Thumb Tendonitis or Thumb Tenosynovitis? Shooting Pain In The Thumb

by Mark
(Santa Ana, CA)

I have a shooting pain in my thumb when I do certain activities involving grabbing something.

There is no swelling or pain under normal movement but when I stretch the thumb or use it to grab the dog leash for instance, I get a severe shooting pain radiating from the base to the tip.

Do I need to see my doctor or a specialist?



Joshua Answers:

Hey Mark.

Well, I've never ever told someone they shouldn't see doctor.

Could be all sorts of weird, rare medical issues causing that.

Still, chances are good that you have some thumb specific Tendonitis or Tenosynovitis.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Meaning, you have too tight muscles, connective tissue that is shrink wrapping down, and a Process of Inflammation that creates pain and more tightness.

Heeeellllllooooo Pain Causing Dynamic!

So, let's investigate. Questions:

1. Describe the pain, in as great a detail as possible. Just in the thumb? Up the arm? Wrist? Hand? General pain, or could you clearly identify a sharp time.

2. What do you do with your hands all day long? Computer? Musician? Video games? Lots of texting on the cell phone?

3. Other thumb is fine?

4. History of injury or pain?

5. Age?

6. Is there a specific direction of movement that hurts it, but others don't, or do many kinds/angles/directions of movement. Pushing, pulling, thumbs up, pushing against a wall with the thumb in various ways, etc.

7. If you poke around the area, is there a hot spot? Are the muscles in the forearm, thumbpad, etc, sore, painful, or tight? I'm guessing that there is a line of muscle in your thumb pad that is PAINFUL if you press on it.

Answer those questions, and let's go from there.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Oct 21, 2009
PART 2 - more on Shooting Pain In The Thumb - Thumb Tendonitis or Thumb Tenosynovitis? Shooting Pain In The Thumb
by: Mark

Thanks for the help on this issue.

I'm not one to go to the doctor if I can help it and if I can heal the problem by immobilizing it I would try that.

As the old Doctor's quote goes, "if it hurts to do THAT, then don't do THAT. but it's hard not to use your thumb.

Here are some clarifications to your investigative questions:

1. The pain is only in the right thumb and it feels like I suddenly stuck my finger in a light socket. There is no pain elswhere.

2. I work on a computer, play some tennis (left handed) and typical yard work on weekends. I don't play an instrument or do heavy texting or video games.

3. The other thumb is fine. both thumbs look identical, no swelling or disfigurment in either thumb.

4. No history of injury to my right arm or hand.

5. I am 52 years young.

6. I notice the pain when grabbing or picking up a moderately heavy object with a handle like a 5 gallon jug. I also feel it if I stretch out my arm in front of me and up, and point my thumb up I get the pain.

I have full range of motion in my thumb under relaxed conditions.

7. If I poke around on the inside of my thumb closer to the web just under the knuckle I do feel the pain, just not as intense as when under strain.

Thank you for your help.



Joshua Comments:


1. Am I correct in thinking that all the pain is in that web area under the thumb knuckle?

2. If you find that tight band of muscle, push down relatively hard and 'pin' it, and then move your thumb in a way that would cause pain, what happens?

Nov 15, 2009
I have the same pain
by: Denise

Hi -- I have this exact same pain as what our describing. When I pin down that muscle and move my thumb in a way that would normally hurt, the pain is not as bad and I'm able to move the thumb farther than if I'm not pressing down on that area.

I'm so hopeful you know wrong! Thanks!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Denise.

I don't get that last line, but as far as pinning and moving the thumb...that's interesting.

Pin and stretch is intriguing because you are both artificially shortening the structure and should be limiting how much it can move it that direction, but it also can short out the pain signal and allow for freer movement.

Keep doing that, with the intention of stretching connective tissue, squeezing the sponge of the muscle for more circulation, and know that there is a lot of information being sent to the nervous system when you are doing that.

All in all, if it hurts, and it's tight too, work it, every day, littls bits regularly throughout the day, and the ecology of the are will get healthier.

Aug 01, 2010
Same thing in my thumb!
by: Wendy Lee

Hi joshua-

i sure hope your still checking this thing out. over the past few months, i've noticed some pain in my left thumb. it started as kind of an ache, and has slowly excalated to a shooting pain in both the PIP Joint, and the metacarpal. the pain was caused by grabbing things, but now,it seems like i can just move it, and i get a shooting pain in just my thumb.

i ride my bike for a living, but i do A LOT of texting and searching on my phone. i use to use my thumbs all the time, for all of this (i'm left handed) i recently read about tendonitis in the thumb so i stopped using my thumb all together, but today, while gripping a sponge to clean something it just starting shooting pain.

my other thumb is fine, maybe a little sore, but it doesn't even remotely compare.

i fractured this thumb about 18 years ago.

i am 27.

gripping something tight. pushing back on the thumb tip. bending the thumb in all cause shooting pain. making a fist causes a dull ache.

my whole thumb pad is sore and tense.

any suggestions?



Joshua Comments:

Ice. And lots of it.

Maybe you have a Tendonitis dynamic, probably do, but it rather sounds like your thumb joint is inflammed and highly irritated.

Ice Dip as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

The more the merrier. An specifically a cup full of ice and some water, and dip dip dip that thumb/joint.

Magnesium wouldn't hurt at all, nor Omega 3's and/or Turmeric, which are anti-inflammatory agents.

Thumb hurts. Stop texting with it. Ice the heck out of it to dial down the inflammation response.

Sep 22, 2010
Thumb pain
by: Emma


I hope you can help me. I've been having a lot of problems with my thumb and wrist and recently it's been getting much worse. I get sharp pains in the base of my thumb which radiates up to the knuckle. It tends to be worse when I've had it in one position for a while and then move it - I'm studying so write and use computers a lot. I also get pain down the centre of the back of my wrist and can no longer flex my wrist fully.



Joshua Comments:

Hey Emma, I'd love to help.

There's lots of information all across my site.

Have you Ice Dipped yet as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page?

Found your tolerance level of Magnesium for Tendonitis?

Read the main Tendonitis page and the Symptoms of Tendonitis page so you understand what's going on?

Those are great places to start!

Oct 11, 2010
Tendonitis or Arthritis in my thumb?
by: Anonymous

I am thirty years old, and an administrative assistant, but I neither type nor text for hours.

However, I noticed that there is intense pain in the web of my left thumb and at the base of my thumb near the outside of my wrist when I move my thumb toward the fingers. It does not hurt moving up, down, or even out. It does stay sore after being moved in the direction it dislikes, though.

It is not stiff and does not appear swollen. I can move it however I want, it just let's me know that it doesn't like it when I move it the "wrong" direction. There is a "hot spot" deep in the web area of the thumb, but not on the outside of the wrist where it also hurts. The right thumb feels normal.

I tried the "pining" method and it greatly reduces the pain, though it does not alleviate it entirely.

With the information above, can you tell me if it is arthritis (I hope not) or tendonitis (where I can ice it and hope it gets better?)


Joshua Comments:

If it's not in your joint, it's not arthritis.

Probably something is just stuck in spasm (feels like pain to you).

Also, from what you've said, it doesn't sound like Tendonitis.

Though obviously there's a Pain Causing Dynamic in place.

So do more of that pin and stretch/rub thing. A little bit all day long. Icing and ice massage gets two thumbs up, no pun intended. :)

And make sure to learn about Magnesium for Tendonitis.

Nov 04, 2010
pain at base of thumb when sitting still
by: Lee

I'm a young 69 with mild OsteoArthritis in neck and back, well-developed OsteoArthritis in R knee, and end-stage OsteoArthritis in L knee.

I have developed shooting pains at the base of both my thumbs. Occurs intermittently--when my pain meds have been depleted, I think. The pain--to quote my mother, "feels like a hot knife" slicing from the base to the thumb upward an inch or so.

I have jammed one or both of my thumbs, playing ball when young, but nothing traumatic.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Lee.

Where in the world are you located?

Any theories on why you have OsteoArthritis in so many locations?

Feb 01, 2011
Sharp pain in thumb
by: holde

i am 69 and have osteoarthritis several joint,confirmed by several doctors and many x started in my fingers at age 21. now i have it in my both knees right shoulder 2vertebraws in the neck,and both my thumb joint's near the wrist.I had cin-visc in both my knees whit good success,when i got them in time,also in my thumb joints,with severe inflammation7 months ago.Now i have a shooting pain in my right thumb joint.Sometime whit out moving it at regular intervals.I do use a laptop,and am right handed.Many Thanks sincerely


Joshua Comments:

Hi Holde.

Two thoughts.

1. Magnesium insufficiency/deficiency.

Lack of magnesium causes muscles to get tighter and tighter over time (thus pulling on and compressing joints), and keeps them from being able to absorb force. Thus, your joints have to absorb the force, and are constantly compressed which causes irritation which causes osteoarthritis.

Also, gluten intolerance. Gluten is an inflammatory factor. Osteoarthritis is partly caused by inflammation.

If you started having joint pain at age 21, that's a big clue that you my want to experiment with going TOTALLY gluten free for two months to see what happens with your pain levels.

Feb 02, 2011
Shooting Pain in the Thumb
by: holde

I Take a a lot of Magnesium,but i will certainly try to go gluten-free.We eat a lot of Bread, i even make my own.One of my daughters eats Gluten free.I just finishted a 1 Months detox whit out Gluten, and seem to feel better.If it works,i will give you 10 Stars.Many Many thanks .Holde


Joshua Comments:

I love stars!

If your daughter needs to eat gluten free, chances are you do too. Runs in the family, as they say.

Feb 12, 2011
for MY thumb too!
by: Katherine J

I've got a similar pain in my thumb like underneath where i assume the muscle is. i am 23 and have never injured my left thumb to my knowledge. the pain happens sporadically and i've never recognized a set off for the pain. but through out the day it will continue to worsen and eventually i have to keep my thumb still unless i want dull achey but sever pain...any advice for relief?


Joshua Comments:

Rub it!

Dig a knuckle or some other tool into the thumb pad and root around. You'll find a tight band/knot of muscle, or a super tender spot or two.

Rub it till it feels better (over several days, not all in one sitting).

Mar 05, 2011
thumb thing - Caroline - Thumb Tendonitis or Thumb Tenosynovitis? Shooting Pain In The Thumb
by: caroline

hi, i am 28 many conditions auto inmune chronic few surgery scar tissue and nerve damage wow feel good to unload. none on my limbs or back. well beside 7 years ago hurt my back at work. but anyways my ankles bottom of my legs hurt and my hands well i can't possibly explain everything here ouch! but about the glutten free was told by a nurse about celiac disease i have iBS however i don't get extremely sick a lot when i do its really bad and everything hurts. i read online about DeQ i beloved its what i have however since its just one issue in an arrem of issues i wanted to ask can all or some be connected? i have endo, interstitial cystitis,IBS, psoriasis, chronic pain back neck shoulder comes and go in the last. surgery for endo and hematoma developed after delivery of my son, less than 20 min after. well depression and a cousin frybromyalgia and migraine and asthma its a big hit in my family. well i will keep on my quest looking for better treatment and answers i live in so much pain bring young makes it harder no one expects a 20 some to be so limited. i hidden this from most because denial its stubborn but also its very frustrating for doctors and specially family and friends to deal with since i turned 22 bout I've just little by little gotten worse. i used to be called bubly smiles now while i am mostly still outgoing and understanding i am much less active pain from pelvic surgerylast year leg pain pain pain what else. i wanted to be able to run swim climb trees with my kid i am unable plus extra weigh although very well arrenged makes it worse.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Caroline.


Nutrition, that's all I have to say at this point.

And really, there's no point in talking right now, because the only thing I would say is to go TOTALLY off gluten for 60 days.

Replace with organic pastured: meats, eggs, coconut oil, omega 3 fats, vegetables, cultured butter, raw milk if you can get it.

We can talk more about that, but your primary focus right now is to GO OFF GLUTEN TOTALLY for 60 days.

May 02, 2011
Injured thumb from car hatch slamming on it
by: Anonymous

On January 1, 2011 I slammed the hatch of my car on my right thumb (after slamming it down, I tried to catch the hatch at the last minute and it squashed my thumb between the hatch & car). The hatch hit my thumb between the thumb joint closest to my thumbnail & the joint where the webbing of my hand is. It immediately swelled, turned all shades of colors and 2 weeks later when my hand still hurt I went to my hand surgeon that did my surgery for Dequervain's Disease (same hand) back in 2001. That surgeon mainly just took x-rays of where he did his work, told me that I had not damaged anything he had done and sent me on my way. I had not seen this doctor in many years and I was in & out of seeing him within 15 minutes. It is now May 2, 2011 & the pain in my thumb joint (closest to fingernail)has always hurt but it is increasing. I get sharp shooting pain, it is very painful to write & the thumb looks larger then my left thumb. If I don't have sharp shooting pain, then it is a dull ache, almost constantly these days.

Any ideas of what I injured inside my thumb?


Joshua Comments:

I can't tell if there's any actual damage via email, obviously, but I can theorize.

It seems incredibly likely that you have a bone bruise (at the very least).

This means that aside from all the expected swelling etc that makes the thumb look bigger and black and blue, that your bone itself is bruied.

This means it swells and is constrained by the connective tissue layer that tightly wraps the bone. This hurts, and will hurt until the swelling goes down.

Your thumb is also tightly packed with Pain Enhancing Chemical from the Process of Inflammation you constantly have now.

Also, see this story about my thumb injury. You may want to copy what I did for it. Thumb Ligament Injury

Oct 01, 2011
shooting thumb pain in the base of my right thumb.
by: Liz

I also have pain in the base of my right thumb. It is generally a dull ache but every so often a really sharp pain (breathtaking) shoots through the base around the joint and towards the wrist. The ache and pains are on the inside of the thumb towards the palm. There is no swelling or inflammation that I can see. If you have any idea what it could be I would be very grateful to find out.
Thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi Liz.

Muscles TOO TIGHT. Connective tissue TOO TIGHT.

Freaked out nervous system.

Every contraction of the thumb muscles tugs on an overly sensitive, irritated and irritable structure and a danger signal shoots to your brain.

Your brain overresponds with exactly what you feel.

Ice dip.

Ice massage. Dig around in the thumb and find the tight painful muscles. You will if you try even a little bit.

Repeat until problem goes away, and then some for good measure.

Make sure you understand how the Process of Inflammation and the Pain Causing Dynamic works.

Tendonitis is funny that way.

Oct 27, 2011
by: Pat

I work part-time in a retail store and full-time at a desk and a computer. I first started noticing the pain in my right thumb which extends across the knuckles of my fingers when I was folding clothes for 3 1/2 hours using my thumb frequently.

Now I have the pain most of the time. Anti Inflammatory drugs helps but it never seems to go away. I'm 57 years old. When I told my doctor all he said was "that's common" but he doesn't have my pain. I can't even open a bottle.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Pat.

Yep, lots of suggestions. My site's full of them.

Read all of this thread, the links that point out from here, and browse through the website.

Then come back and ask questions etc.

Oct 27, 2011
thank you
by: liz

thanks Joshua, will certainly give it a go,

Nov 28, 2011
Baseball Injury from a jam shot too close to the hands
by: Anonymous

53 years young and hit a "jam shot" too close to the hands, bat and hand vibrated, but never ever like this. Cant turn a doorknob or crumpble a piece of paper. Feels like nerve pain. Rubbed some DMSO on it and that helped for 1/2 the day. Is there some device I can use so I can continue to hit baseballs? (...I gotta do something fast, spring season starts in February)!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Is there some device you can use? Sure, there's lots of them. What do you want the device to do, specifically? I'm not even sure where to start answering your question.

I would learn How To Reduce Inflammation, do that intensively for a couple days, and let me know the results.

Dec 05, 2011
Thumb knuckle pain after a year of xbox
by: Bastian

Hello I was just wondering if you could give me a little bit of help.
I've been getting thumb pain for ten months in both thumbs the right one is so much worse and I am right handed. I can not write or use phones for texting for example. The pain is only around the mcp joint. 

I am 20yrs old, I do not text but I did use to spend about 1-2 hours playing on the xbox360 every night for about 1 year, I also had to massage my scalp for 30mins every night and I done that for 2 years and this is why I think my thumbs are hurting because I had to put so much pressure on them and extend them in n out.

I have had blood tests done for arthritis and they come back normal.

My pyhsio says it's down to the muscles and has only told me to use rubber bands and soft balls to strengthen them but this only makes them worse.

Does this sound like anything to do with muscles??? 


Joshua Comment:

Hi Bastian.

A couple hours a day of xbox, plus poor nutrition and not sunshine, possible gluten intolerance...that'll do it.

Sounds like a Tendonitis dynamic to me.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

I've never understood why doctors tell people with tightly constricted muscles to squeeze them even more. Loss of strength doesn't mean you need to 'strengthen' means they're so tight that they can't perform very much work.

Your muscles are too tight. Connective tissue is too tight. Your Pain Causing Dynamic is in full swing.

What to do about it?

Learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

Supplement with Magnesium. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis link you'll find on this thread.

Get your vitamin D level up to between 50-80 ng/ml.

Poke around in your thumb pads. You'll find tight, painful muscles and other unhappy tissue. Start rubbing for 1 minute at a time, repeatedly throughout the day.

Dec 08, 2011
shooting pains in my left thumb
by: Anonymous

Hello. I wonder if you can help.

About a year ago I started getting shooting pains in my thumb every now and then. Recently they have got a lot worse. There is a small lump under the skin and if I catch this or apply to much pressure I get shooting pains which run up to my elbow. These pains really hurt and I have to clench my hand into a fist with my thumb tucked inside and hold my arm out straight. The pain is intense and it takes my breath away.

Do you have any idea what this could be?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Not right off hand I don't know what it is.

Describe in more detail the small lump, history and symptoms.

Dec 17, 2011
'grand'mommy thumb?
by: K-Ma


Since I became a grandma for the second time 18 months ago I started noticing some mild to moderate pain in my left thumb at about the outer knuckle which radiates toward my wrist on the palm side of my hand.

I keep the kids a couple days a week and lifting them (a three year old and 18 month old) seems to be the cause. It's usually a delayed kind of pain.

Meaning I don't tend to feel it when doing the actual lifting but hours later. The pain has been gradually getting worse the last few months and last night was at it's worst ever and has gotten me up in the middle of the night searching online for answers. I generally don't do 'self diagnosis' but mommy thumb seems to fit.

Would you agree and is the remedy to start the ice dip?

Thank you,


Joshua Comments:

Hi K-Ma.

Do I agree? Sure. I don't worry so much about diagnosis, I just look at pain and patterns.

You hurt because of the Pain Causing Dynamic, and nutritional deficiency (some combination of the two).

So yes, Ice Dipping, is a great place to start, absolutely.

See what happens with that.

Also, see: Magnesium for Tendonitis

And get your Vitamin D level up to between 50-80 ng/ml.

And let me know how it goes.

Dec 18, 2011
'grand'mommy thumb
by: K-Ma

Thanks so much Joshua. I am now able to see the post.

As I told you in the email the pain just suddenly went away earlier today, in the same way it came on. It still feels a little tight in the area but the sharp pain is gone. I'm still going to take your advice and will let you know how it goes.

This is all very interesting stuff. Thanks for putting it out there.


Dec 20, 2011
Casey - Pain in Left and Right middle fingers and Left thumb and back pain
by: Casey

Hi, hoping you have some advice for me! I have been suffering from pain in my knuckles closest to my finger tips! Its only when I put pressure on them! Sharp pain almost like a bone spur.

My left thumb really hurts on one side of the knuckle. My middle fingers hurt on the top of the knuckle. Very tender. Im pretty sure my R thumb has been hurting but Im feeling it and it seems ok??

My theory is I have had severe back pain for the last five months and its been hurting about that long. Would a bad back affect finger joints??

Maybe stiff muscles can lead to fingers? Why don't my other joints hurt? Any suggestions as to what's going on? I'm 34 and never hurt my hands and scared it could be start of arthritis! Any remedies?

Thanks so much!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Casey.

Pain in one area of the body can definitely cause pain in other areas. Every part of the body and every system of the body is intimately connected to every other.

When you hurt, the body responds by tightening muscles to 'guard' and protect you.

That causes problems. It increases inflammatory activity, it compresses joints, it spreads to surrounding areas. Repeat.

Do your knuckles hurt because your back hurts? I don't know, but it's a clue.

Are you getting arthritis? Technically yes, but what does that mean exactly? Arthritis really just means that your joints are irritated. They are. So what?

Pain happens for a predictable set of reasons. It's a process of various factors. Reverse that process, and pain goes away.


1. Why does your back hurt?

2. What do you do with your hands on a daily basis.

3. Overall health.

4. Overall energy levels.

5. How's your digestion?

6. Food allergies?

7. History of injury?

8. What's your Vitamin D level?

9. What's your overall diet look like?

10. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

Dec 23, 2011
severe pain and swollen thumb
by: Anonymous

one morning i woke up to brush my hair and realized that my thumb hurts.As the day went on, my thumb began to swell.It became red and the pain increased.I want to know what happened inside my thumb.

thanks Lisa.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

No idea what happened to your thumb, I'd need lots of more info.

I'm assuming you don't have a blood clot or something medical?

Jan 22, 2012
Lower right thumb pain?
by: Memzy

I'm hoping you could give me some advice for my thumb... About 2 days ago I slipped in the shower and landed on my right thumb... It bent an awkward way, and now i have been having some pains in it. When I grab things, or move my right thumb inward, outward, or backward, I get an achey, bruisish type pain down to the right of my thumb. I'm 14, and text and write a lot. I also play intense volleyball 5 days a week.

Do you have any idea what this might be?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Memzy.

Read this: Thumb Ligament Injury

It sounds like your pain is farther down the thumb towards the palm/hand, so you'll likely have to ice most the whole thing.

Feb 10, 2012
Thumb Pain, joint close to wrist, deeper towards the joint
by: Brianne

Hi Joshua,

I experience a sharp pain similar to what the original poster on this page has - it happens only when I carry something heavy or occasionally when I'm turning and pulling a door knob. It is only in my right thumb (I am right-handed), and it is in the base of my thumb near my wrist - but deeper inside instead of close to the skin. It does NOT radiate toward the end of my thumb, but it feels more like a sharp stabbing pain. This has been going on for a few days - hasn't gotten any better nor worse since then - and I don't believe any injury ever occured to cause this. I skimmed through the rest of the posts, but they all seem a bit different. Thanks in advance!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Brianne.

Ok, thanks for the details. What have you done for it so far, in the context of what this thread suggests?

Feb 10, 2012
More details...
by: Brianne

Well, I haven't had an opportunity to ice it yet to see if that would help. I did try finding a tight band of muscle - but no matter what angle I tried poking around on it, I wasn't able to duplicate the pain.

I feel a more subtle pain while stretching it, but nothing like the sharp pain when trying to carry something and use that thumb. I should add that I am 27, and do frequently type, text, and lots of physical labor (at work - mostly carrying boxes - and in the barn with horses). I just found this site this afternoon and plan on looking at it a bit more in depth when I get home tonight :)



Joshua Comments:

Hi Brianne.

The place for you to start, is to ice dip A LOT for the next several days and see what happens.

Wouldn't hurt at all to self massage any tight muscles you find, and, again, see what happens.

And definitely do read around the site. Lots of information all over.

Mar 06, 2012
Shooting pain in thumb putting on jeans and/or hitting space bar with thumb
by: sparxx

Wow! I thought I was the only one.

I've noticed the last couple of days I had a shooting pain - much like when you whack your "funny bone" - in the lower joint of my thumb on the palm side. It happens when i use the thumb in certain ways - hooking it on my jeans to adjust them, turning a doorknob, or even when i rest it on the desk. Any pressure on that spot causes that numbing, shooting, sparkly pain.

It's very odd, and it's limiting my ability to use computers, turn doorknobs, and wear jeans... pretty much everything. I don't know why it started or what it is, but even hitting the spacebar with the upper area of my right thumb (with the side of my thumb, way above the pain area) is now starting to cause it.

I'm just glad i'm not alone.

Apr 14, 2012
Ouch pain in web between thumb and forefinger
by: Tina

Hi Joshua,

I hope you are still checking out this page. In the last 2 weeks, the web part between my thumb and index finger of my right hand has been swelling up. At first, this did not cause any pain. A week passed and a little bit of pain can be felt. Now, 2 weeks later, the pain is almost in full force - I say almost, because well, you never know. So now, it is a constant dull ache. When I stretch it outwards or inwards to the palm, the web part hurts. My wrist is cracking constantly and when I move my thumb quite excessively, there is a pain running down the underside of my arm.

Please help me! I have sporting competitions in 3 weeks' time, could you please tell me what this might be?

Thank you so much in advance! :)



Joshua Comments:

Hi Tina.

Sounds like a Tendonitis dynamic to me.

See: What Is Tendonitis

Which of course includes an active Pain Causing Dynamic.

1. You have a competition for what coming up soon?

2. What is 'soon'?

3. What have you done about this so far in hopes of making it better?

Apr 14, 2012
Ouch, thumb pad pain in badminton player
by: Tina

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your reply.

1. You have a competition for what coming up soon?
I do competitive badminton - in the premier team for college.

2. What is 'soon'?
In around 2 weeks.

3. What have you done about this so far in hopes of making it better?

I have rest it, reducing the use of the thumb. But this still didn't work, it began to hurt again after I moved it a bit.

Is there any point of going to see a doctor again?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hey Tina.

I would never tell anyone not to go to a doctor, but in my experience, they're just going to tell you to rest, take anti-inflammatories, etc. Then the next time you go in when that doesn't work it's more rest, more anti-inflammatories, a wrist splint/brace, maybe a corticosteroid shot.

Gun shot or car crash, heck yes I want to see a doctor. A little muscle pain....not so much.

Rest, immobilization, and anti-inflammatores never fix anything.

I definitely suggest that you learn How To Reduce Inflammation. Ice dip and ice massage all the way up to the elbow.

Maybe you need more than that, we'll see.

Apr 15, 2012
thumb and hip tendonitis pain related?
by: liz

I have problems with the base of my thumb which I have previously posted about on Oct 01, 2011. This is gradually getting worse and the doctor has prescribed Naprosyn and a splint to immobilise it. The pain is still bad if I try to use hand to turn anything such as a key or try to open a jar etc.

Recently my hips started to hurt, sometimes waking me up in the night. As the pain is on the out side of the hips the doctor said this is more likely to be tendon pain as any arthritic pain would be on the inside on the joint.

Could these two areas of tendon pain be related?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Liz.

1. What have you done since 2011 to try to fix your thumb pain?

2. Well, thumb and hip can be related in the sense that tendonitis in one location uses up extra necessary nutrition, keeps a chronic Process of Inflammation in place which continually pumps pain enhancing chemical into your body, etc.

For instance, see: Magnesium for Tendonitis

Apr 29, 2012
Ache in the Thumb Pad
by: Anne

Well, having suffered with an annoying ache in my thumb pad for the last couple of months, I decided tonight to do a bit of research! So glad I'm not alone and feel much better.

I have no shooting pain but an obvious ache. I do play a brass instrument and also spend some time on the computer as a Librarian. Then in 'my spare' time I help my husband on our two farms as well as ride my beautiful thoroughbred mare.

I am definitely going to try everything mentioned, I have no swelling but feel as if the other fingers are affected sometimes. Making a fist feels as if the whole right hand is stiff and swollen BUT mainly the thumb is affected.

I am 45, very fit and soooooo worried it might be the onset of athritis.

What do you suggest?

Kind regards



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anne.

I suggest you read all the links in this thread and try the suggestions you find. :)

Maybe it's the onset of arthritis. But even if it is, the question is WHY? Despite what doctors tell you, arthritis just doesn't show up out of the blue by magic.

Various factors are involved, like chronic muscle tightness, connective tissue tightness, nutritional insufficiency/deficiency, etc.

May 02, 2012
Thumb Hurts Bad after hurting it stopping a fight
by: Leesa

My thumb hurts really bad, A couple of month ago I was breaking up an altercation and doing so I thought I sprain my finger, ok no big deal but it hurt so bad I went to the doctor and she gave me a hand brace and told me not to use my left hand so much, that was back in Feb.

here its May and it dosent hurt as much but the muscle is painful when I move my hand a certain way, the pain shoots up my outer thumb to my wrist ( the bone thats there is still sore too) all my doctors suggest is high strength pain relivers.

Do you have any suggestions or solutions to this problem???

By the way Im 27 never had a broken bone in my life and completley healthy.


Joshua Comments:

1. How bad does it hurt?

2. Describe the pain.

3. Constant or comes and goes?

4. What makes it hurt?

5. What makes it hurt less?

6. Full range of motion?

7. Yeah, Wrist splints and braces don't work.

8. The question is, do you have an actual rip/tear, a Tendonitis dynamic (most likely) and/or a chronic Process of Inflammation (you absolutely do).

See: What Is Tendonitis

Other than braces, pain killers, and Rest (which doesn't work, really), what have you done to make things better?

Jun 01, 2012
Electric shock feeling in thumb
by: MJ

The place is right at the base of the inside of my right thumb (I'm left handed). Out of the blue, I was picking up something and it was like being tasered.

If I press it lightly, I get a mild shock, but if I hold say, a plate - which goes exactly to that place of the thumb, it's literally shocking. At the same time (this is both a few weeks ago) I noticed on my wrist a vein that seems to be 'sticking out' that I never saw before.

I have no idea if this is connected, just trying to give information. It's annoying, not constant, so I found this site and wonder if you have any ideas.



Hi MJ.

I imagine it's that there are parts of your muscle that are constantly in spasm. Meaning, firing constantly and super tight.

So when you push on it or hold a plate, it fires even more (or has to change it's condition) and that basically causes an even bigger smasm which either A. touches on a nerve or more likely B. just happens to send a huge signal that happens to feel like electric shock.

You could be short on a variety of nutrients too, that contribute. B12, magnesium, both play huge roles in muscle function and nerve function.

Jun 08, 2012
pain in right thumb, cracking in fingers and wrist, twitching muscles
by: Anonymous

about 2 months ago i was picking up an item to hand to my niece when the upper part of my right thumb started twitching uncontrollably. it did that for about 15mins or so.

since then i have had some dull to severe pain in it but it started to ease up. however, two weeks ago i was opening the car door to get out when my hand from the wrist up each individual finger cracked at the same time. after it cracked my thumb felt tingly and had a slight burning sensation. ever since then it hurts for me to write or use a boxcutter.

the pain is mainly in both thumb joints and i can feel a muscle tightening between my thumb and pointer finger on the palm side when i am writing or using a boxcutter.

i am 23 yrs old, i am right handed, i work in retail, and i have never injured my thumb/hand in the past. any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Any time there's tight muscle, twitch/spasm/cramp, the first place to look is the Magnesium for Tendonitis link you'll find on this thread.

Make sure you under stand the Pain Causing Dynamic and you'll see how those things work together.

In case it's not clear....too tight muscles cause joints to crack/adjust.

Jun 20, 2012
Outer thumb pain with shootin g
by: Anonymous

For the last week I've been having pain, but it's in a different part than the other posts I was reading. I don't know what the specific name for the part is. I want to call it the first lower knuckle. It's the knuckle above the base of the thumb.

The outer part of it hurts worse when I press on it. It also starts hurting worse if I grasp things or use it to type/text (so I've been avoiding using it). However, there is a constant radiating shooting pain that runs from the knuckle down to the base of my thumb. I will definitely try the ice bath, but I've got a few quick questions.

Do you think this is tendonitis?
Is there a way to alleviate the pain or help reduce the risk of it getting worse?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonythumb.

1. I don't know, but there's definitely a tendonitis -dynamic- and Pain Causing Dynamic in place.

2. Yes. Pretty much always.

Start by learning How To Reduce Inflammation.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis, you'll find a link on this thread.

Self massage all around.

Start with that, let me know what happens.

Jul 21, 2012
Thumb Pain from a fall during football
by: William

Hi I have the same problem only I hurt my self playing football.I landed on the palm of my hand and every since then my index finger and thumb been hurting.I can hold on to a football but I cant grip it with my thumb over time my inndex finger healed but not my thumb it hurts everytime i give thumb up sign,or grip the football.

I tried the bucket of rice trick. Please help I have a combine in Little Rock Next Month and need to be ready for it. Thanks a lot.


Joshua Comments:

Hi William.

I'll just assume you meant 'bucket of ice', as opposed to bucket of rice, as I don't expect that would help a whole lot. :)

And, it's really not a trick. It's a tool, that is effective if used correctly.

How exactly did you use the bucket of ice?

Do you think you actually injured yourself (rip/tear), or do you just hurt from the impact, and/or possibly something was overstretched and now the Pain Causing Dynamic and the Process of Inflammation are going crazy?

Aug 14, 2012
Thumb pain in middle joint
by: Jenny

Hi Joshua,

I'm a 30 year old lady with PCOS, gout in my left ankle, and I'm not afraid to admit obese but working on it with physical therapy. I've been having pain in my right thumb for 3 years and its slowly gotten worse and worse to the point that I've thought of amputation.

It is not inflamed but there is a small bruise under the bottom of the nail bed by the cuticle. Its been there for a long time. My doctor and Ortho both looked at it and x-rayed it and don't know whats wrong with it. It feels like someone is slamming it in a car door when I try to use it just to pull up my pants or put a shoe on. that little bit of pressure is killer. I don't even need to touch it and I'll have severe pail like a hot nail being driven into the side.

I don't really use it type anymore because I fear the pain and the rest of my hand is cramping now because I try to not use my thumb. I use to be able to rub it to stop the pain but now that makes the pain worse. Even the skin is tender like being rubbed with sand paper when I've only just rubbed it with my other hand. I am currently on disability and learning to walk again after being in a wheel chair for a few years due to bad gout. Its not gout in my hand though, and my doctor said the only thing she could do is prescribe pain killers and anti-inflammatories but its not swollen and I take advils and some times alieve for joint pain and none of them ever work on my thumb. i'm at a loss of what to do.

Just grabbing for my pc mouse or a paper plate will sometimes spike the pain, or even now, while I'm not using it for anything I'm finding it hard to use the rest of my hand because the pain is reverberating from my thumb and giving me weakness issues. Can you help me out here? I'm tired of breaking down in tears at some store just because I chose to pick up something with my right hand. I need help and my doctors won't help me.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jenny.

You really need to talk to Kerri at

I'm primarily soft tissue issues, she's primarily systemic and chronic pain/illness issues. But there's some crossover of course.


Aug 15, 2012
Joshua resonds to Jenny: Thumb pain in middle joint, gout and pcos
by: The Tendonitis Expert


She's got a lot to say about PCOS that A. you'll never hear about from your doctors because B. your doctors only look in their limited tiny toolbox and generally don't keep up with current research.

PT can't help with the obesity until the PCOS and likely other factors get dealt with. It's a systemic issue primarily, and not so much an exercise issue (though exercise is important and valuable, obviously, so don't stop.)

She'll ask you the following questions, as will I:

1. What is your vitamin D level?

2. Are you gluten free?

3. What are you doing for the PCOS?

4. Are you on any Medication?

5. Are you on any nutritional supplements?

6. Did they test your adrenal function at all?

Go ahead and answer the above. I'm curious for the answers but can't do much with them. I can forward them to Kerri, ultimately she's the person you want to talk to (as I have nothing for PCOS as it's way outside my realm of expertise, but well within hers).

Aug 18, 2012
Shooting pain in hand when holding hands
by: Gill


I am a 55 year old female and I have had sharp shooting pain in my thumb for last couple of years, only hurting when holding hands with someone. I have been to doctors and have been told arthritis of thumb and another doctor said it was tendons. Over the last couple of weeks the pain has got worse and now I feel the pain when moving my hand in certain directions. I also sometimes get a burning feeling in pad below thumb. I have full range of motion but do get slight pain when gripping objects. I would be grateful for your comments.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Gill.

I'd need more information.

What hurts, exactly, when how why?

What if any care (self care or otherwise) have you tried to make things better?

Any other health issues, history of injury, overal health, etc.

Aug 31, 2012
Same thumb pain here.
by: Jake

I have the same phone pain is most of the people on here. I do believe I have injured my thump by jamming it at one time. Although it does alleviate the pain when I press on the hot area. I too thought it was arthritis, but I'm glad to know it is probably not. I've had this pain for about 5 years, and just put up with it. I lift a lot of weights and that's when the pain comes the most, probably from the grip. I will live but it is annoying as heck. Thank you for your insight!


Joshua Comments:

You're welcome!

Sep 05, 2012
thumb pain due to fall in football game
by: william

Hi Joshua thanks for commenting well i used the bucket of rice because they said it helps build grip and hand strength.I didn't work to well.

I tried icing it daily after every activity but still there the pain in my thumb.I don't think I tore and muscles or's hurt in the palm of my hand underneath my thumb second joint.and on top of my hand in between my thumb and my index finger.

please help if you have any questions about it let me know i need your help and the doctors won't help they said it was pain i would have to get use it.


Joshua Comments:

Seriously? The doctors actually said you'd just have to get used to the pain? That's crazy.

Ok, so you don't think you injured yourself.

How exactly did you ice?

Sep 05, 2012
Reply back to Joshua
by: Jenny

Thanks Joshua, for the reply back. I've been diagnosed with PCOS for 8 years, and I've looked up a lot of things about it, like the fact that if I can get rid of my weight, most of the symptoms go away. The PT is mainly to get me walking again, as being in a wheel chair (I found out unnecessarily) for 3 years gave me the bones of an 80 year old women. I'm proud to say I have now gotten to the point I can leave me walker home most days and I only use the wheel chair to wash dishes, as standing in place to long kills my back. Here are the answers you wanted to know.

1. What is your vitamin D level?
It was really low the first tme they tested it in Spring this year so I've been on 50,000 units of vitamine D and taking Citracal.

2. Are you gluten free? No, I do try to eat more veggies though. A big one being kale and celery. There aren't a lot of things I can eat much of seeing as I have the gout and insuline resistance. I use wheat bread for most things I use bread for, and I try to get cereals like mini wheats and stuff.

3. What are you doing for the PCOS? I'm taking metformin and provera (thickened uterine lining)

4. Are you on any Medication? Allopurinol, Metformin (I'm not diabetic but I take it for PCOS, my blood sugar is always fine), gemfibrozil (trigs), provera, advils or alieves for joint pain and thumb pain (only dulls it a bit)

5. Are you on any nutritional supplements? Citracal

6. Did they test your adrenal function at all? You mean my thyroid? They tested that and its fine. My blood pressure is nearly always text book as well. 120/80


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jenny.

1. You need Magnesium. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

2. You must must must go gluten free. PCOS doesn't show up by accident.

3. Re: Vit D level, what does 'really low' mean, specifically?

Are you on prescription Vit D? If so, you need to get off prescription Vit D (which is D2) and get on regular D3. Prescription Vit D2 has been proven to raise levels but doesn't confer any of the benefits. Doctors should know this but tend to not pay attention to current research.

Sep 05, 2012
Continued reply back to Joshua
by: Jenny

I'm dealing with the PCOS, but I'm more conserned with the thumb pain and not knowing what it is. My new doctor is a OBGYN and family doctor and she is well aquanted with PCOS and does not think that it has anything to do with my thumb, I just wanted to make sure it was in there for medical history reasons.

No one can tell me whats wrong with my thumb and why I keep having this horrible pain. its now spreading to my middle and index finger. Could this be carpel tunnel syndrome?


Joshua Comments:

Technically no, it' can be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome unless there's numbness and tingling.

There's a lot of reasons why it could be hurting; vit d deficiency, lack of magnesium, a tendonitis dynamic, the same systemic issues related to gout and/or pcos, the chronic systemic inflammation from gluten intolerance, etc.

Let me repeat: You must must must go gluten free if you want any chance of your health situation to turn around. (Plus get your Vit D level up to where it should be with Vitamin D3.)

Sep 06, 2012
de Quervain's disease
by: Anonymous

I have just been diagnosed with de Quervain's disease and have been told to immobilise my thumb for 4 to 6 weeks. Is this the best treatment or can you recommend something better?


Joshua Comments:

I think that immobilization is a horrible treatment, if it can even be called a treatment.

See: Rest

You have href="">Dequervains Tendonitis (which is a fancy name for thumb tendonitis) for a set of reasons, and rest and/or immobilization has zero chance of fixing the problem.

See: Pain Causing Dynamic

My suggestion is to get my Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook, and apply what it says not only to the forearm, but the thumb pad muscles/structures and the tendon(s) from the forearm to the thumb.

I'll have a DeQuervain's ebook out at some point, but it will say almost exactly the same thing as the wrist tendonitis ebook with a slightly different location/anatomy focus.

Sep 23, 2012
jamming too hard or is my bass shocking me
by: Bassplayer

hi, i've been reading alot about thumb pain on here, but i have arm pain. When ever i play my bass i'm usually ok until i really get into a song and go to take big and hard strums.

When i do it feels like my whole arm has been electrocuted and it hurts like crazy. Is this tendonitis too? Will i be forced to tone down my music and not jam so hard? I'd like any help at all since i just joined a new band.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Bassplayer.

If it gets worse, and you keep doing the same things in the same ways without any effective self care, then yes, it's predictable that you'll have to tone it down.

Unfortunately, 'toning it down' has a low percentage chance of fixing the problem.

I don't know if it's tendonitis or not. There's certainly some Pain Causing Dynamic in there somewhere.

As far as the electric zing, that could be muscle spasm, nutritional issue, compression up at the neck, or some combination of all three.

Sep 23, 2012
pain in thumb and hand
by: Mike

I have pain in my left thumb and hand when I am standing and hang my arm totally down while I hold the back of my shoe between my thumb and the side of my index finger.

I try to slip the shoe on and I get that electric shock feeling up my thumb, along that line to my wrist, and above it into my forearm. The pain is much worse when I try to slightly angle my left hand at the wrist to the left instead of just hanging the hand down.

I have also gotten arthritis in my left hand, can't snap those fingers, also can't extend a thumb/index finger letter 'L' past that 90 degree form. I can go past 90 deg. with my right thumb/index.

What can I do to relieve or eliminate the pain?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Mike.

See: How To Reduce Inflammation

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Start with that, and let me know what happens.

Sep 26, 2012
Sharp Thumb pain and playing computer games
by: JB

I have been getting sharp pains in my left knuckle at night. It wakes me up it hurts so much. I also seem to have Tendinitis in my right elbow as it hurts to do anything with it. Also every once in a while I will get sharp pains in my feet. The pain comes and goes. Both knuckles hurt when I press hard on them. Does not hurt to use them. But elbow does hurt to use. I am on the computer alot playing games which I know is not good. Would the Magnesium help me?

Thanks, JB


Joshua Comments:

Hi JB.

The Magnesium would ABSOLUTELY help you.

How much will it affect your symptoms, we'll see. There are of course a lot of factors at play. Poor posture and repetitive game playing on the computer, etc, doesn't help.

But Magnesium is essential for muscle function. And if you're lacking Magnesium (you are)and get Magnesium into your body, that'll help.

Oct 01, 2012
Thumb pain
by: Man


I am a 24 years old guitar player, and I have thumb pain on the joint that connects the thumb and the palm.

To describe the pain in detail: when I am not doing any activities, there is no pain at all. Specifically, when I am doing work that requires strength from the said joint, the pain becomes unbearable. For instance, when I am squeezing toothpaste out of the tube, or opening a small packet of sugar, there would be pain on the joint. There is also pain when I apply pressure (i.e. Squeezeing) on the joint.

I have no previous history in damaging that thumb joint, and I did not have any accidents before the pain started to happen. Though I think it is worth mentioning that the pain gradually increases over time (Assuming because I have been playing guitar for an extended period of time without resting).

Asides from the ice/ibuprofen/rest treatment, is there anything else that I could do? And would this pain somehow become permanent and a chronic condition?

Thank you in advance,



Joshua Comments:

Hi Man.

It can absolutely become chronic and debilitating. Sounds like it already is.

Muscles get tight. They stay tight. Connective tissue shrink wraps. Joint is compressed. Inflammation and pain causing chemical make things hurt more and get tighter.

Use of the structure irritates an already irritated structure.


Rest Doesn't help anytyhing.

Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen are fine to get you through the day, but are not a long term strategy.

How are you icing?

Dec 13, 2012
sore thumb
by: George


I had a crotison injection in my left hand 6 months ago. The ganglion went away after 4 weeks.

I know have a ganglion in the right hand, and in the same spot as the left used to (top center).

I'm seeing a surgon/hand specialist for injecting the right hand next week.

However, I have a dull but chronic pain in my left thumb. It settles down when I hold a hot pack. The pain is almost immobalizing.

I'm in my late 20s, work with hands all day as a mechanic and type and text regularly.

Please help with pain in left thumb. I'm taking perscription anti inflametory rx and it's not helping.


Joshua Comments:

Hi George.

It's unlikely that a prescribed Anti-inflammatory drug like Ibuprofen would fix anything, as they can't and don't. At best they're fine to get one through the day by lowering pain levels.

As far as helping with your thumb pain, see:

1. How To Reduce Inflammation. Dip entire forearms and hands.

2. Magnesium For Tendonitis

3. Pay attention and see if you're having Tenosynovitis type pain.

Jan 27, 2013
Same pain on the bone at the base of my thumb
by: Jamie

I'm a righty and for about two months now I have been having an extremely sharp burning pain in the bone on the side of my right hand directly under my thumb. It's fine when I'm not doing anything. But as soon as I stretch my thumb out I can't even take the pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jamie.

Why do you think that's happening?

What are you doing for it, as far as self care?

Feb 04, 2013
Thumb Tendonitis in ball of thumb
by: Joylyn

I have experienced almost the same pain. My pain occurs in the ball of my thumb. It just depends on what I'm doing that will cause it to get a sharp pain. I use a computer everyday. The pain does not happen always, just depends on what I am doing.

Feb 07, 2013
sharp pain in the TIP of my thumb
by: Chrystina

Hi Joshua..
I guess my pain might be a little different but similar. The pain I'm getting is ONLY in the tip of my right thumb. Is random but very sharp and painful.. Like I'm being stuck with a needle. I can't necessarily pin point what causes it. But for instance grabbing my pants to pull them up hurts. If i press on the nail in a certain area it can set it off. I do text a lot, write a lot, im right handed. Im a nurse so i place catheters, draw blood (pulling back on syringes), giving injections.

But what seems weird is I've done these things for ten plus years. I don't think its related. I feel like I've injured it. When resting the thumb is fine, not swollen, disfigured, not bruised. I can pop my knuckles on this thumb still a well . All three knuckles. (i know, not good).


Joshua Comments:

Do you have ANY other symptoms of tendonitis? muscle pain, tingling, numbness, twitch, spasm, ache, etc in the hands/wrists/forearms?

Any history of whiplash causing impacts (car crash, boxing, falling down the stairs)?

History of gout in the family?

Feb 08, 2013
responding to my previous question
by: Chrystina

No family history of gout. That I'm aware of. No injury or accident. No tingling, numbness or anything. Completely fine at rest, when pain occurs its only the pain, sharp breath stopping pain that goes away quickly a well. I did start working out recently using weights but i didn't hurt this finger. That's why i was thinking, could it be a nerve that's pinched. And if it could be what do i do? Im not a dr I'm just guessing.


Joshua Comments:

Well, even if you were a doctor you'd just be guessing.

Heck, for this I'm guessing too. Because it's such a small location/symptom, with a non-obvious source of the problem, and because it's more nerve sensation that 'injury' related....there's no clear answer as to the cause.

The body does weird things sometimes. Maybe it's just a temporary 'glitch'. Maybe it's a temporary response as the body makes some kind of adjustment.

But, maybe it's inflammation. Maybe it's from nutritional insufficiency/deficiency. Maybe something is tight at the wrist, elbow, neck/shoulder and is compressing the nerve just so and you feel it how you feel it.

Sorry, nothing but maybe's at this point. If you had other symptoms or other clues I'd have a better guess.

Having said that, there's always the basics.

I'd start on B6 and B12 methylcobalamin. They play a role in a variety of things the lack of which could have you feel what you're feeling. And will be good for your body operation in general.

Lay backwards over a couch arm or one of those big exercise balls, such that your arms/shoulders and neck (not just head) are stretching/opening backwards (the opposite of your all day long hunched forward posture/body usage). That can open up and take compression off nerves, and is good for you in general.

Get your vitamin d level checked. You should do that anyway, then let me know the results.

Some Magnesium never hurt anybody. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Mar 06, 2013
Thumb Pain GONE!
by: Jonathan

Hi Joshua,
My post is more of a testimonial rather than a question. I have been suffering from severe pain in my left thumb for about two years now. The pain tends to strike me about 3-4 times a year and leaves me utterly disabled for approximately 2 months at a time. By utterly disabled I mean I cannot open doors, write with a pen (and I am left handed) drive a car etc. Probably the hardest part to dealing with this pain is that I cannot hold my children when I am affected by it.

I am a registered nurse, I have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, run a small farm and my wife and I have six children. I am very busy to say the least! So I cannot be burdened with the disabling and life altering effects which I experience from my thumb pain.

It seems like just when I am better I become ill again. The pain is so intense at times I cannot sleep, eat (without becoming nauseous) or function. I don’t take pain medication so I just deal with it. I have been seen by many doctors, surgeons, specialists, chiropractors (just about anyone and everyone in the medical field) all have told me that they do not know the source or problem that causing the pain in my thumb.

Some have even gone as far to tell me that I should just take pain medication to treat the symptoms rather than the problem. That’s not the answer that I want to hear!

Four day ago I re-injured my thumb; I don’t know how I think that it happened when I was mending a fence. Right away I began to feel the pain coming on. It starts out small and gradually increases over the next couple of days. This is probably the hardest part of the entire ordeal; the anticipation of intense pain just flat out rattles me.

So Saturday about midnight I was lying in bed holding my hand, not able to sleep. I decided to give the internet another chance, just maybe I could find some source or blog of other people who are dealing with the same thing that I was. I stumbled upon your website; I have to admit I did not sleep.

I read just about every testimonial I could and was relieved to learn of other people dealing with the same problems as me. After 3 hours of reading I made myself an ice dip and tried it. Today is day 3 of ice dipping and I am 100% pain free, not only has the pain disappeared but I have full mobility of my thumb. I can move it freely without any tightness or restriction! I have my thumb back LOL! Thank you so much for everything that you have done, you have given me one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. I can hold my children again and for that I am grateful. God Bless.



Mar 09, 2013
Joshua replies to Thumb Pain. Gone!
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Jonathan.

That's great!

And all you did was ice dip? Good.

Remember, ice dipping isn't a 'fix' to the problem per see, but notice how effective it can be at decreasing pain levels.

Maybe all you'll need to do is ice if/when pain pops back up. Nothing wrong with that.

Now spend some time with this page: Magnesium For Tendonitis

And by 'ill' I assume you mean 'thumb pain'?

Apr 01, 2013
my thumb hurts from knuckle to base of thumb and to wrist.
by: Mindy

Hi there, I hope u can help me too, I really appreciate your time. My thumb has been hurting for a few weeks now and is not getting worse but isn't getting better either.

I don't notice any pain except for when I'm squeezing something, like my shampoo bottle or contact solution, so I guess its when my hand is upside down, or thumb towards the ground. It hurts from the knuckle to the base of my thumb, almost to my wrist. On the outer side of my hand.

Its not swollen at all. I do type all day and text frequently, but it doesn't hurt when I do either of those things. I thought I'd ask u for advice first but may end up going to the doctor if it doesn't get better. I just hate to spend the money when its not terrible pain, its just more inconvenient than anything because I forget about it, it hurts, and then I just switch hands.

Thank u for any advice u can provide.


Joshua Comments:

Sounds like a thumb tendonitis/Dequervains Tendonitis scenario.

Even if there's no visible swelling, there's a Process of Inflammation at play.

It would behoove you to learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

I'd start with that.

And it wouldn't hurt to learn about Magnesium For Tendonitis.

And if you haven't read all the way through this thread, I'd definitely do so.

Jun 03, 2013
painful wrist under thumb
by: Anonymous

Hi I have a little tiny lump on my right wrist under my thumb.
Which is causing inflammation and a very sharp pain. everytime i move my thumb someone told me I might have tynosinovitis but after I noticed the little bump I found out right away that the tiny little thing is the one is causing the problem to my tendons but I don't know what is it!.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonybump.

It certainly could be tenosynovitis. That's usually more of a swelling or 'growth' feeling than a lump.

Why do you think it's the cause? Is the lump on the tendon itself?

Is it a big lump or a small lump?

Is it attached or free floating?

Is it soft or hard.

Does it hurt if you push on it? A little or a lot?

If so, how long does it hurt?

Where exactly do you feel pain?

Jun 08, 2013
Update Form Jonathan, no pain
by: Jonathan

Hi all, I wanted to update everyone on my condition. It's been 4 months now and no PAIN!

My family and I are so thankful for Joshua and his methods for treating tendinitis. I continue to take my Vit. B12 magnesium and Vit D daily. Again I can't thank everyone here for their comments and help.

Thanks Jonathan


Joshua Comments:

Rock on!

Do the work, get the results. Granted, sometimes easier said than done. But the work, get the results.

I'm glad you're feeling better! Makes the world a better place.

Jun 08, 2013
hip bursitis and dequervains
by: liz

I have been suffering with both bursitis of the hip and deqervains for nearly 2 years now, both have been diagnosed by scans. Is there a connection or am I just unlucky?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Liz.

Confirmed by what scan(s)?

What exactly did the scans show/say?

It's a safe bet that there's a connection between the two. Multiple locations of tendonitis related problem (tight muscles, tight connective tissue, pain) is a function of nutritional insufficiency, which affects the entire body's ability to function optimally.

Which makes a lot of sense as to why your pain has maintained and probably progressed over the last two years, as, how can the body possibly get itself back to 'normal' if it doesn't have enough of the necessary building blocks to work correctly?

Jun 08, 2013
hip bursitis and dequervains
by: liz

I had ultra sound scans on both my hip and wrist, both in the last couple of months, the doctors said that the scans confirmed their diagnosis of bursitis and dequervains.

In both cases I was given a cortisone injection followed by physio but there is no change in the level of pain.

My doctor is now referring me to a pain clinic. I am 49 and a primary teacher and the pain is impacting on my ability to do my job.

What sort of nutritional deficiencies could be the cause?


Joshua Comments:

Read through the thread and follow the Magnesium For Tendonitis link, that's a great start.

Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency would be another topic to investigate.

Jun 09, 2013
pain in my wrist with a concaved space in my palm
by: Anonymous

Im 22 years old. My palm, underneath my thumb area hurts. Its looks fat also right next to it is like a space or or concaved in my palm. It really bothers me a lot. It makes cracking noises.

Also when I try to massage it I can feel tiny pieces inside. What may be the problem?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I don't know. I'd need more information, more details, more description.

Jul 17, 2013
Thumb pain... Possible tendinitis
by: Thumb concern

I have enjoyed reading everyone comments! My situation is pain in the ball of the thumb. I have experienced the most pain when counting Dollie bills (when u grab with ur thumb and slide) I do not do this for long periods of time.

I work in an office and type about 6 hours a day for the past 20 years. Now it seems that when writing or doing things that are detailed not only does the thumb hurt but my ring and middle finger will develop tingling which goes away as soon as I lower my arm. No other pain in hands, wrist, or arm. And it's only my right hand which

I am right handed. Any ideas what it might be??? Concerned and annoyed :)


Joshua Comments:

Sounds like part of the issue is compression of the nerve that feeds the arm/hand up at the front of the neck/chest/shoulder. Muscles contract to lift the arm which compresses nerve a little bit, then you lower the arm and the compression goes away.

As far as the thumb pain, that's likely due to the Pain Causing Dynamic of too tight muscle and connective tissue there in the thumb muscles and structures connected to said structures.

Jul 31, 2013
major irritation inside thumb
by: Barry


I have this feeling inside my right thumb only on the left side of wanting to crack some knuckle directly beneath the nail.

the problem is i cannot reach this knuckle, and it comes and goes and i try hard to get in, only getting some of it some some of the time
the rest of the time it drives me mad, i can push me nail directly downward into my finger,m press it hard against something hard with a corder.

any suggestion or leads would be great thanks


Joshua Comments

Hi Barry.

Are you trying to say you feel like you need to crack your knuckle but you can't get a satisfactory 'crack'?

What do you mean you 'can't reach this knuckle'?

Aug 02, 2013
pain on my palm
by: star

Im having trouble figuring out what's wrong with my hand. I have pain in my palm area. The fatty part under the thumb. It also makes a cracking noise. And near the fatty area in my palm there's a concave part. I'm really scared about it. I'm 22yrs old. And Im often on my phone messaging. I hope you can help me figure out what it may be. Thank you


Joshua Comments:

See the Pain Causing Dynamic link farther down the thread.

What do you mean, 'concave'?

Aug 29, 2013
Left hand thumb pain when stretching out arm
by: Tara

Just happened today, I was at work and I went to reach for something and I felt a pull from my bicep to my thumb- outside. Now the only way for me to have full arm movement is with my thumb bent otherwise there is that pulling pain. I have no idea what this could be. No swelling, right at base of thumb towards webbing if I push on it I can feel a tingling type sensation.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tara.

Sheets of connective tissue wrap EVERYTHING. So it makes sense that if the muscles and connective tissue structures from your shoulder to fingertip have been too tight, slowly progressively getting tighter over time, that one day you 'tweaked it, such that your nervous felt tightness and went "TOO MUCH!"

When it did that it stopped telling you that everything was fine and started telling oyur that things aren't right. Point being, they had already been not right, but your body/brain was doing it's best to counter the progressive tightness.

Now you're (most likely) experiencing the scenario where your brain switched gears and now is tryint to protect you from more problem. Unfortunately, it does that by tightening things up and making you feel pain.

If it's the first time this happened, it will probably settle down in a day or five. But if you're paying attention you'll notice that these things don't just happen out of the blue, and you'll start doing things to counter the progressive tighness dynamic.

Sep 02, 2013
Searching for a recent pain online
by: Virginia

The last few days I have a twinge in the palm of my hand (area directly below my left thumb)whenever I place any weight on it (often 1/2 of my body weight).

I am a lady of 75, 5'-0", 110# and fairly fit (eating vegetarian diet with some Greek yogurt and egg white). I do my free weights at least 3 times a week and am otherwise active.

Health problem is only HBP for which I am dieting (under doctor's supervision, and with many supplements).


Joshua Comments:

Hi Virginia.

Is it a twinge like a muscle contraction, or is it a twinge like a nervy jolt?

Sep 03, 2013
pain on palm with concave section in palm and small hard lump
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm 21 years old and its been 2-3 years that I've been feeling pain on my palm. I don't know what caused it. Its pain is on and off. But when it starts hurting it really bothers me.

It makes cracking noises. Also there's a concave area near the fatty area of my palm near my thumb. The fatty area of my palm hurts and the space between my thumb to my index finger. Which also grew a small hard lump there. Do you know why my palm may be hurting? I'm really worried.

Concave meaning that area appears deeper in my palm.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonypalm.

I'm kind of worried to.

1. Say more about the concave scenario.

2. Say more about the 'hard lump'.

3. What exactly makes cracking noises?

4. What do you do with your hands? (video games, work, play, etc).

5. Any history if injury?

6. Overall health?

Sep 03, 2013
Continued from pain on palm with concave section in palm and small hard lump
by: Anonymous

Concave scenerio from the fatty area of my palm around it it kinda becomes deep towards the area of space between my thumb and index finger. That's the part that makes cracking noises. The hard small lump is underneath my skin its clear. I just do a lot of text messaging.


Joshua Comments:

Ok. Need more info:

1. Say more about the concave scenario.

2. Say more about the 'hard lump'.

3. What exactly makes cracking noises?

4. What do you do with your hands? (video games, work, play, etc).

5. Any history if injury?

6. Overall health?

Sep 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

Where can I email you a pic of my palm so you can have a look on the concave area and lump?


Joshua Comments:

I'll tell you after you give good detailed answers to the previous questions. :)

Oct 02, 2013
Electrical pain in the web between thumb and index finger
by: Jason

Hi Joshua,

I was lifting weights consistently for about 6 months (on and off for years - I am 29). About 3 months ago I began having an electrical pain feeling in the web between my thumb and index finger in my left hand.

I only feel this electrical pain when I have my body weight on my hand or doing random things such as washing my hair (reversal in momentum) or getting out of my car.

I have read about Tendonitis and Pinched Nerves, I also went to a doctor that told me I had nothing wrong after demonstrating that I have full motion in my thumb.

Any clue?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jason.

What do you mean exactly, that sensation when 'getting out of the car'?

'Body weight on your hand' mean, in a push up position? Do you ever have the feeling when the wrist isn't bent?

If you push on your thumb and resist in a variety of different directions/postions, can you recreate the feeling?

Can you recreate the feeling at will by doing a pushup/bending your wrist, etc?

Oct 03, 2013
palm pain
by: Anonymous

Ok. Need more info:

1. Say more about the concave scenario.
2. Say more about the 'hard lump'.
3. What exactly makes cracking noises?
4. What do you do with your hands? (video games, work, play, etc).
5. Any history if injury?
6. Overall health?

I'm 22. I have pain in my palm.

Under the space between my index finger and pointy its concave. Meaning if I was in a supine position you would see that area of the skin looks deeper.

And when I grab onto that space between my index finger and pointer finger there's small pieces inside that is the one making the cracking noises on my palm. And that's where there's a hard, clear lump is. The palm hurts but the lump doesn't hurt.

I text amd write a lot with my left hand that's affected. I don't remember any injury just when I was play fighting with my cousin and when he grabbed my hand it made a loud cracking sound. The pain in my palm is on and off. Also I just have asthma.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonyconcave.

Well, it's certainly possible your cousin accidently broke something in your hand. Which is now problematic, obviously.

Floating chunks aren't ideal. They'll either be 'neutral', or they'll be causing a problem over time and a little surgery may (or may not) be called for.

Have you ice dipped as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page? (You'll see links to that farther down in this thread.)

Dec 17, 2013
Shooting pain in left thomb
by: aaron

For the last 2 months I experienced Shooting pain and numbness occasionally from my wrist to my thumb on the outside of my left hand when I stretch my thumb.

In the last year my car had a slight pull to the right and i noticed that i used my left hand to control the steering wheel, Thumb isn't swollen but the pain is sharp and hot.

Thank u in advance!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Aaron.

You didn't ask any questions..

Have you altered your hand positioning etc when driving?

Feb 10, 2014
Swollen thumb, stiff, sore, hurts badly to touch anything cold ( almost like nerve pain)
by: Anonymous

I was at work yesterday and started to feel like my thumb was " stretching" when I bent it. After a while it started to get sore but I could still move it.

This morning when I woke up, it is swollen, stiff(can move it but not bend it or grip anything) and if I touch something cold like my daughters juice cup, it sends a sharp burning pain through my thumb ( like a nerve pain).

Hopefully you can help :-)


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonythumb.

I need more information, for sure.

1. Has anything like this happened before?

2. Has anything changed in your life relatively recently?

3. How's your digestion?

4. How's your overall health?

5. How's the other thumb?

6. Say more about the 'stretching' feeling.

7. What are you doing for your thumb etc to make it better?

8. Have you spent some time reading different topics on ?

Mar 11, 2014
thumb pain
by: richard asher

my right thumb hurts all the time, cant pick nothing up, cant touch my palm or bend it at the knuckle.

Mar 13, 2014
Thank you
by: Anonymous

It is actually better now, I didn't do anything except wait it out. It had never happened before, it was just the one thumb so I guess I just overused it.

It was feeling like a rubber and was stretching on the inside. Hopefully it was nothing serious since it took care of itself...but since it was new to me, I just wanted to research it.

As far as my health, I'm in fairly good health besides smoking cigarettes and BAD anxiety.


Joshua Comments:

When pain goes away all by itself, that's a plus. (Doesn't mean the source of the problem has disappeared, though.)

FYI, anxiety can be/is a magnesium insufficiency/deficiency symptom.

May 15, 2014
Pain in left thumb intense when I press on the nail
by: Viv

Hi there. Been reading all comments with interest. I experience a sharp pain in my left thumb - it feels like it radiates from the bone under my nail. When i put pressure on it i get stabbing pain that goes on a while. If i press on the nail slap bang on top (middle) i have intense pain. I don't feel any pain if i push from the bottom - up.

The nail is not damaged, no discoloration, and to the best of my knowledge i havent fractured it /hurt it. My thumb is not swollen and it has nothing to do with any joint. Its just this strange spot that produces sharp pain at periods ongoing (not continuous).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

How long has it been like that?

Is it constant, or does it come and go?

No other fingers?

Any other health issues of any kind?


May 16, 2014
Pain in left thumb intense when I press on the nail
by: Anonymous

Hi. Its been like this for a couple of months (6 months plus). Left hand (I'm right handed).

I am 49. Take blood pressure tabs but very well controlled. Always pretty "healthy" other than that. The pain comes and goes on its own but it is always painful if i press on it from the nail side.

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me..... I suffered from carpal tunnel when i had my twins 14 years ago ---thought i'd need an op but persevered and about 6 months later it came right on its own.

No other fingers affected in any way!


Joshua Comments:

Relevant: Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel

Probably your temporary 'carpal tunnel' symptoms were from nutritional deficiency from pregnancy. Possibly fluid retention.

Carrying babies around in your hands/arms all of a sudden rarely helps. :)

May 26, 2014
middle finger smashed in car door
by: Anonymous


Yesterday I accidentally slammed a door on my middle finger, twice. It was a clumsy day and I'm always tripping over my own feet so hurting myself on accident is not new. But that's besides the point though...

My finger was swollen and numb, nearly no pain at all. I could not bend my middle finger at all but roughly a half hour ago the swelling went down completely and the numbness gone and now it's throbing and hurts really badly and settling into my wrist.

Before that though the pain was in my palm before my wrist. I've never had this happen before. There's no severe bruising either which is odd too me. I didn't think it was bad because of the nearly no pain.. but now I'm not sure. The creeping pain really worries me...


Joshua Comments:

Hi AnonymousFingerSlammer.

Agree that overall response doesn't sound common, but it's well within the range of 'to be expected'.

I imagine that that 'moving' pain is a function of the Process of Inflammation (see the link elsewhere in the thread) and the body responding/adapting to the trauma. Doesn't sound like anything to worry about so far.

So. How's the finger today?

Do you think you broke anything? How hard was the impact?

(Reminds me of a time as a teenager when a friend slammed the car door closed on my fingers...I just happened to be wearing a ring that bent, took all the impact, and totally saved all fouur fingers. Yeay!)

This will be relevant to you: Thumb Injury

Jun 28, 2014
pain in left thumb maybe from texting
by: Faith

For the past few months I've had pain in my left thumb that doesn't seem to be going away anytime. It hurts from the knuckle down to the base, especially when bent or bending and it's difficult to grip and turn things. There is also a constant dull ache when not bent or bending.

It does not look different but certainly feels different from my other thumb, almost as if it's bruised and swollen.

I do text some and scroll a lot with my left thumb so this may be the cause? I am 35 and right handed. It hurts and is becoming quite annoying. Please help.

What could this be and what's the best resolution?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Faith.

This is related: Teen Texting Tendonitis

These two are mandatory to read:

What Is Tendonitis

Pain Causing Dynamic

Jul 13, 2014
Thumb pain from being kicked in the thumb not very hard
by: kara

Hey... So in gym i got kicked in the thumb but not even that hard. Ive had horrible pain since then like 2 months ago.

I cant push it down towards my palm without horid pain. The pain is all where the thumb and hand join.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong and how i can treat it myself with out tell my parents and not going ti the doctor? Thanks!


Joshua Comments:

If it hurts THAT bad 2 months later, you may very well want to get it checked out.

While one can have disabling pain from NO actual damage, my first thought from what you've said is that something got ripped/torn (even though the impact didn't seem that hard).

Was there swelling, etc? Or just pain.

It's possible that you're really nutritionally insufficient and can't get out of an inflammation/pain dynamic...

Tell me more about symptoms etc.

Jul 17, 2014
wahh, thumb hurts from lots of texting and using hands at school and work
by: Tara

Hi , I'm 19 and work in the fast food industry full time as well as a full time student so I am constantly using my hands (computers, registers, old fashioned letters and short hand notes). I also text constantly when im not at work or in class.

Lately I've been waking up out of a dead sleep because my right thumb knuckle hurts so badly and the pain stretches all the way down my arm. Both thumbs look identical even when the pain is occurring . Sometimes it happens during the day too but mostly at night.

I also just moved and have been packing for the last month and doing heavy lifting . The pain started about a week before I moved and has lasted two weeks now . All your help is greatly appreciated .



Joshua Comments:

Hi Tara.

There's lots of info here on the thread.

Read it, get to work on some self care, and let me know how it goes.

Aug 18, 2014
Shooting Pain In The RIGHT Thumb & forearm
by: ash

Here are my details

1. The pain is only in the right thumb and right forearm and pain travels from the thumb upwards into my forearm. I cannot touch my thumb to my little finger without severe pain.

2. I work on a computer, cook, do yard work everyday. I do mild texting on phone.

3. The other thumb is fine. both thumbs look identical, no swelling.

4. No history of injury to my right arm or hand.

5. I am 52 years.

6. I notice the pain mostly when i am sleeping at night or when grabbing or picking up a moderately heavy object with a handle like a 5 gallon jug. I also feel it if I stretch out my arm in front of me and up, and point my thumb up I get the pain.

I have full range of motion in my thumb under relaxed conditions.

7. If I poke around on my forearm, i feel a knot below the skin and I do feel severe pain.

Thank you for your help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ash.

Thanks for the details, that helps a lot.

Check out the Tenosynovitis page. That's what it sounds like.

Tenosynovitis is a flavor of the tendonitis dynamic where the tendon/tendon sheath gets super irritated and inflamed and even swollen (not that you'll necessarily be able to visually see any swelling).

All the common factors are involved: too tight muscle and connective tissue, inflammation, nutritional insufficiency. They existed to cause your symptoms, and they get worse as the downward spiral progressively causes the factors to get worse, which makes the symptoms worse....repeat.

I suggest that you get and work with the Reversing DeQuervain’s Tendonitis ebook.

Dequervains Tendonitis is a fancy name for 'thumb tendonitis', and in my experience it's the most common place for Tenosynovitis to show up.

The good news, it's an easy location to reach and to work with. The bad news is, tenosynovitis, specifically the swollen irritated tendon/tendon sheath, is pretty stubborn, so it takes ongoing time and patience (and some regular effort but not a lot) to make it happy again.

Because of that stubbornness, you should expect to get fairly quick results that decrease a lot of the intensity of the symptoms, but then you'll need to stick with it to continually push the ecology in the right direction.

Sep 21, 2014
my thumb got slamed into the car door and it hurts really bad
by: Anonymous

so after i got my thumb slammed into the car door i put ice on it right away. i did this about three days ago and it still hurts and my mom says that i dont need to see a doctor intill tuesday. so she kinda put it in a spilnt her self. the pain is like every time i move it i get a big shock of pain. i dont know if i should just go to the doctor anyways if someone could help me with this and tell me what i should do.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

If you're worried that you broke something, or tore a tendon or ligament off, or crushed/broke a joint capsule, then you might want to go see a doctor for xrays and mri.

If you just smashed it some and it hurts, there's nothing a doctor can do for you other than to give you pain killers and tell you to take anti-inflammatories and tell you to rest.

Ice more. See: Thumb Ligament Injury

Sep 27, 2014
pain in bottom of thumb joint
by: Anonymous

I am a grocery checker for 26 years and lately have been having trouble grabbing stuff, My thumb is stiff and clicking and shoots a pain up my arm. Its getting worse.

Sep 30, 2014
A pop and now nightly numbness
by: Jenny


I work in a veterinary's office and recently was powerwashing the walkways in our boarding area. To do so I used my right hand to grip and twist the nozzle of the power hose. When I did this I felt a POP in my thumb, palm side and below the lowest knuckle. After that I felt white hot pain for about 20 minutes, after which it subsided and my thumb just felt tender.

The tenderness went away for the most part but since that has happened I have woken up every single night with extreme and sort of painful numbness in my right hand.

It feels as though I were sleeping weird and my hand has fallen asleep but it radiates from the origin of the previously mentioned pop. It doesn't go numb during the day, but my thumb has maintained a degree of tenderness.

I'm 30 years old, I have had a strong yoga practice for about 5 years but have taken the last couple of months off. I'm right handed and have had no other injuries to this thumb, hand, or wrist.

Thank you in advance for your advice!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Jenny.

1. Did you dislocate your thumb? Did it pop out and pop back in (or not pop back in)?

Maybe you partiall disclocated it and it's still out of groove some. Do you have full range of motion with your thumb joint?

2. Or it sounds like you tore or stretched something. Weird stuff happens like that sometimes, so that's certainly possible.

Do you have a sense of that?

3. Either of the two is going to kick in a big inflammation response, and that explains the resulting pain/symptoms.

See the following links elsewhere in this thread:

Pain Causing Dynamic (Which got dialed up to HIGH)

How To Reduce Inflammation

Thumb Ligament Injury (read this one first)

Oct 03, 2014
Thumb stabbing pain
by: Tony

Hi Joshua

I do Renovation work on houses once every 6 months, when I buy a new house. Started another about a month ago.

I started getting numbness or tingling on under side and 'radial' side of my thumb. This progressed to a sharp pain (shock like) whenever I extended or twisted my hand and attempted to flex or grab with my thumb. Symptoms are usually worse in night and morning. I might get a few spasms in the day.

Oddly, I find if I am reaching down for something, then the pain is pronounced. I can replicate the pain by flexing my wrist toward the ulna, and tucking my thumb into my palm. It's a pretty unbearable stab of pain.

Any ideas? Sounds like a lot of what i am reading here? How best to treat what I have? Really cant stop working for long, but do have a week break coming up.

Thanks Tony


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tony.

Sounds a lot like Tenosynovitis and Dequervains Tendonitis.

DeQuervain's is a fancy word for thumb tendonitis, and often includes aspects of tenosynovitis (which is a particular flavor of tendonitis mechanism where the tendon sheath itself gets swollen and inflammed resulting in intense pain with movement).

Everything you read (and the links you follow and read more) on this thread apply.

Also follow the dequervains and tenosynovitis link.

Then come back here for questions.

Jan 16, 2015
inner pain in thumb
by: Sim

So many great comments to read and think oh I have that or I have this, but I also know everyone is different.

My pain comes from the bottom portion of my thumb, that ball as the wrist forms that ball and then our thumb. It is very painful, even to massage it, the inside feels like a deep bruise but it is consistent, it never goes away and has been like this for over a couple months now.

I use kinesiology taping for work to keep pressure on the thumb even though I don't even know if that is healthy to do, just something to ease the pain.

Would this generate into a thumb tendonitis or tenosynovitis??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sim.

Yes, everyone is different. But the tendonitis dynamic is all the same.

Taping isn't bad, but it's not a fix.

THe answer to your question is 'Yes, it certainly can and could.'

And there's predictible reasons for that.

Tightness causes pain causes tightness, which causes more pain. It's a progressive downward spiral. There's more to it of course, but that's one of the simple basics.

Jan 18, 2015
Pain gone but slight numbness remains
by: Tony

I posted earlier about shooting pain in left thumb. I never really did any rehab or taped or anything. Just let it be for the last 2-3 months. The shooting pain has gone, but I still have latent numbness in my thumb. Nothing I'd go to the doctor about anymore, so I suppose I have bruising on the nerve that will perhaps resolve in around 6 months. That seems to be the way it is going.

Mar 30, 2015
I feel painful stings on my left thumb
by: Sophia

Hello I hope you can help me

Hi I'm 13 years old and these past few months i noticed that sometimes my left thumb hurts, it stings. it feels like something is quite stuck in there but there is none. Every time i press it or pinch it it hurts. It only happens sometimes but i myself am very worried of what is happening to my thumb.

My thumb is the same as my other thumb and it doesn't swell except that when i try pressing my other thumb to the other in the upward direction i do see 2 small bumps, when i finally touch those small bumps it stings.

Also i remember a few months ago i accidentally got my finger squished my the corner of a door and i didn't feel it but the stings happened before it even happened. Please help I'm very worried.

Thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sophia.

That's very wise of you to be aware of what's happening with your body. It's way better to be ahead of the game than to let things get worse over time before doing something about it.

So, the question is, what's going on?

1. Are the bumps on the surface level of the skin, or 'deep'?

2. Is the stinging pain surface level, or 'deep'?

May 08, 2015
my thumb
by: Robert

So I was catching a fast pitch during a baseball game, and caught it by my thumb, so now it hurts when ever I move it.

Jul 06, 2015
pain in thumb
by: kuldeep

I m mbbs student. i m 21 year old .

I have pain in base of right had thumb since 3-4 years in early pain felt some time only during writing . Now it get worst .

It felt more often some time even do not do any work. It only felt in right hand thumb with swollen , left hand seem fine and inflammation.

i felt pain whole day during exam days but during writing in exam i don't felt them than at the ending i felt vigorously and suddenly.

i show many medicine doctor , orthopedic , physiotherapist but I did not get relief.

Sep 20, 2015
burning thumb pad pain
by: Anonymous

L thumb pain on the pad to left and right of nail, any type of light pressure causes stinging pain, feels like broken blood vessel; also have carpal tunnel symptoms on left hand and forearm pain.

Sep 22, 2015
Update one year later
by: Anonymous

By way of further update to my earlier post. My pain totally gone - no more numbness for well over 3-4 months.

Joshua Comments:

Thanks for the update!

Sep 23, 2015
Pain in right thumb
by: Theresa Barnett

My thumb feels like its getting shocked and I don't know why it's like this but is only the middle of my thumb.

Can you help me in any way possible because it only happens when I move things with my right thumb but not my left thumb.

Joshua Comments:

Hi Theresa.

Start by reading this entire thread, and the pages linked to from it.

Oct 30, 2015
Baseball Player: fat pad beneath thumb swollen yet not painful
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm not sure if this thread is still alive but in the hopes that it is, here is my son's situation.

He is a 20 year old left handed hitter and takes batting practice every day. Recently I noticed the fat pad of his left hand, directly beneath the thumb is quite a bit bigger than that on his right, appearing swollen. There is absolutely no pain affiliated with this condition but it just looks very odd.

Have you had experience with this? This is the first time he has had this develop and he has played baseball since the first grade.

Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Is it swelling, or is the muscle etc just built up faster than you noticed?

If it's swelling, how swollen? Red and hot? Squishy like it's full of fluid?

Nov 06, 2015
Pain when thumb bumped
by: Michelle

Recently I have been having shooting pain across my right hand only thumb knuckle joint.

It seems to come from really random movements and is especially painful (electric shock sensation) if I bump the outside of my thumb. The thumb is not swollen or bruised.

I tried doing the "hitch hiker" pose and pressing hard into the pad, but neither cause pain, nor is there any pain at the base. The thumb does not "lock up".

Gentle pressing/squeezing of the entire thumb and most movements don't hurt. I'm still trying to narrow down exactly what twisting movement causes the other random pain.

The pain is sharp and fleeting and then the thumb seems normal again. I'm 39, never injured my thumb (that I know of). I jog, hike, ride horses, work out mainly outdoors, am a vegetarian, take vitamins etc.

Any ideas?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Michelle.

1. Is there a pattern to it, such that every time you do X you get the pain? Or is it random occurence for a specific movement(s)?

2. "shooting pain across my right hand only thumb knuckle joint."

What exactly does that mean?

Dec 01, 2015
Thumb pain after hitting something
by: Levi

1. Describe the pain, in as great a detail as possible. Just in the thumb? Up the arm? Wrist? Hand? General pain, or could you clearly identify a sharp time.

"Pressure point" like pain under the first knuckle towards the wrist. Tingling sensation in palm when squeezing anything.

2. What do you do with your hands all day long? Computer? Musician? Video games? Lots of texting on the cell phone?

Computer, Video games and texting.

3. Other thumb is fine?


4. History of injury or pain?

I was in confrontation with someone and hit them, somehow my thumb was compressed i believe.

5. Age?


6. Is there a specific direction of movement that hurts it, but others don't, or do many kinds/angles/directions of movement.

Pushing, pulling, thumbs up, pushing against a wall with the thumb in various ways, etc. Just squeezing, and when i press down on it with my index finger

7. If you poke around the area, is there a hot spot? Are the muscles in the forearm, thumbpad, etc, sore, painful, or tight? I'm guessing that there is a line of muscle in your thumb pad that is PAINFUL if you press on it.

No painful muscles.


So just pain in the/on the first joint?

Dec 21, 2015
by: neecey

Hello. I realize most of these posts are old but I hope someone can help. Almost a year ago I began having multiple issues with my hand and thumb while at work.

Numbness in my fingers, pain at night, pain in my thumb unable to I've to move (mainly a this up postion) when grabbing, twisting actions and severe swelling after a lot of activity.

After a long course of of steroids, physical therapy, unbelievable amount of cortisone injections I finally received a diagnosis of carpal tunnel and trigger thumb. And we proceeded to having surgery.

After several weeks I Began having full motion and very little pain mainly just a soreness of the evening. Then about 3 weeks ago I was putting on my shoe and my thumb popped really loud and I started having severe pain.

Since then I'm barely able to move thumb at all,it swells and hurts severely when I apply any pressure. It still swells and hurts daily.

After this popping I seen the dr and said the tendon is intact but isn't sure if it's torn he felt it may have rolled into the space the trigger thumb was repaired.

Any suggestions on what else I can try or what I can ask the dr check etc?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Neecey.

First off, you need to get an MRI and find out if there is a rupture or a tear.

That your doctor didn't bother to find out (or get it out of 'the space' if that is indeed what happened) is a good sign to find a different doctor.

To reduce pain levels, see the How To Reduce Inflammation link farther down the page.

Jan 06, 2016
Please help me
by: Annie

Hi,Ive been battling with my hand (right wrist, thumb) for over 2 years, I've had xrays,scan, mri, about 5 cortisone injections, cortisone tablets, arm braces, blood tests.

In October I had surgery to both my wrists, left, ganglion removed ontop of wrist, right hand, de quervain release, and a piece of pencil removed from the underside of my wrist (had been there for about 35 years..) everything seemed to be going fine, but the pain started coming back, the swelling where the tendon was released has started to get that puffy, spongy rolling feeling again, I get these stabbing pains up my thumb and wrist that are so painful it stops me in my tracks and i have to wait a few moments for it to subside and burning on and off down the external side of my thumb. Post op ive noticed this hard bumb at the base of my thumb, by the webbing side, if you push on a wrong spot, it's so painful.

There is also if you put your fingers from the other hand over the webbing on either side of the hand and squeeze the two sides together just further down from that bump thing it is extremely stabbing pain.

i also now have a point on my small finger side if you follow the baby finger down to just above the wrist, if you push it , the same thing, it's so sore stabbing pain. I've also started getting this strange burny odd feeling going up the side of my baby finger.

I do that test holding my thumb and move my hand down, it pains from the base of my thumb to just before the wrist. It's not aching pain it's burning and stabbing pain.

If i move it upwards its also painful towards the base of the thumb.

Also if you do that test where you push the one palm of your hand against the other it's extremely painful especially towards the thumb and second finger side of my hand. Moving my thumb in a "backwards" motion the pain moves up my wrist.

My blood tests show negative for rheumatoid authoritis, or immune diseases. I can't open tight things, I can't write for long, counting money motion is painful.

I'm 43, woman, use laptop daily, bookkeeper, played guitar, when I was younger and still had "a body!!) I played squash and tennis.

I still wear my arm brace on and off especially when I have done alot of work, or at times when I sleep. Driving, holding the steering wheel position also agravates it, or picking up heavy things.

My orthopedic surgeon has now referred me to his partner who is an expert on hands. Do you have any advice for me please. I feel so frustrated, after last seeing my orthopedic surgeon I sat in my car and cried out of pure fustration.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Annie.

I'm sorry for the frustration after dealing with the medical community. That's far too common, unfortunately.

Doctors just don't have the necessary tools or understanding to deal with mild-debilitating tendonitis dynamic. Surgery, unfortunately, isn't a magical last option cure.

None of the factors that have been causing your pain/problem have been dealth with, much less adequately dealt with. And those factors are worse after surgery.

Start with reading this entire thread, and follow the links to related info found in this thread.

Come back then with questions.

Jan 06, 2016
Burning upper thumb for three weeks doctor has no answer
by: Anonymous

i have burning pain to the right side of my upper thumb to the right of the nail and when i bend my thumb it is painful as well or when grabbing something can burn even more.

But this burning to the right side of my upper thumb is a strange anomaly and it has been there most of the time for 3 weeks sometime strong burning and sometimes weaker. i saw my primary care and he had no answer, i made an appointment with a hand specialist and really want to find out what is causing this burning


Joshua Comments:

Let us know what, if anything, the specialist says.

Jan 07, 2016
by: Annie

Thankyou... Eventually it makes you feel like they don't believe you...but you live with the pain and they carry on with their too busy lives...

Sorry that was a frustration that popped out there.. Thankyou will look things over ☺

Jan 25, 2016
Pain in thumbs
by: KBF

About 15 years ago I was picking up my 4 year old daughter, and instead of jumping up as I lifted her, she slumped down and both of my thumbs bent down towards my wrist.

The left one has hurt on and off over the years, but the right one didn't have pain after the initial few weeks.

My pain in my left thumb has gotten much worse over the last couple years. I would get severe pain at night so I bought a brace to hold my thumb straight and it seems to help.

The pain is at the base of my thumb where my palm connects to my wrist (so not actually in my thumb).

If I push on the base of the pad in that area, there is significant pain (maybe CMC joint?). I have some pain now in my right thumb in the same place.

The pain isn't constant -- I can go for days without any issues and then all of the sudden it's excruciating.

Any thoughts on what it is and what I might do to fix it?


Joshua Comments:


MAYBE you tore a little something when your thumbs bent back, but it's more likely you stressed/strained the muscle, connective tissue, and tendon, the nervous system freaked out thinking it got injured (even though it didn't), and you're stuck in a progressive pain dynamic, a downward spiral.

See the Pain Causing Dynamic link in this thread.

When you press on the pad and it hurts, are you pressing on soft tissue, or are you pressing on the bone/joint/joint capsule?

Either or both can be hurting, as the new tightness can be compressing the joint, and that causes it's own issues over time, as well as enhances current factors.

I imagine you can reverse the dynamic, so far it doesn't sound like there's anything particularly problematic.

It's predictable it won't get better on it's own (and it hasn't yet, so...).

See the page the link points to, follow other links and read those pages too. There's lots of helpful info here on the site, and were you to pick one, I'd probably get the Reversing DeQuervain's Tendonitis program (you don't have DeQuervain's per se, but you have thumb and forearm issue, and DeQuervain's is thumb and forearm issue.

More questions, more answers.

Feb 01, 2016
Thumb irritation of the Nerve
by: Anonymous

i went to see a Hand surgeon Dr. Fingado in Fort Lauderdale specialist and he knew right away what i had done.

i had irritated damaged by hitting or something the nerve that runs up the inside of the thumb towards the nail right where the nerve pain is evident. he said it takes 14 weeks to go away and that is without irritating again.

i was instructed to purchase this DenadaDance Hammer Toe Finger Cushion - 2 Silicone Wide & Narrow Tubes/Sleeves to put on my thumb and it has helped.


Joshua Comments:

Keep us updated and let us know how things are in 14 weeks.

Mar 02, 2016
help need advice mri three months after surger shows logitudinal split tear of flexor pollicus longus
by: neecey

Ok I wrote in awhile back concerning my pain after trigger thumb surgery and carpal tunnel surgery and have finally received some information.

Let me rewind, approximately two weeks after the surgery I was doing great expecting to get returned to normal duties at work but then while putting on my shoe I had a pop in my thumb with horrific pain.

After a visit to dr he stated the tendon may have rolled in the area he cleaned out for trigger thumb and mobilized it for a couple weeks. After no improvement and multiple appointments he had me doing physical therapy which was not helping what so ever.

After almost 3 months he finally did an mri and found that I have a longitudinal split tear flexor pollicus longus tendon at the base of the proximal thumb.

The tear is apparently so bad he is concerned it may rupture.

He stated he has never seen this and wants to speak to colleges about the best treatment if the tendon can be salvaged or if a tendon transfer is the best treatment.

Also he has ordered a rheumatoid test to help make that decision.

Possible repair of the tendon or transplant of tendon from the ring finger tendon. My question is, what could have caused this to tear in this way or is it from a surgery gone bad and recommendations of treatment?

Thanks in advance


Joshua Comments:

Ni Neecey.

Well, Dr. should have done an MRI up front instead of three months later, in a perfect world.

Anytime a doctor says "well....maybe it's ", that means the doctor doesn't know, so when he prescribes something like PT etc, he's just hoping A. it works and B. you don't come back with the same problem.

As far as what can cause that kind of tear, there's a lot of factors but nothing specific.

Basically, the ecology of the area/structures weren't working right, surgery didn't help fix that at all, and the downward spiral of decreasing functionality continued.

Muscles weren't working like they were supposed to be, so they werent absorbing force, so that force had to go -somewhere-. Usually that somewhere is tendon.

Steroid injections weaken connective tissue, so yes that could certainly have played a role, but I certainly can't say for sure that that caused it.

The long term concerns are:

- more tearing of the tear
- rupture
- ongoing downward spiral of more pain/problem/dysfunction.

The factors causing all of this are still in play. That's basically the progressive factors that make up the Tendonitis dynamic: chronic inflammation process, lack of nutrition, and too tight muscle and connective tissue.

He ordered a rheumatoid test? He's just fishing now hoping to find a reason since he doesn't know why/how this might have happened (and of course it can't possibly be the result of anything he or his colleagues have done).

Ask him what he hopes to discover or rule out. Do you have any other symptoms of auto-immune 'disease'?

Read through this entire thread and follow the links/read those pages. This will help explain what's been going on in your hand/wrist/arm/body.

More questions more answers.

Mar 23, 2016
by: Neecey

OK update on recent Dr visit.

So since finding out about this tear I went to this appointment today thinking I'll be finding out what type of surgery I need (tendon repair or tendon transfer) only to have the dr tell me that on the advice of colleagues he feels it is best to wait three more months before even attempting any type of surgery.

He feels that it can take 6 to 9 months for these injuries to heal. Mind you it has already been 5 months with absolutely no improvement only going backwards. He explained that the RA was negative.

Is this normal or am I being put on a workmans comp run around. At the last visit he had a sense of urgency and concern and said the tendon had torn from the inside out and was only holding on by fibers.

I'm so frustrated between the initial surgery and now this is have slept a full night in a year!

Asking for another opinion waiting on approval but what questions should I ask to get my answers!?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Neecey.

Well....I of course lean towards 'workmans comp runaround'....

But ultimately, if there is/was such a tear, then they're hoping that time heals it (while ignoring all the factors that caused it in the first place). But that's just conjecture on my part.

Surgery is kind of a big deal, so it's not the worst strategy in the world. Having said that, they are ignoring all the factors that caused the tear in the first place, so it really is just 'hope' they're relying on.

If the tendon really is/was just holding on by fibers, a good question to ask would be something like "You REALLY think a tendon structure that's just holding itself together by a few fibers is likely to heal itself back together all by itself? Really?"

Also out of curiosity, what do you have in writing? A diagnosis with MRI backing of a tear, and then an official prescription to wait many many months to see what happens?

Mar 24, 2016
by: Neecey


When I push for answears why this has happened his response is "I don't have a crystal ball!"

My issue is, he went from a sense of urgency saying don't use it what so ever it could rupture at any point and not sure how it hasn't to waiting a few more months.

Mind you it has been almost 5 months with no progression at all.

The pain at times is unbearable. As far as what I have, I have all office visit records and yes a prescription to sit and wait. I by all means don't WANT surgery but also am tired of pain and not being able to so much as pick up a drink with that hand.

Needless to say frustration has sat in.


Joshua Comments:

"I don't have a crystal ball" translates to: "I dont know enough about the body or how it works to know why you might develop such an injury/scenario."

Unfortunately. And it goes downhill from there.

I can't speak to his motivations or the situation/politics/health care economics there, but in general, doctors just don't have much in their tool box for soft tissue pain/problem/injury.

It's rest, physical therapy, and/or surgery. Maybe a corticosteroid injection or two.

Which is helpful to know, but not particularly helpful....

If you haven't gotten ANY better in 5 months, then that doesn't bode well for 'it takes 6-9 months to heal'.

Because basically you have to wait in pain for 9 months, go back again, and then hope he gives up the 'wait and see' tactic. And then if he opts for surgery (hopefully doing another MRI to see the current state of affairs) you just wasted 9 months, and the factors that caused the tear in the first place have had 9 months to entrench even deeper.

Mar 24, 2016
by: Neecey


Thanks so much for your helpful insight! It goes along way to know that I'm not crazy to feel the way I do! Lol. I have requested a second opinion and as of today it's approved and I go next Thursday to a very well recommended specialist.

I'll be sure to keep you posted. Thanks again for your insight!

Mar 25, 2016
Tingles in the thumb
by: Lauren

Hi, recently, I've started to have a shooting tingling sensation in my thumb pad which occurs when I grip something with my right hand. This could be anything from a power drill to a bottle of water.

It does not hurt at all, but its starting to get annoying. If I put pressure on my lower inside thumb, I can feel the bone there and that spot causes a tingle, funny bone type feeling to shoot up to the tip. If I hold that spot, the tingles/numbness stays as long as the pressure is there. Any thoughts on this?

To my knowledge, I've never injured my hand. And, age is 31.


Joshua Comments

Hi Lauren.

Are you pressing on a nerve? If you press -just- a tiny bit over, does it still give the same symptoms?

Mar 31, 2016
by: Neecey

Follow up from my appointment today. I'm still confused.

So this doctor states indeed there is a longitudinal split tear flexor tendon but feels since it is intact at this point that I need to use this hand a normal as possible and return to therapy.

Stated then if it actually ruptured we will do the surgery.

He stated he had never seen a tendon actually rupture after trigger thumb surgery so didn't feel it was a concern. My question is at this point should I be immobilizing it in hopes it'll heal or use it and risk a rupture!?

I'd like to think they could save the tendon and not do a transfer down the road. Also after 4 months if it's going to heal wouldn't it be seeing some improvements!?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Neecey.

Yes, I'd think that 4 months later if it was going to heal you'be be noticing it.

So....the doctor that has never seen a longitudinal tear is telling you he's never seen a rupture after surgery but for some reason thinks that a longitudinal tear after surgery that he can't explain is going to heal.

And he's ok with waiting to see if it ruptures? (which might be ok except you're in a lot of pain that hasn't been getting better.

He's hoping it heals. And his hope is based on what factors exactly?

So it sounds like you're on your own, basically.

So. What exactly are you doing for self care? I am of course going to suggest the Reversing DeQuervain's program. Correct nutriitona lack, decrease pain and inflammation process, lengthen too tight muscle and connective tissue.

Apr 23, 2016
I have sharp thumb pain!
by: Anonymous

I have sharp pain in my right thumb. I am left handed and it is when i bend it a practicality way.

The pain has been here for about 2 weeks ago it started every seen I went with my boyfriend to work and use a 2 man postal digger.

Sometime is gets bad when im driving too. what can i do to make the pain go away it i push on pad of my hand under my thumb and move it the pain goes away when I move it but as im pushing it causes pain.

Any ideas what could be causing it and how to fix.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Read the entire thread and follow the links to read those pages too.

Jun 24, 2016
Thumb Pain (Shocking, I know)
by: Matti

Hello Sir- I injured my left thumb, palm side... between the MCP joint and the CMC joint. (I am right handed). When I struck a golf ball it simply felt like a shocking pain. The lower wrist and snuff box area was swollen but that was not where the pain was. After a couple weeks the swelling went away. (ice dipping, anti-inflammatory etc.)

I had x-rays, no breaks were found.

Its been over three months since the injury I still have pain. The pain is hard to describe, so bare with me. When I grab a golf club or do reverse curls with weights are two good examples; its like a pinching sensation on the palm side of the first metacarpal. It also hurts fairly significantly when striking a golf ball, like a shocking/sharp pain, enough to cringe.

I have done ice dipping, regular icing and massaging the area. Although I am afraid I may have simply bruised the bone? What are your thoughts.

And thanks for taking the time to help all of us out!


Hi Matti.

What started this pain? Hitting the golf ball (one time event) suddently 'hurt' the thumb?

Or it just started to hurt over time?


Jun 24, 2016
Re: Thumb Pain (Shocking, I know)
by: Matti

Hi again- yes, hitting the golf ball initiated the pain/injury. BTW, I am 35, with no history of injury pain in my hand/wrist/thumb.

The Doctor I saw thought it was my snuff box, but I was insistent that was not where the pain was located AND again, there was no break/fracture on xray.

I had taken a few months off of all activity and it was feeling 100%, but the first golf ball I hit after the months and months of rest duplicated the pain. The pain was not as severe as the first incident but I stopped all activity for a couple of weeks, feeling better but still feel the pinching sensation when doing the reverse curls with a bar etc...


Joshua Comments:

Why did the doctor think it was your snuff box?

Well...I wonder if you have a ligament irritation or injury there at the first metacarpal.

That won't show up on an xray.

Every time you grip, pressure is placed on the unhappy ligament, which keeps a pain dynamic in place.

Jun 25, 2016
Re: Thumb Pain (Shocking, I know) by: Matti
by: Anonymous

Nothing against the doctor I saw, but he was clearly in a hurry to get me in and out of there. He was convinced I wasn't really feeling the pain where I described it but rather on the back of my hand, near the snuff box. Hard to explain the interaction with this dr. as again, he was not really willing to listen.

Would the same remedies apply for whether it is a metacarpal bone bruise (is that even possible?) vs a ligament injury? (i.e. ice dipping etc...)

Is this an injury where you would suggest the massage, digging a knuckle in there to alleviate pressure? Or simply rest it?

Sorry for all of the questions, I realize its hard to diagnose this way... but I have already learned quite a bit more from reading your material and its greatly appreciated!


Joshua Comments:

Same remedy, yes, overall.

You would give the bone bruise/ligament a little love, but don't go grinding on it. You don't need to 'break' anything up, you want to get circulation etc.

Do the heavy work on the structures in the forearm and palm.

Also, it's ok to have something against doctors that just try to rush you out of the office.

Jul 01, 2016
by: Neecey

It's been a long injury and I'm really curious what to expect from my recent A1 pulley reconstruction.

I had trigger thumb surgery along with carpal tunnel surgery in November all seemed to be going well until about 3 weeks into recovery when I had a sudden loud painful pop in my thumb while putting on my shoe.

After physical therapy, mobilization, and anti-inflammatory medications finally 4 months later the dr ordered a mri and found a longitudinal split tear in the flexor tendon.

After being sent to another specialist he decided surgery was the option to see what's going on. A little over a week ago I had surgery and he found the longitudinal split tear was healed up but my A1 pulley was not intact.

He repaired it with a tendon from my wrist.

My question is, what exactly can I expect with the recovery process and what could have been the cause of this?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Neecey.

4 months before a follow up MRI after loud painful pop? (And presumably increased or not-getting-better pain).


Well, recovery will likely follow the same recovery path if you do what you did before (short of another 'pop' happening).

Probably longer as there has been more damage (split, pulley not intact, second surgery and tendon removal injury, etc).

What could have been the cause of this?

1. Surgery ignored the factors of the pain causing dynamic (which is what caused the problem in the first place unless you had a bad accident/injury).

2. Surgery made the factors of the pain causing dynamic worse.

3. Those factors continued causing problem.

4. Those factors decreased the funcitonality of your hand/forearm function, didn't absorb stress, and when you tied your shoe that stress/force had to go -somewhere-....which is where the split happened.

Jul 05, 2016
Shooting sharp, numbness and tingling pain after tattooing
by: Anonymous

I noticed the following day after tattooing my thumb from the base to the finger tip had an extreme shooting pain with numbness and tingling. I have had no other serious symptoms with my hand nor has this ever really happened before. I've tried icey hot and iced it the next day but haven't noticed it going completely way. Any other recommendations?

Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Well, I imagine that that's the result of....'shock' basically.

And inflammation process (which doesn't have to be a big swollen thumb.

And potentially part of that shock/inflammation is the body reading a certain amount of contaminant. Which would seem like 'more' since it's in a small somewhat isolated portion of the body.

And if the needle went deep and poked bone, that's going to hurt and cause hurt response. Probably it didn't, but there's just a layer of skin over it doesn't have to be bone, could just be deeper layer of skin -closer- to bone and the body can respond the same way.

Give the skin several days to heal, then if it's still around, ice dip like crazy as per the How To Reduce Inflammation page, hand and forearm.

Aug 09, 2016
Thumb DIP Joint Pain?
by: Johnny


Just about a week ago, I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I started having a sharp pain in my right thumb, DIP joint, but just on the left side of it, when I flex it upwards, like if I'm giving a thumbs up.

It also slightly hurts at that same spot in the DIP joint when I make a fist. I can see the left side of the joint, where the pain is, is slightly raised as if there's a growth there.

Is this arthritis? What can this be?


Joshua Comments:

Is there a growth there?

A cyst?

A Bone Spur?

A small Lipoma?

Just some swelling?

Aug 12, 2016
RE: Thumb DIP Joint Pain?
by: Johnny

Um, I'm not sure? It's not very prominent, and you can't really tell if it's raised unless you really look at it. It hurts very slightly when I press on it, but like I said, there's a sharp pain when I extend the thumb upwards.

I've been icing it, heating it, putting salonpas on it, but I'm not sure if it's getting any better. It's only been just a few days over a week. I think it might be a bone spur? I also looked up heberdon's node, so it might be that as well?

I type and use the computer a lot, and use my smart phone a whole lot. Putting a band-aid around the joint helps with the pain I guess because it limits movement, so I've just been doing that.

I'm thinking of getting a thumb sleeve splint to help with the movement.

Do you have any idea what it might be?


Joshua Comments:

I don't yet have any idea.

Was it there a month ago (meaning, you know it was/wasn't as opposed to it may have been but you didn't notice because it wasn't hurting so no reason to notice it being there or not..)?

Is it hard or soft?

Is it floating, or solidly attached to bone/structure?

Aug 12, 2016
RE: Thumb DIP Joint Pain?
by: Johnny

It may have been there and I just might not have noticed? I'm not sure. I know I had slight sharp pain at that joint before in the past, and it went away, but not as painful as it is now. I think I do remember either pulling the thumb and twisting it in order to relieve discomfort. I think after that, is when the pain came on... but before that, there was virtually no pain.

It's hard and it does appear to either be a part of the bone or attached to it.


Joshua Comments:

Ok Most likely a bone spur then. Depending of course on it's specific location etc and what else is going on right there (ligament?).

When we need to 'pull' our thumb, it's generally due to that the joint is being compressed by too tight muscle and connective tissue. Pulling creates momentary relief from the compression signal being sent to the brain.

That compression can result in a variety of outcomes, including bone spur formation, new ligament growth (growth of a ligament, not a new one developing), Osteoarthritis, etc.

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