My All Over Tendonitis problem

by Damien Y
(Vic, Aus)

I have tendonitis in my wrists, carpal, shoulders, knees, achillies and the foot.

I have seen tonnes of different types of healthcare people (eg, naturapath, massuer, physio) and I get a different answer from all about what caused this.

Any Ideas???


Joshua Answers:

Hmmm, interesting.

I'll ask more questions, but here's a couple thoughts just from what you've told me.

1. It's incredibly unlikely that you have the damage kind of Tendonitis.

There are only 2 Types of Tendonitis, one with actual wear and tear damage, and one with inflammation and irritation without damage.

2. So if there is overall damage it is either from something like having taken a quinolone class antibiotic like Levaquin or it's not the damage kind and...

3. It could very well be that you are severely Vitamin D deficient. One of the symptoms of Vit D deficiency is tendonitis like pain. I can point you to a blood spot test that comes in the mail and you mail back, and then you'll know exactly where your levels are.

For more info on Vit D (and the blood spot test too) check out the Vit D pages at

4. You could also be Magnesium deficient. That could be playing a role.

It's possible I guess that you have some weird connective tissue disease, but that is rare and unlikely.

And I believe that heavy metal toxicity can cause this kind of pain.

But to an extent I'm just guessing till I have more information.

1. Please describe in detail exactly where you have pain.

2. Please describe in detail what the pain feels like, and when it shows up and what makes it worse or better.

3. Is the tendonitis pain constant or random or ?

4. How old are you?

5. Overall activity level?

6. How long has this been going on?

7. What did the other guys say?

8. Does anything that you've tried that they've suggested help?

9. Overall health?

I'm curious what you have going on. Answer the above questions, and let's narrow it down to the actual problem, and the actual cause, and then we'll know what best to do about it.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for My All Over Tendonitis problem

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Jul 10, 2009
PART 2 - My All Over Tendonitis problem
by: Damien Young

I have had a blood test and nothing is abnormal. I take Silcon, magnesium, vitamin B and calcium supplements.

The pain is located under my shoulder blade, in the close side of my elbow, in the wrist where the tendons are together on the top and 2 large tendons underneth. In the achilles (newest) and the topside of the foot/ankle and the large ones in the knee.

The pain is constant but once stretched in is a stabbing burning pain with the occasional random episode of pain, i cannot even type without it hurting.

I am 16 years old and live in AUS. I used to play loads of guitar (causing early wrint tendonitis), and badminton in an academy. This i kept up with 8 months after the pain came.

I have had it since Feb last year (2008)

I have been told it was from my growth, from fribrosis, scar tissue around my cells, allergies (none known although they though it was milk)

Most things have help for a short period but as i continue it doesnt.

I would call my health poor because it physically restrains me from activity.

So you think that once i get better everything will be normal?

Jul 24, 2009
PART 3 - My All Over Tendonitis problem
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Weird, I could have sworn that responded to this. Apparently I didn't. Sorry about that Damien.

So I'm curious why you have all this pain all over.

If it was just wrist and shoulder pain, we could link that to guitar etc.

But you're 16, and even if you were into running sports and played guitar etc, it still sounds like way too much pain for a 'normal' kid.

"Scar tissue around the cells". Who said that? Tell me more. That's a really odd statement to hear from any medical professional of any kind.

It certainly could be growing pains, but again, this is really uncommon.

Unless new clues comes up, I'm going with that you have some kind of nutritional issue.

This could be that you eat crappy, fast food etc, and aren't getting the quality protein etc you need.

I doubt that's the case, but give me a general breakdown of your diet over the past year or so.

Also, you could be Gluten Intolerant. This causes all sorts of various pain and problem.

Do you have any digestive issues? How's your energy? Are you tired a lot, etc?

I think that yes, you can be 'normal' after all this clears up, but let's find the source of all this pain and potential tendonitis and deal with that.

If we don't deal with the source, then you'll either continue to suffer, or you'll just get lucky and grow out of it.

Hard to tell what the deal is at this point. Let's find out.


Jul 24, 2009
by: Damien Young

Yea, my naturapath said about the fribrosis and scar tissue aroung the cells.

I have recently seen a new guy, he has many many qualifications. They did tests and my bodys organs arent working properly. Mainly my Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, Thymus, Digestive System and Galandular fever.

So i am severly malnutritioned and my body doesnt have time to fight it. Ive been on treatment for 1.5 weeks and i am feeling no worse, if not a bit better.


Joshua Comments:

Interesting. That makes a lot of sense from a Gluten Intolerance and Leaky Gut perspective.

For more information on that check out the Gluten Intolerance pages on my Kerri's site,

I'm curious about the fibrosis part, and -what- cells is there scar tissue around?

I'm the type of guy that's curious, and happy to help if I can. If you want to continue this conversation, great. If not, that's cool too.

What is the treatment you are doing? Is there a diagnosis? Theory for why so malnourished?

Curious minds want to know.....


Aug 27, 2012
So tired of roving tendonitis!
by: Angie

I am a 50 year old female in otherwise fabulous health. I am fairly active. I walk (briskly) nearly daily (tendon and weather permitting). I have a work out schedule that I attempt to stick to. I have 7 young grandchildren who I love chasing after and playing with. I have a pretty high energy level and am always doing "something" including all the yard work, house work, painting, handi-crafts, etc., etc.

My first symptoms began about 7-8 years ago. I had what I thought at the time was arthritis in my thumbs...which made knitting and other hand activities difficult to non-existant. After months of thumb issues I developed a pain in my right foot that at times was so severe that I couldn't walk for long distances.

This issue continued on and off for over a year. The next problem was my left elbow. I developed what the doctor referred to as housewife's elbow.

I couldn't do many of my daily activities and even with weeks of physical therapy I still eventually needed a cortizone shot to function properly. Next was my left knee and then my right hip and left middle finger...then right shoulder.

Interspersed were bouts with pain in my upper back under my shoulder blade. Within the last year I've added a new one to my growing left jaw! I go for months with no issues and then they begin traveling. Usually, now only hip, elbow, finger, shoulder, jaw and back. Interestingly, I know when my finger begins to hurt I will eventually feel it in my jaw. My hip is ongoing as well and I've been told by PT that I have "tight tendons" and will likely need to keep my hip stretched out. My hip, when severe, pulls my hip out of place from my back. My jaw gets severe enough that I have difficulty chewing.

Tinnitus becomes worse and I can actually feel constriction in my eustachian tube. Mostly all of this is more frustrating than painful. I hate being restricted (sometimes overnight) from this issue or that issue.

Coincidentally, these issues began to occur around the time that I began having peri-menopausal symptoms.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Angie.

I'm not an expert on the systemic effects of menopause etc, but if you removed that aspect from the conversation, I'd say:

1. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Lack of magnesium explains the roving tendonitis, tinnitus, etc.

2. Get your Vitamin D level checked. Then get your level up to 60-80 ng/ml asap. Roving tendonitis is a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency.

Also, Vitamin D is really a hormone, and has lots to do with overall hormone regulation etc.

Sep 06, 2012
A bit late of a reply.
by: Damien

It turns out that after nearly a year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I have gotten a fair bit better (well state-of-mind wise anyway). I am currently studying biomedical science at uni and am dealing with my condition. Thank you for trying to assist me in those hard years.

Damien Young


Joshua Comments:

You're absolutely welcome.

Fibromyalgia makes sense, as that's a nutritional deficiency issue.

Apr 03, 2015
tendonitis pain in various joint areas. please advice
by: Anonymous

I have had what appears as tendonitis in both my wrists and neck as well as my shins and ankles for over a year. I have run all kinds of blood work and my doctor has discarded the possibility of vitamin deficiency as my b12 and D are good.

My hemoglobin levels and iron are good too, i don't know about my magenesium though.

I have gone to an arthritis rehumatology specialist and he said is not arthritis, that it is only bad posture while working on the computer ( i do IT work); however that doesn't explain why my shins and ankles hurt too.

Another possibility has been thyroid problems so i'm running some tests on that currently. Any other suggestions/ ideas would be appreciated.

I'm a vegetarian if that matters and i do take supplements for b12 and D vitamins.

thanks for the input.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. What is your Vit D level?

2. Do you supplement with Vit D2 or D3?

3. What kind of B12 do you take? Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin?

4. See the Magnesium For Tendonitis link/page in this thread.

5. What were the Thyroid test results?

Tendonitis van show up most anywhere in the body. For very specific reasons, that create a Pain Causing Dynamic.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

See Related: Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis In Multiple Joints What Can Cause This

Aug 02, 2015
prone to tendonitis across body
by: Hayley


I have tibialis posterior tendinopathy, i am prone to tendonitis in elbow, golfers and tennis, i have tendonitis in my shoulder (as well as shoulder impingement and a SLAP tear), and am prone to tendonitis on top of my left foot, all occurring in left hand side (although did have tennis elbow in other side 20 years ago when i played tennis).

I have started taking collagen supplements, type 1 & 3 in the past week. Is there anything other explanation, or anything i can do as i'm a sporty person, triathlete of late, but can't train due to all this tendonitis that occurs in whatever part of the body i train!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Hayley.

If you are 'prone' to tendonitis type issues ongoingly in multiple areas of the body, chances are SUPER high that nutrition (lack of it) is a big player.

1. What is your Vitamin D level?

2. See the Magnesium For Tendonitis link in this thread.

3. Have you ever taken a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin?

See Related: Chronic SHoulder Tendonitis Wrist Tendonitis All Over Tendonitis In Acdtive Outdoorsman

Aug 09, 2015
HELP! I feel like my body is covered in tendonitis
by: Shay

Hi... I have been reading everyone's posts and your responses sound amazing... I am praying you can give me some hope!!

I am a 35 white female, and a year ago I got a horrible catch in my left side (well I thought it was just a pulled muscle) But I still have it, it was coming and going but now it is constant, sometimes even taking my breathing away.

This pain is on my left side lower part of ribs (almost inside of ribs) within this past year I have started feeling extreme fatigue, weakness, foggy brained, and unbearable pain in my bones even my check bones hurt (like I'm coming down with the flu)

I also now have tendinitis in my right elbow, thumb, index finger and pinky, (I think I now have it in my Left elbow, wrist and ankle and knee) as well as feeling my joints (knees, ankles) pop...

I'm always weak and no energy and want to cry because of the pain. My doctor said she was pretty sure it was Fibro, and Rx'd me Cymbalta (this did not help) she then uped my dose and still did not help with all the pain.

She did run labs and all of the following were high- WBC, Neutrophils, monocytes, C-reactive protein. My vitamin D was low (she gave me a Rx) but she said it might be from old infections (?) nothing over the counter is helping! Any ideas as to what I should be asking for her to do, such as tests??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Shay.

First off, you may want to find a new doctor.

For a few reasons, but let's isolate it to the Vit D.

1. Prescription Vit D if D2, and research clearly shows that it raises levels but confers little to no benefits.

If doctors are going to claim that they practice 'evidence based medicine', then they need to spend a few minutes a week keeping up with current research. And this is old knowledge.

2. What was the level? Go get some Vitamin D3 (liquid, that comes in 2,000i.u.'s per -drop- not dropperful).

3. Guess what some of the symptoms of low Vit D are?

Yep: extreme fatigue, weakness, foggy brained, and unbearable pain in my bones. Also, decreased immune system function (feeling like you have the flu).

4. Vit D and Magnesium are required to utilize calcium. Possibly your bones are hurting because your bones are literally shrinking (and might hurt some more as you get nutrition into your body and the bones start filling out again.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

And by the way, guess what some of the possible symptoms of insufficient magnesium can be...

Yep: extreme fatigue, weakness, foggy brained, and unbareable pain in my bones

5. Any doctor that doesn't' ask WHY you have, for instance, fibromyalgia....personally I'd walk out of the office.

Why? Because you want to address the cause of a problem, not throw some pharmaceutical that comes with it's own side effects onto the top of it...meaning the CAUSE of the problem is being ignored.

Also, it seems that your doctor is just guessing about that diagnosis. Upon what, exactly, was it based on?

6. You certainly may have other things going on, but first things first, deal with the cheap/easy stuff, like getting your actual Vit D level up to between 60-80ng/ml, and start getting adequate magnesium into you.

7. Also, have you ever taken a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro, Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin, Levofloxacin?

Aug 09, 2015
Lots of pains allover after levofloxin
by: Ricardo besil

Im two years after i took two pills of levofloxicin and from day 2 i have tendon pain all over .

Some old torn ligament on my arm is the worse .

Was fine and heal but now after those pills is back and worse . Can over strech or work out . Crazy pills . Feels like inflamation good luck and god bless you all.

May 11, 2016
Feels like tendinitis everywhere
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm a 51yo female. Currently taking 400mg magnesium, cholestorol and acid reflux meds.

I couple of years ago my vit D was at 13 so dr prescribed vit D. Brought it up 29. Since then I take 1000mg of D daily. I've been on high dose antibiotics for a year and a half due to Lyme. 3000mg of Amoxicillin and 750 of Clarithromycin daily. Ended antibiotics 7 months ago. I have MFTHR mutation, so I can not take synthetic Bs or folate. I know I have inflammation somewhere in my body. My HS-CRP is 12.

With all that background I can continue. So many of my tendons are painful. Some days are better than others. Left ankle, tendons on the top of the feet. The inside of my elbows, the front and back of my knees, shoulders, hips, back and lastly fingers. Sometimes it feels like there is too much fluid in my joints especially knees.

I sometimes wonder if the Lyme is coming back. Could you shed any light on what's going on?


Joshua Comments:

If you are MFTHR you can take P5P B6. That's all I know about that, I'd talk to Kerri at she's the expert there.

You need B6 to utilize the magnesium. And, 400mg of magnesium likely isn't enough for you (plus you're not getting all of what you're taking).

1. What is your Vit D level now?

2. Were you taking Prescription Vit D2? Or D3?

13 is dangerously low, 29 isn't great but isnt terrible, but if you were taking prescription D2, then your levels came up but you got little to no benefit from it (because that's what D2 does).

1000i.u.'s per day isn't enough to keep your levels up, and certainly not enough to raise them. If you don't know your level I highly suggest you go get a level taken.

Vit D deficiency side effects are a big deal (and may easily be a major factor of your overall pain scenario).

3. Have you done anything to repopulate your gut bacteria biom? I HIGHLY suggest you do. Antibiotics wipe out gut ecology, and it's super important for short and long term health to repopulate it asap, and thoroughly.

Sauerkraut is your friend. TONS of good bacteria in there.

May 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

1 I don't know my current vit D levels. Should have it checked. I will increase my doses of Vit D. See if it makes a difference.

2 I'm trying to remember. I think it was D3 but I'm not positive.

3 Yes, I have been using high quality probiotics during and after all the antibiotics. Even with using the probiotics, my gut hasn't been the same. I do eat Sauerkraut but not all the time. I only like it on a ruben. lol

I will check out the website recommendation.

I find the vegetable derived Bs are expensive.

Mar 04, 2017
What specific activities can I do to get my body moving again without pain?
by: Mary C

I am a 61 year old woman. Earlier this year,I was walking every day and started to develop knee pain and stiffness where I could not bend down to pick anything up from the floor without pain.

Over time, I started to develop a pain and stiffness on the right side of my neck. Every time my neck got in a certain position it would feel like it was locking up.

I went to my chiropractor 3 times a week for about 3 weeks with no relief.

I was starting a new job working part time as a playground aid. I was desperate to find relief, so I went to a DNFT chiropractor.

This type of chiropractor through a specific testing process only adjusts what needs to be adjusted. In the process, he moved around tendons, muscles etc. that he deemed necessary.

Instead of just adjusting my neck, I had him adjust whatever his testing process told him needed adjusting. I guess I thought since I was already there have him adjust my whole body if needed.

While I was still seeing him, I started my job working 3 hrs. each day 17 hrs. a week. I was standing and moving around watching the kids on a cement surface.

Within 7 weeks, I was in excruciating pain down both of my legs and in my crotch area. I'd wake up in pain, work in pain and go to bed in pain. I honestly loved this job, but I had to quit.

After I quit, I took 2-3 weeks of total rest doing some icing and using heat. During this time I could feel what felt like tendons clicking and moving throughout my entire body.

I set up an appointment with a sport's medicine doctor and he took multiple x-rays and I had an MRI done of my lower back.

The x-rays revealed osteoarthritis in my neck, back, hips and knees.

My doctor ruled out Sciatica with certain tests that he performed. My doctor suggested that I start physical therapy, and if I can do some water aerobics such as water walking that it would be beneficial for strength training.

I'm waiting for my new health insurance to start the first of the year, so I can begin physical therapy. The rest has helped out tremendously and I no longer have dire pain down both legs.

I still have a lot of pain in my knees, mostly on the inside and down both legs and sometimes into my feet. When I turn my neck from side to side I hear a crunching sound.

I have a lot of pain in my knees moving from side to side. I do simulated swimming exercises to strengthen my neck muscles, and I walk for 20 minutes every other day.

I have a pain that stops me in my tracks down the outer side of my left thigh when I am standing or turning in a specific way.

I have never been in this type of situation before and am very amazed how quickly my physical health has deteriorated.

Logic tells me that I have had osteoarthritis for quite some time and that all of the adjustments and working on a cement surface may have contributed to the precarious situation my whole body is experiencing. I think that I have muscle imbalances also.

I have bunions and Morton's Neuromas on both feet. I feel like I have tendinitis symptoms throughout my body. I'm not sure how I can help myself, because multiple things are going on at the same time with me. I would appreciate any advice that you can give me!

Thanks, Mary C


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mary.

There's a lot I could say, but let's start with:

A. Read this entire thread and follow the links and read those pages.

B. What is your Vitamin D level? If you don't know, it's critical that you find out.

See Related: Symptoms Of Arthritis

See Related: Sudden Onset Joint Pain

Jun 12, 2018
33 - Considering Surgery for De Quervain's But..
by: Marie

I am a 33 year old female, who has been dealing with dominant hand De Quervain's for nearly 6 months. I've tried everything, but surgery and have an appointment coming up to discuss surgery in 2 weeks. I am terrified of being cut up and dug around in and sliced apart. I'd rather not. But I cannot continue like this. Not being able to use my hand (as a graphic designer) is limiting my life, my income, and my overall well-being and peace of mind. Everything I do takes 2-3x as long and I have to brace myself for pain before everything I do and then power through it. I had Occupational Therapy for 6-8 weeks, one steroid injection that worked for a week or two. Several braces and splints. Etc...

Here's the kicker(s) I also have bilateral Achilles tendonitis and plantar fascitis. As well as constant painful tight section of back muscle/tendon in my mid/upper back (I describe it as a rubber band pulled as tight as it can go.) I am in Physical therapy for both - but have been skipping appointments becuase I feel they arent helping much (although the heated ultrasound does help my back pain).

A few years prior, I had PT for similar issue on the other side of my back, but which started with pain behind my elbow and radiated up my arm. Then under my shoulder blade and it felt like my shoulder blade was constantly moving over a lump. Whatever was pulling the muscles, also had my ribs pulled tight and out of alignment. Being touched even gently on my side was excruciating. PT helped. I'd say that side is 90% better now.

I am tired of PT/OT. I am tired of being in pain. Years prior I had a "downslip" in my left leg, which pulled the tendons tight over my rear, and sitting for more than 2 minutes was unbearable. A PT had to basically shove my leg back in place. The relief, after she figured out what it was, was immediate. You could feel the tendon over my glutes completely relax and the pain was gone. Now, this was back when I was about 18-19 years old, so this many years later, I occasionally feel the tightness in that same area, but never to the point of pain it was back then.

I dealt with the left arm/shoulder/back issue from 2008-2013 before I finally got therapy for it.

Been dealing with the right side back issue for almost a year now (it started after a chiropractor adjustment last summer) and the achilles/plantar pain for maybe 2 years now. I didn't realize what it was until about 7 months ago.

The pain in my right wrist however is the Worst and most pressing and i want this fixed foremost. I can deal with everything else.

I AM SEVERELY vitamin D deficient. Even on a 50,000 mu dosage a week, plus a daily mutli, i am still not even in the safe zone, let alone the optimal.

I do not consume gluten at all, but have in the past. I deal with "IBS-D" when I eat certain foods. Did FODMAP diet with success, but am currently doing KETO for weight loss. I won't be changing that until I reach my goal, because it has reversed my high A1C and is working. I don't want type 2 diabetes. So I will remain on Keto until I am in a healthy weight again. I take magnesium every day even tho my bloodwork said it was "normal"

I DO believe there is something wrong with my connective tissues systemically. Everyone who touches me remarks how "TIGHT" I am all the time. I always feel tight. I dont exercise much these days. I have a recumbent bike at home, I need to use daily.

I cannot afford all of your guides and books. I haven't been earning income for months. I need help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Marie.

1. Are you taking prescription Vit D2? Or off the shelf D3?

2. How often are/were you taking that 50,000i.u.'s?

3. What kind of magnesium are you taking?

4. How much are you taking?

5. The body requires Magnesium to utilize Vit D. And it's a safe bet you're super short of Magnesium.

6. Any other health issues?

7. Are you some amount of hyperflexible (joints)?

8. Would you describe yourself as a Type A personality in general (physically and/or mentally GO GO GO!)?

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