A Tennis Elbow Treatment
That Actually Works

There are a large number of options for Tennis Elbow Treatment.

Unfortunately, almost all of them fail to cure Tennis Elbow, much less make a significant, lasting difference.

For ALL types of treatment for Tennis Elbow, it is vital to keep in mind that while we -think- that our body heals itself from Tendonitis issues like Tennis Elbow....

...the way our body actually heals leaves our structure primed for more pain and damage in the future.

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Have You Tried the Tennis Elbow Treatments That Don't Work?

Looking at the rest of your life,

Rest will not heal you.

Pain Relief Cream may lessen your pain some by bringing new blood to the area and by Distracting your nervous system.

Anti-inflammatory meds and Pain Killers basically just mask or dull the pain. They don't alter your structure or your habits to make you better.

Corticosteroid Injections are in the same category, except that they can make you hurt more, and they have potentially dangerous side effects.

Tennis Elbow Braces will limit ongoing irritation to your structure, but will ultimately just prolong your suffering.

Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy can be really effective choices for treating Tennis Elbow -if- you have a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner.

Do try them out and see for yourself.

Still, you're going to continue to do the things that 'caused' your Tennis Elbow.

Part of a successful Tennis Elbow Treatment is getting rid of the pain, part is 'fixing' the problem.

Still another part is 'Managing' your structure over time in direct relationship to what activities you do and how hard they are on your structure.

For A Tennis Elbow Treatment To Work......

Treating Tennis Elbow is quick and easy if you have the RIGHT plan.

With the Right plan you can quickly get to healing your Tennis Elbow, and even your Elbow Tendonitis will start to heal. (I like saying 'Elbow Tendonitis', because it's a term that doesn't really mean anything, but seems like it does.)

FAIR WARNING!  Tennis Elbow is caused by certain factors.  Anything you do that does NOT reverse those certain factors WILL NOT get rid of Tennis Elbow Symptoms, not for long anyway.


Tennis Elbow is caused by certain specific factors.  Anything you do that does NOT reverse those certain factors WILL NOT get rid of Tennis Elbow Symptoms.

Not for long anyway.....

You need a plan!

Your doctor has a plan.  S/he'll prescribe all the usual things.  Maybe that's happened to you.  Did your doc's plan help?  Did it fix your Tennis Elbow?

I'm guessing not.

Here is your plan.  It's a better plan, because it targest the factors causing your pain and problem.

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Loosen too-tight muscle and connective tissue
  • Replete necessary nutrition you are lacking

If you follow this tennis elbow treatment activity, YOU WILL GET RESULTS.

First, you have to reduce  Inflammation.

Then you have to restructure your tissue, making it more optimal for healthy, efficient operation.  This looks like self massage (that's the really basic explanation.

Then you have to get necessary nutrition into your body so it has what it needs to do what it needs to do.  For instance, See:  Magnesium for Tendonitis

There is no magic pill.

It would be great if there was. (It would be SUPER great!)

But there's not. It is going to take a small amount of time and effort. Much less than trips to the doctors, drugs, surgeries, time off, etc.

The time and effort is worth it because you are actually healing your structure. None of the above options can do that.

I'm sure you want your Tennis Elbow Symptoms to go away quickly and I bet you want the easiest, most effective Tennis Elbow Treatment methods around.

Here it is.

The plan very simple. Don't let that discourage you. You should absolutely not discount the plan because it is simple.

This is something you can do at home. This is free. This is safe and effective.

For a more complete training, get The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works DVD.

Until it arrives, follow the below plan and make the pain go away!

Tennis Elbow Treatment
How to Reduce Inflammation if
you have Tennis Elbow

The Plan:


a.k.a. Super Icing!

1. Find a (kitchen) sink.

2. Fill it up with water and ice and/or frozen water bottles.

3. Repeatedly over a two hour period, dip your entire hand and forearm into an Ice Dip in your sink for 10 seconds. 10 seconds ONLY.

You could dip just your forearm and elbow, buy you might as well get your whole lower arm/hand.

Repeat this a minimum of 10 times, while you're making dinner, when a commercial comes on, between chores, etc. You want the CUMULATIVE effect of Ice Dipping over and over.

Tennis Elbow Treatment
How to reshape the structure

Imagine a dry sponge, it's hard and crunchy, brittle and frail.

That's kind of what your muscle and connective tissue turns into as the Tennis Elbow Tendonitis dynamic gets worse and worse.

You want your structure to be soft and squishy, loose and mobile.

What happens to a dry crunchy sponge when you hold it under water and then squeeze it?

It gets soft and squishy, loose and easily movable.

There are several ways to make this happen for yourself.

This is the quickest and easiest, is incredibly effective, and you can start at home right now.

The Plan:


Let's say that you have Tennis Elbow on your right side.

To do Hammertime! you would:

1. Make a relaxed fist out of your left hand.

2. Strike (or hammer:) on the painful area of your upper forearm 5 times, in the area where the thumb is pressing in the picture.

3. 30 minutes later, repeat #2.

4. Repeat #2 every 30 minutes.

You want a relaxed fist. Don't hurt your hand.

You can pound with your fist gently at first, then increase the impact as:

* the area becomes less painful, and/or

* you determine the level of impact that is just the right amount.

Make sure not to hit yourself so hard it hurts. Good pain is good, bad pain is bad.

You'll know the correct pressure to use.

The intent is to squeeze the sponge. It doesn't take much force.

Why Hammertime Works

Every time you impact your fist on the muscle and connective tissue of your forearm, you squeeze the sponge.

Every time you squeeze the sponge, you force old irritant and fluid out, and then new fluid and nutrition is drawn in as you release the squeeze.

Dry and crunchy tissue becomes soft and mobile, and scar tissue gets broken up as it is force to move.

Hammertime! sends lots of information to the nervous system, so it can recalibrate when it notices how tight your tissue is.

You want the CUMULATIVE effect of squeezing the sponge every half hour.

Just once or twice won't do it, though it won't hurt anything.

If you do as I suggest
you'll be very surprised by the results

Treat this as a serious experiment for 7 days.

This particular Tennis Elbow Treatment protocol is not only the most effective that you are going to find (because it specifically deals with the source of your pain), but it's free too! The DVD costs $44.97 after S&H, but that's cheap compared to everything you could pay elsewhere.

You could pay doctors and other professionals a bunch of money. You probably have.

But remember, there's no magic pill. And effective self care at home is NECESSARY, no matter what route you go down.

Do the icing and hammertime as described.

Not only will it make me look good, but your forearms and elbows will feel amazingly better if you do this for a week. Treating Tennis Elbow can be deceivingly simple. It does take a little bit of work though.

Get The Tennis Elbow Treatment
That Works

That was the free advice for Tennis Elbow Treatment. Don't let the free part fool you. It can reduce your pain significantly in the next couple hours if you ACTUALLY DO IT.

If you want a complete package, an effective Tennis Elbow Treatment with EXACTLY and ONLY what you need to make your pain go away and make your structure healthy again, then I suggest you get 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'.

This training gives you exactly what you need to reverse your Tennis Elbow and get back to a pain free life.

Still not sure what the best choice for you is?

There are so many choices for Tennis Elbow Treatment out there it can be confusing.

Here is some more information that will help you in your search.

There are 3 Factors you must deal with when choosing an effective Therapy For Tennis Elbow.

Find out what needs to happen in your arm to heal your Elbow Tendonitis, and that will give you an edge when shopping for a remedy.

Find Out More About The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works DVD and self-treatment protocol.

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