Extensor Tendonitis of the Forearms

Extensor Tendonitis basically means Tennis Elbow.

No matter where on the body you experience tendonitis symptoms, the dynamic is the same, though every location as a distinct personality.

The extensor muscle group are on the back-of-the-hand side of the forearm and they pull the wrist back.

The flexors are on the palm side and curl the wrist forward.

If you have tendonitis in the extensor muscle group, the good news is, it's 100% reversible.

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What Is Extensor Tendonitis?

Extensor tendonitis is a dynamic of various factors that all conspire together to create pain and problem. This is the Pain Causing Dynamic.

These factors consist of too-tight muscles, too-tight connective tissue, inflammation, and nutritional insufficiency and/or deficiency.

Anybody can get tendonitis, and anybody can get tendonitis in the extensor muscle structures. From typing, various repetitive motions, gardening, sports, driving, knitting, sewing, etc.

The term 'Extensor Tendonitis' is a catch all term for pain and problem all over the forearm. But it's also used as a general term for anything wrong in the forearm and/or unidentifiable by a doctor.

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It's Really Just Wrist Tendonitis or Tennis Elbow

Usually Extensor Tendinitis shows up as either Wrist Tendonitis or Tennis Elbow.

Pain shows up at the wrist, or at the elbow, and the forearm muscles in between are always sore and tender and too tight.

Regardless of where you feel the pain, the CAUSE of the pain is the entire forearm structure.

It's NEVER just the tendon itself, even if that's the only place you feel pain.

Interestingly enough, you can get extensor pain that mimics tendonitis from Vitamin D deficiency (it's really a hormone), and Gluten Intolerance.

Because you know the factors that cause tendonitis, you can learn how to cure extensor tendonitis. It's just a matter of reversing the factors causing the problem.

Extensor Tendonitis Symptoms

Symptoms are the same as all other forms of tendonitis: pain, ache, shooting pain, muscle weakness, muscle fatigue, twitch/cramp/spasm, etc.

These symptoms can include the wrist/hand, and can venture up past the elbow.

To understand what actually causes the symptoms, see the following links.

See: Tennis Elbow Symptoms

See: Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms

The More Important Thing To Know

The most important thing to know about tendonitis pain in the extensors, whether it's the whole forearm or just a single tendon, is that the spot you feel the pain isn't necessarily the problem.

The PROBLEM is that there are several factors at play in the forearm itself and the body as an entire system.

If you treat just a single factor, chances are very slim that you'll get the results you want.

f you do the right things, and enough of the right things, your pain will go away.

I of course suggest either Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook or The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works.

Extensor Tendonitis Treatment

To get rid of tendonitis of the extensor muscles, you have to:

1. Reduce muscle tightness

2. Open up constrictive connective tissue structres

3. Reduce the Process of Inflammation

4. Deal with any nutritional insufficiency and/or deficiency. For instance, see: Magnesium for Tendonitis

Here's what won't work, because they don't provide the above required benefits:


Wrist splints and braces

Corticosteroid Injections

And it's worth reading this topic: New Ergonomics Definition, as ergonomics help but are rarely a 'fix'.

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