Pelvic Pain Connected To Back Pain After Car Crash

by andrea

I was in a car accident one month and a half ago but started having pelvic hip pain and lower back pain.

Is this connected with my car accident is it possible for back pain to affect the pelvic area??

I had a pelvic manual exam and the gp said its not my reproductive organs I'm very concerned....

Thank you


Joshua Answers:

Hi Andrea.

I don't know whether it's connected to the car accident, but depending on what the crash looked like, it wouldn't be surprising.

The pelvis is connected to the spine and sacrum.

For instance, if you were standing on the brakes with one leg pushing forward, the other leg tense but pulling backwards, and then there was an impact, you can essentially knock one or both sides of your pelvis out of alignment from themselves as well as from the sacrum, spinal alignment, etc. This can mess up muscle balance as well.

You could have ligament injury, and or gotten Whiplash and/or Tendonitis.

It's ALL connected.

1. Describe your pain and symptoms.

2. Describe the accident.

3. Describe how you felt during and after the accident, up to now.

4. What health care professionals have you seen since then?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Pelvic Pain Connected To Back Pain After Car Crash

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Apr 14, 2011
Pelvic bone pops out
by: Anonymous

i got hit by a car and i fractured my pelvic on the right side. but now my pelvis bone on the left pops out and i get sharp pains there and my hip and tail bone if i run around or put my leg a certain way to pop my pelvis bone.


Joshua Comments:

What exactly do you mean, your hip pops out?

Describe the pain/symptoms etc.

Jul 17, 2011
march 22nd
by: davina

I had a car accident six weeks post partem that was sixteen months ago now. my pelvis completly displaced. I have phsyio every two weeks and im still in a lot of pain. reading joshua's comment about how it could have occured during the accident was a great help.

my foot was on the clutch peddle as the car was in first gear ready for take off and suddenly i was hit from behind now i know why it happened thanks. how long will i be in pain for i wish i knew


Joshua Comments:

Hey Davina.

It's predictable that you'll be in pain a long, long time. That kind of injury doesn't just go back to normal/pre-accident status all by itself.

EVERYTHING rides on the pelvis, from all directions.

Plus if your ligaments were still loose from the Relaxin from pregnancy......

I'd like to say PT can fix you, but....I'm not confident.

You may want to try out the The ARPwave System. You'll get a free no cost treatment at home to help you decide. Essentially, it will reset how muscles are holding your injured pelvis and it will make the nervous system from chronically panicking and defensive to normal.

If you want a hope for a fix, that's it. The link will give you a sense of what it's capable of.

Oct 03, 2011
car crash and lasting back and hip and pelvis pain and problem
by: EJM

I was in a car crash just over a year ago, my car was hit front on by a car on the wrong side of the road.

I was driving but was told i was fine, however since then I have problems with my pelvis, hips and lower back. Docter told me it would heal in time and it was simply muscle strain, however, it has got worse and is affecting my way of life.
I had to cut back on my work hours, I'm now back at Uni and missing classes as it is to painful to walk any distance, I have had to give up horse riding, and dancing.


Joshua Comments:


Basically, the trauma of the car crash literally threw your body out of whack. Muscle strain, etc.

Everybody including the doctor hopes it would just heal. The problem is, you end up with 'electrical disruption', such that the nervous system literally can't fire muscles correctly.

So some muscles aren't firing optimally, so they can't hold or support your pelvis and hips and back correctly, which equals the dynamic of chronic pain that you describe.

In your case, my top recommendation is The ARPwave System. It's like an electrician going to your houses electrical box and making everything work correctly.

Check out that page, then contact me as described if you're interested.

Otherwise, your only real options are:
Magnesium for Tendonitis
Mindful Yoga
A REALLY good Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, or a variety of other specialized physical practitioners (Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais, etc)

Dec 26, 2011
numb lower right side of back
by: Paul

I was'nt in a car accident it was a skiing accident i fell at speed over some rocks and caught one on my lower right side of my back it has been a couple of weeks now and i get pain when i walk down hill its like an itchy sharp pain and i still have some numbing around the point of impact. would love to know your thoughts thanks Paul.


Joshua Comments:

Hey Paul.

The first thing that comes to mind is that either A. you have a vertebrae(s) (or other joint structure) knocked out of place and it's causing neurological disturbance and/or
B. muscles are locked so tight in a 'guarding' mode that it's pinching off nerve flow.

Why specifically when going downhill? Likely because that requires certain muscles to fire, which compresses muscle/joint.

Apr 14, 2012
radicalopathy after car accident rear ended by tractor trailor
by: Anonymous

I was I. A car accident rerearended by tractor trailor at higg speeds 6 months ago doctor did mri of left hip lumbar cervical showed herniation of l4 l5 c3 c4 c5.

Hip show crondal effect and fluid in left hip. They want to do different type of mri. Anyway Dr doesn't think radiculopathy is coming from l4.

However a recent emg was positive for bilateral radiculopathy in a l5 si pattern. I have fullness on the left pelvic griddle and right and above it. I. Feel something loose uneven...pain is horrible. It hurts when I lean left and apply pressure on left leg...pain. radiates to feet.


Triggerpoints medicine pt... it helped neck pain and virtigo but not lowerback hip..oh clicks when walk. My guess is need a pelvis mri.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I'm sorry to hear that. That's some major impact to the body.

Unfortunately, aside from a few suggestions, you're outside the realm of what I can deal with.

1. Definitely Magnesium for Tendonitis. Your body REALLY needs Magnesium right not to help with A. stress (physical and mental) and B. muscle tightness/muscle function.

2. The ONLY thing I can see for you that falls within the realm of a 'fix', is The ARPwave System. It's definitely going to cost some money, it requires your time and attention, but I can promise you that the only thing that is going to make a drastic difference/benefit for you is working with an ARPwave unit.

It will be somewhat intense, but it's crazy effective. Fixed my L5-S1 ruptured disc.

I hate to say it, but without the ARPwave, yes, kind of doomed. Maybe after surgery/fusions and years down the line things will get better...I certainly can't say from here. But it sounds like your body has taken some major trauma. And that sets up some downward spirals and chronic pain mechanisms in the body, and it's common for those to last a long, long time if not forever.

You now have a pretty big/significant injury dynamic to deal with. I would absolutely try the ARPwave before I considered sugery/spinal fusion/etc.

Follow the link, read the page to get a sense of what it is/what it does, and then fill out the form at the bottom if you want me to have ARPwave contact you and to ask questions of me. Though you can ask questions right here too.

Aug 25, 2012
Rear End Car Accident Injury
by: Cara

Hi I was in a rear end accident about 6 weeks ago, and when I was first hit, it was my upper back and neck that were hurting me. Now I am having moderate to severe pain on my left side (I would say in pelvic area).

I wasn't missing work at first, but if this pain continues, I won't be able to work. It makes sense as to what you said about one leg being tensed back and one on the brake, I was in stop and go freeway traffic at the time.

The doctor doesn't think anything is wrong, but the pain tells me something is going on that is not right. I have never had pain there until getting rear ended.

Any advice on what avenue I should pursue to make this stop hurting?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cara.

Sorry about the car accident. They're no fun...

Unfortunately, if you're not broken or bleeding, doctors don't have much insight into physical pain.

You'll get the most bang for your buck from The ARPwave System.

The ARPwave is HIGHLY effective for dealing with post car accident injury, pain, and physical trauma. By reducing muscle tightness and dialing down the nervous system's 'WE'RE IN DANGER!!' inflammation response (that is causing the increasing amounts of tightness and pain and compensation.

Aside from that, cold showers and or bath tub ice plunges (not fun, but effective) to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

And look for a chiropractor or REALLY good PT that specializes in body balancing (as opposed to a bone cracking chiro or the usual stretching/strengthening/ultrasound you'll get at most PT offices).

Muscles are compensating and tightening in different directions througout your body, which is throwing you out of whack and causing pain and soreness. Plus, you have a big Process of Inflammation pumping out pain causing chemical and increasing the Pain Causing Dynamic process.

Sep 05, 2012
Hip pain after accident
by: Kelsey

Hi, I was in a minor car accident 5 days ago. My friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We hit a telephone pole and I was wearing a seat belt, but I was jerked forward. The next morning, I began experiencing pain in my lower back when I walked, bent over, or just moved in a certain way. The next day, the pain wrapped around to the right side of my hip, but only when I moved a certain way. Now, it's mostly just my hip that really hurts. It hurts every time I take a step. Do you know what this could be?


Joshua Comments:

My first response is that it's A. the Process of Inflammation that's kicked in in response to the force/impact on your body of the car crash, and the resulting B. Pain Causing Dynamic.

And probably one or both of your feet/legs/hips fired reflexively, and now too tight muscles are pulling your hips out of whack to some degree.

Oct 29, 2012
i really appreciate the advice on this site
by: Ben ,23

I was hit by a car while riding my BMX i was hit from the right side my bike was hit because its low my pedal crushed into the medial side of my knee/ankle pushing my leg out and away from my body outstretching my leg tendon beyond capabilities i landed on the car chest first and bounced off the bonnet directly onto the floor (back first) i have lower disc bulges/slipped disc an out of aligned pelvis a limp to go with it chronic pain, re occurring neck stiffness and muscle spasms from my neck to my foot.a dent in my chest also.

i am still undiagnosed.i still haven't received an MRI of my knee/leg

i went to the hospital and received an x-ray of my shin-_- do not trust your doctors the nhs is poorly funded and i have been neglected because i couldn't remember what happened at the time of the accident.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ben.

Where are you located? The US, outside the US?

What do you mean, a dent in your chest?

Can you walk/use the leg? It's not clear from your message.

What the 'worst' part of what you have going on?

Nov 09, 2012
hope you understand.
by: Ben ,23

I'm located in the UK.

from my handle bar of my bike i have a dent in my upper ribcage,it restricts me using my right arm fully ,my shoulder usually aches and clicks.

I can use my leg but not to the fullest I believe I'm healing from a ruptured patella tendon

Hard to put weight on my leg it makes my hip click and ache and it looks out of side dips lower than the other.

Neck troubles are the worst I can't look down and I cant look right.

Leg has a pulling aching feeling [non stop 1 year 6 months] Electrical zapping feeling +visible spasms in the back of my arms,upper back and big toe aches so much!i cant lift my foot up very well either.getting dressed is quite a pain in the behind.

Low back
para vertical disc protrusion.
Upper back feels numb but also feels like there's something resting on my also losing hair on my back is this nerve damage?

I no longer feel pain the same way,I don't realize when I get cut or bleed.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ben.

Ouch. Sounds like your body got all jacked up, and by that I mean knocked out of alignement in a variety of ways.

I'm not sure still what you mean by 'dent', but I'll assume it's a bad thing. Where exactly is this dent?

I have no idea about the hair falling out. That could be a nutritional thing as your body eats up necessary nutrition trying to deal with all the pain and inflammation and resulting muscle tightness etc.

You need to find a REALLY good osteopath, or an Onsen Technique practitioner.

If you were in the US I'd point you to the ARPwave System, but they only really operate in the US, though perhaps you can find someone with an ARPwave unit there in the UK. I HIGHLY recommend it for the fastest and deepest effect/benefit.

I'm assuming the crash compressed your spine/body such that the disc rupture happened right then? That's not great, but the real problem is the body locked down muscles, which continue to compress on the spine/disc/nerve.

It's not a great sign that you're having nerve issue. Probably that's a compression thing. The necessary thing to do is to REVERSE that muscular tightness and resulting compression as soon as possible.

The osteopath and/or Onsen practitioner can help realign things in a safe and good way. Nutriiton and highly trained massage would also VERY much help you.

Definitely see: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Jan 03, 2013
get to a chiropractor
by: Anonymous

had the exact same symptoms after 8 weeks and had first ever adjustment today. legs were over 1inch different. got immediate relief. i am a believer.

Sep 04, 2013
Pelvic pain after car accident
by: Phaedra

I was in a car accident in June, side swiped with impact on both sides of the car. I am having pain from my neck all the way down to my knees but the worst is in my hips, tail bone and SI joints. I am seeing a woman's health doctor/palates specailist, and get acupuncture and IMS treatment. I seem to go through waves of improvement, then go down hill again.

My pelvis is twisted so I am really tight everywhere, but especially throughout my hips...

It feels like I have been hiking for hours a day.
My pain is now getting so bad that it hurts to even have sex internally. It feels like my left hip joint might pop out. And I have pain radiating down my tail bone.

Any ideas on what it going on, and ideas on treatment? A second opinion would be most helpful.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Phaedra.

1. Where are you located, state/city-wise? Depending on where you're at you'll have more/less choices for adequate care.

2. If the impact literally knocked your body/pelvis out of alignment, or the resulting muscle tightness pulled it out of alignmet, or realistically, both of those scenarios together, that's problematic.

Not because it's unfixable, but because it's A. complicated and B. few profesionals know how to deal with it. For instance, while I understand the workings of it, I wouldn't recommend coming and seeing me because while I know about it, I'm n no way competant to provide what your body needs.

You don't need a massage, you don't need techniques for an injured ligament/tendon/muscle. You need to have your body put back into a holding position that it needs to be.

Some chiropractors will know how to do that. But it's (most likely) not with forced adjustments and /or that little activator they use.

A GOOD physical therapist is a good choice, but for your needs they're few and far between.

As a general statement, an Osteopath is a good choice. Or an Onsen technique practitioner.

Some massage therapists would be adequately skilled, but unless you're in Seattle I don't have any to recommend.

Hopefully the IMS treatment you're getting is targeting the right muscles. If the pelvis is out of position, the lengthened muscles will be too tight and painful. YOu don't want to have the IMS 'release' them...they're all ready too long from too tight muscles pulling the pelvis away from them. Releasing those already too long muscles will cause more imbalance.

Overall, see: Magnesium For Tendonitis to help with muscle tightness.

Ice packing and finishing showers on cold (or alternating hot/cold/hot/cold in the shower) will help move out pain enhancing chemical.

Sep 25, 2014
Pelvic and back pain from car accident with knees up to chest reading
by: Anonymous

Two years ago I was in a head on collision with a backhoe. We were going through a construction zone when he pulled out in front of us. I was sitting in the passenger seat with my feet to my chest reading a book when it happened. I was 13 at the time. Two years later I am still facing lots of pelvic and lower back pain. My hips and tailbone constantly pop out of place.

At first the doctors thought that since I've been dancing for 12 years that my ligaments couldn't hold my bones in place so they started working on muscle strength to help substitute for it.

However before we even started that I was able to push over a 200 pound man using my leg so it makes me wonder if thats really it. I also have extreme pain occasionally in my groin area where my femur and hip connect when I walk and it has caused me to limp.

Also within the past 6 months it has dramatically gotten worse now its not just that area its my whole lower back and my entire hip on both sides. I've already been put on bed rest once this year and schools just started. My hips pops and I can recreate the popping too. It's also gradually gotten more difficult to walk.

We've been to three doctors; two have diagnosed me with FAI, one has said no its snapping hip. What are your thoughts? I'm desperate. I've had to quit my lifelong passion because of this and honestly after two years of constant pain it's really starting to where one me.

I just need answers or even just a slimmer of hope that one day I'll be able to return to dance and if not that that I will be able to walk again without any pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonyhip.

Doctors aren't going to be able to help you, it sounds like. Which is entirely best they'll send you to physical therapy where you'll either get someone who knows what they're doing and can figure you out, or someone who is just going to throw heat packs and ice packs and ultrasound and some 'stretching and strengthening'.

Also, bed rest won't help. That was a hail mary from whoever told you to do that. (It's sort of ok immediately after the accident, but Rest isn't a fix, and generally not even much help short of feeling better just laying there. But laying around the rest of your life isn't a viable solution.

So as a general statement, you're in one of two categories:

1. Your muscles and now connective tissue are way too tight and your pelvic structres (pelvis on each side, sacrum, lower spine, are stuck out of whack.

With everything out of whack, of course it's hurting and now functioning correctly.

2. Due to the position you were in when the impact happened, it's entirely possible that some/all of the ligaments and joint capsules in your back side (everytihng was already stretched with load on it due to the position) were overstretched and/or torn from the sudden overload from the impact.

That leaves you with everything in #1 above plus increased downsides.

So. Whereabouts do you live (big city, small town) so we can talk about what skilled professionals might be around to help you.

Secondary to that and just as importand is various self care. What are you doing now to try to help things feel better?

Jul 08, 2015
rear ended by garbage truck and push into car in front of me
by: Anonymous

I had a car accident a little over 3 months ago and still have lots of pain. Cervical and lumbar strain was the diagnose. The pain in my neck and shoulders comes and go of stiffness in the neck, and sharp pains in the shoulders. However the low back never let up. It feels like something pulling. At times i even feel pinching. I've been to a chiropractor and now doing physical therapy. Both has mentioned my hip not being in place. This has been worked on numerous times and still have yet to stay in place. I hurt really bad in the lower back and butt sometimes and wonder if its really just a strain. After 3 months of spasm, weakness barley can walk at times could something else be wrong. In the beginning i felt like my back was caving in. It's so hard to find a position comfortable to sleep at night.


Joshua Comments:

Has anybody investigated tear in the low back tissue, and/or bulging/ruptured disc issue?

Any pain/numbness down the leg at all?

Nov 27, 2015
Strong pain after accident
by: Anonymous

I was in a accident 6 weeks ago disc problem in back and neck sonogram of pelvic and xtray normal but in pain shooting down my legs.

Mar 07, 2017
Back pain from rear ending a car
by: Gaynor

I hit a car up the back on thursdsy. That evening my lower back hurt it very painful and also spreads to the middle and arms. What can I do?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Gaynor.

Presumably your head whipped forward, which pulled on the ligament that runs down the back of your spine and pulled on your low back connections.

Potentially, depending on what your feet where doing, the force pushed through your legs to your pelvis and the muscles are all tensed and tightened up to guard and protect (which may be pulling pelvis out of alignment, etc).

I'd ice the low back, wiggle the lower legs often to 'shake' the muscles of the hips/pelvis to help them notice how tight they are so they can relax/stop being so tight, etc.

Mar 10, 2017
Car crash
by: Wayne

Hi can anyone help I had a car crash in January.

Someone hit me from behind and a week later all of my calf, ankle and foot started to hurt my doctor told me it's Achilles tendinitis could this be anything to do with my crash.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Wayne.

It certainly could be from your crash.

And, the crash can essentially cause (or exacerbate the pre-existing factors) achilles tendonitis (tightness, inflammation, nutritional lack).

Achilles tendonitis doesn't just come out of the blue for no reason. And the physical trauma and other factors involved in a car crash can absolutely cause or help cause all sorts of different kinds of pain and problem.

Mar 11, 2017
Car crash
by: Wayne

Can I just ask wouldn't the pain be instant if it was caused by the crash or does it take a while for tendonitis to appear?

I'm just confused why it came on a week later after my crash?


Joshua Comments:

"wouldn't the pain be instant if it was caused by the crash"

No. It certainly can be, but there's no rule that says all results from a traumatic impact have to show up immediately.

"does it take a while for tendonitis to appear"

Yes/it can.

The body is always responding/adapting, and trying to keep things status quo.

A traumatic impact (even a small one) disrupts the status quo...pushing in one direction while the body tries to 'hang on'. But while it's trying to hang on, things are adapting and mechanisms are doing their thing.

See: Pain Causing Dynamic

Apr 22, 2017
Pelvis pain, short leg, from auto accident.
by: Robert

I read the reports from other people and my situation is very similar. I hit a car that crossed in front of me. My right foot was on the brake trying to stop. I hit the other car at an angle, my air bags did not deploy and I figured it wasn't a bad hit. Did not have any medical exam.

Since then I have found my right leg 1/2 shorter and I am tilted to the right.

I have had severe pain in the area of my left trocanter when walking. When I found myself walking thru an airport the pain got so bad that I needed a wheelchair to get from Terminal A to Terminal B. Since then I have been examined by an orthopedist who told me there was nothing wrong.

Received cortizone shots and a hip joint injection without relief. Went to Physical Therapy without satisfaction. Read your web site and now have some hope. I am looking for a DR. who will treat my situation. I live on Long Island NY.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Robert.

If you suddenly have a 'short leg' and the Orthopedist and Physical Therapists didn't fix/adjust the rotated pelvic bone causing that 'short leg', then A. SHAME on them and B. you need to find someone that can adjust/correct your hip alignment.

That's step #1, and while this is a big general statement, I'm basically saying that nothing else is going to 'fix' the problem until the one side of your pelvis, that has been forced into a new alignment (and is holding that alignment) and is causing the bend, etc), is corrected (which is not rocket science).

Is there an osteopath in your area? And/or you may just have to keep trying the options in your area until you find someone that knows what they're doing.

Jun 10, 2017
Back pain
by: Scammell

On April 3 I was rear ended. At first I didn't know what happened so I was slamming on my brakes but I was hit by a farm truck going 40 and was about to hit the infinity in front of me.

My aunt has to have surgery. My daughter still has concussion side effects but I have a high hip I have to get readjusted several times a week.

Pain in my right shoulder blade. And a burning sensation going down my neck like I accidentally popped it constantly.

I get numbness in my right thigh, constant Charlie horses. My hands tingle and my elbows feel like I got my funny bone. Headaches are a regular and my neck feels like I've worn a cavalar all day. I got 1 injection today. Do pt 2 times a week now. Suggestions...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Scammell.

1. Tell your PT to align your pelvis/sacrum/l5-S1 (not a forced adjustment).

If your PT doesn't know how to do that, find one that does (or an osteopath, which may be a better bet depending on where you live and who's around).

Pelvis etc is tough/hard/impossible to fix yourself, all things considered.

2. The neck etc you can help/effectively deal with. I suggest my Reversing Whiplash program. (Which contains all the reasons I'd suggest that.)

The neck (and resulting tingling down the arms etc) is relatively simple, and you can do all the work yourself. The hips, not so much, and thus a skilled practitioner is important.

See: Whiplash Neck Injury

See: What Is Tendonitis?

See: Process Of Inflammation

Ask more questions if you have them.

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