Orbital Tendonitis or Trochleitis?

by Laurie H.

Can you get tendonitis in the muscles around the eyes? I read there is a trochlea tendon above the eye. I have read of conditions called "Trochleitis" and "Temporal Tendonitis". Off and on for about 3 years, I get this uncomfortable sensation in my right eye socket & brow bone that occurs for many weeks and then goes away for a couple months. It comes and goes.

My eyeball does not have any pain. Just the surrounding tissue above the eyeball.

I feel it when I touch my face. It is underneath the brow bone & at the top of my eye socket. It's a sharp nerve sensation that hurts when I either lightly touch the skin or rub the area. Often it will spread to the area above my outer eyebrow on the forehead. When I push on my brow bone, the sharp nerve sensation will travel in a straight line to the back of my skull on the same side or travel to my ear or jaw on the same side as well.

Sometimes when it gets bad, the pain will shoot to my temple area travel to the back of my head down the back of my neck on that side. Squinting my eyes will also trigger this nerve pain.

If these are real tendonitis conditions, how do you treat it with cold an ice?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Laurie.

Yikes. That's an odd pain...

So let's just assume that you have ruled out any eye or eye socket issues (medical issues I don't know anything about, nor even what they might be named other than 'tumor').

Who knows what could be going on in there. Make sure you get 'bad' things ruled out by the appropriate doctor.

Technically one could get tendonitis in there. Tightness, inflammation and irritation.

Tendonitis can show up anywhere there is any amount of tendon and muscle. The structures are small on the face, but it all works the same.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

See: Pain Causing Dynamic

Your pain symptoms don't match up like I would expect them to....though there's a lot of
nerve in the area, and that can equal a lot of different kinds of pain.

So, it could be Tendonitis, which Trochleitis essentially is.

There are a few options I would start with.

1. Get your Vitamin D levels up. We'll cover our nutritional bases with this and #2.

2. Supplement with Magnesium for Tendonitis and B6 and B12 (methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin).

3. Rest a covered ice pack on the eyes for 1-2 minutes, repeat regularly. Don't let the eyes get too cold, obviously.

Not the best option in the world, but...

4. Rest your palms lightly over your eyes. Rest, relax, let the heat of your hands do it's thing.

Either that time or the next, add a little more weight. Again, rest, relax, etc.

This kind of counts as massage, but also calms the nervous system.

5. Depending on what happens with the Magnesium, we may have you get some magnesium oil, and rub that on the area. This can have great results, if the spasm/irritation is due to a magnesium issue.

While there may be inflammation, my sense is that icing isn't going to be the answer.

Try the above, and see what happens, and let me know, and we'll go from there if we need to.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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Comments for Orbital Tendonitis or Trochleitis?

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Aug 22, 2011
your not alone - Orbital Tendonitis or Trochleitis?
by: Anonymous

Hi laurie. The last couple days i have developed your exact symptoms. Mine is a centralized pain just above my left eye in my brow area. The only time i feel the pain is when i touch right on the spot and the pain shoots behind my eyeiioo. Otherwise there is no pain at all. Again it just popped up the last couple days and i never had it before. Very odd

Sep 01, 2011
pain on and under right brow bone also.... -- Orbital Tendonitis or Trochleitis?
by: candy

Hi guys...I too have the exact pain on and right under my right brow. Had this for about a month now and got to the point that can't sleep in my comfortable position anymore because just the pressure of my brow area on a pillow is excruciating.

I can no longer even wash lightly over that area. Going to the doc soon being it is getting worse.

Totally know what frustration u all are going through with this and will let you know what I find out.

Nov 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

This in not tendonitis, it's trochleitis. I have it. The solution is to use aspirin or something stronger like dolobid twice a day 500mg each. It may take a few days to feel better so hang in there. Try aspirin (not ibuprophen doesn't work as well) first and see if it relieves the pain if not get Dr. to give dolobid.

Ice won't help reduce swelling to that nerve and may even damage your eyes if not done properly. Now once your eyes feel better you have to be careful not to continue to cause damage because although pain is reduced, the damage still continues from the rubbing/fraying of the nerve.

Hope this helps.


Joshua Comments:

Hey Guy Who Calls Bull But Won't Leave His Name.

1. Trochleitis is tendonitis. "Trochleitis is inflammation of the superior oblique tendon trochlea apparatus"

So clearly you don't know what's what and shouldn't be calling 'bull' on anything.

2. -IF- a nerve is getting rubbed and frayed, why is that happening? What is the cause? And how is Ibuprofen a fix? Oh, it's not.

How do you know there's actual damage happening? Just because there's irritation doesn't mean there's damage.

How do you even know it's a nerve issue?

3. You still have whatever is bothering you? And your only option is pharmaceuticals? And you don't know how to prevent it's return?

I don't know that you're the best person to be offering any kind of advice, since you can't fix your own issue.

4. So people shouldn't use ice for short periods, but pharmaceuticals are ok? As if they don't have any possible down sides (They do, look up the side effects of doloboid)? Come on.

Yes one can hurt your eyes by applying ice on them for too long and past any point of common sense.

So don't leave it on for too long. And make sure your eyes are closed. And if it hurts, remove it and/or use a less cold cold pack.


5. Normally I would just delete a comment like this, but it was an opportunity to address a couple of points, and it was too fun to pass up. So thanks for that.

Jan 04, 2012
by: Bull

My nickname is Bull - justed probably typed in wrong place, I wasn't calling bull lolll. Relax! I do realize that trochleitis involves tendonitis but it also has other symptoms that are caused by additional swelling in other areas when it gets really, really bad. I ended up with symptoms that minicked TMJ, I lost my sense of salt taste for a few days and I woke up dizzy from swelling around ears several times. I was diagnosed by an opthalmic neurologist and meds were given by a rheumatologist. I know what I'm talking about.

The ice does not help and so far, with all the treatments out there, the only thing that did help was the dolobid (diflunisal) is all that is avail now. Please don't discount a solution for this person because you took an attitude to my response. Try a strong anti-inflammatory and you will get relief.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Bull.

Yeah, that's kind of funny.

Here's my beef.

There's a difference between 'solution' and 'relief'.

If a person wants to take an anti-inflammatory or pharmaceutical to get them through the day, great. They should.

But if it's not a fix, it's not a solution. It's at best a band-aid.

When someone offers a band-aid as a solution (whether it's a doctor or a doctor's patient that still has pain/problem, I don't get offended, but I do point out the difference. It's an important difference.

If the eye problem isn't gone and you have to take meds to keep it away, you have not found a solution.

Maybe it's semantics, but it is my humble opinion that accuracy is pretty important when it comes to health care.

And don't get me wrong. I'm ALL FOR you trying to help. I very much appreciate that quality in people.

In your case specifically, how did the doctor determine that your nerve is getting damaged?

Jan 09, 2012
Trochelitis in both eyes for over two years
by: Anonymous

I have been suffering from trochelitis in both of my eyes for over two years. My left eye is worse than my right. I am currently seeing an eye doctor in Houston, Texas who is one of the few docs in the country who treat this condition.

Most eye docs haven't even heard of this condition. She performs eye scans on me periodically to measure the inflammation with an ulrasound-like machine. She has me on oral predizone and, so far, that has worked for me.

I am tappering off of it slowly. She recommends oral Prednizone before the shot.

May 24, 2012
There is help
by: Anonymous

I have suffered for about 4-5 yrs with sinuis and migraines issues. I've had 2 sinuis surgeries which have helped but I continued to suffer from the migraines.

I have taken numerous types of medications. The best being indomycin but I had to stop because of GI upset. But it did work for nine months. As stated before I've taken many meds including oral prednisone.

I finally be came so fustrated and begged my neurologist for other solutions, some were invasive and I decide to seek another option. Which lead me to The Headache Clinic in Philadelphia. Very hard to get apt. But they have been great today i I had my first injection of decadron and lidocaine into to trochlear tendon. Yes, I was diagnosed with trochleitis by getting a ct scan of my orbit. This is the true way to diagnose.

Hoping for good results won't know for a few days and may need another injection but for now one day at time, hoping to regain my life back with my family. Best of luck to all you suffers keep fighting for answers don't settle.


Joshua Comments:

Ultimately it's a quest to find what works....

1. What is your Vitamin D level?

2. Have you ever gone completely off Gluten for 2 months?

3. Ask the clinic about Magnesium, I'm curious what they have to say.

Jun 26, 2012
Help with tight eye muscle feeling and pain after lasik eye surgery
by: Denise

I think ive been dealing with this condition as well. I had lasik 9 months ago and have suffered with this tight eye muscle feeling and pain ever since.

What type of doctor diagnoses this, and what tests should be performed? My eye feels like its constantly flickering. Its torture.

Please help with any more info or advice. Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

I'd think you're be looking for a doctor that specializes in issues of the eye.


Jul 05, 2012
Thought I was crazy
by: Brian

I am glad that I searched Google and found this page. I have the same exact pain that Laura describes in her first post and have basically dealt with it for years, but I have had enough and needed to know what type of doctor deals with this.
Anytime I have a headache I know that all I have to do is touch or push into the area around my brow bone in order to feel the sharpest and most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. It is always associated with a headache that progressively gets worse until it reaches a migraine unless I take prescription strength ibuprofen to get rid of the inflammation and headache before it gets that bad.
I normally take my knuckle or use my thumb and rub under the brow bone to try and massage the area. That can help sometimes, but it's also like torturing myself because the pain resonates through my eye into my skull and can even reach my neck at times. I can only rub the area for so long, because if I put too much pressure directly on it, then I wouldn't be surprised if that pain makes me pass out. I was hoping for some other relief from this other than more medicine, but from the responses here it looks like that's how most people have gotten relief.


Joshua Comments:

I wonder...if you regularly rub that spot, instead of waiting till it's excruciating, if that would help keep it from getting to that point.

Oct 06, 2012
by: Kim

I have trochleitis and this made me laugh:
Joshua Comments:

Ultimately it's a quest to find what works....

1. What is your Vitamin D level?

2. Have you ever gone completely off Gluten for 2 months?

3. Ask the clinic about Magnesium, I'm curious what they have to say.


I ALSO have myasthenia gravis, which means NO magnesium!!! And I have been gluten free for over 3 years due to celiac! And yes, my vit D is good. And these are your "solutions"?? Really? Thanks for a good laugh.


Joshua Comments:

Hello Kim. I'm confused.

1. Nobody on this thread has mentioned Myasthenia Gravis, so nothing I've said on the thread could possibly be refferring to that. You've never posted here, so to somehow think that anything I've said correlates to you or your situation is...well....weird.

2. In fact, I asked three questions, as opposed to any 'solutions' you seem to think are 'mine'.

Normally I wouldn't publish a crazy post like yours, but I am just so anyone reading this thread that has Myasthenia Gravis that doesn't know that they need to be very aware of their body's relationship with Magnesium might start asking the right questions.

So thanks for sharing. Hopefully it will make a difference for someone.

Mar 28, 2014
Same issues... post Cipro dosage.
by: M W

Just wanted to check in on this thread to see if anyone started having these symptoms after being prescribed Cipro.

I recently had a small procedure and 2 day dose of 500mg Cipro and this happened to me... I have read innumerable reviews of the drug's effects on people's tendons and muscles and my assumption is that my incidence of tendonitis/trochleitis is related.

I am trying a food based anti-inflammatory regimen in hopes of easing some of the pain.

Mar 29, 2014
Orbital tendinitis, eye sags and waters when it hurts
by: Rosie

I am just searching for answers myself. I gave had pain above my eye brow and inner eye off and on for years. I am troubled by it so much. The eye sags when I experience the pain and waters so much. The skin Below my eye becomes very dry from the watering .. Painful dryness.

I have massaged the area and it really doesn't help. Is surgery the only real solution.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rosie.

Are you sure it's tendonitis, as opposed to a bunch of other possibilities?

Nov 12, 2014
Trochleitis vs Something more serious
by: Siobhan

Last night while driving I experienced sharp pain behind my left eye. I had a dull ache while looking forward but if I looked up or down or to the side the pain became sharp. My vision was okay but the area closest to my nose and below my brow is now swollen and tender to touch. I'm out of town attending a conference so I can't just go to a doctor easily.

I'm a little worried... Sounds like trochleitis to me. What do you think?


Joshua Comments:

That sounds like something you should see a doctor about to rule out anything bad.

Sudden onset of pain (anywhere in the head) followed by swelling and tenderness (Meaning inflammation meaning possible damaged artery), is serious enough to get thee to a doctor asap.

It doesn't have to be a terrible thing and it very well could not be a horriblething as there's various non-horrible things it could be, but it definitely falls in the category of "I'd be worried about it enough to go to the hospital at some point soon ESPECIALLY if it recurrs at all, gets worse, or other symptoms show up."

And if you're flying before you see a doctor? I'd rather err on the side of caution and see a doctor before going into a high altitude/pressurized cabin with no doctor on board scenario.

Nov 17, 2014
Eye pain when moving eye and nerve pain
by: Anonymous

So I suffer from migraines to the right side and te last month.

I have had severe eye pain only when I move my eyes in
Other directions I get pulsing pain and when I touch my brow bone and upper nose area between the eyes it hurts causes a sharp nerve pain all on the right side.

I'm waiting on dr appt but super concerned cuz the pain gets worse also when I put my contacts on which I stopped for now until I know what's going on.


Joshua Comments:

It's definitely a good idea to see a doctor to rule out anything 'bad'.

Is this a new thing for you?

Do you have a history of migranes?

Any historical issues with your eyes?

Any trauma to the head/face ever?

Let us know what the doctor says.

Jan 04, 2015
Please help, been googling for hours about this eye movement pain
by: Anonymous

Hi! I probably won't get a response since this thread is old but it's late and I've been googling for hours about this pain.

Started two days ago, pain on the top of both eyes that hurts terribly when touched and hurts even worse with eye movement.

Mainly trying to look upward. The pain of looking up or closing my eyes tight is unbearable. I also have to admit that I'm bad at sleeping in my contacts for weeks at a time but I've done that all my life and never had this issue.

I did take them out and start on my glasses but the pain isn't resolved. It triggers migraine pain when I yell or do any straining but goes away about 30 seconds later. And the pain is not in my "brow area" but directly on top of my eyeballs.


Hi Anonymous:

I'm not an eyeball expert.

I know that tendonitis dynamic can develop anwhere there's muscle and tendon.

Tendonitis can develop anywhere. So it's important to understand what it is and how it develops.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Most eye pain is muscle strain from poor vision, the bright computery world we live in, bad posture, poor nutrition.

And obviously we can't massage the muscles connected to the eye....but we can give the body the nutrition that will help it operate optimally.

And we can press our palms on our eyes and hold them there for a while, that's relaxing and healing.

We can sleep more.

And if we're worried about it, we can go see an eye doctor. Get a couple tests done and rule out 'bad' issues.

Jan 22, 2015
by: Sofia

Wow calm down Joshua not a very professional response to bulls comment. I think bull did a fantastic job and really makes more sense than your advice. We've been threw trochlietis so we should know what works best . I've had all the symptoms and tried all remedies and nothing worked I was massaging the inflamed area but only made it worse ultimately leaving me in tears.

I then turned to Asprin with ibuprofen forgot the name of medicine but it's both combined for instant relief and the pain went away immediately I'm so relieved.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sofia.

Thanks for speaking up.

1. Turns out his nickname was Bull, as opposed to him calling 'bull'.

So that was funny. I guess I could edit the conversation, but that's how it happened, so...

2. What's unprofessional about pointing out the difference between a 'solution' (which is a fix to the problem), and 'relief', which may make pain go away but doesn't reverse or affect the cause of the pain in the first place?

Taking painkillers, which I support in the sense that making pain go away is a good thing, is fine to get through the day.

Maybe it even helps temporarily resolve the problem.

But the pain didn't show up out of no where for no reason. And anti-inflammatories/painkillers to fix the reasons.

3. I'm curious about such things: Did you take the ibuprofen etc and the pain went away and stayed away forever? Or is the pain a recurring thing and the ibuprofen is to some degree also a required recurring thing?

Feb 07, 2015
trochleitis headache pain stopped
by: Debbie

I've had right eye trachleitis since 2000. Went to a top Neuro-Opthalmologist (UCLA), He did a prednisone injection near the eyeball and it got better.

The problem came back every couple years and I was treated with oral Prednisone. Then the pain was returning a couple times a year and I did a round of oral Prednisone for 5 months straight.

Then I asked for a different med other than Prednisone, in hopes of use as a preventative, and was given Meloxicam. I guess its for arthritis pain, but with the last bout of pain(end of Jan. 2015)I got relief in just 3 days.

I started on 7.5 twice a day and then once a day. This med did cause a bit of stomach upset, but, for me, it was worth it to relieve that horrible pain between my eyes. This doctor said don't rub or touch the eye area at all because it can easily cause more pain.

I was using a huge 10" x 15" gel ice pak (amazon.com) at night on my head and forehead prior to the Meloxicam. The cold helped somewhat until the pain was of a longer duration, then I contacted the doctor.

I find that the longer I waited to get help from this doctor, the slower the recovery until now. I do have pain when looking sharply to the left and double vision to the right, but I try to avoid those movements and work around them.

Aug 05, 2015
Doctor didn't help, offered no solution to pain over my right eye
by: Gemma

Hi, so I have had these symptoms over my right eye just below my eyebrow for over 3 weeks. No pain until I forget and rub my eyes or moisturise etc but then it is really sharp and I can pin point the exact spot.

I also suffer from headaches a fair bit but thought id go to my doctor and check it out as I'm aware how dangerous random pains could be in the head area.

My doctor felt it for all of 3 seconds and then said it's probably neuralgia and that was it.

She didn't offer any solution and just said it 'will go away at some point'

It felt she was almost laughing at me. I must admit I went with other girly issues that she also didn't help me with but I'm wondering if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

My mum had a suspected brain tumour years ago that started with headaches and pains in her head so of course I'm worried, and maybe that's making it worse!

Should I go back and try and see another doctor or just stop wasting their time?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Gemma.

Worry can and does 'make things worse'. It's a real mechanism.

So stop worrying. :)

1. If it hasn't gone away, then find a diferent doctor that will take the concern seriously and take measures to test/rule out anything 'bad'.

2. I'd avoid that doctor that said 'it's probably neuralgia' and left it at that.

WHY is it neuralgia? WHAT caused it? HOW do I get rid of it?

If a doctor is clueless about it, and unwilling to investigate/get a clue, then find another doctor.

3. Get anything 'bad' ruled out, and then there's a variety of things to do to help get the system working better: self massage in targeted places, nutrition (see the Magnesium For Tendonitis link at the top of this thread), etc.

Aug 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

Same pain....Blepharitis. Look it up.

Dec 11, 2015
This will help. You
by: Anonymous

Hey, I have this thing in my left eye and its kind of seasonal like during cold time it's more and the times when you strain your eye too much.The excercise that you can do to relieve it is:

1. Sit on a chair and face a wall not too far and not too close be at around 8 to 10 feet.
2.then look at the center of the wall and without moving your head move your eyeballs and focus on left upper upper corner.
3.then go for the right upper then the right bottom and at last the left bottom.
4. Repeat this excercise a few times as this will help you.

My doctor started the treatment with small doses of muscle relaxants and asked me to not to strain my eyes. She also said to focus on near and far objects in the same line of sight alternatively.

This helped me a little and she said this will help you align the eyes but if the condition become severe and I start seeing blurry images then she would be using cylindrical glasses to treat it.

Apr 25, 2016
Brow tenderness
by: Liz

So I've been experiencing similar pain others have reported here.
- Below my right brow bone
- Pain is experienced when pressure is applied
- It goes deep and hurts for a while
- Pain goes straight to the other side of my skull

I've had this pain for a few weeks, with no bruising, marks, or bumps.

You mentioned gluten in above comments and I've been gluten free for about two years now. Although recently I've had traces of it (accidentally) in some of my food.

Jul 26, 2016
I have the same pain but only when i move my head or do something strenuous
by: Anonymous

Can any one help me with this bcoz im really scared its been months now.. i feel pain suddenly and then it can be felt afterwards for quite a while it sometimes goes to my forehead area but a lot deeper and the pain is quite sharp i can pin point it.

Plz any advice.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

You either have 'tight muscles' causing problems, or you have something more serious.

Go see a doctor and rule out anything medical.

Aug 12, 2016
Tempolar Tendinitis
by: TexasGuy


I've just read all of the comments on this page, and I'm suffering from what I'm quite certain is tempolar tendinitis.

I've seen an ENT and ruled out anything wrong with my sinuses, and my headaches are often extreme: intense pressure in my left temple, pain in my upper molars on my left side, my left eye will leak tears, sometime the pain shoots down my neck. It comes and goes, and I cannot figure out any specific triggers.

I'm intrigued by the Vitamin D and Magnesium issue. Would deficiencies in these affect the type of tendinitis I'm dealing with? And if so, how much would I take to get started?

Thanks in advance!


Joshua Comments:

"Would deficiencies in these affect the type of tendinitis I'm dealing with?"

It wouldn't particularly affect the 'type' of tendonitis, but:

If you don't have enough Vit D your body can't work right. Immune system, muscle function, nerve function, brain function, hormone function, etc.

I you don't have enough Magnesium your body can't work right. Lack of magnesium --> muscle tightness and inability to untighten.

And when your body can't and isn't working right, then ALL SORTS of different variations of pain/problem can show up.

1. Take enough Vit D to get your level to between 60-80ng/ml (40-60ng/ml is ok).

Question How much Vit D should you take to get you there?

Answer: As much as it takes.

Vit D researchers recommend 5,000i.u.'s per day as a maintenance dose. That amount may or may not bring your levels up.

2. For magnesium, see Magnesium Dosage (will open to a new page on a different site).

Will it fix things? I don't know, but it's cheap to find out, and both are vitally necessary to function of the body and you need to do it anyway.

Aug 12, 2016
Tempolar Tendinitis
by: TexasGuy

Thank you for the information. I assume I need to see my doctor to test my Vitamin D level?


Joshua Comments:

You can get a level through a doctor or can get a test kit online.

I like https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/testkit/ .

Aug 22, 2016
Pain over right eyebrow and the drug Cirpo connection?????
by: kayakgirl

I had cataract surgery on my right eye July 12 and the left eye done Aug. 9th 2016.

Since then I have some pain over the right eye(the one done in July).

Just notice when I rub over my eyebrow or press on it feels liked it is bruised. It is a little swollen and so is my upper cheek according to my daughter.

I read a reply about Cipro, taken orally, well I was on cipro eye drops for several weeks prior to surgery and a week after. Still am weaning myself of a predisone drop in the left eye. 3 more weeks to final dose.

Anyone know if there could be any connection??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kayakgirl

There certainly could be a connection. Cipro (a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, see: Cipro Tendonitis side effects can be bad news.

Having said that, and hoping that it's not Cipro-related, or Cipro and Prednisone related (not a good combination) it sounds like you still have an inflammation process causing swelling.

Ice pack it for a week, as many times in a day as you're motivated to do, with a big soft icepack (or anything soft that's ice cold) for 1 minute at a time, with at least 10 minutes of the ice pack off.

Don't press into the eyeball, you primariy want the cold on the cheek and eyebrow/forehead area.

Let us know what happens.

May 31, 2017
by: Anonymous

Yes! After taking Cipro, I too developed these tendon issues around my eyes- thought my eyes would fall out- and numerous other medical issues after taking this poison for a week. No issues before it.

It's been 8 months and I'm still suffering every day with something else related to neurological concerns, tendon/muscle concerns, etc.

Please never take it. I warn everyone I can about it!


Joshua Comments

Hi Anonymous.

Yes, Cipro and other fluoroquinolones like Levaquin can affect connective tissue in the eyes too.

And thanks for warning people! Nobody knows.....

Are you working with us on the forums with the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution program? 8 months is a long time to hurt, and time is a terrible remedy for Cipro side effects and eye pain.

Jun 09, 2017
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to say Thank You. I've been dealing with this for two months now. No relief yet. When first diagnosed I thought that makes no sense.

The only thing difference from previous comments is my eye pressure is elevated. Around 26 I will be trying the vitamin D. I just stared taking the magnesium. I've been prescribed gabapentin .


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

What's your Vitamin D level?

Jun 11, 2017
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure what my level is but have been previously told by my dr that my levels were low.


Joshua Comments:


Call your doctor's office and get the actual number. 'Low' can mean any number of things....

Jul 19, 2018
Cipro - Eye Tension
by: Anna

I took ONE pill of Cipro and had to go to the ER last night, felt tight behind my eyeballs, light sensitivity, and when I rubbed my eyes I felt tension and almost tearing sensation. Terrifying! I don't know what to do, other than double my Magnesium intake.

Joshua, since you've been on this forum for many years, discussing Cipro, what percentage of people would you guess have a bad reaction to Cipro?

I also wonder if I am in a better position, because I only had one pill, opposed to 3, 4, 5 - like others take before realizing they are being poisoned.

Is one pill just as bad as five pills?


Joshua Comments:

1. Conversation on the 'one pill' topic in the comments here: Chance Of Recovering From Ciprofloxacin Side Effects

2. The official incidence rate of side effects from fluoroquinolones is right about 3%. That's what the FDA recognizes as gathered and reported form various sources.

But there are those that submit that sides effects are really 30% or higher. What mainly gets reported as a direct/actual result of FQ's like cipro, ciprofloxacin, levaquin, levofloxacin, etc is achilles tendon damage/rupture.

WHat rarely or never gets report as a side effect is eye symptoms as you're experiencing, mental side effects (brain fog, anxiety, etc of any severity), 'mysterious' illnesses/disease where the person is ill even deathly ill, neurological issues (misdiagnosed as parkinsons or alzheimers, etc), misdiagnosed as tendonitis, misdiagnosed as arthritis, etc.

Cipro et al are super powerful high end antibiotics. Prescribed by the millions and millions. So 30% incidence rate across millions and millions....(32.5 million prescriptions for fluoroquinolones in 2015)....ouch.

And doctors prescribe fluoroquinolones for such trivial things as acne. Which is depleting those young people of magnesium....so they will be having various health problems in the short and long term from lack of magnesium...which doctors will misdiagnose...

3. What to do? Double magnesium intake is good. That may or may not be all you need (depending on how much magnesium that ends up being).

I always suggest that one considers that they are HIGHLY affected and so treat it as such (even if you're really just moderately or mildly affected) because FQ side effects are no joke.

Tips and tricks are a real disservice. Thus my suggestion is always to get and start working with the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution (formerly the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution).

If it's overkill, that's a good thing. Better to overkill and get better than to avoid taking any effective measures and not help the body get better.

Jul 20, 2018
Eye Tightness after Cipro
by: Anonymous

I too have experienced a horrifying tightness behind eyes after Cipro. It started with tightening behind the eyes, as the day went on it progressed to blurry vision, extreme light sensitivity, and when rubbing the eye it turned into a painful tearing feeling.

Eye doctor determined the retina is ok, so most likely it was a tightening and inflammation in tendons, muscles, or optical nerve. The symptoms improved within a few hours, but eyes felt a bit sore after.

Also worth mentioning, this horrible scare happened days after taking Cipro, as a delayed reaction. Those dealing with Cirpo side effects should not have anti-inflammatory or steroid medications, yet that is exactly what the doctor wanted to give me to reduce the inflammation.

Be careful out there!

Aug 28, 2018
Cipro related Trochleitis/Orbital Tendonitis
by: Anonymous

I experienced Trochleitis/Orbital Tendonitis after Cipro. A Neuro Ophthalmologist reached this conclusion after ruling out all other possibilities relating to connective tissue, nerve, and eye structure. Upon examination of the eye, all appeared healthy.

Unfortunately, the Neuro Ophthalmologist has limited experience and understanding of orbital tendons, and did not seem interested in exploring options for treatment other than OTC medications.

I presume a CT Scan or Ultrasound may be required for examination of the tendon, and requiring a Rheumatologist for further treatment?

Any suggestions for treatment of Orbital Tendonitis/Trochleitus.

Is orbital Tendonitis essentially the same thing as trochleitis?

Are there risks to vision involved with this affliction?


Joshua Comments:

"Are there risks to vision involved with this affliction?"

Depending on what's happening, yes. If the tendons aren't happy it's because their muscles are yanking on them 24/7 and that can long story short skew vision.

And if you have dry eyes (which is a symptom of cipro) then that can definitely be bad for the eye(s).

"I presume a CT Scan or Ultrasound may be required for examination of the tendon"

Not really. It's super unlikely that there is a tear/rupture. Pain doesn't necessarily mean damage. One can have even disabling pain with zero actual damage.

"and requiring a Rheumatologist for further treatment? "

Why, what would a rheumatologist be able to do for your scenario? Or, why would a rheumatologist be the category of provider that you'd go see for treatment? (Important questions you'd want to be able to answer if you were going to spend time/money/effort with a rheumatologist).

"Is orbital Tendonitis essentially the same thing as trochleitis?"

Yes. Well, yes but...

Yes but if this is a result of taking Cipro (which it easily can be), then your focus isn't treating the trochleitis, it's reversing the side effects of Cipro...and one can make the case that there is little to no fix available if you don't.

Meaning, the trochleitis symptoms are symptoms of, are the result of, the Cipro.

-MAYBE- this will go away with time, but Cipro/Levaquin is SERIOUS business, and I wouldn't leave it to time or hope. I'd get to work reversing what the cipro did to your body.

"Any suggestions for treatment of Orbital Tendonitis/Trochleitus. "

In your scenario I'd have you follow the link to the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solutin you'll find elsewhere in this thread. Get it and start working with it. That's the only thing I suggest to Fluoroquinolone victims, becaue that's the best and only option. Well, the only good option.

I should ask: Do you have any other symptoms post-cipro?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Oct 13, 2018
trochleitis and orbital mystosis
by: Anonymous

Can Trochleitis and orbital mystosis cause muscle scarring and fibrous muscle? When someone has these types of immune responses and does not treat it with steroids, can it become permanent? Can this type of immune response go away on its own or must it always involve steroids?


Joshua Comments:

Before I respond...I'm unclear. Are you calling Trochleitis and orbital 'mystosis' the results of immune responses?

Having asked that...A. why would an immune response go away on it's own and B. how would corticosteroids fix an immune response?

Oct 16, 2018
Inflammation of eye muscle
by: Anonymous

My Ophthalmologist believes Fleuroquinolone caused Trochleitis or immune related inflammation in the orbital muscle, both issues he believes should be addressed with steroids.

There is inflammation of the eye muscle, undetermined if it is partially an immune response to Fluoroquinolone or strictly a result of tight tendon in the orbit. My Ophthalmologist has instructed me to proceed with oral steroid or steroid injection, yet I am hesitant. I would rather endure the aching orbit,and inflammation, unless leaving the inflammation will cause permanent damage to the muscle.

If someone has tendinitis or an immune response causing inflammation of an orbital muscle, will the muscle become damaged and fibrous if the inflammation is left without steroid treatment?


Joshua Comments:

If you doctor thinks Fluoroquinolones are the cause (which is rare and that doctor gets points for that), then s/he SHOULD ALSO KNOW that fluoroquinolones and and corticosteroids together are a NO NO (loses points for not knowing that).

A ten second google search would make that readily apparant. See: Levaquin And Prednisone

It sounds like you doctor is aware of and willing to admit that fluoroquinolones can have serious and signficant side effects (again, that's rare even though the drug comes with a FDA required warning label on the box), but it also sounds like your doctor is unaware as to how side effects are caused.

If your doctor believes that it's 'immune related inflammation', WHAT caused it? He's thinking that the prednisone will decrease the inflammation, but inflammation is a side effect not a cause so treating the inflammation ignores the cause.

"If someone has tendinitis or an immune response causing inflammation of an orbital muscle, will the muscle become damaged and fibrous if the inflammation is left without steroid treatment?"

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Steroid treatments don't fix tendonitis nor immune responses.

Oct 17, 2018
Can Inflamed muscle become fibrous
by: Anonymous

He is not sure if the inflammation is due to trochleitis or an immune response, but he believes that whichever it is was caused by Ciprofloxacin. He refers to it as likely"an allergic or immune response" from the medication.

As long as the inflammation won't cause permanent damage to the muscle or tendon, by causing scarring, then it sounds safest to wait this out. I read a medical study online suggesting that inflamed muscles can turn fibrous if left inflamed for too long, which increased a feeling or urgency to treat this with more medication.

I believe I will push through the inflammation, without further treatment. To say my faith in medicine is gone would be an understatement.

Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

"he believes that whichever it is was caused by Ciprofloxacin."

I was about to say 'hey good for him that's rare for a doctor to think much less admit that Cipro can cause harm'.

"He refers to it as likely "an allergic or immune response" from the medication."

But then he said that, which means he has no clue how Cipro works. Par for the course.

I wouldn't worry about the inflammation so much as the muscle tightness (and resulting conective tissue constriction). I'd argue that that's more the cause of 'scar tissue.

But inflammation and tightness go hand and hand, so it's more a theoretical conversation.

"I believe I will push through the inflammation,"

Tell me what you think you mean by that. Because I'd say there's no such thing as pushing through inflammation, but let's make sure we're on the same page.

Nov 07, 2018
Hoping inflammation resolves on its own
by: Anonymous


I meant I would push through the inflammation without taking steroids. The most common treatment for Trochleitis seems to be steroids and I am not willing to do steroids. I've tried Turmeric supplements, but they haven't helped the swollen eye muscle much. Also, tried icing it and that didn't help either.

I am hoping the swelling goes away with time.


Joshua Comments:

Well, I mean....inflammation isn't really the kind of thing that one even can push through.

Inflammation is a symptom of something else. Or, is caused by something else. So while one can try to wait it out....that's a 'hope' strategy.

Maybe it will go away, maybe not....but what is causing it?

Nov 13, 2018
Immune response or Trochleitis
by: Anonymous

The Doc thinks immune response or Trochleitis, which are both to be treated with a steroid injection..


Joshua Comments:

Again, what caused the Trochleitis (inflammation) and how is a steroid injection going to fix it?

If it's an immune response, ok, here's hoping it works. But if it's from a fluoroquinolone like Cipro/Ciprofloxacin, then I'd worry about a lot of other things other than 'immune response'.

Again, kudo's to the doctor for admitting/believing/knowing that Cipro can cause problems...but he would do his patients a service by studying the topic in greater depth...because...

Corticosteriods are contraindicated for people suffering from Fluorouquinolone side effects.

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