Shin Splints Treatment
They're Simple to Fix so you might as well

Shin Splints Treatment can be challenging, because there is a lot of real estate to deal with, and it's kind of hard to effectively get to it.

Shin Splint Tendonitis is simple to fix, though it's not necessarily easy. It does take some time and effort.

Having said that, for the majority of people, once you know how, and you know the RIGHT how, it's easy to keep them away.

High level athletes may have to work a bit harder at it because of the miles they put on themselves.

If you don't have shin splints now but are worried that you might be in danger of getting them in the future, learn how to Prevent Shin Splints.

Ineffective Shin Splints Treatment

There are plenty of common shin splint treatment out there that don't work, or don't work very well.

Even the most common methods advised by doctors fail to effectively cure shin splints.

They may make the pain go away temporarily, but as a general rule, they don't cure, heal, or reverse shin splints.

Rest is good for making the pain disappear, but it only keeps you pain free if you aren't being active on your feet.

If you get walk, jog, or run again, the pain comes back.

Anti-inflammatory medicine and pain killers make can make a difference, but again, they are temporary, and don't cure, heal, or reverse shin splints.

They won't keep more damage or the Pain Causing Dynamic from getting worse if you stay active on your feet.

Corticosteroid Injections?

These are definitely a no no as a shin splints treatment.

If you take corticosteroid injections and continue to jog, run, or otherwise do what hurt you in the first case, you might feel less pain but you will get more injury and make it worse in the long run.

If you have Shin Splints Tendonitis, use the following methods to reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

Shin Splint Treatment -- In Order of Effectiveness

Shin Splints Treatment -- Ice Dipping

This option takes the most effort and is the most inconvenient.... but as Shin Splint Treatments go, it provides not only the most pain relief, but isone of the most effective shin splints REVERSAL activities there are.

It's definitely the most fun way to deal with shin splints.....

You want your shin splints to disappear? Ok, you asked for it.

Ice Dipping:

1. Fill up your tub (or the equivalent) half full with water.

2. Add a bunch of frozen bottles of water, a big bag of ice from the store, whatever it takes to get the tub water ICE COLD.

Make sure you adjust the height of the water and the amount of ice to work for you.

3. Dip your lower leg into the ice water. Submerge your lower leg from your knee all the way to your toes.

This might takes some arranging to kneel your lower leg, or legs, into the tub.

4. The good news is, you only dip your lower leg(s) for 10 seconds.

If you don't want to take your legs out of the water after 10 seconds, it's not cold enough.

5. After 10ish seconds, get out of the water. Dry off if you want. Walk around a bit.

6. Wait at least 5 minutes, then Repeat steps 3-6 a MINIMUM of 10 times.

Ice Dipping Shin Splints is not elegant. This shin splints treatment is not fun.

If you want your shin splints to go away, this is the #1 method of icing that you can use.

The next option is also very effective. If you start using it in conjunction with Ice Dipping, you will not only be decreasing your pain, but beginning the process of curing shin splints.

Shin Splints Treatment -- Ice Massage

1. Buy some Dixie Cups. Fill them with water and freeze them in a freezer.

2. At least 4 times a day, pull out a Dixie Cup and tear off the top half inch or so.

3. Ice Massage the most painful part of the muscle/tendon on your shin with the ice cube in the Dixie Cup. Do the entire length of your shin, continue to rub on the painful spots.

4. For a minimum of 5 minutes (at least 4 times per day), push the ice into the painful area. Up and down the painful parts. (Keep it moving, don't just let the ice sit in one spot.) In a sense, you want to gently grind on anything that hurts, and everything connected to it.

If your skin gets numb from the cold, it's time to stop. You don't have to work it that long, but depending on how much real estate you have to cover to ice massage your injury, this might take you 5 minutes or more.

Cold is very effective.

It is even more effective when you 'push' the cold deeper into your structure.

It is even MORE effective as a shin splint treatment when you gently rub cold 'into' an injured structure.

How do you know you're at the right spot? Keep pressing and rubbing around. You'll KNOW when you're on it.....

You are likely to find a very specific, sharply painful 'hot spot'.

Ice Massage is the second most effective shin splints treatment. You could do it all by itself, and get a lot of benefit. If you do it with Ice Dipping you will exponentially increase your healing.

Shin Splints Treatment -- Ice Pack

Treating Shin Splints with an Ice Pack ain't bad, but it ain't great. If it's all you have access to, use it to it's fullest.

Using an Ice Pack -is- effective for the treatment of shin splints, but it's just not as effective as the above Ice Dipping or Ice Massaging.

1. Get a couple ice packs as big and as heavy as you can find. This can be an ice pack, a frozen gel pack, or a giant pack of frozen corn. Giant ones. You want to cover as much area as possible.

(I don't suggest frozen peas as they start to smell like....well...peas as they thaw.)

2. Center the heavy icepack on the painful shin(s). Arrange the ice pack so it covers as much of your flesh as possible.

3. Let is stay on for 10-15 minutes. You can strap it to your knee if it is necessary to move around, that's fine.

4. Always wait at least 10-15 minutes between taking ice off and putting it back on.

You can do this throughout the day, too. As often as you can.

Ice is your friend. The more you do, the better you will feel.

Shin Splints Treatment -- Summary

Ice Dipping creates a huge circulatory effect that flushes the pain causing ingredients out of your lower leg and brings in huge amounts of new blood and nutrition.

This decreases pain and kicks out the Inflammation Response (if you do it as I suggested) which is a HUGE part of the Tendonitis dynamic

Ice Massage forces cold deep into the structure and forces circulation at a deep level.

Depending on how hard you press, it also breaks up scar tissue and creates mobility in deep, stuck structures.

Ice Packs, will get you some benefit, and may do the trick even if it's all you use.


I recommend Ice Packs only if you don't have access to better options.

The Shin Splints Treatment I recommend will do wonders.

I suggest you treat it as an experiment for 7 days. Do it exactly as I suggest and see what happens.

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