Tennis Elbow in both arms plus surgery and shots please help

by Mrs B

Hi Joshua. I have tennis elbow in both elbows. It all started in January 2007 when I got a frozen shoulder/stiff neck in my right shoulder. This cleared up but a tennis elbow came at the same time in my left elbow, and I could not get rid of it.

My general practitioner suggested steroid injection which gave me pain free for 6 months.

It was injected May 2007 and Feb 2008. Again it came back despite everything. I had reconstruction surgery 5 and a half weeks ago.

It is better but recovering from the surgery.

My surgeon said he found crystals in the tendon which he had never seen before.

At some point during all this my right elbow started to become painful also, and I did everything again to try and get rid of it.

It was injected in August 2008 and low and behold pain came back in march 2009.

I found your site after my Tennis Elbow operation for the left elbow and started to ice the right one, but only the elbow as I couldn't get the water bottle things.

I am now doing it correctly and there has been improvement in movement and pain level.

I went to see my surgeon for a check up on the operated elbow and a second corticosteroid injection in the right elbow, which he does not believe in, but we both agreed not to have it, and to continue with the icing, as we know the injections don't cure.

The ice has given me positive relief and I really hope I can turn round the process. I have sent off for the DVD.

I have been icing the operated elbow as well. I hope this is ok. I am still off work for the next three weeks so have time to concentrate on rehabilitation.

I am a dentist for a living and work 4 days but supervise on two.

I feel the damage was caused by carrying heavy bags of shopping but don't think the job helps.

I am 50 years old and need to keep going to see my kids through university.

Any advice would be appreciated on how to become free of pain again.

Incidentally the soreness is worse when lying down at night or if I go out for a good walk which I am doing to try to keep fit and positive.

Psychologically the last few weeks have been really traumatic for myself and my long suffering family of husband and three kids.


Joshua Answers:

Hello Mrs. B.

Your DVD will go out in the mail Monday, should get there to England Friday, Sat, or Mon.

Thanks for the detailed description of symptoms and events.

The 'damage' was caused by years of hunching over your clients. Your body has slowly shrunk wrapped down to that posture. Tight muscles and tight connective tissue.

You're probably not actually damaged, you're just
stuck in a physical The Pain Causing Dynamic.

Long story short, you're at the bad end of a Downward Spiral. I'm happy to help you back up the Upward Spiral.

Tennis Elbow is totally reversible.

The bulk of what you need is on 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works' and I'll help you fine tune a little bit.

Enough with all the trauma, I say. Tennis Elbow Symptoms and trauma that comes with is simply a result of not knowing how to make it go away.

Doctors just don't have the right training to fix something as simple as Tennis Elbow.

No worries. It will take some diligence on your part, however. But if you do the self care, you WILL get results.

Just like putting a drill against a tooth. If you put it against a tooth, you'll make a hole. If you don't, or just put it close, there will be no drilled hole.

If you follow what's on the DVD, you will reverse your Tennis Elbow.

Surgery may or may not have complicated the issue, but if so, it just means you'll have to work at it with a little more diligence.

Interesting. Say more about that. Mineral/nutrient deficiency/imbalance, probably.

Definitely do start on Bone Broth as the best Tendon Supplements.

Look into Magnesium for Tendonitis and the Vitamin D information on my Kerri's site.

Other questions:

1. How is your overall health?

2. Any other pain in the body?

3. Taken the antibiotics Levaquin, Cipro, Floxin, in the last 5 years?

4. How long have you been leaning over patients, and how much?

5. History of whiplash or other neck/shoulder injury?

6. Tell me about the onset of the frozen shoulder thing.

Answer these questions, read up on Magnesium and Vitamin D, and ICE LIKE CRAZY until you get the DVD. I mean, LIKE CRAZY.

You have 3 weeks. We should be able to get you 80% plus in that time, if you're willing to follow my directions and do the work.

It's not rocket science. It just needs proper application of the RIGHT tools.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jun 29, 2009
PART 2 - Tennis Elbow in both arms plus surgery and shots please help
by: Mrs B

Hi Joshua.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

In answer to your questions

Fit and well otherwise
No pain elsewhere
Frozen shoulder and stiff neck got better with physiotherapy and using a heatpad and some anti inflammatory medication.
Not taken any antibiotics for years.

Going to ice as much as I can as you advise and look at the nutritional side.

I hope to report that I am feeling very much improved in a few weeks.


Joshua Comments:


Let me know if you have any questions about healing Tennis Elbow as you go along.

The DVD shipped today.

You sound motivated. Great. Let's get you pain free again.

Jul 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua

Things are going well after a week of religious icing.

Still pain and stiffness but definitely more movement.

The DVD arrived today but I have had problems playing it on our DVD player, my laptop, and my sons PC which is very good.

It freezes at 16 minutes on my equipment and at about 36 minutes on my sons..So I have not got all the accurate information.

I have got the main gyst of it.

Can you send another or the info in another form?

What would be best in order to expedite things?

Many thanks


Joshua Comments

Great. A week of just icing, and now you have the gyst of the Healthy Wrist Protocol. The week of super icing is a great base from which to start.

I'm sorry about the DVD problems. That's the second complaint out of all I've sold.....

I'll get another one in the mail to you, it will ship tomorrow.

You make me so happy when you say 'religious icing'.

That really is the path to (tennis elbow and tendonitis) salvation.

If you are willing to do enough work on the front end, YOU WILL GET RESULTS, and have to less on the back end.

You're on the 'bad' end of the spectrum, so it may take you longer than others because there is so much going on in there, and a lot has to happen to stop the Downward Spiral and get you back into an Upward Spiral.

Then, it would be wise to keep at the self care even when you feel no pain, because there is so much happening under the surface of your skin and you can continue to help it get better.

The new DVD is on the way, thanks for letting me know.

Jul 15, 2009
Continuuing to improve
by: Mrs B

Hi Joshua

Just to let you know I am improving but not out of pain yet.

In the right arm I have much more movement without pain.

I find I am holding a telephone receiver to my ear whereas a few weeks ago I would have used my left hand instead.

Also I put on my seatbelt on in my car with my right arm without thinking about it.

Then I realise I have done something else that would have been very painful before.

The differences are quite subtle.

On Saturday I went to a barbeque at a friend's house and did not feel either elbow bothering me for the first time in a long time.

Yesterday though I felt quite a bit of irritation and again today.

The icing makes them feel great though. With the right unoperated elbow it's painful to extend it. If that would go away it would be a lot better.

I go back to work in another 5 days.I am still icing and doing the exercises and massaging the elbow as you show in the DVD. Will let you know how I go I think its a battle.

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