Home Treatment For
Frozen Shoulder

Here is a Home Treatment For Frozen Shoulder.

Everybody and every situation is a little different. Maybe you have a mild case of frozen shoulder, maybe you have a severe case.

Maybe you have true frozen shoulder, maybe you just have REALLY bad chronic shoulder tendonitis.

This frozen shoulder home treatment will be of benefit to all. It may not be EXACTLY what you need, but it will take you in the right direction.

You have frozen shoulder for one (or both) of two reasons....

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The Two Reasons You
Have Frozen Shoulder

You have frozen shoulder for one or both of two reasons.

Reason #1. Magnesium deficiency which is causing your body to excrete calcium (the buildup can 'lock' the joint) and/or

Reason #2. You have had a progressive case of Frozen Shoulder Tendonitis and now it REALLY hurts to move your shoulder.

Basically, your structure is locked in place due to muscular and connective tissue constriction.

In EVERY case of calcific frozen shoulder, it is due to magnesium deficiency AND lack of movement, or in other words, lack of usuage of the arm/shoulder.

Home treatment for frozen shoulder

MANY people that think they have frozen shoulder really just have Shoulder Tendonitis, and it hurts when they move their shoulder, and they can't move it very far, so they think it's 'frozen'.

In my decade plus of working with people, I've worked with lots of people that -thought- they had frozen shoulder, but only a couple cases of TRUE frozen shoulder (meaning the joint surfaces are actually stuck together).

This Home Treatment For Frozen Shoulder is going to cover both factors. Realistically, you need to deal with both anyway.

Home Treatment For
Frozen Shoulder -
Important Background Information

First off, go read the Magnesium for Tendonitis page and Kerri's Magnesium Dosage page.

If you haven't read the Pain Causing Dynamic and the Process of Inflammation pages, go do that now.

You can get Tendonitis anywhere.  It's a dynamic.

Make sure you know the answer to the question:  What Is Tendonitis?

That is all important background information. If you don't want to understand the concepts that explain why you have frozen shoulder, that's ok. What I've said above is plenty enough to understand this frozen shoulder treatment

Let's move onto what to do about frozen shoulder.

Home Treatment For
Frozen Shoulder - 

When the body is deficient in Magnesium, it can/does excrete calcium. This is the explanation for Calcific Tendonitis.

Calcium is excreted into the tissue, and that causes problems.

Calcific tendonitis tends to go away because the body then reabsorbs the calcium.

If you have a frozen shoulder due to calcium excretion, it -may- get better on it's own, with time.

If you supplement with Magnesium, it will get better FASTER.

If you have shoulder tendonitis, part of the reason is because you're short on Magnesium.


Part one of this home treatment for Tendonitis is:

1. Read the Magnesium for Tendonitis page and Kerri's Magnesium Dosage page.

2. Supplement with Magnesium as described. Depending on how motivated you are, this includes Transdermal Magnesium Gel and Epsom Salt baths.

Home Treatment For
Frozen Shoulder - 
Movement And Pressure

This will be a short explanation.

Again, it's pretty simple. It will take a little trial and error.

I'm going to give you the concept. You work it out.

1. Stand with the back of your affected shoulder against the corner of a wall or doorway. Have the edge somewhere in the area of your wingbone and rear of shoulder.

2. With your opposite arm, reach to the front of the shoulder (that is against the wall) and stick your fist/thumb/fingers/whatever works into the crease between your chest and shoulder.

3. Add pressure. Like you're pinning the tissue.

4. Move you arm around. Any and all directions. If you can only move an inch due to discomfort/pain, just move an inch. IF you can move a lot, move a lot.

5. Stay away from the sensation of 'bad' pain. Stay in the easy range (but push it).

6. Move the contact point of the corner of the wall/doorway on your back. Move the contact point of you hand/fist on the front of the chest/shoulder. Every place you pin and stretch creates more length and opening of the tissue.

As your tissue lengthens, as dry crunchy tissue becomes more soft and spongy, you'll get more and more range of motion.

The more you move your joint, the better it will be able to more.

It's TOTALLY OK to start small. If you can only move your shoulder half an inch, great! Keep at it.

The mobility of the tissue is just as important as the mobility of the joint itself. Work them both.

This home treatment for frozen shoulder is simple. Don't let that fool you. It's not rocket science, even though your doctor will act like it is.

This home treatment for frozen shoulder is ALSO a frozen shoulder surgery remedy. If you're had surgery, your tissue is shrinkwrapping. Open it up.

With or without surgery, feel free to use a frozen water bottle.

Home Treatment For
Frozen Shoulder -
A Quick Recap

1. Supplement with Magnesium.

If you have calcification, this will command your body to reabsorb the calcium.

If you don't have calcification, this will help your muscles relax and soften. Right now they're TOO TIGHT!

2. Pin and stretch. Massage and lengthen TOO TIGHT connective tissue structures. The softer and looser your muscles are, the more easy mobility your connective tissue has, the better your body will work.

There are lots of options for frozen shoulder treatment out there. I'm sure you've already tried a few. But some, like Rest and Corticosteroid Injections, are doomed to fail.

If you don't target the CAUSE of the problem, you won't get rid of the problem.

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