How To Treat Tennis Elbow

If you want to know How To Treat Tennis Elbow, then there are some basic concept you need to understand, and there are some specific methods of going after the elbow tendonitis dynamic.

When you understand WHY Tendonitis shows up in the first place (it's not repetitive motion, sorry), then you'll better understand why certain treatment plans work, why they don't work, and for some of them, why they never had a chance of working (that's mostly what you've gotten from your doctor so far).

Right now you're in one of two places:

Either you just started to have pain and want to make it go away before it gets worse....

Or you've been trying to get rid of your Tennis Elbow for a long time, and the doctors and other online sources haven't helped...

When you find out why those methods regularly fail, you'll be well on your way to successfully treating Tennis Elbow.

How To Treat Tennis Elbow

There's plenty of WRONG ways to treat Tennis Elbow.

tennis elbow tendonitis anatomy picture
DON'T Just Focus On The Tendon!
The following options may help a little bit, for a little while. Maybe even a lot for a long while, but they don't -reverse- the tendonitis dynamic, so chances are that if it does 'work' for a while, the symptoms will come back.

Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen are fine to get you through the day, but aren't a fix. Not even close.

Same thing with Pain Killers. Fine to get you through the day, but not a long term strategy.

Corticosteroid Injections might cut the pain for a while. The downside of that is that if the pain is gone and you keep using your arm/elbow actively, you might hurt yourself even more and/or make the overall problem mechanism even worse. And sometimes they make the pain worse. And what if your pain isn't from inflammation?

Immobilization and (Wrist) splints and braces. Yes, that's for wrist splints, but it all applies to Tennis Elbow. Immobilization is not a 'treatment' for Tennis Elbow (unless you consider something that doesn't fix tendonitis to be a treatment".

Tennis Elbow Surgery is the 'last ditch' effort to fix Tennis Elbow when the doctors prescriptions, physical therapy, ultrasound, etc has failed.

Surgery cuts into your tissue, causes damage, etc. It takes time to heal from the trauma the surgery caused, much less whatever possible benefit was given to the Tennis Elbow dynamic.

You'd probably feel pretty dumb if you got Tennis Elbow Surgery, it didn't work, things were worse than before the surgery, and then you discovered that your original elbow pain was due to nutritional deficiency.

Make Sure That You Understand!

** Make sure that you understand the Tendonitis dynamic. See: What Is Tendonitis

** Make sure you understand Tennis Elbow. See: What Is Tennis Elbow

** Make sure you understand the Pain Causing Dynamic and Process of Inflammation.

How To Treat Tennis Elbow

Now you understand how the Pain Causing Dynamic works, how Inflammation plays a role, how the nervous system resets too-tight muscles to a new 'normal'.

You need to learn about nutrition too.

Do you know which mineral (if you're insufficient/deficient) literally prevents your muscles from being able to relax?

Chronically tight muscles cause tendon pain. That's an important concept to keep in mind.

So! How To Treat Tennis Elbow the RIGHT way?

1. Reduce Inflammation. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation

2. Get your Nutrition in order. For instance, learn about Magnesium for Tendonitis

3. You'll need to learn how to soften too tight muscle and lengthen constrictive connective tissue.

You can pay a professional for this, but:

A. they better know what they're doing or it's a waste of time and money and

B. it's FAR more effective if you learn to do it your self and do it in little bits frequently throughout the day, just a minute here and a minute there.

Sounds pretty simple, right? It is, actually, once you learn how to treat Tennis Elbow. But like everything else there's a learning curve. You learn as you go, and the more you apply yourself, the quicker you get the results you want.

Tendonitis is a DYNAMIC

Your Tennis Elbow is Tendonitis. Tendonitis is a dynamic. It's made up of multiple factors, all working together, all conspiring to make you hurt.

If you just deal with one or two of the factors, you're doomed to failure, especially if you don't EFFECTIVELY reduce that factor.

You have to deal with EACH factor, and deal with it effectively.

Knowing how to treat Tennis Elbow is a huge benefit for an active lifetime of being pain free.

I created The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works (and the Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it) so you'll have a no-nonsense, concise guide to teach you how to make your Tennis Elbow pain go away, and stay away.

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