What Your Doctor
Does Not Know
About Guitar Tendonitis

What your doctor does not know about guitar tendonitis can cost you lots of time and money.

And years and decades of symptoms.  Time wasted.  Maybe even having to have to give up playing guitar completely.

It's a travesty, guitar players have to play less or quit entirely.

Guitar tendonitis is easily reversible when you know what you're doing.   

If you've seen one or more doctors, did everything they told you to do, and still have pain when you play guitar (or afterwards, or both), then they didn't know what they were doing.

Here is what your doctors don't know...

What Your Doctor Does Not Know About Guitar Tendonitis...the WHY

What your doctor does not know about guitar tendonitis should NOT include the 'why'.

Meaning, they should know WHY you have guitar tendonitis.

"WHY" do you have guitar tendonitis pain and problem?

The following are NOT answers to that questions:

  • "You play guitar too much."
  • "Your tendons are too tight".
  • "Your technique is bad."
  • "Your tendons are inflammed."
  • "Your joints are inflammed."
  • etc.

At best, those are symptoms.  And technique has very little to do with it (though you should of course use as good a technique as possible).

what doctors do not know about guitar tendonitis

In one recent study, guitarists presented with 'strains' 37.5% of the group, 21.9% had 'inflammatory conditions', and 15.6% had 'nerve problems.

Studies in the field of performance arts medicine is showing statistics that as high as 93% of musicians experience injury (anything with pain being described as 'injury').

That's just in the field of hand instrument musicians.  Imagine all the other hand-heavy industries...

Those are some pretty BIG numbers. Doctors SHOULD know why guitar tendonitis appears.  But they don't.  It's just not in their schooling, and it seems most don't bother trying to figure it out.

I'm biased of course, I deal with the people with guitar tendonitis that doctors fail to help (and in fact, hurt worse).

But doctors trained to think in the western hospital medicine paradigm look at SYMPTOMS, they do not look at causes.  

While guitar tendonitis has a variety of possible symptoms, the causes are the same.

If one doesn't deal with the causes of a problem, then one is going to have a VERY hard time correcting the problem.

Tendonitis is a dynamic, the same dynamic, no matter where it shows up in the body.

See:  What Is Tendonitis?

It's important to know that playing guitar is NOT what caused your guitar tendonitis or your pain that looks like it's from playing guitar.

If your tendons hurt doctors think that your tendons are the problem.  They don't ask WHY your tendons hurt.

Surgeons then want to operate on the tendons.  

But if the tendon are just a symptom and not the actual problem.....how's that surgery going to go?

What Your Doctor Does Not Know About Guitar Tendonitis...
the WHAT

What your doctor does not know about guitar tendonitis should NOT include the 'what'.

Meaning, they should know, medically, what causes guitar tendonitis and the symptoms thereof.

WHAT causes guitar tendonitis symptoms?

This page explains it nicely (no need to repeat myself): Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms

In short...you have:

  • tendon pain
  • overall ache/pain
  • tight muscles
  • 'tired' fatigued muscles
  • burning sensation
  • stiffness
  • reduced range of motion and dexterity
  • etc

EACH of those symptoms is caused by a particular factor or set of factors.

Remember, 'tight tendons' are the CAUSE of tight tendons. 

Tight tendons are symptoms.  Something else made the tendons 'tight'.

Same goes for each of those other symptoms.

When you try to treat symptoms, you are, sooner or later, doomed to fail.

That's why the following don't work in the long run and often not even in the short run:

And then there's surgery.

If there is an actual tear or rupture, great.

But if your doctor and/or your surgeon don't know WHY you have guitar tendonitis, or what SPECIFICALLY is causing your symptoms, then what exactly are they going to cut when they do surgery?

And how is surgery going to fix the actual problem?

It is VERY important that your doctor knows what he or she is doing.

Being able to cut into people and sew them up is a great skill to have.

But being able to actually fix the problems of your patients is even better, incisions or no incisions.

Here are some important questions to ask your doctor:  Quiz Your Doctor

Asking questions and evaluating their answers is a great way to evaluate whether surgery is a good choice or not.

What Your Doctor Does Not Know About Guitar Tendonitis...the How

What your doctor does not know about guitar tendonitis should NOT include the 'how'.

Meaning, they should know how to fix it.

Doctors have a very limited tool box:

  • Rest
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen
  • Wrist splints and braces
  • Corticosteroid shots
  • Physical Therapy referral

And when those don't work, the next/last/only step is:

  • Surgery

When the previous prescriptions fail, then surgery is the 'final option'.

I always wonder...if the other prescriptions didn't help, why would the next one?  The doctor was wrong about all the others...so why right about surgery?

And if s/he isn't sure that surgery will help....it's  pretty invasive thing to just 'try and hope it works'.

So.  Doctors treat symptoms and don't understand the causes.

Most people have to spend months and years exeriencing that before they start looking for other options.

Maybe that's you.  Or maybe you're ahead of the game.

Let's get you back to playing guitar.

In my experience, tips and tricks just aren't going to do it.

Tendonitis is a progressive mechanism made up of MULTIPLE factors.

If you only deal with one of those factors (and that's presuming that you actually deal with it effectively), it might help some, but it's NOT a fix.

To eliminate guitar tendonitis, you need to effectively deal with EACH and EVERY factor that makes up the dynamic.

Again, I'm biased.  I recommend the Reversing Guitar Tendonitis program.

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