level checked, and then get it up to 60-80 ng/ml ASAP.

Aug 22, 2012
2 weeks After carpul tunnel surgery
by: Kim s

Hi my name is kim ive had carpul tunnel for 14 yrs i had surgery on my right hand o 8/8/2012 my stitches were removed 8 days later they told me i can go back to full use of my hand which im trying to do everyday except i cant lift nothing heavier than a gallon of milk

my middle finger is numb still i cant make tight fist i cant grip a knife to cut a potatoe or chop an onion and my incision looks healed but it healed open is that normal and also i cant turn the steering wheel with my right hand i have pain in my fingers were they bend at im wondering was it a failed surgery or normal for 2 weeks past surgery


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kim.

1. It's only been 2 weeks, far too early to tell if it's 'failed' or not. And I can't make that call anyway, that's up to you and/or your doctor.

2. You said 'the incision healed but healed open'. What does that mean? I'm guessing that no, that's not normal.

3. Should your numbness and pain etc be gone? Well ideally yes, it -should- be. But in general, it's to early to expect to be pain free. Carpal Tunnel surgery is not a miracle cure, and there's no reason to expect that you should be good as new right now, even though your doctors may have implied such would be the case (which would be a foolish thing to do, IMHO).

Full use after 8 days after wrist surgery? I wouldn't believe that if a doctor said it to me. You just had -surgery-.

Plus, you had symptoms for 14 years....

I'm curious, are your current symptoms NEW, or are they more of the same you've had the past decade of Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?

Jul 27, 2012
endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery didn't help at all
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had my surgery in may. I didn't notice my grip being off before surgery, it is now, the physical therapist said it was at 20. I have stiffness and soreness in my wrist, I didn't really have that before either. Plus trigger finger nodules popped out on my palm after this surgery.

My fingers were and are a big problem. Everyone told me it was the carpal tunnel making my fingers hurt. They were wrong, it was trigger finger although as yet my fingers haven't actually 'triggered' but the pain is pretty intense.

It just seems I had this surgery and it did nothing but make things more painful and difficult for me. Do these types of things happen to others as well?


Joshua Comments:

Yes Anonymous (Lisa?), exactly that does happen to lots of people, including getting the surgery with no benefit.

Why is it Trigger Finger if there's no triggering? Seems like then it's just painful knuckles, and/or painful tendons at the knuckles.

Maybe it's real Trigger Finger, maybe it's just nutritional deficiency (likely) or pain from the pain enhancing chemical of the Process of Inflammation that was and still is at play.

If nothing else, learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

Jul 25, 2012
two surgeries
by: Anonymous

hi my name is lisa from houston texas, i have had two surgeries.on my right hand....the pain that i had is quite gone the only thing is i have no use of my hand. i cannot hold anything, despite this i cannot even make a fist or bend my fingers at all. my pinky does its own thing i have no feeling in it and doesn't stay straight niether does my ring finger you know before i had my surgeries i was able to use my hand with pain of course but now nothing. i cant even brush my hair do nothing at all.

i went to where i thought was the best brown hand center. one more thing my fingers are still swollen its been almost a year now!!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

That doesn't sound good.

Can't use your hands and your fingers are still swollen a year later? Sounds like a failed surgery to me.

Of course, the surgeon's only recourse is to do another surgery....

1. Do you have any numbness/tingling?

2. What were your symptoms before surgery?

May 13, 2012
carpal tunnel pain after surgery in april
by: normala

i have a carpal tunnel surgery on 13 april 2012 and now it has been a month already.

the wound heal already, but still red around the stitches wound. i have 12 stitches. i felt pain when I carry anything below 5 kilo or use a pen to write.

at night i feel more pain like pulling. why?

i feel pain even to type a computer.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Normal.

The simple answer to why you have pain after Carpal Tunnel surgery is because:

A. Carpal Tunnel Surgery actually causes a significant wound in an already unhappy structure.

B. Surgery doesn't get rid of the reasons that you were having pain in the first place.

See: Pain Causing Dynamic

And it certainly doesn't deal with the nutritional components of Carpal Tunnel.

See: Carpal Tunnel and Vitamin B6 Deficiency

See: Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency

May 02, 2012
numb index finger after carpal tunnel surgery
by: Anonymous

i had carpul tunnel surgery in march. it was supose to be laproscopic they tried but it was to tight to get the tube threw so they opened up my hand. durning the surgery i woke up they had to put me back under, and the doctor said i was fighting it that my arms and legs where moving like crazy. the doctor said her hand was hurting her just trying to hold my down.

now it has been2 months since surgery and i have no feeling in my index finger the meaty part under my thumb is so squishy no muscle. do u think i have nerve damage..


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Yikes, that sounds traumatic.

I'm guessing that the doctors and surgeons never asked -WHY- things were so tight....

As far as your concern regarding whether or not you now have nerve damage, I have no way of knowing.

But essentially you're looking at one of two (or a combination of) scenarios.

Scenario 1: The surgeon cut and/or nicked the nerve while chainsawing around in there.

Scenario 2: The surgeon never touched a nerve, but there's so much swelling and inflammation from the surgery that it's compressing the nerve. Combined with all the pre-existing tightness that was compressing the tissue and nerve in the first place.

Hopefully the tightness you already had is just temporarily made worse by the trauma of the surgery.

If the nerve is cut, there's not much to do about that. If not, then it's high time that you get The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works . Pre-surgery or post, you still need to deal with all the factors that were causing your symptoms (that the surgery was supposed to get rid of but A. doesn't and B. didn't.).

There's only two ways to tell if you have nerve damage.

1. Wait it out and hope for the best.

2. Get rid of all the other factors causing your pain, swelling, inflammation, compression, etc, and see what happens.

Nov 20, 2011
Recent carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery
by: Anonymous

I had carpal tunnel and trigger finger done at the same time in my left hand. I am left handed and it has been two months since surgery but in during the day I get sharp pain, tingling and feels like needles in my hand.

At night is the worse where my whole hand and up my arm is painful and numbess with needle sensation. Was given an ointment to put on for pain but has not helped and I am really getting depressed over this because I can't sleep or do anything like I use to with my hand.

Please give me a suggestion as to what to do.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Start by reading the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome page.

And learn How To Reduce Inflammation, do that for a good solid 7-10 days, and then let me know what happened.

Nov 05, 2011
Pain after recent carpal tunnel surgery, doctor said wrist surgery would help neck pain
by: Anonymous


I recently had carpal tunnel surgery in August 2011. The pain in the right hand started around 2009 and since 2009 I have been wearing the wrist brace.

I experienced severe pain in the right forearm/shoulder, neck and was advised by the neurologist once the surgery was done the pain would disappear.

Towards April this year I had to wear the wrist band on the right hand during the day and nite as the pain had worsened. In June I had a nerve conduction test done which showed that the right hand required surgery ASAP to be followed by the left hand.

I finally had surgery on the right hand in August. after the surgery the numbness and tingling in the fingers has disappeared.

However even now the pain in the right forearm/shoulder still persists. Some days the pain is unbearable. The wrist and fingers hurt a lot and I feel a loss of control/weakness in the hand.

I also had an MRI done on my neck which showed a slight bulge in one of the disks but nothing to worry about.

I am currently seeing a hand therapist who says that the recovery will be slow.

Please advise what else should I do as I need to get back to work. I have been off work since August.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous. had pain in your neck and chest/shoulder and the doctor actually said that surgery on the wrist would fix that?

I really should become a malpractice attorney....


Anyway, here you are, what's done is done.

1. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation. That will help your wrists and forearms.

2. Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency. Get a bunch of B6 into you. Lots of people get Carpal Tunnel surgery when all their pain and symptoms were coming from Vit B6 deficiency.

3. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

4. I wouldn't worry about the cervical bulge so much. Lots of people have bulge and rupture with no symptoms. The bulge isn't the problem. The CAUSE of the bulge is. What causes the bulge? CONSTANT TIGHTNESS that compress the joints.

5. Along those lines, I think you would be well served by my Reversing Whiplash ebook. It will show you how to open up your neck and chest/shoulder. And that will help with your lower arms too.

That's a start.

Jan 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua, It's been months since i talked to you last and i just wanted to update you on my right hand of which is no better.

I had the two surgery's done at the same time, carpal tunnel and burtons arthoplasty.

I've done the vitamins the icing and exercising and my hand is no better. It hurts all the time.

When i get up in the morning my right hand and fingers are swollen and stiff. My wrist where the palm starts feels like its splitting in half and my wrist just aches.

The skin on my hand and fingers looks like i've left them in water just shriveled and muscle tone just don't look right.

i want to just sue that dr. but trying to find someone to help me in the medical profession has so far been not possible. I wake up everyday with this damn hand and in more pain then i had before this surgery.

All these damn drs. tell me i just got to deal with this. two specialists and my family dr.

Joshua i guarantee you if it was one of them with this problem and pain after over 30 thousand dollars paid out to them they would be pissed too.

I have thought about going to the emergency at the hospital and see if i can get someone to listen to me and maybe see if they have any imput on why my hand is still swollen after almost a year later coming up.

My surgery was done Jan.25,2010. If you have any input on my problem or idea's i'd sure appreciate it. THANK YOU


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Well, all the same things apply: inflammation, tightness, pain enhancing chemical, pain causing dynamic.

Surgery clearly has irritated all of those factors that were already in place.

Making the entire ecology worse.

What exactly have you been doing, as far as vitamins, icing, and exercise?

Nov 08, 2010
Before the surgery
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh-before the surgery I had some numbness and a lot of pain in my left hand [that is also the hand that is giving me the most problems now after the surgery]. I used the computer a lot and was told that the repetitive motions was the cause of the carpal tunnel.

There is still a numbness in my finger tips that seem to be extreme at sometimes and at other times I almost have hope that it will get better.

I am icing my hands daily and that seems to helping[especially for the moment] and I am doing the exercises.

This is really depressing though since I had the first surgery in August and the second one in September and had hoped that I would be on the road to recovery by now.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Other than what I've said so far, everything I would suggest for you is in my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and the Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it.

It will show you how to deal with nerve constriction coming from the neck, and how to deal with nerve constriction that is coming from the wrist (this includes shrink wrapping caused by surgery).

The content is what you want both to reverse Carpal Tunnel and reverse the negative effects of carpal tunnel surgery.

Nov 06, 2010
by: Anonymous


With almost a year coming up after this surgery i have been trying to research everything i've been going through to find out if this outcome has happened to others.

And to find as much as i can about trying to help myself deal with this.

The answer to your questions is:

1. My level in vit.D was 26.8 and i was told it was to be 31 to 80 to be normal,and to come back in 3 months for a another blood work up.

2. My vit. B is just 50mg so that i will change to what you advised.

As far as exercises on my hand i stretch it off and on for minutes at a time all day long.

I wash dish's by hand and always have even though my house has a dishwasher built in that is still like new. That dishwasher has been there 10yrs. and used maybe used 2 times so you can see i like to do things both hands on even my dish's ha ha

I drink lots of water already and i will try eating even more protein.


Finally after all these months i have more answers to work with that make common sense.


Nov 05, 2010
Still despise carpal tunnel surgery
by: Anonymous

Thank You so much for answering my concerns about carpal tunnel surgery.

Especially after going to 3 dr.s two specialists and my family dr. and just being told to accept that at being 60 and getting older is why my hand is not responding well to the surgery and therapy.

Using a grip meter the strength in the right hand is grip strength of 12kg: the strength in the left is 36 kg. Big difference! That is why i miss my strength so much and the drs. act like i'm just supposed to get over it and accept it.

Being that i am a dominate right hand person this affects everything i do from brushing my teeth to trying to squeeze things out of tubes or bottles.

Not mention just everything you do that requires you to use your hands. One day after one of my family drs. appointments concerning my deep depression about my hand not getting better the dr. said i might have RSD and that i just needed to relax and that maybe my hand would just get better in time.

On the way home all my pain and fustration with the dr. and not feeling that they told me everything to expect especially the cons in this surgery took over. I just started screaming and sobbing and scared the crap out of my husband that as soon as he could pull over safely and hold me and let me just cry this out.

I hate this so bad that I allowed that dr. to touch me and that i didn't or say couldn't do anything now to change it the damage is done. If I have any more surgery done to that hand they say it could even be worse.

I ice my hand everyday that's the only thing that really takes the pain away. Plus i take vit.D 3 5000i.u., Vit.B6 also. Still no big results. I'm heartbroken.

My family dr. said it might take as much as 4yrs. to get better. I think drs. all just want to shut me up. Someday if this should ever happen to them I hope all of us patients come back to haunt them and someone is there to tell them just get over it as easy as they said it to us victims of bad surgeries.




Joshua Comments:

You are very, very welcome.

Having said that, I'll add one more thing.

1. What is your Vitamin D level? If it's very low, 5k i.u.'s/day may not be enough to bring it up any time soon.

2. How much B6 are you taking? Research says 100-200mg is enough to both bring up levels and maintain levels. If you're only taking, say 40mg/day, it's likely not enough.

Don't quit! Keep working on your self! Self massage, light but regular stretching, lots of water, extra protein and good fats.

Nov 05, 2010
Still despise carpal tunnel surgery
by: Anonymous

I am the 60 year old woman who wrote in before on this surgery. i also had the burtons arthoplasty done at the same time. Big mistake!!

These surgery's were done in Jan.25,2010.

I have been going for follow ups for months now, to the dr. that did the surgery and to my family Dr. also.

I have been so depressed because of this surgery.

I'm not sure how the other people feel that has had this surgery but its been as much emotional as physical pain. It sucks bad enough that my hand after 30,000 dollars spent on hospital bills, dr. bills, and hand therapy 7,000 dollars for 20 sessions.

And saw my surgeon yesterday and now he says i have more arthritis in my fingers now. My fingers were normal before surgery.

My question is can this surgery cause more arthritis in your finger joints which have been swollen since surgery. My hand, wrist, and whole arm just ache so bad.

I've worked for 42 years mostly factory and just had to retire and had to go on disability retirement.

This was not the way i wanted to retire with my right hand that feels like a tight claw at the end of me wrist.

With being so depressed my family dr. just wanted to put me on drugs for getting over my hand being so messed up.

I don't need drugs to shut me up i need more people to come forward like me and tell others that this surgery is such a money maker that leaves possibly more people like me worse off then before.

Over 30,000 spent and my hand is a million times worse than before.

Speak up people and let me know if anyone else feels like i do.

Thanks for listening


Joshua Comments:

$7,000 for 20 sessions?? Wow, I'm not charging enough!

Anyway, yes, it is entirely possible for arthritis in the hands and fingers to be a side effect of carpal tunnel surgery.

Constant inflammation, and tightness (original) and INCREASED muscle tightness (from the surgical insult to the tissue and nervous system) limit ciruclation and increase compression of the joints. Thus they grind together and have a HARD time getting waste product out and new nutrition in.

Thus, the development of arthritis.

Thanks for speaking up!

I agree, everybody speak up!

Nov 02, 2010
Need Advice for numbness in my fingers after carpal tunnel surgery
by: Felicia

I had carpal tunnel surgery in August and September (both hands) and now the tips of my fingers constantly feel numb.

Sometimes the numbness is greater than at other times.

Is is normal to have this so long after the surgeries? What can I do to help this numbness?

I ice often but the pain is still sometimes great.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Felicia.

'Normal' and 'Supposed to be like that' are two entirely different concepts.

Certainly you're not -supposed- to have numbness and such after surgery.

But it's certainly common to have some, none, or worse symptoms after surgery.

My question to you, before I comment further, is, did you have this numbness before you had surgery? Or only just after carpal tunnel surgery?

Might as well describe for my your history, symptoms, etc. details, details, details.

Oct 28, 2010
pain after having carpal tunnel surgery 1 year ago
by: Anonymous

I had carpal and ulnar tunnel surgery 1 year ago.

I am a medical biller and unfortunately have to use my wrist, hand daily. I still have a constant pain in my wrist, hand and fingers (thumb) as well as, the shooting pain up to my elbow.

Is this just going to be an ongoing problem for me due to my job or is it possible that it could be something else or the the same problem just reoccuring? I am considering see the Dr again and repeating the nerve conduction tests.

Would that be helpful or a waste of time?


Joshua Comments:

Well, IMHO, more tests and another surgery (which will be recommended because they didn't get it right the first time ) would just be a waste of time.

The surgery didn't work. You still have the same symptoms.

You still have symptoms because A: surgery is an injury to the body and the body responds accordingly and B. surgery doesn't fix the problem in the first place.

The problem is almost never JUST a narrowing of the carpal tunnel. And even when it is, doctors don't ask WHY that narrowing happened.

Nor do they consider the possibility that your numbness and tingling, etc, is coming from up at your neck.

Just a thought, you may want to give my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works product a try.

It will show you how to REVERSE the physical dynamic that caused, and is causing, your symptoms. And it's the same information you can use to heal from surgery.

In your case, you likely need to heal from the surgery AND fix your Carpal Tunnel dynamic.

If you don't do anything effective, then yes, you can expect to have to deal with this pain throughout your career. You're trapped in a pain dynamic, your physical body has changed, and you're stuck until that gets effectively dealt with.

Notice I said 'effectively'. There's a lot of things you -could- do, but only the RIGHT methods will cause beneficial change.

Oct 26, 2010
I despise carpal tunnel surgery
by: Anonymous

I had carpal tunnel surgery and burtons arthoplasty in my right hand done Jan.25,2010.

my hand hurts now more than it ever did before surgery. i just hate it and i have been so depressed because i was right hand dominant and this surgery has ruined my hand.

i hurt all the time. my fingers are still tender and swollen. my thumb doesn't feel like its mine its so tight and doesn't open wide to grasp. and i can't even lay my hand flat on the table like a normal hand. my dr. has been no help and says its my age.

i'm 60 but i know that's a big lie i had more use of my hand before my surgery. this has cost me my job and the use of my right hand. i feel this surgery is a money maker for drs. they really don't care how you turn out. and if your complain they got a million stories to hand you to cover their butts. if anyone out there has had the same results please jump right in. thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi 60.

Your age? That is a blatent lie. It is your surgeon's job to make you better When they fail at that, it is my opinion that they should either keep at it until you are better, or refer you to someone who can help.

Unfortunately, the only tool in the surgeon's box is surgery. If that doesn't turn out how they -hope- it will, they they have nothing to offer.

It should be criminal to blame their failure on you. Especially with as pitiful an excuse as 'It's your age.'

Jun 16, 2010
Still waiting for the pain to be gone - Recent Carpal Tunnel Surgery, still have weakness, pain, and a grinding feeling
by: Anonymous

I had surgery on April 27, 2010. My incision has healed except for one horn like area on the wrist end incision. I have daily pain and burning and cannot make a fist or grasp objects without shooting pains thru my wrist.

I am still unable to work as my job requires continuous hand usage. The pain is worse now than before surgery, it wakes me up and in the morning I cannot close my hand at all.

I was given the twilight drug for the surgery and awoke during my surgery screaming how badly it hurt and was clutching my hand to my chest. I still feel the same pain in the same spot now.

And my incision is over 2 inches long. I will ask for therapy at my next appt but fear it will never be the same.

The weakness concerns me.


Joshua Comments:

A 2 inch long incision? Wow, that's old school.

Here's my short term suggestions:

1. Ice Dip like crazy, as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation.

2. Supplement with B6, because Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency, which causes pain and other Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. (Read that symptoms page for an explanation of why you're having those symptoms, like weakness.)

3. Read why Magnesium is important for getting out of pain, and follow the link at the bottom of that page to Kerri's Magnesium Dosage page.

You can get yourself out of pain, but it's going to take some time/effort.

May 23, 2010
Carpal tunnel surgery, now numbness tingling and shocking pain
by: Scott

CTR surgery on 05/05/2010. Today is 05/23/2010.

Middle finger feels like it a bad sprain. pain where bottom of middle and ring fingers meet the palm. Numbness and tingleing in all fingers EXCEPT inside of ring and pinkie fingers. Electrical shocks in palm of hand.

What the heck is goin on???


Josua Comments:

Hi Scott.

Well, I mean, you had surgery, meaning a sharp object cut into your tissue, cut your connective tissue, was VERY close to your nerve (and hopefully didn't touch it), and told your nervous system that trauma was happening.

At the very least, your nervous system has kicked in even more of a protective mechanism than was already in place for the Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

The numbness and tingling and shocks could just be from your freaked outnervous system.

And/or, as the tissue tries to figure out how it's supposed to move and support it's surrounding tissue, it needs some time to figure it out.

Potentially the surgeon nicked the nerve, or the tissue around it is so 'buzzing' from the surgery that it is effecting the irritated nerve.

The 'bad sprain' feel is likely due to the trauma that was caused internally from the surgery, possibly due to trauma to the tendon that controls that tendon, or the tissue surrounding it.

Mar 31, 2010
Still have numbness, left hand surgery Jan 2010
by: Anonymous

I had surgery on my left hand late January 2010.

While in surgery I had a Bier Block and was awake. During the surgery I felt a ZING through my 3 middle fingers.

My thumb, wrist and pinky fingers are all fine. My index and ring finger are numb on the inside half and my middle finger has no feeling whatsoever.

My Dr has been following up and is sorry this is happening to me. However, if no feeling returns I will be having a nerve test the end of May.

Could the ZING during surgery have done something. I have full movement but not yet a tight grip which I expected.

Thank you.



Joshua Comments:

I'm sure your surgeon is sorry about this....

So I'm curious, what exactly is a nerve conduction test going to tell you/your doctor? And what are they going to do if it turns out that you have 'nerve damage'? Another surgery?

I doubt the zing itself did anything. I'm curious as to what casued the zing.

There are some options:

1. You felt the zing when the surgeon nicked the nerve during the surgery. Thus, possibly permant nerve damage.

2. Or, the zing was kind of like a spasm, but a nerve action instead of a muscle action. It's all electrical charge in the nervous system.

There was a lot going on during surgery, your nervous system new somethign was amiss even if it was numbed, and for any number of reasons a charge was triggered through the system.

How similar are these symptoms to your pre-surgery symptoms? I would need to know more about that before I comment further. It's possible that all this numbness is due to the surgery making the dynamic of tightness and inflammatoin worse.

As much as doctors are confident that surgery will fix everything, such is rarely the case. Which also accounts for why doctors generally don't have any idea why you aren't all better.

You had muscle tightness and connective tissue constriction (and numbness and weak grip, yes?) before the surgery, and surgery doesn't reverse that anywhere except -maybe- right at the incision site. But then you have a rush of inflammation....and scar tissue pulls all those tight structures back together as it 'knits' tissue together.

There are all sorts of complications available from CTS surgery.

Let me know your pre-surgery symptoms, and we'll go from there.


Sep 25, 2009
one hand please get well
by: Anonymous

I had my hand done Sept 2009, itss been only 2 weeks, but it still feel the same.

At night the pain is terrible. I tried elevating my hand on a pillow and still put on my hand brace; it does not do any good.

The pain wakes me up from sleep. Maybe it's the nerves coming back to life. Other than that I can use my hand.

The scar is healing well, the palm is still sore.

I try to massage my hand and move my fingers back and forward. I don't know if I am going to do the other hand.

I going to give it a little more time.


Joshua Comments:

Thanks for sharing, whoever you are!

Keep us updated.

Sep 03, 2009
PART 4 - I need help for my pain 3 months after Carpal Tunnel Surgery.
by: Veronica

Wow I feel exactly like you do. I had the surgery June, 2009 and my wrist feels worst then before.

I can't open bottles or close windows. I feel horrible and the doctors says that I have scar tissue and it will be OK but its isn't. It has been 3 months and it seems to be getting worst.


Joshua Comments:

Yeah, that's no good.

It very well may be getting worse, as the scar tissue pulls everything together (tighter).

It sure would be a different world if doctor's offered some kind of money back guarantee...

My suggestion is to Ice Dip like crazy for a week or so, and then start ice massage and self massage, kneading and stretching the tissue to regain it's openness.

Assuming that the problem was actually at the Carpal Tunnel, one needs to open up all the connective tissue in the forearm and wrist, as well as get all the Process of Inflammation out, or at least dialed down.

Also, would you tell your story on the 'Carpal Tunnel Surgery Stories' link off to the right? Assuming it doesn't hurt too much to type.

Aug 19, 2009
PART 3 - second update - Sharing more information - Recent Carpal Tunnel Surgery, still have weakness, pain, and a grinding feeling
by: Betty Davis addition

Here I am again adding to my first post following surgery. The grinding sensation seems to have abated and while my surgical site has healed over there is still an underlying "hot spot" that is tender with some pain when pressed.

Also, with use and exercise I am feeling a similar feeling as that prior to surgery at the junction of the wrist, arm, hand. On either side at the meaty portion of the thumb, the meaty flesh opposite the thumb and into the ring finger I still have pain with use, not all the time but at times like now when I am trying to type this updated comment.

I also feel discomfort that radiates into the underside of the arm somewhat. I continue to ice, do simple exercises and and am taking aleve now as needed for the discomfort. This is not my advice for anyone else, it is just what I am doing now.

I am noticing that I can grip or squeeze items that I could not before now, such as a doorknob or the handle of a water hose. However, I am not pain free while performing any acts with the hand upon which I had the surgery and I do still drop things.

At times, I not only feel pain radiate into my lower arm, but sometimes also into and through the junction of my elbow. I had this pain before but it seems more noticeable now that I've had the carpal tunnel surgery.

The worst pain at this time seems to be that at the bend of my wrist and lower thumb. Use of the hand that involves my thumb to be used is still problematic but I am trying to use it some daily.

I will post additional updates as I heal and as time progresses. I continue to hope that the wrist pain will begin to fade as inner healing progresses but am still wondering when that may be.

Aug 04, 2009
PART 2 - Sharing more information - Recent Carpal Tunnel Surgery, still have weakness, pain, and a grinding feeling
by: Betty

This is Betty again and I am posting an update.

The ice dip and the rub are two great therapeutic devices. It is interesting how I almost knew this without knowing.

My husband keeps a cooler for soft drinks and cold water all the time for work and at home. I had noticed that a cold drink in my hand felt good. How convenient for me that my husband was already keeping an ice dip available for me and I did not realize it.

Well, since getting your email response to my post I tried dipping my hand into the iced cooler of drinks and it does help it feel better. Also, I keep small containers of ice in my freezer to make my granddaughter snow cones.

Well, guess what!?! Those frozen containers of water became my new massage therapy tools. It is relaxing. I can feel where the muscles are tight and where my lower hand sort of fights against any relaxation.

Of course the sore spot still exists at the center of my hand just under the scar tissue of the wound. I still feel some pinching-like pain in my wrist at the junction of the thumb with use but things seem to be getting better and the grinding has eased up.

My injury was a workers comp injury and the insurance carrier has been a royal pain when it has come to me getting any medical care authorized including post-surgery physical therapy. I'll be healed by the time they get around to their authorization.

I am thankful to the internet and for the ability to look up online physical therapy advice such as I have received from Joshua here.

The "hot spot" in my hand does have some improvement at this point.


Joshua Comments:

How clever of you Betty!

And I'm so glad you tried it.

Icing gets results. Period. Maybe we should call it 'ice chesting'... :)

Thanks for the update!

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