2 Reasons Why
Doctors Can't Heal Your Tennis Elbow

While there are many more, here are 2 Reasons Why Doctors Cant Heal Your Tennis Elbow.

Most people avoid their Tennis Elbow pain until they admit to themselves that it’s not going away like it ‘should’.

Then they head to the doctor, whether it’s a general practitioner or a specialist and get treat under the 'Standard Of Care', meaning they get the same recommendations; rest, anti-inflammatories, splints and braces, corticosteroid shots, stretching and strengthening, and then when that fails, Lateral Epicondylitis surgery.

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There Are 2 Reasons Why Doctors Can't Heal Your Tennis Elbow

There are 2 reasons why doctors cant heal your Tennis Elbow.

And by ‘heal’ I mean back to 100%, with as much time at the job or sport or hobby as you want.

80% better, or having to work an different job, or spend less time doing the sport or hobby you love, is not, in my view a successful cure.

Reason #1. They are using the wrong tools

Doctors prescribe a common list of all the usual methods, which include anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections, rest, splints and braces, proper ergonomics, and, when all those fail and much time passes, Tennis Elbow surgery.

2 Reasons Why Doctors Can't Heal Tennis ElbowWhen All You Have Is A Hammer
Everything Looks Like A Nail!

Those options may help a little bit. For a while.

The reason they ultimately fail is because they can’t and don’t reverse the Downward Spiral of tightness and pain that has been progressing LONG before you felt pain.

Tennis Elbow doesn’t just show up out of the blue. Tendonitis happens for a very specific set of reasonsm and can happen anywhere in the body.

It follows a very specific, predictable pattern.

What is Tendonitis?  It's smart to know the answer to that question.

If you don’t use the RIGHT methods of reversing the pattern, the pattern will remain in place.

Some of the usual methods can temporarily disrupt the pattern, but can’t reverse it or make it ‘better’.

Reason #2 Doctors don’t look at the bigger picture of the Tennis Elbow Dynamic

Doctors only look at symptoms.

For some reason, doctors and hospital medicint believe that symptoms happen for no reason. They just show up out of the blue with out any cause.

So they try to deal with the symptoms of a problem while ignoring the cause of a problem.

That may not be true in every instance, but it is 100% true in the world of treating tendonitis.

Unfortunately, doctors have no understanding of the Pain Causing Dynamic.

The tiny amount of preventative medicine training that doctors get in their schooling sets them up to misunderstand how Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow really work.

Like all things, if one doesn’t see the bigger picture, one will have a hard time getting the outcome one is looking for.

Treating Tennis Elbow Symptoms is NOT the same as treating Tennis Elbow.

In fact, it is very common to have all the Symptoms of Tennis Elbow, without actually having Tennis Elbow Tendonitis.

Wouldn’t you feel silly getting shots and surgery, and then finding out that you didn’t really have any tendon damage, but just had REALLY TIGHT muscles and connective tissue and all the downsides that show up with that?

There really is a Tennis Elbow cure. You really can completely cure Tennis Elbow.

Everybody wishes for a magic bullet. But there isn't one.

No shot or pill or cream can cure Tennis Elbow.

If you're looking at surgery for tennis elbow, you would be well advised to Quiz Your Doctor.

Everybody wishes that surgery was a cure all. It’s not.

I believe that the final outcome of a Tennis Elbow treatment should be full recovery, and the person being able to use their arm like they did before.

It’s possible. It takes a little bit of diligence and effort, but you can totally do it quickly and reliable, with the RIGHT information.

There are 2 Reasons Why Doctors Cant Heal Your Tennis Elbow.

Knowing the WHY of those 2 reasons why doctors cant heal your Tennis Elbow is just as important as the HOW necessary to reverse Tennis Elbow problems.

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