Tendonitis Under The Ribs

by Carol

I have had pain under my right ribs for 8 wks. now.

The pain at time will go up my back and at times feels like a "rubber band" around my upper abdomen.

The pain feels like a pressure pain and at times it is sharp.

I thought it was my gallbladder and have had an ultrasound, hida scan and a CT scan and it has all been fine.

I went to a GI Dr. who examined me and said I had tendonitis and that he sees this a lot. He recommended that I get massage therapy.

My question is should I see an orthopedic Dr. and possibly be put on some steroids to reduce the inflammation and get physical therapy?

The pain is gone when I lay flat on my back.


Joshua Comments:

Hello Carol.

You didn't leave your email or check the notifications box, so i hope you happen to find this response.

I would definitely need more information to have an opinion about this. I'm sitting here with Kerri from www.easy-immune-health.com so some of this is from her.

1. Do you have back pain or is your gall bladder causing pain. I'm leaning towards the latter scenario at the moment.

2. Do you have any other Gi problems? How is your digestion? How are your energy levels?

3. What does the pain in your back feel like?

4. Does it start in front and then move around back?

5. What exactly did the doctor see that had him identify it as Tendonitis?

6. Where exactly did he say that your Tendonitis is located?

7. Why do you think it's gall bladder pain as opposed to, say, a spasm in your diaphram muscle under the ribs?

Let me know the answers to those questions and any other details.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Tendonitis Under The Ribs

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Dec 10, 2010
URQ Pain
by: Anonymous

I have the same symptoms. All test for liver, gall bladder and Kidney are normal. It is a constant pain/discomfort that elevates when I cough,sneaze, or get the hiccups.

At times it seems to radiate into my back and right shoulder.


Joshua Comments:

What happens if you get your tolerance level of magnesium for a few weeks?

See Magnesium Dosage

Jun 06, 2011
Tendonitis Under The Ribs
by: Cee Weaver

For about 3 mos now, I've had constant, intense 24-hr pain in the right/left upper abdomen between my belly button & ribcage(sometimes felt in my back at the same points). It feels like my belly muscles are tightening to the point where I feel severe pinching sensations. I've had x-rays, CT scans, an ultrasound, an ECG test, and an MRI, which came back negative. I also had a colonoscopy/EGD test. Had my gallbladder and appendix removed this yr. My "upper" pain still remains. Pain killers do not help. Could I have tendonitis issues?


Joshua Comments:

Whoa, what? You had your gall bladder and appendix removed? Why? what was wrong with them?

I'll need more info on this one.

More details, more history, location of pain, etc. I'm especially curious why your organs were removed.

In short, sure, it can be Tendonitis, but not like you're thinking. Some kind of 'itis' anyway. The interior of your torso is different now, things adjust, and they're not always happy about that. Plus you have lots of Inflammation etc.
Things aren't happy in there. I would be good to find out why. I suspect I have a really good guess why, but let's hear more first.

Sep 25, 2011
Pregnant with Pain mid right abdomen and ribs
by: Cora

About 2 weeks ago i had a severe cough and then started having pain in my right abdomen. i believed the pain was from a sore muscle from coughing.

The pain has gotten more intense and seems to cover more of an area than before. So now i am worried its more than just a sore muscle.

I am pregnant and worried the pain and stress im under is not good for me or the baby. I have a dr. apt. tomorrow and hope i can find something out.

But im worried its gonna take awhile to find out whats the real problem..

It mainly hurts from coughing and sneezing. (well the intense pain) and just feels sore the rest of the time. I have also noticed im breathing harder and deeper once i move around and have less energy. As far as eating and bowl movements or pain any where else, i am just fine. just scared and worried its something major.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cora.

Obviously I haven't had a baby, but I know some things about the process.

Specifically for this conversation I know that pregnancy is a huge load/stressor/demand on the body, physically and nutritionally.

As a general rule, you need to:
* make sure your Vitamin D level is between 50-80 (Research shows that your vit D level affects the lifetime health of the child

* Take in enough Magnesium

* More protein, good organic pastured fats

* Cut the sugar and ideally all the gluten

THe above will help your energy levels, help you have an ideal pregnancy and an easier birth.

As far as the rib specifically, it's all tied in.

DOes it hurt at a joint, or some spot on/between the ribs?

Meaning, does it feel like a joint ouch or a muscle ouch?

Granted you did say 'abdomen', which is not 'ribs', so a trip to the doctor is often a good thing just to make sure.

Having said that, a trip to a doctor that cares about your Vitamin D levels and has you supplementing with enough Magnesium and such is a much better thing.

Let me know.

Feb 06, 2012
same pain - Tendonitis Under The Ribs
by: Anonymous

i started having upper right quadrant pain, rt flank, back pain beginning Sept 2008 after an excruting transvaginal ultrasound - pain lasted for 2 1/2 years i've had following tsets
Sept 2, 2008 transvaginal ultrasound
Sept 10, 008 abdominal x-ray
Sept 12, 2008 Abdominal/pelvic ultrasound
Sept 19, 2008 CT Abdominal/pelvic
Oct 15, 2008 abdominal/pelvic ultrasound
Nov 3, 2008 chest x-ray
Nov 6, 2008 chest x-ray
Nov 7, 2008 Stressimbi Stress test
Nov 14, 2008 Hida scan
Dec 8, 2008 Abdominal x-ray
Dec 11, 2008 Bone scan
Feb 19, 2009 Mammogram
FEB 19. 2009 Thoracic MRI no contrast
March 11, 2009 colonscopy/endoscopy
March 20, 2009 Renal ultrasound
April 2009 gall bladder ultrasound
6-4-2009 ER ultrasound
6-2009 MRCP with dye
9-2-09 catherization/urodynamics
12-11-09 liver biopsy
1-20-2010 EMG/NCS
3-23-2010 ultrasound
6-21-2010 cystoscopy
6-2010 stress echogram
Sept 13 2010 gall bladder U/S
Feb 18, 2011 ultrasound on left foot
March 14, 2011 MRI thoracic-no dye
March 22, 2011 CT abdominal
June 30, 2011 Gall Bladder Removal liver
June 30, 2001 EKG before surgery
September 13, 2011 left leg U/S –
Sept 13, 2011 left leg xray
November 30, 2011 abdominal U/S
Dec 2011 – MRCP check bile duct

i begged doctors to take out GB however they would not - on june 28, 2011 i ended up getting pancreatitis (i do NOT drink)doctors sent me to hospital, 2 days later took out gall baldder and did liver biopsy (pathology said chronically inflammed gall bladder, less than 5% fatty liver)
pain went away for 4 1/2 months then on 11-16-2011 pain returned and has been constant in the upper right quadrant, rt flank and back, with some nauseas only other symptoms occasional chills.
do you know what this unbearable pain could be coming from or other test i should have????

doctors are clueless and since they have no answer by exclusion of limitation they say either "muscular", IBS or stres - if muscular it would have healed by now

the only thing i did do was on 11-13-2011 i moved bed, couch, mattress and heavy container of paper, however again if musclualr it would healed by now
No pain meds help at all
any help would be appreciated

Feb 07, 2012
Joshua Responds - Same Pain - Tendonitis Under The Ribs
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi SamePain.

Ughh. I hate it when doctors remove gall bladder in hopes that it will fix something, when they don't actually know what the problem is.

Sounds complicated, I'd need to know more to have an opinion. Having said that, it's really not my realm of expertise. Once the gall bladder comes out...I'm not your guy, unfortunately.

I will say that you should get your Vit D level checked and then get it up to between 50-80 ng/ml (don't use prescription Vit D), and go off ALL GLUTEN for at least 60 days, and get some Magnesium into you. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis and Magnesium Dosage

Contact Kerri at www.easy-immune-health.com. If it's nutritional deficiency (which would lock you into problems from stress and/or muscular pain/dysfunction) IBS, and whatever might have affected a gall bladder, etc, she's the professional to talk to.

Jun 20, 2012
Pain under right rib cage
by: Colette

Hi. I have had the same symptoms much like one of the above posters. I've had constant right rib cage pain for 6 months now. It clicks and feels like something is it of place. I've had a ct that was normal and my doc just said its costochondritis. It is so sore, I can't even sleep.

I've done massage and went to the chiropractor and it feels better for a day or so and then it starts hurting again.

Its now radiating to my back and feels like muscle spasms. Pt and mt and Chiro all say the rib feels swollen and it is tender but nobody knows why. Have you ever heard of this?

I'm soooo frustrated!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Colette.

So your doc gave you a diagnosis but then no solution? Interesting.

I've heard of your symptoms, yes. Could be a few different things but I'd need to know more.

For the most part, no matter what you tell me at this point I'm going to say:

1. See: Pain Causing Dynamic

2. See: a href="https://www.tendonitisexpert.com/magnesium-for-tendonitis.html">Magnesium for Tendonitis

3. See: How To Reduce Inflammation

Sep 04, 2012
may have a solution
by: Anonymous

...if you work on computers.

My boyfriend has had the same pain in the same spot that everyone on this post has described and couldn't figure out the cause. Saw a couple of doctors and went through CT scans on liver, kidney and gall bladder and his organs were shown to be fine.

He thought he might have pulled a muscle while working out, but nothing he tried helped. The pain was constant, at times worse. He relied on tylenols to be able to sleep on bad days.

Since he works on the computer on regular basis, he suspected that it might be the culprit. He searched for best ergonomic positioning of his equipments (Wacom Tablet with stylus and keyboard). He found a specific PDF post by a doctor on the best ergonomic positioning of the monitor & tablet (older version of his current equipment) with some key solutions.

The key is to level your desk or chair so you can rest your arm and elbow on the desktop (in his case, on the tablet, relieving any stress on your arm, shoulder and the right side of your body, if you're right-handed). Occasionally stopping to stretch out arms up and side ways to give relief from repetitive motions.

This was yesterday and today he's already feeling "much better" with the pain almost gone which he's lived with for over 3 years.

Hope this helps.


Joshua Comments:

Yep, that makes sense.

If one slumps at the chair over time, and that slumping either compresses something, or overworks or overstretches something, that something is going to get unhappy.

Thanks for sharing!

Sep 07, 2012
one more thing on the computer positioning...
by: Anonymous

is to make sure the monitor is on the eye level. it may seem like a minor thing but slouching to see the screen also stresses the body.

My boyfriend was feeling better for a couple of days after adjusting the desk and chair level but started feeling the pain come back, to realize that he stoops to work on the tablet.

He decided to do away with the tablet and work with computer monitor and that relieved the pain.

A minor adjustment for a major relief.

Thanks to Joshua for providing this forum and his expertise and everyone for sharing their experiences!

Oct 28, 2012
same thing, tendonitis in rib cage
by: Anonymous

I have been going through tendonitis in rib cage right side hurts I was back to work 2 days pain returned.

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