Get A Treatment For Tennis Elbow Relief

There is a Treatment For Tennis Elbow Relief.

There is a correct tool for -every- job. If you have been doing everything your doctor has been telling you, and you still have pain and other Tennis Elbow Symptoms, then you clearly are not using the RIGHT tools that your situation requires.

Some things just work better than others. And while splints, braces, anti-inflammatories and corticosteroid shots, and rest, are commonly prescribed by practitioners of habitual medicine, you'll probably agree that they just aren't the best option for getting rid of your Tennis Elbow pain.

A Treatment For Tennis Elbow Relief
Must Win Three Battles

To treat Tendonitis issues like Tennis Elbow, you need to effectively counter three variables.

1. Process of Inflammation

2. Muscle Tightness and Chronic Tightness.

3. Constrictive Connective tissue.

There are other variables, of course, but the above three MUST be dealt with if you want your pain to go away.

Inflammation tries to protect you by making muscles tight, and by releasing chemicals which enhance your sensitivity to pain (and therefore keeping you from continuing to do the activity that is hurting you).

Tight muscles decrease circulation, use more energy, create more irritative waste product, and put extra and constant tension on their tendons.

Connective Tissue shrink wraps muscles and other structures, basically like saran wrap tightly wrapped around a half squeezed sponge. Then structures have to work harder to move, and are even more at risk from ripping and tearing injury.

It is a constant battle. Inflammation and muscle and connective tissue tightening is a progressive dynamic.

You must push back against this dynamic. And you must overwhelm it.

If you just do a little bit of treatment, you may get some benefit, but the pain will come back because the problem didn't get fully reversed.

If you only deal with one of the variables, the problem won't go away because the 'problem' won't have been reversed.

If you incompletely deal with one or more of the variables, the pain will come back because the problem won't have been reversed.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow relief requires the RIGHT tools, and the RIGHT application of those tools.

Ice packs don't work because they aren't used correctly, and aren't the best application of cold.

Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen aren't really a treatment because they don't deal with muscle or connective tissue (and don't really even deal with inflammation effectively)

Corticosteroid Injections, same thing.

Tennis Elbow Braces don't deal with inflammation at all, and they actually make muscle tighter and connective tissue shrink wrap even more. Oops.

Rest removes ongoing irritation to the Tennis Elbow dynamic, but doesn't reverse any of the important factors. You can rest for a year, and then come back and start doing the activities that hurt you in the first place, and it is predictable that Tennis Elbow pain and symptoms will return in short order.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow Relief

I'm guessing that you don't -just- want Tennis Elbow Relief.

You want the problem to go away, and you want it to stay away. Has your doctor explained how they think that that is going to happen, other than telling you you need to change jobs or hobbies?

While it does take some time and some effort, it is easy to make your Tennis Elbow Symptoms go away.

It's just a matter of using the RIGHT methods of Treatment for Tennis Elbow relief.

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