Age 29, Chronic Tendonitis Pain in Multiple Locations

by Kate

Hi there, I have always been very active. I ran and snowboarded competitively for many years, rode my bike, hiked, rollerbladed, practiced and became a Bikram Yoga instructor. For most of my life I was exercising 3-4 hours a day. Anyway, my pain problems started when I was 26. I had been doing a lot of repetitive shoulder work in yoga.

One day, seemingly out of the blue my L shoulder started hurting and has hurt since that day despite rest, PT and a steroid injection.

I have heard that there is nothing wrong with that shoulder. But after almost 3 years, I still cannot perform the moves I need to to do a yoga class.

I thought this was an isolated thing but then about 18 months ago I was hiking and got a sharp pain in my R hip. I ended my hike and did some stretching. The pain continued so I sought PT and eventually had an MRI and saw a surgeon.

My MRI showed a torn labrum in my R hip, bilateral subchondral bursitis, bilateral tendonosis in both hips and hamstrings. Anyway, I had a steroid injection in my R hip to see if it was the labrum causing my pain but the intraarticular injection did not help my pain so that ruled surgery out.

I saw a great PT who helped me a lot. I got strong and began doing some of my activities again but my pain returned. I did rest again and got some massage which helped so I started walking for fitness. But starting about a week ago, I am having bilateral knee pain. What gives??

I should mention that most of the time I have low-grade bilateral elbow and forearm pain. I also have a thumb and a calf that hurt most of the time. Not terrible pain, but present.

I have always eaten mostly vegetarian and a lot of salads.

I read your blog and see that my years of exercising for hours a day on oatmeal and salad have not helped me. I had a lot of bloodwork done and do not have any serious diseases and my vitamin levels, including my vit D level, are very good.

I found your blog a week ago and since then have eaten protein
at every meal (which I've never done) and have started magnesium BID (2x/day) and coconut oil. I'm also working on concocting some beef broth.

What do you think is going on? I'm 29 and I pretty much can't move at all anymore---- I have literally 10 places on my body that hurt. It has been very distressing because moving brings me so much pleasure.

Do you think dietary changes alone can help me? How long do these changes typically take?

Thank you in advance,


Joshua Answers:

Hi Kate.

Sorry for the delay responding to this.

How are you doing now?

1. How much magnesium are you taking? What kind?

2. How much Vitamin D are you taking? When was the last time you got a level.

3. Aside from Vitamin D levels, I don't particularly pay attention to nutrient levels from tests, for a variety of reasons, including reliability of different kinds of tests.

4. Yes, if you were that active on oatmeal and's entirely unsurprising that your body has literally broken down. The benefits of youth last for only so long.

If you don't eat enough protein and good fat, if you're nutritionally deficient, you literally fall apart.

While you do have all the factors of Tendonitis at play , you're WAY past tendonitis and Pain Causing Dynamic and Process of Inflammation.

(See: What Is Tendonitis? )

You're literally falling apart.

At that point, it's not about 'strength', it's about nutrition and giving your body all the building blocks it needs to work properly. Once that gets taken care of, then you can start focusing on rehabilitation and getting back to activities.

And oh my, you MUST change your eating habits.

Get back to me with an update of where you're at, and we'll go from there.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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May 19, 2013
Left Elbow Pain After 3 Hour Yoga Handstand Class
by: Justina

I am 39 years old and active (mtn. biking, hiking, snowboarding, yoga etc) Yesterday I did a 3 hour yoga handstand workshop. At the very end of the class during our last handstand, I felt a sharp twinge in the front crease of my left elbow.

We were heading into the relaxation phase and I didn't really feel uncomfortable. But by the end of the night my arm was stiff, sore and I had difficulty fully extending or curling it. I woke up this morning and it is even more stiff. Have been icing every couple of hours and taking Aleve. My doctor said that I probably just strained a tendon and to immobilize it for 24 hours and come see her tomorrow.

I can rotate my wrist right to left with virtually no pain, there is a tingling kind of pressure in the elbow and pain happens in the extending and curling motions. I have about 50% of that range of motion before pain.

A couple of years ago I tore both achilles tendons in a freak snowboard accident and am obviously worried about that sort of damage so I thought I get another thought around this before seeing my doctor tomorrow. SHe mentioned cortizone shots if it doesn't clear up in a couple of weeks and that makes me nervous. I was hoping you would either confirm her thoughts or tell me anything I should watch for. I will continue the rest, ice, immobility and aleve in the meantime.

I appreciate any advice/thoughts around this.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Justina.

1. Is it an elbow -joint- pain, or is it more of a specific spot of pain on muscle/tendon, or? Go ahead and give me a more detailed description.

2. Did the sharp twinge come on slowly or quickly? Were you moving when it happened or stabilized? Do you have a sense that something went into spasm, or maybe a tiny tear, or just passed the threshold from fatiguing/overworked into panic mode?

3. Which 50% of the extending/curling range hurts? The straightened half, or the curled half?

4. Does it hurt when exetending and curling, or just one of the two?

5. Feel free to answer the questions from the above post too.

6. Corticosteroid Injections aren't going to fix anything. Nor will Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen. They'll, at best, help get you through the day, which isn't a bad thing, but they don't 'fix' a problem even a little bit.


May 19, 2013
Joshua Replies to Justina - Left Elbow Pain After 3 Hour Yoga Handstand Class
by: The Tendonitis Expert


7. It's probably too early to worry about a tear. You might have a 'pull', which is a really small tear. If you couldn't move, or lost strength/mobility, couldn't lift/hold something, any of those to a variety of degrees, I might worry about it. Of if you feel like a tear happened.

But at this point, it sounds like you strained something, the body panicked and TIGHTENED up muscles to guard and protect, and a Process of Inflammation is raging (also trying to protect you from future harm or perceived threat of imminent/future harm).

So that's fair to be nervous about cortizone shots.

8. If you have previous trauma/achilles tears, and just from being an active person, it's safe to say that you're hurting for Magnesium, which is required for proper muscle function.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

9. Sort of related thread: Chronic Tendonitis Multiple Joints In Triathlete

10. I'm not a fan of immobilization. Don't do that. Keep it moving -just a tiny bit-. This keeps nervous system firing and sending information, muscles stay mobile and are prevented from totally seizing up. Plus creates circulation etc. Immobilization bad, little movement is good, even if it's just 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch back and forth.

11. Answer the above questions, and we'll go from there.

May 19, 2013
Response to Qs
by: justina

1. It feels like the tendons around the elbow joint are super tight, right now there is no pain unless I try to move the arm straight or closed then it is that feeling when you sprain your ankle and try to step on it

2. The twinge came on quickly. I was moving up to a handstand. I'm not sure if something went into spasm or didn't last long and I was able to another handstand after without the twinge.

3. Which 50% of the extending/curling range hurts? The straightened half, or the curled half? ...both hurt when attempted

4. Does it hurt when exetending and curling, or just one of the two? both

I agree about the immobility and will cautiously stay within the comfort zone. I've recently started taking Natural Vitality calm, but not much and not consistently. I will be more consistent, thanks. I look forward to your other thoughts.

As far as above questions...I've been pretty consistent with vitamin D..about 1500mg per day. I have been primarily meat and poultry free for the last year...when my body craves it I eat it, otherwise my diet consists of greek yogurt, fruit and granola a.m, salads with tuna or eggs and veggies for lunch (apple, veggies and hummus for snack) and fish, veggies and potatoes for dinner. About once a week I eat pizza and/or Indian food/thai food.

I completely agree about magnesium and have recently started taking Natural Vitality calm, but inconsistently. I will get on that. I also agree with your thoughts aboutt mobility and have been gently moving within my comfort range.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your further ideas around this!


Joshua Comments:

Very Relevant: Help Identifying Inner Elbow Pain Can't Straighten Arm That will save me a lot of typing.

Personally I would add in more good fat to my diet. Fat is super important for optimal body function. From what you said, it looks short on volume of good fat. Organic sources of raw butter, animal fat, eggs, raw milk (if you can even get it where you are), avacado, coconut oil.

Also I would shift to the current recommendations of vitamin d researchers, which is 5,000i.u.'s per day. If you don't know your level it's worth finding out (adequate levels of Vitamin D reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 85%, and the category 'all forms' of cancer by 33%).

And of course, definitely hit the magnesium, especially now to help get out of pain and help the body return to a pre-pain muscle tone.

May 20, 2013
Last question
by: Justina

This is my last question- I woke up today feeling much better...still stiff, but more mobility and less pain. Most of my daily exercises involve weight bearing activities (yoga, pushups, HIIT training, etc) how long should I wait to attempt those? I was thinking that I should wait until I have complete mobility and no pain and then start slow. Is this correct thinking?

Thanks again for your thoughts!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Justina.

I'm not a big fan of Rest. Rest doesn't fix anything.

Having said that, you don't want to irritate an already irritated structure/ecology.

I'd do self massage, ice massage, keep things moving, etc, to reduce the factors that are causing the pain and ache.

Basically, help your body speed up the recovery time.

Jun 17, 2014
Tendonitis in my hips, knee, finger and elbow and I'm only 21
by: Keisha

It all started when I was 18/19 I was working out and I was not stretching I end up injuring my hip this went on for a year doctors gave me medication with no help it started in one hip then moved back and forth to both hip then I seen a chiropractor when I was 6 months pregnant.

I was 20 at the time I also had it in my finger the pain went away every now and then it comes back but I stretch and it goes away.

On my hips now a couple weeks ago I don't know what happened but I got this strong pain in my knee and couldn't walk it was so bad I went to bad and woke up and it was gone now the other day I was waking all day and the same knee started to get sore and felt like the same pain in my hips.

It has been going on for a couple days when I sleep it gets better then when I start walking the pain comes back now I wake up this morning and my elbow is sore I don't know what's going on I feel like my joints are shutting down on me.

I'm fairly active I'm not over weight but now skinny. I eat moderately healthy fuits veggies meats cut dairy out except on occasion I was working out and had no issues but had to stop due to other factors none health related.

I'm so lost with this and I don't want medication that is not goog to fix this issue (also when I went to the chiropractor they said that I was getting tendonitis in my hips due to the position of my hips and I needed to strengthen my hamstrings to help take the pressure off but this can't be with all my joints including my fingers and elbow?)


Joshua Comments:

Symptoms of Tendonitis in multiple joints points to a couple things.

1. Inflammation. As pain enhancing chemical gets released, it spreads through the tissue to other areas.

2. Nutritional insufficiency.

Read: Pain Causing Dynamic

Read: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Magnesium is very important for your particular scenario....hint hint.

See Related: Tendonitis In Multiple Locations Including Foot And Wrist And Headaches And Muscle Fatigue

Jan 31, 2015
Can I ever recover from chronic achilles tendinopathy after five years' conservative treatment?
by: CT

I am seeking advice on where to go for the best healthcare management of my chronic achilles tendinopathy.

I have experienced this for five years during which I have worked with several physiotherapists. I experienced a reasonable remission after performing eccentric exercises. However, this was followed by a relapse due to unsupportive footwear, and my latest practitioner has not resumed it significantly.

I last week went to the London Podiatry Centre, where I saw a consultant and underwent several close analyses of my walking using a new technology. I was told that my problems largely originate from my tense, and shortened, calves.

I was given stretches to my gastrocnemius and soleus (two sets of calf stretches). I was given a print out and told different numbers of stretches. I followed the numbers of repeats on the print outs and have caused a big relapse. I am in pain after walking very short distances and need to sit down after five minutes' standing.

I am so driven to make things better that I will pay whatever it costs. I really want to be recommended a strong practitioner who can advise exactly what I should do/discuss the options with me in depth/discuss my realistic prognosis. Will I be able to walk around parks and lead a normal life again?

I also experiencing tendon problems in my wrists due to typing. I'm a journalist and type many hours each day. I was once advised to hold my hands in a prayer position to stretch the tendons. This is also in a weak state, in part due to typing in unhealthy positions.

Please let me know what the names of people / places you might recommend in London, UK. Please also let me know the best management approaches that you know of and the drawbacks of trying less conservative options (such as eccentric (lengthening) exercises, extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), topical nitroglycerin, low level laser therapy, orthoses, splints and injections).

Please advise where I can go to find good wrist exercises, and if you have any further advice for my wrist pain.

Many many thanks for your time and help!


Joshua Comments:

Hi CT.

1. "Will I be able to walk around parks and lead a normal life again? "

I don't see why not, from what you've said above.

2. I don't have any recommendations for practitioners in London.

Having said that, you've tried a lot of different professionals, and they haven't helped much. And there's good reason for that.

When you know the reasons, you get better results.

3. You've been experiencing chronic lower leg symptoms. And now wrist symptoms.

They are connected, and share all the same factors. Your wrists don't hurt because of how you type. They hurt because the structures are not opererating optimally.

4 "Please also let me know the best management approaches that you know of and the drawbacks of trying less conservative options (such as eccentric (lengthening) exercises, extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), topical nitroglycerin, low level laser therapy, orthoses, splints and injections)"

The drawbacks are what you've already experienced. They don't work.

No matter where the Tendonitis feels like it is, it all shares the same multiple factors that work together to cause pain etc.

The options you listed and have tried, at best deal with a single factor.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

5. You could pay 'whatever it costs', or you could get my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis program for not very much at all, and do the self care yourself at home.

6. YOu could even read through this thread, follow all the links you come across to more information, and that might even go a long way towars giving you enough to do some serious benefit to your chronic pain dynamic.

7. Also, what's your Vitamin D level?

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