Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm

by Barry Allen
(Rockville MD)

Barry's elbow pain location anatomy graphic

Barry's elbow pain location anatomy graphic

I am a 39 year old male and live in Maryland. I am in good physical health. Average weight. Average height. No medical history. Pretty much problem free my entire life.

Several days ago I woke up with minor pain in my left arm / elbow. It was an unusual pain meaning that I could not identify the exact location of the pain. Honestly, I couldn't tell if it was coming from my elbow, bicep or forearm. There was a slight increase in pain when straightening my arm but nothing alarming.

I did not work out prior or exercise, fall or bump my arm to explain the pain. It wasn't severe, I figured I slept on it wrong or something, so I ignored it.

The next day it hurt worse with much more pain when trying to straighten my arm and due to the severity of the pain, I was now able to identify the location of the pain.

The pain SEEMS to be coming from directly where my arm bends (crelbow???) to about 1 inch towards my bicep. Also on the inside of my elbow (1 inch towards my bicep) closest to my body when my palm is facing up. Again I ignored it with the exception of getting into my hot tub and letting the water jets massage away at the point of pain. It seemed to lessen the pain but only temporary.

The following day... even worse pain. Could't straighten my arm and now with a sharp stabbing pain coming from the left side of my crelbow (or the part of the arm directly opposite of the elbow that creates the interior angle of the elbow.) Now, maybe, I also feel some discomfort in my forearm but I can't be sure. It may just be the throbbing pain coming from my elbow/bicep.

1 day later.... same symptoms only worse and now the pain is becoming unbearable. I have an appointment with my doctor but based on what I have heard from others, this my not help as much as expected and I may be in for a long road ahead depending on the actual cause of the problem.

Do you have ANY suggestion as to what this can be? Possible treatment? The pain is not getting any better. The pain is constant 24 x 7 to the point of not being able to sleep through the night.

The pain is very severe when trying to straighten my arm and I did nothing to damage or injure my arm.

I can say that if I slowly straighten my arm, the pain go's away a little then I can move my arm (like a simulated bicep curl) without the stabbing pain. I don't have any issues with hand strength in that arm or pain in my wrist or fingers. I don't have weakness in my arm or increased pain when curling with a weight. Only time pain increases is just when straightening my arm.

Thank you in advance for your time.

P.S. I have been known to sleep with my head ON my arm. Sort of using my bicep like a pillow of sorts. My arm will be pointing towards the headboard of the bed and bent with my forearm and hand following the headboard up towards the ceiling.

I have woken up in the past with my arm in pain from it falling asleep due to this... just not recently or within the last year. I have also been known to sleep with my arm in the same position under my pillow. It isn't intentional.... just seems to happen that way during the night.

I don't know if I slept this way in the past week or not or if that caused my situation.

I attached a picture. The circle on the thumb side is where there is a shooting when I straighten my arm.

The circle on the pinky side is where there is a shooting pain if I press in with my fingers. The area between and including both circles is where it hurts 24x7 but it isn't a shooting pain.

Thank you for your time.


Joshua Answers:

Huh. Interesting. Can't say I've heard this particular scenario before.

1. If you were having a heart attack, you'd know by now, I think.

2. Doesn't sound like Tendonitis at all.

3. If you had a deep vein thrombosis (blod clot) in your arm from sleeping on it weird, that would give you this kind of pain....but it's not likely.

Now, if you had swelling, or redness, or you just had surgery, or other physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities that would be different. If you were REALLY concerned about it you could go get an DVT ultrasound test.

4. It hurts when you straighten your arm only. And when at rest. But NOT when you do a bicep curl or other actions?

That's kind of weird. (meaning, not common.)

At this point, I'm going with that some part of your muscle(s) is stuck in spasm. As in, you have a killer trigger point (bunch of muscle fibers stuck constantly firing).

That you can straigten it slowly with less pain than if you straighten it quickly, that is one clue towardst that.

Between Inflammation setting neuro-receptors on edge, and spastic muscle not liking anything fast or surprising, that makes sense to me.

Tell me more about what's going on.

Until then:

1. Feel around in your triceps and biceps area, and look for a little, pea or smaller sized nodule of TIGHT, SPASMY muscle. It will be hiding in there, and will be very active, tight, and potentially set of pain and bigger spasm if you get on it.

If you find it (could have more than one), give it static pressure until something happens. Ideally, it will *poof* let go and disappear.

2. Read about and dose up with some Magnesium.

3. Drink a lot more water for the next week.

4. Keep poking around till you find a hot spot. Chances are, there's just something stuck in spasm and it's not letting go.

5. If you can, ice the hell out of the arm. 5 gallon bucket full of arctic cold ice water, if you can even get your arm deep enough in it. Frozen water bottle massage is a good secondary option.

6. Keep me updated. Ask any other questions.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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Dec 08, 2009
Get it resoved?
by: Anonymous

To the OP, did you get this resolved? I am having exactly the same thing.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

No response back from the original poster.

If you want to take their place, since you have the same thing, jump right in.

Dec 21, 2009
Similar pain
by: Anonymous

Last night I was showing off in front of my daughter. (she's a dancer) Well she was dancing and I told her to get out of the way. Well I started dancing like I did 15 years ago.

Late last night and so far this morning I cannot straighten my arm. Anyway I try to straighten it (side ways, curls) it hurts.

Also I noticed last night that it seemed cold. I can bend it some but once it gets to a certain point, that's it and it hurts when it gets to that point.

I've been bending it some so far this moring and right now it almost has a burning sensation.

Haven't decided what to do. Do I go to the doctor? Do I just rest it for a day or so and then make my decision?

Anyways, I was curious about it so thought I'd look it up online and found this site. My problem is similar to this so I thought I'd share and see what comments I'd get to my injury.


Joshua Comments:

Hi there Similar Pain.

Well, right off it sounds like you just tweaked something and the nervous system locked you up, added in some Inflammation Process too (that's the burning sensation).

Muscles in the biceps area locked up, everything tight (restricting circulation causing the cold feeling)

Potentially you have some involvement up at the front of the neck and chest/shoulder that could be stepping on the hose of the arteries/nerves (the cold feeling, any numbness or tingling)

I'm certainly not going to tell you not to go to the doctor, but what are they going to do other than tell you to rest for a few days and take some anti-inflammatory drugs?

I would:

1. Get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with ice/frozen water bottles so it's Artic Cold. And Ice Dip as many times as you can today and tomorrow, maybe the next day too. See How To Reduce Inflammation.

2. Lay backwards (gently) over a big blow up exercise ball, or chair, or a few pillows, with your head hanging back and down, and your arms out and down (the opposite of sitting hunched over at a desk). Slow, gently stretch.

3. Massage the forearm and biceps. A little bit at a time, over and over, all day again for the next few days.

4. Get and take some Magnesium. Make sure to read the Magnesium Dosage page for what kind and how much.

-Probably- this will resolve and relax if you just left it alone, but there's no reason for you not to help it along. And it seems that things like this never -fully- resolve, even if the pain is gone. Really they are a clue that your structure is too tight, and ready to do this again if you 'over do it'.

Keep us updated on what you do and how it goes!

Dec 26, 2009
by: Matt

Thanks for posting a similar/identical sounding ailment/symptoms that I share with Joshua.

I'm an extremely healthy athletic 53 year old male and a new motorcycle rider.

I have had a sporadic stabbing pain in the area where my tricep, bicep and elbow meet. It is more pronounced in the morning upon waking up. Straightening my arm is painful. I got some temporary relief with an ice pack placed around above and below the elbow joint. I had arthroscopic hand surgery ten months ago on my right hand to trim some torn and shredded ligamentS in my wrist bones. I received a local arm block for anesthesetic. I also had pins in my hand for two months that ocassionally caused an odd nerve pain down the outside(heel) of the same hand. That sensation subsided 4 months post surgery and many physically therapy sessions later. I restored all the strength and muscle tone in my hand, arm and shoulder. I just got home from a 40 mile round trip motorcycle ride and the pain hit me to the point of doubling me over. I have a high tolerance for musculoskeletal pain.

Tomorrow I will get a Shiatsu massage treatment and tell the therapist about my current problem. More to follow after the session.

Thanks for the information exchange.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Matt.


Let me know what the shiatsu guy/gal says, and more info.

Dec 28, 2009
Important question- new thread
by: Jeff

I'm a 24 year old male who has never been injured but have always wondered my arms don't full extend( they never have since i can remember) for example if i put my arms straight out in front of me and make first and touch my first together there is about a 1.5-2ft gap between my elbows. There are times random times where 1 elbow or both will be even worse and i cant even get it half way extended it actually hurts now this is rare it happens maybe once a month at most but i don't understand it. i talked to a doctor once and he took test for something not sure what it was blood test and said he found nothing unusual. But this also happens in other joints too at random like my wrist will be really tender and sore or my knees but like i said the pain is rare maybe like 1 time a month at most usually even less then that.


Hey Jeff.

Do me a favor and submit the text above into a new submission on the Ask The Tendonitis Expert page.

Add in history and symptom details. Your question deserves it's own thread/conversation, and is a different issue than this one.

Talk to you shortly!

edit: Here's that conversation - elbow-tendonitis-24-year-old-male-and-never-been-able-to-straighten-elbows

Dec 30, 2009
inner elbow pain, problem straightening arm
by: Anonymous

Hi, I noticed this morning when I woke up a pain in my inner elbow.

When trying to straighten my elbow I get a sharp pain that runs up my arm. The pain occurs right before the arm is fully extended.

My arm will eventually straighten all the way but I have to somewhat rub it to get it to loosen up.

When my elbow is in a relaxed position it has a throbbing pain which I'm assuming comes from the sharp pains of trying to straighten it.

The only cause I can think of is sleeping on it wrong since I have a tendency to sleep on my right arm. I have woke up a couple times to find my whole right arm numb from sleeping on it.

I'm a healthy 22 year old male and did not hurt it during a physical activity.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Right Arm Sleeper (you didn't leave a name, so I gave you one:)

Well, in general it sounds like your biceps muscles are too tight, and spastic (stuck too tight, stuck in spams).

1. Learn about Magnesium for Tendonitis.

2. Self massage and ice massage, the latter described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

3. Stop sleeping on your right arm. Sounds obvious and it is, and there's probably more to the story, but start with the above three and let me know how things go.

Jan 14, 2010
Too much computer time? New question about straightening elbow from Elaine
by: Elaine

Hi! I found this page as I was looking up info on a similar pain, but I'm not too positive.

I work at a desk for most of the day, elbows rested on my desk, which is about elbow height. When I'm at home on the couch on the laptop, my posture is worse.

After a few hours of the laptop yesterday, I noticed I couldn't straighten out my arm fully without pain. I can't fully identify where it is - seems like inner elbow and just a bit of the crook of the elbow if my palm is facing up.

This morning it seems to be a bit worse and straightening it or even trying to push a door open hurts it.

When it's bent at rest, it doesn't seem to hurt it.

Should I follow the same course of advice - ice, Mag, etc?

Should I try to keep the arm straight or keep it bent at rest? At what point do I see a dr? I appreciate any help!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Elaine.

I certainly spend a lot of time on the couch with my laptop as I comment on your question.

You could just have a temporary tweak, a glitch, and it'll go away in a few days.

And even so, if it happens once, it's predictable that it will show up again somewhere down the road. It's not Tendonitis necessarily, but it sounds like there's some level of irritation and muscle tightening. Muscles get tighter and tighter over time.

So if you're having inner elbow pain and a problem straightening your arm, let's talk about what to do if/when that happens.

1. Yes, make sure you have enough Magnesium in you.

2. Ice Massage that pupply as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

3. Keep the arm moving. Straighten, bend, repeat. Stretch it some (just straightening it might do that). Keep it moving, don't immobilize it.

4. When to see a doctor? Only your doctor can advise you on that:)

Does that help?

Jan 23, 2010
Same pain in arm & can't extend Fully
by: GW

I have the exact same pain in my right arm by the elbow. I can't extend it with palm up without pain. The post by Barry with the photo reference described the issue exactly.

I recently had a lumpectomy of the right breast and sentinal node biopsy. Yesterday at my post op appt I described a spot that felt like a swollen vien in my chest above my right breast to the doctor. She said it was a thrombosis and did not seem concerned so I did not take notice of it.

Pain started in my right arm yesterday afteroon and has gotten steadily worse. I have been spending much time on computer and texting so I thought it could be that.

My arm is not disclored or red but my fingers are cold. Should I be concerned about a clot?


Joshua Comments:

Hi GW.

First off, I HIGHLY recommend that you check out the Vitamin D pages at

There is a huge correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and breast cancer, and immune system function and health in general.

ABSOLUTELY get your Vitamin D level checked, and then get your Vitamin D level UP. (You may or may not have to make your doctor OK this for you).

Well, I'm not a doctor, so my first reaction to "It's a thrombosis." would be to worry about it. It's a blocked artery/vein. Not a good idea, and causes pain.

Having said that, with lumpectomy and the removal of lymph nodes etc, the circulatory system and fluid/tissue in the area can get really boggy and marshy (as opposed to flowing smoothly like a river). A small thrombosis in this area may not be a problem other than causing pain (which is a problem).

I also don't know how extensive the lumpectomy was. If it's just a little biopsy, that's one thing, if it's a big chunk removal, that's another story entirely. Lumpectomies can really mess up ecology of the whole (large) area.

I'm not an expert on that, I'd get a second opinion from a breast/lumpectomy/lymphatic system expert. If the fingers on just the one side are cold, that could be from circulatory blockage, lymph flow problems...a whole host of possibilities.

As far as the arm straightening thing, that could absolutley be related, or could be totally separate. Pain makes things tighten up. I would massage the bicep and under the bicep.

Also, pay attention. If the chest gets worse -and- the elbow get worse together, that's a clue.

1. Self massage.

2. Lymphatic drainage specialist.

3. Vitamin D, Magnesium and Magnesium Side Effects.

Jan 23, 2010
Inner elbow pain
by: Anonymous

I woke up this morning with the same exact pain. Slept on left arm and now it hurts to bend and extend. ibpropherin seems to help some. There must be a name or cuase for this. Blood restriction? Pinched nerve?


Joshua Comments:

I rather imagine that you slept on your arm in such a way that it was working (meaning, muscles were contracting and pushing against you/the bed) for a long period of time.

Kind of like holding up a barbell all night while you sleep. If it was a bent elbow with weight on it, then your structure was working to avoid getting crushed for a long period of time, or the joint itself was overstretched/compressed/unhappy for all that time.

It happens. Obviously, stop sleeping like that:)

Keep it moving/wiggling throughout the day and literally help it loosen up.

Feb 28, 2010
Same Problem
by: VChaggar

Every morning I hang on my chin-up bar for a few seconds to stretch out after getting out of bed.

Today I done my usual routine and after 20 minutes I have a similar discomfort in my right arm. I am unable to straighten my arm without feeling a sharp pain just below the bicep, on a similar point to the picture at the top of the webpage.

Any comments would be appreciated,


Joshua Comments:

Hi VChaggar.

Well, I doubt you 'injured' your self, but it does make sense that over time tissue has gotten tighter and tighter, and you've been getting out of bed and putting all your weight on your arms.

When you get out of bed in the moring, metabolically you're at your 'coldest', meaning tissue is less mobile and squishy than when you're up and moving around for a while.

So first thing in the morning, without any warm up, you are putting lots of strain on tight structures.....

Probably your body just switched into 'high defense' mode, where it's making you hurt to stop you from injuring yourself more.

The simple answer is self massage the area, frequently, and ice.

Time will likely make the pain go away, but in my experience, once you go over the edge into will likely come back. And you can either learn to live with it, or learn to keep it away/at bay/in the background where it's not an issue.

Mar 03, 2010
similar pain?
by: hard to stretch

For years now, I have been having similar pain in my elbows.

If one of my children falls asleep on my arm and is putting pressure on it, the elbow seems to "lock up".

It starts to hurt and it is very hard for me to straighten my arm out, the muscles or tendons seem to be dry and grinding when I straighten.

Now the problem has been happening during the night or when I wake up in the morning, and now tonight as I sit at my desk with my elbow in the same position for an extended period.

Once I get the arm straightened out and move it around for a few minutes, the pain goes away.

Any ideas?????


Joshua Comments:


The short answer is:

1. Increae your Magnesium for Tendonitis intake.

2. Increase your water intake.

3. Increase your good fat intake.

4. Ice Dip and Self Massage to make the structure(s) juicy again.

Mar 25, 2010
Bicep/elbow pain
by: motts

Hi joshua - great site!

I have almost identical symptoms to the OP. I have not lifted anything, or do any strenous excercise recently..but I do work at a desk (And on a laptop on my lap...right now).

I also have been known to sleep on my arm on occasion.

A few nights ago just like the OP I started feeling a general pain around my bicep. by the next morning, it was a sharp shooting pain (on the inside of my arm, one inch up from my elbow) and it seems to have gotten worse since.
Like the Op, now my whole aches and I cant straighten my arm. Well...I can straighten it, but it hurts like @#$%.

I kind of figured it was a spasming muscle....but man its painful.

Last night I tried icing for a while (not an ice bath, but just a bag of ice) but I didnt get much relief. Later in the night, I soaked in a hot bath and that seemed to make the pain subside substantially (but only temporarily).

my question is: your suggestions are all focusing on ice bath. I know this deals with inflammation, but doesnt it tighten the muscles up more?
what about a heat pack? is that a bad idea? it seems like it might relax the muscle...

Please let me know what you think.
I can't type any more...



Joshua Comments:

Essentially, if it's not a Tendonitis dynamic and you were fine one day and then hurting the next, it is essentially a muscle spasm. More like a sustained cramp, really.

Get a bunch of Magnesium in you.

Ice dips DO tighten muscles, strategically. 10 second dips for the shock response on the circulatory system. The sponge squeezes itself, pushes old fluid out, and then the body pushes a lot of new blood in.

This is great for dialing down Inflammation, and causing cirucuation.

If you don't have Inflammation, then heat is fine. I still like cold better for overall ciruculation. Do cold and hot if you want.

Sometimes tight painful muscles just need new blood/nutrition to relax/let go/feel better. Use heat, see what happens. Use cold/hot/cold/hot, see what happens.

Drink a lot of water too.

Stick a thumb into different spots on the bicep, a moderate-heavy static pressure. Something about static(constant) pressure tells the nervous system to relax the structure.

And don't immobilize it. Keep it moving. Don't force a stretch, but keep it moving. You'll notice the tendency is for it to freeze up. Constant motion will help combat this, and even just a little movement will do it.

Apr 01, 2010
inner elbow pain
by: Kai


I have a similar problem. My right arm hurts when i fold or straighten it after it hangs on the side for few minutes or when i carry something. any idea?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kai.

If it's like most similar issue, it's a matter of muscles get tight, they stay tight, tendons get irritated from all the extra constant tension, possibly some magnesium deficiency too, and at a certain point, you just get stuck into a pain dynamic.

The rest of this previous thread has my suggestions for you.

Drink a lot of water, nutritional supplementation, light stretching and self massage.

Apr 05, 2010
fractured elbow
by: Sand

I have fallin and fractured my elbow 2 months ago, went to er and they told me it was a sprained wrist. took me 2 weeks before I went back to doc who then wanted more x-rays and found the brake a nondisplaced radial head and neck fracture and told me it was 2 late to cast it.

Now the bone itself is healed and I am having pain in my elbow that throbs and feels like fluid is filling in there and radiating pain in my thumb and some times my pinky side doc told me to do physical therapy first witch has had no change to the pain and some times in my elbow and fore arm there is some thing that pops in there and then hurts really bad, I have gotten full range of motion back into the arm and wrist and hand my ? is why am I am pain still after 2 months?

thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sand.

1. Where exactly did you have a break?

2. What was going on that the ER thought had a wrist issue?

Let's hope that there's nothing funky/damaged in there.

In a perfect world, you crack the bone, it heals, etc.

Possibly it broke weird, and some nerve is somehow involved.

Hopefully, all your pain and such is from a stuck Process of Inflammation.

And any time there's pain/injury, everything tightens up, just like in a Tendonitis dynamic. Or more accurately, it starts a Pain Causing Dynamic.

I am worried a bit about that popping. Is a 'normal' kind of joint adjustment popping, or is it something odd/different/weird/abnormal?

It might behoove you to go find an big time/big name sports doc.

But first let's investigate and get some more info.

Start Ice Dipping, 40+ times a day, for the next 7-10 days, as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

That's all I'm going to say about that, other than, in 7-10 days reply here with an update, results, and experience of all that.

Apr 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have some similar problems but it hurts the most when I tighten the elbow up as bent as it can be and then twist the wrist. Rotating the wrist with the arm in any position generates a snapping sound. Hurts intensely first thing in the morning.

I do tend to sleep in this arm, though I've been trying not to.

The problem first seemed to start after raking all afternoon with a very huge rake. But I also am a serious rower and in the winter row about 10K a day, play the violin an hour or two a day, and now that it's spring, ride a bike in the aero bar position about 6--10 hours a week.

I've been trying an ultrasound machine for about a week and heat wraps. A chiro I went to (this has been going on 6 months now) said it was tennis and golfer's elbow but it's really more in the middle of the elbow. The ultra sound book did not have anything about bicep tendonits which I thought it might be so I was trying the ultrasound there but that seems to make it worse.


Joshua Comments:

Ultrasound makes it worse? Hmmm. I've never heard of it making anything worse before.

Well, Anonymous, you're a hand/arm intensive kind of person. It's not surprising that you are experiencing the effects of years of increasing muscle and connective tissue contraction.

The thing with Tendonitis, as it relates to the ultrasound book, is that it's all the same. Whatever it says for one kind of Tendonitis, you can do for any other kind.

Apr 25, 2010
I Have The Same Thing
by: Steve B.

I have an issue very similar to that described here, with a couple of major differences:
1) I know that sleeping with my arm outstretched under my pillow/head is a big cause. When I get up in the morning, the pain is at it's worst (right arm), especially if I turn my hand/forearm counter clockwise.

2) Over the course of the day, it eases up and is barely noticeable unless I stress it or put weight on it in any type of curling motion.

As the previous writer described, the pain in in the middle elbow and sometimes hard to isolate. Definitely up into the bicep and down into the forearm.

I've worked out lightly with weights for the past 20 years or so - a couple of times a week. Bench, triceps, curls. Curls are virtually impossible at this point, although presses and pulldowns are fine on a machine. I used to use dumbbells, but the strain of lifting them/getting them into position is too much.

Anyway, this started around Thankgiving '09, and has only gotten worse. I saw a Dr. who told me to essentially not use the arm for 2-3 weeks and to take Aleve 2x/day. I've done this haphazardly and suppose I'm at the point where I need to totally shut down the use of the arm for several weeks? Also, is there some sort of protective brace that would protect it from turning and me lying on it at night?

Any thoughts? Suggestions/insight would be greatly appreciated!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Steve.

Totally shutting it down isn't going to work, unfortunately. It's already short and tight. Stopping any lengthening activities is just going to have it get shorter and tighter.

You could tie a line around your body/waist/arm, so you don't get into that habitual position. That's the cheapo version that will work just as well as an expensive brace thing.

The position isn't the problem, it's that all night due to the position, the muscles are working hard keeping themselves from being pulled apart (remember, Too Short is normal now, so normal length is an overstretch).

Gently stretch it repeatedly throughout the day. Don't cause pain, but make sure to get some length each and every time.

Also, try some Magnesium. Follow the link to read why.

Apr 30, 2010
arm pain in14 year old boy
by: Anonymous

Hi im a 14 year old boy and one day i noticed that i could not bend my arm all the way.

there was no pain with it untill i tryed to bend it.

the next morning i woke up with a bit of pain in the elbo.

I first thought it was nothing i was just a little stiff but 3 days later i started to think about it and get a little scared about what might be wrong.

So i started to feel around and felt that my muscle felt a bit weird around my elbow so i started to rub it and ice it.

i finaly looked it up and found this site and saw that i too was not the only one with this and that there is ways to fix it.

i will follow the instructions to help it.

but one question, Will i need surgery for a little bit of pain in my arm?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I sure hope you won't need surgery! (I certainly wouldn't have surgery for what you describe.)

How's it feeling now, days later of rubbing and icing?

May 01, 2010
fractured elbow
by: Sand


I am back with a update on what is going on my elbow, it was fractured at the radial head the neck healed it is now a hair line fracture and now my elbow feels bruised dealing with that the ice helped out a lot.

The popping I was explaining about was definitly odd like some thing in there was moving and then making the noise, there was swelling on my ulna nerve that was causing pain to shoot down my hand and radiate into my pinky side and my radial nerve was also affected so my thumb side hurt as well all of it healed I have a little tendonitis left but that seems to be healing now as well I hope every 1 gets there arms better that pain just sucked.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Sand.

Thanks for the update!

Yeah, sometimes breaks can cause other problems.

As I often say, the injury usually isn't the problem, the body's response to the injury is the problem.

In the case of broken bones, the injury clearly is a problem. But the swelling and such can cause pain/problem, like the pressure on the nerve.

Keep icing, and make sure you have enough Magnesium and Vitamin D intake so you can utilize your Calcium and heal the bone better/faster.

May 06, 2010
same problem
by: randi salisbury

For about two months i have been going thru the same thing with my right arm. i wish i could figure this out.

May 22, 2010
Avery, Can't straighten arm for 2, from pitching at 13
by: Anonymous name is Avery Felton and i haven't been able to straighten my arm for 2 years now. i think it all started when i was 13, playing baseball.

I use to pitch every game..but when i used to go to the doctor, they would tell me just to warm up when i know i warm up good.stuff like that..

But now i can't even straighten at all..but when i went get x ray..they told me i had loose bones floating around..whats up with that?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Avery.

Loose bones floating around? What does that mean? Like chips of bone broken off? A loose elbow joint?

It's unfortunate that your doctors weren't knowledgeable enough to help you out. If you were already warming up well enough, and all they had to offer you was advice to warm up before pitching....

What happens when you try to straighten your arm? Does it just stop? Does it hurt? If it hurts, describe the sensation.

Jun 02, 2010
same pain - By Dom
by: big Dom

Ive had the same exact pain as the first post an similar to the others , i have difficulty in picking up heavy objects not necessarily too heavy but like a gallon bottle of water causes me sharp pain in the inside of my arm by the inner elbow as others wrote, i bent it an it hurts i seen my medical doctor he said it was nothing just maybe a swelling of a tendon, but its been a month now and its causing me great pain any suggestions? i tried the massaging and i do feel little pea like things an rub them but the pain is still there.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dom.

Wow, that doctor was really helpful!

Ice Massage, and massage not just that pea spot, but also the entire biceps structure. The tendon itself isn't the only issue, it's tightness of the entire structure.


Jun 04, 2010
I don't know what's wrong with my elbow
by: Julie

I was roller blading last night and it was slippery, I lost control and tried to break my fall but ended up landing on my arm awkwardly. It didn't hurt that badly, I got up and kept going.

Once I got in my car though, about 20 minutes later, I realized that I couldn't even use my left arm to drive. My elbow and inner forearm hurts when I try to extend or straighten my arm.

The only time the pain is bearable is when my arm is bent. I can move my fingers just fine, but when I try and twist my wrist I get a sharp pain in my elbow again.

The only way I can even get close to straightening my arm is if I turn my arm up (with my palm facing up) but even then it feels almost impossible.

I don't see any discoloration/bruising at all and it doesn't look any different really. When I rub around my inner forearm and elbow it relieves the pain. I really don't know what's going on with it and I don't want to waste time going to the doctor if it isn't serious, I can handle the pain for a little bit.

Any help would be veeeery much appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Julie.

Well, assuming that you don't have a fracture (might be worth it to make sure, but you have to make the call on that...), and depending on how you fell:

1. YOu might have jammed your elbow joint, so it's either bruised or a little bit out of joint. The bone bruising doesn't sound like what you are describing, but if the elbow is out of joint that can lead to all sorts of pain.

2. I would Ice Dip as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page, INTENSIVELY, as -many- dips a day as you can do for a couple days. That will drop the/take the edge off the pain and give you a better sense of where exactly there is a problem.

Do that, and then get back to me.

Jun 06, 2010
I have a question about my arms won't bend straight!
by: Rochelle

Hi, I don't think I'm putting this in the right area, but I'll ask anyway and if you can tell what section my question goes under let me know and I'll repost it there.

I'm a 30 year old woman and ever since I was at least 3 and a half (possibly younger, my biological mother says she never noticed before I got adopted) I haven't been able to straighten out my arms properly. It doesn't hurt or anything, they're just annoyingly bent, I can't tell you at what angle because I suck at math lol but it's obvious if I put my arms straight infront of me as far as they'll go.(I remember a gym teacher actually trying to force them straight one time, he thought I was making it up to get out of Vollyball lol ooooooooooowwww! JERK! that hurt) My mom told me she took me for xrays when I was 6 or 7 and they said they were fused together at the elbow. What does that mean? how did that happen if I wasn't born that way? and is there some sort of surgrey to fix it?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Rochelle.

This is a good place to ask your question:)

Some people just can't straighten their arms, due to genetically predisposition to too-short tendons locally or all over.

Some people, due to luck of the draw, have natural bone formation that just doesn't allow them full range of motion.

I worked on a guy one who had never been able to get his hand up over his head (like when reaching for the ceiling). He was just naturally immobile in that direction.

We did some work and got A LOT more range by opening up the connective tissue in the lats/arm pit area, and he was amazed!

But if it's a bone structure thing, there's no more range available.

If it's not painful or causing problems, then I wouldn't worry about it. Obviously it can be annoying or whatever, but if that's how your body's built, that's how your body's built.

You could have surgery to cut away the bone, but I wouldn't recommend it unless there's a -good- reason to. Who knows what bad things could happen during and later.

And, it's unlikely a mother would notice a baby not straightening it's arms, and/or you could as a baby, and the bone didn't start to limit you until you aged/it grew.

Jun 08, 2010
Inner Forearm pain- NOT elbow - MARK
by: Mark V

I was hoping to find my answer here, but my pain is NOT in my elbow- rather, it is in my inner forearm. In fact, its in the diagram, my pain is in the darker brown muscles or tendons. After not playing tennis for some time, I've been playing again and Sunday I began really hitting my two handed backhand (I'm right handed). My inner left forearm began burning aching and ended up burning at the end of the day. Difficult to straighten my arm, and when I put my hand/wrist in certain positions I can put my finger on where it really hurts. Its not in the joint, but radiates from the inner elbow into those inner-forearm muscles. Have I pulled or strained something?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mark.

Maybe you have pulled (ripped) or strained (too much stretch of the tendon itself) something. Maybe things have just gotten too tight over time, and finally irritated more than your body can compensate for.

Look up 'brachio-radialis' on the internet. It's a big structure on the inside of the arm there, and is responsible for a lot of the issues in this thread. The Brachio-Radialis and the Bicep tendon can cause pain.

And the muscles that control them are responsible. TOO TIGHT FOR TOO LONG = PROBLEM!

Ice Dip. Ice Massage. Light Stretch. Frequently throughout the day.

*** Ok, Ok, I'll get the ebook done.....

Jun 08, 2010
Joshua Comments response from MarkV
by: Mark V

Thanks for the guidance- but assuming I'm looking at the arm diagrams correctly, the brachioradialis is on the other side of my forearm from my pain. With my left arm bent 90 degrees and my palm facing up, thumb pointing out, my pain is on the inside (opposite my thumb) in the soft, fleshy part of the underarm/forearm. Based on diagrams and where I can pinpoint most of my pain to the touch, the pain is greatest just below the inner-elbow crease (toward the hand) and around the 'flexor carpi radialis' and the 'pronator teres'.

Temporarily feels better when I massage it. I've been doing NSAIDs and ICE for 48 hours and will be switching to heat tonight.


Joshua Comments:

Having some anatomy pictures around sure is helpful. Essentially, one needs to work the entire area, but having an idea of the specific structures involved gives one an edge.

That's good it feels better when you massage it. Keep that up, it will feel better and better for longer and longer. Have to do it enough to restructure the tissue as well as retrain the nervous system that it's ok to be set 'loose' (as opposed to tight) again.

Jun 08, 2010
Elbow inury
by: Anonymous

A week ago I got pancaked on the front of a sport boat running a very large rapid. I was holding onto a strap at the front of the boat, as we crested the wave I think my body flew up in the air while I was still holding on and I flatened out when I hit the floor of the boat upon hitting the back side of the wave.

Consequently I banged my right inside elbow on a d-ring (also my right knee). There was some pain, it hurt but not extreme, my hand felt a little numb and my first response was "I think I jammed my arm, I hope I didnt break anything or dislocate the bones". I was definitely stunned by the experience. I immediately iced it and the knee and took some ibuprofen.

I continued to ice it throughout the evening and for 72 hours. The next day, it was sore and bruised. I noticed my tricep seemed tight, probably pulled the muscle. Nothing looked deformed, the pain isn't too bad but I can not touch my shoulder or straighten out my arm all the way it feels stuck, it isn't too painful but enough that I don't want to force it. I also noticed my bicep seems to be flexed (when I try to straighten it) and the tendon connecting it to the elbow bones seems swollen but not painful or bruised. It still feels slightly jammed like it needs to popped into place but I am thinking it could just be the swollen soft tissue.

I am able to perform normal functions without pain, but I hestiate to lift anything too heavy or go golfing. I tried swimming but it felt a little sore to actually swim my usual 70 laps.

Any suggestions on when I should resume my sporting activities or if I should have an xray.

I keep thinking that if I rest it will eventually settle down. Maybe I am just inpatience but I really am missing my workouts and golfing.

Also, a little off subject but the bruised knee is another issue. No problems walking but every once it a while it feels like it buckles and I have to stop for a minute. Could a soft tissue injury do something to the tendons and ligaments under the knee cap. Most of the bruising is on the inside of the knee but the top of the knee is very sensitive to touch, like it was bruised too but no discoloration.

Sorry for the long note and thanks for any response.


Jun 20, 2010
Joshua Responds to Jo - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Jo.

1. Re: the knee. If a tendon is bruised, it will send an injury signal to the nervous system. The nervous system won't let the muscle that connects to the tendon fire 100%, as a measure of preventing future injury. This could explain the buckling. (Same goes for ligament injury, essentially.)

It sounds like you're dealing with bruising instead of rip/tear? You'll have to make the call on that.

2. Overall, if you rest, it likely will settle down. And you can help it go that direction faster.

3. You can't straighten the elbow, or the shoulder? I think you mean the elbow. Even if you didn't technically injury anything rip/tear wise, if it's strained or deeply bruised, again, the nervous system is going to go into overdrive and tighten things up, effectively 'locking' muscles tight.

Be gentle, try to lengthen without causing a pain signal. Massage, ice, wiggle/shake the muscle loosely. You have to deal with the tissue, but also the nervous system that is watching over the tissue. Relax them both.

Jun 29, 2010
Pain in arm and can't straighten it.
by: Regina

I am a 25 year old female in decent shape (i think). Yesterday I participated in a class titled "boot camp" we did circuit training and for about 8 minutes we did assisted pull ups and used bands to do bicep curls. We were moving rather quickly.

I just woke up and I can not even straighten my left arm it seriously hurts! I have been rubbing it and slowly trying to stretch it.

My right arm is a tiny bit sore so I feel like I must have really pulled a muscle on the left arm. What should I do?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Regina. A bit belated on the response time here, but...

It's possible you pulled a muscle, meaning there was a little bit of rip tear. Or more likely you worked out harder than your muscle was happy with, and the nervous system freaked out in a variety of ways, leaving your very sore and in pain.

And with certain pain, the nervous system literally won't let you move to keep you from hurting yourself more.

The thing to watch out for is with time and tightness, due to the Pain Causing Dynamic, things get tight and stay tight. And it's all downhill from there.

More questions, more answers.

Jul 02, 2010
by: Ryan

I've had pain in my elbow for three days that matches that in this article. So i got fed up and googled i can't straighten my elbow, this page/article showed up at the top. I read this article and did as it said i found the spasm spot and apllied pressure/massaged it, it worked great.



Joshua Comments:

Hey Ryan.

Ta Da! Magic, presto!

Jul 04, 2010
new thread please help arm hurts after sleeping on it
by: tara

i find myself in the same as the first post on here. i am 34 and went to bed and just woke up like this. i sleep the same way the first post says too.

i never saw an answer though to his. it is the exact same story though. it has been 4 days now.


Joshua Comment:

Hi Tara.

Did you follow directions like Ryan (the poster right next to you) did?

For years you've slept a certain way. Plus daily activities. Even though you never had any pain or problem, there's a lot happening under the surface of your skin.

It adds up over time, and then one day, HELLO! your in pain, or have a 'I can't straighten out my arm' kind of experience.

Dig in there and see what hurts. Start massaging/rubbing/poking/pressing/pestering it. Ice massage. And Magnesium for Tendonitis.

Jul 16, 2010
my arm feels frozen, i just want to be able to extend it all the way?
by: brian

ok" first i'm glad this page exists, my problem is that i cant straighten my arm at all the pain is terrible and its been this way for a year just to give you an idea if i put my back arm on top of a table and try to flatten my whole arm out i cant do it my forearm will stay above the table about 10 inches high and i cant even touch my face with my palm or my shoulder anybody ever heard of this i don't know if its golf elbow or tennis elbow or what i used to do a lot of short pushups when i was locked up now if i were to suddenly jerk my arm like i was throwing a punch it would feel like i automatically sprained something and i wouldn't beable to use my arm at all for a couple of days, as far as now i've learned how to use my arm as is, i don't make the mistake of extending my arm as much because that's pure pain. please help" i want to workout again so bad also i'm right handed so even washing in the shower is ridiculous, its so hard to wash under my left arm pit that's how bad my right arm is.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Brian.

Wow! You're definitely top two on my site for longest run on sentence. Awesome! :)

Anyway...sounds less like Golfer's or Tennis Elbow and more like a Bicep problem.

Biceps Brachii crosses the joint and connects just before the elbow on the forearm. Look up the anatomy.

That's not the pretty bicep muscle, it's the one under it. If it's stuck in chronic spasm, that explains your symptoms.

Regardless, that's how it all works. Tightness anywhere = problems.

Essentially, do what I've said a couple times on this thread, and specifically to Tara (the post just next to this).

Get to work!

Aug 13, 2010
by: lyndsey

so i woke up 6 days ago to find that i couldnt bend my elbow.

i am a 28 year old mom of 2 and yes im over weight, but just in my belly from having babies.. my elbow is normal size LOL.. anyways.. i have exact pain just like you mention. it only hurts when i straighten my arm out all the way.

it is a sharp shooting pain down to my finger with some numbness while i straighten it out... the pain is getting worse everyday.. im thinking of going to er tomorrow to see what they say.. funny cause i read your comment and how u sleep is the same as me.. i thought i pinched a nerve from sleeping on it, but after rubbing it and massaging it all day the pain is still there..

what is wrong with us ???


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lyndsey.

Your numbness is either coming from tight muscles in the forearm, or up at the neck. And if you've had a couple kids, you're also looking at some nutritional deficiency.

Make sure your Vitamin D level is up between 50-80, and get some Magnesium for Tendonitis in you. And good fats like raw organic butter, coconut oil and butter, Omega 3 fats (also, they're anti-inflammatory).

Sometimes pain is -just- physical, but nutrition plays a HUGE role in that.

Aug 18, 2010
im only 13
by: Anonymous

hi i have this and im only 13 i dont know whats happening but i cant even do bicep curls


Joshua Comments:

Hi there.

I just approved several new posts, so follow what I said there.

Massage, and nutrition.

If you can straighten your arm but not do a curl, then either you're just weak (nutritonal) or your tightness is in your triceps instead of biceps.

Aug 21, 2010
I have the same thing I think
by: Anonymous

I'm having the exact same thing and it was kind of scaring me bc it's in both my arms but my left arm is worse and I can't lift Anything even a glass of water makes my arm shake

Aug 29, 2010
Inner elbow very sore
by: Hurts for a few Months

I have experienced an unbearable amount of pain for the past 3 months now. It comes and goes, and sometimes it is more tolerable than others, but mostly it causes me to take pain meds like Tylenol arthritis, and Advil. When looking at the diagram, my pain is on the right side(same side as the thumb) and extends right down to my pinky/ring fingers. I haven't had any previous or recent injuries, and I try to prevent from sleeping on it, which definitely worsens the pain.

I think I will try to get into a doctors office, which in my location is difficult to do. I have tried naproxen and found that it helps with the pain, but the pain is always there.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:


If this is still a problem, go to the left side of the page and click on the Ask The Tendonitis Expert page (I've had it off but just turned it on for a while) and do your own submission. I'd like to investigate.

And yes, while something like Naproxen may lessen pain, it doesn't fix anything.

Sep 07, 2010
Inner elbow pain
by: Anonymous

this is totally CRAZY! the same exact thing just happened to me.

I have been searching the web looking for an answer. It is tender to the touch and hurts when i straighten it too fast... I am a little freaked out.

Sep 21, 2010
Same pain in elbow, hard to straighten arm after work outs
by: Anonymous


I got the same pain in both my arms... but I've had it before.

I hadn't gone to the gym in a good while so I went on the weekend intending to get a really long and good work out and everything went cool and I was tired as hell.

The next morning I get up and then I noticed... booo, can't straighten my arms.

Basically I know it's my own fault as I really worked on my arms without giving them too much rest.

But this only happens when I don't work on them for a couple of months.

Basically it will calm down in a couple of days. I just keep moving them working the muscle slowly into health.


Joshua Comments:

The thing to watch out for as time goes by, is more pain that comes on faster, hurts worse, and takes longer to go away.

That's the predictable pattern as things get tighter and tighter over time.

Oct 10, 2010
Similar Symptoms plus lymphedema and lymph node removal
by: Robin


Friday afternoon, my left elbow started to hurt.

It's now Sunday and the pain has gotten worse down to the wrist, although, when I press with my thumb, the pain radiates upwards. I cannot straighten it out. Now I have lymphedema in this arm, as I had breast cancer and had about 13 lymph nodes removed.

I am a 55 year old woman already taking vitamins, calcium, potassium and a juice high in anti-oxidants.

What do you think this could be?

Thank you, Robin


Joshua Comments:

Hi Robin.

Lymph node removal changes the game. Not only are you dealing with the usual Tendonitis dynamic, but it's made worse by the change/reduction in the lymphatic system.

As you know, but for the benefit of others, the lymphatic system is responsible for something like 80% of the fluid return system. The heart pumps blood out, and the veins and lymphatic system return all that fluid as apporopriate.

It's common for individuals who have under gone full/partial masectomy, lumpectomy, and individual lymph node removal surgery to experience various problems in their arms.

Keep pressing in there. Regularly throughout the day, massage massage massage. This will also help fluid return up the arm if you have any edema (swelling in the arm).

Rock on on the vitamins etc. Make sure you're at your tolerance level for Magnesium (see Magnesium Dosage) and eating lots of good fats.

Do make sure that your Vitamin D level is between 50-80. This is CRITICAL for you.

Oct 13, 2010
Similar pains at the elbow
by: Anonymous

Hello I am 16 years old and have had the same exact pains and i am very active so I just ignored it.

When i was cheering to myself in the mirror I noticed my elbow could not straighten anymore. I went to three doctors and they all told me I had tennis elbow.

Nothing took the pain away. It would especially hurt in the morning and ease off throughout the day.

I finally went to the hospital and they diagnosed me with juvenile rhuematoid arthritis so you might want to look into that.

I was told my joints were very inflamed and that's why caused my elbow not to straighten.


Joshua Comments:

Hi 16Cheering.

That's what I love about Doctors:

1. Tennis Elbow would have NOTHING to do with one's ability to straighten the elbow or now.

2. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Really? For Sure? Are they %100 percent positive?

And even if it is, do they have any explanation for WHY you might have Rheumatoid Arthritis?

What did they prescribe for you?

Did they examine your soft tissue AT ALL? Or is there an MRI that confirms that your joint has built up/calcified so much that your elbow literally will never straighten again?

Otherwise, you just have TOO TIGHT muscles and connective tissue and it's not giving you the mobility you want.

(IF it is Rheumatoid Arthritis, you may want to look into going off ALL gluten, as gluten intolerance causes Rheumatoid Arthritis).

Oct 21, 2010
Same thing going on with my elbow
by: Karrie

I have the exact same thing going on with my elbow. I sleep exactly the same way the original person does. I have had physical therapy for four weeks and, while the pain is mostly gone, my arm will not extend. My chiropractor is perpelexed as well. He stated that it feels "locked".

Any other ideas for unlocking this awful problem?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Karrie.

Either your joint/bone has grown so it literally can't straighten any more (unlikely), or the deep connective tissue from upper forearm to lower upper arm is SO dense and tight that it literally won't stretch any more.

If you broke your arm and were in a cast for 6 weeks with your arm bent, the same thing would happen. Immobilized, connective tissue shrink wraps down. Cut the cast off, and people literally have to STRETCH that shrunken connective tissue back to length.

Oct 22, 2010
maybe a cause for not being able to straighten the elbow
by: Anonymous

Look up Osteochondritis Dissecans (or little leaguers elbow). I have the same thing and this seems to explain why it gets gradually worse and range of motion eventually decreases or "locks up".

I`m not positive about it being the cause, but it`s worth Googling at least.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing.

A little piece of bone chipping off could indeed explain a problem with straightening the arm.

But even so, unless that chip is lodged into the hinge of the joint (like a screwdriver stuck into a gear), the thing that stops mobility is tightened muscle and connective tissue.

When the nervous system feels pain, it clamps down. Muscles get tight, and connective tissue shrink wraps. Eventually you can't straighten your arm.

With proof of chip, then it's a good thing to let it heal, and then get to work stretching/working all that tissue open.

Dec 01, 2010
same arm pain - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: shanna

Hi this us so weird. I have the exact same symptoms as the original poster however to add one thing I had major surgery two and a half weeks ago but symptoms started 8 days post op.

I was sleeping on the couch following surgery and woke up one night in severe pain in inner elbow, bicep, down forearm and now extending into shoulder, however my pain does briefly go away at random but is mostly constant.

The pain is so severe that my surgical site seems insignificant compared to this. I did ask the surgeon he truly doesn't believe it is a dvt (deep vein thrombosis) because I have no swelling redness or really any of the normal dvt symptoms.

I was told by an er nurse it was tennis elbow but after searching that this is on the wrong side of my arm.

A side note I was on blood thinners for 4 days in the hospital what should I do?

any advice appreciated thanks


Joshua Comments:

Hi Shanna.

First and fastest line of defense: Learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

And then do it. A lot.

And then check back in and give us an update.

Dec 16, 2010
stuck when sleeping
by: Michael

I have something alike, but I have it every night.

Normally i would wake up, my arm would be bent and if I tried to stretch it would be extremely painful.

Now was the case, I woke up and I couldn't stretch my arm so I tried to loosen it up, but it didnt work. Now for the last two days it has basically been stuck and i cant do a thing about it.

Any tips?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Michael.

There's plenty of tips and ideas in this thread. And more across the website.

Do what's suggested, and let's go from there.

Jan 03, 2011
Fell over - can't straighten or bend elbow
by: Bonnie

Hi There,

I'm an otherwise very healthy 26 year old female but I tripped over our dogs last night and hit the ground with a bit of a thud. Took a lot of skin off my knees and one of my elbows. The strange thing is that during the night, my other elbow (which I didn't think hit the ground - no scrapes or cuts) began to get very very sore and I had trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in.

This morning I can not bend it or straighten it and if I try to twist my wrist around it sends a shooting pain up my arm. Elbow area also looks swollen compared to other elbow.

Is this just a pulled muscle or something else? I've been putting deepheat on it this morning... any other suggestions?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Bonnie.

If your other elbow didn't hit the ground, what did it do?

How exactly did you fall?

Could be a pulled muscle. Could be an irritation of an already present but unfelt pain dynamic from when you flailed around or fell on it.

So do I have this correct? You fell, landed on knees and one elbow. But the other elbow is the worst one symptom-wise?

Give me some more details, I'll see what I can do.

How is the arm you landed on? How -exactly- did you fall? What did your arms do?

Jan 24, 2011
inner elbow pain - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm

my inner elbow bone is sensitive. when i press into the middle of my hand i hurts my elbow; there is not loss of strength. i have been doing side crunches with dumbbell weights, it does not hurt but i cannot think of any other exercise that is causing this, going on 3 weeks. any ideas???


Joshua Comments

*shrug* I really don't have any idea. Could be any number of things.

What's your vitamin D level? What's your daily nutrient intake look like? How old are you? Previous injuries? etc. etc. etc.

Jan 27, 2011
SERIOUS PAIN - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Charlie

Hi, I'm 16 and recently went to the gym and was working on bench presses and other upper body exercises. I didn't do anything too hard and was comfortable throughout the exercise.

The next day I woke up aching in my biceps and had a bad pain on the inside of both my elbows. I couldn't straighten my arms at all.

I thought it was just an ache but I woke up the next day with the aches gone but I was still unable to straighten my arm. it hurts when I push it, and is very painful! Help please!


Joshua Comments:

Ahhh, youth just isn't what it used to be....

Too tight, for too long. Insufficient/deficient in Vitamin D and Magnesium and protein and who knows what else. It all goes downhill from there, and you've irritated your system such that now you have pain.

Where exactly do you think the stop is? Can you feel what's stopping you from straightening your arm?

Jan 28, 2011
RE: Fell over - can't straighten or bend elbow
by: Bonnie

Hi Again,

I'll try my best to explain the fall - however it was dark and I was in a big hurry so I'm not 100% sure how accurate my memory of it is... I was running, holding a torch in my left hand. I hit the ground and it was pretty obvious which parts of me hit the ground as I lost all the skin on my left knee, right palm, right elbow and right hip. So I think I hit the ground and maybe turned or twisted a a bit. However - all those injuries are now fine.. It's my left arm which was carrying the torch which is still giving me grief 3 weeks later. Over about a week I slowly regained about 90% of the movement in my left arm. But I still can't straighten it fully, or bend it all the way up, or twist my wrist around all the way. It feels like something is stopping it from straightening or bending fully in my actual elbow, but when I twist my wrist a shooting pain or a strong pulling sensation seems to go up my forearm. I think when I feel I may have tried to hold my left arm up straight and off the ground so I didn't smash my torch. It obviously didn't hit the ground as I landed in gravel and there wasn't a scratch on my arm (where as the rest of my body didn't fair so well).

I'm not sure if you can tell much from my description... but hopefully you can shed a bit of light for me.



Joshua Comments:

I suggest you look up the anatomy of the forearm/elbow. Find the Pronator Teres muscle. Poke around it and the local area. See what you feel. Maybe it's a different muscle. Check it out, and let me know what you find.

Jan 28, 2011
Sarah - Elbow fracture, maybe olecranon, can't straighten it
by: Sarah

Hi ,
So I'm 17 and I fractured part of my elbow while in a race I believe I fell on it while it was straightened fully. I tried to catch my fall with it. I had a cast on for 4 weeks and after it was taken off I still had some mild pain. This happened the end of last may. I didn't hear what type of fracture it was and my mom won't tell me because she forgot but I believe it's an olecranon fracture as well as something to do with the ulna? My mom also had an elbow fracture when she was 17 an it required surgery. She too doesn't have all of her functions in her elbow and says it will never be the same. My arm still won't straighten about 7 months after the fracture.
I'm wondering do I need surgery or physio because it's constantly popping in and out and will It affect my sports performance by not straightening my arm? Is there a chance it will ever heal fully ? Thanks :)


Joshua Comments:

Hi there

First off, there is ZERO connection between your mom's injury and yours (Ok, maybe some karmic connection, but that's outside my realm of expertise).

So clear you mind of her words dooming you to a certain experience in life.

Second, let's take control of your medical existence.

Call your doctor, or hospital, or whoever took the xrays, and get a copy of the report. Find out what kind of fracture, and how 'bad' it was.

The break may not have ANYTHING to do with your current immobility.

You were in a cast and immobilized. Connective tissue SHRINKWRAPS, and it's totally unsurprising that you don't have full mobility. You're going to have to force that connective tissue to lengthen.

The only thing that has really caught my attention is the 'pops in and out'. Say more about that.

Feb 01, 2011
My mom has been experiencing similar symptoms..
by: Anonymous

I came across this page meanwhile doing some research on a pain my mom has been having since yesterday morning and it appears she has pretty much the same symptoms. My mom is 39 years old, and she is around 5'1 and a bit overweight. Besides the vericose veins & a few spider veins on her right foot and leg ulcers (which have cleared up), she's been pretty problem free.

Yesterday morning, however, she told me that her right arm had a slight pain and I commented that maybe she had slept on it wrong and we shrugged it off. At that time, she couldn't really identify where it came from, only that it just hurt. Throughout the day, the pain started to get much worse and she told me that her elbow felt tender to the touch and that it was painful to straighten out her arm. Also, she couldn't grip onto anything, as it hurt her to close her hand or do any kind of force with it. I told her to just sit down and rest, and I would finish the rest of the housework. Before she went to sleep, she massaged her arm with a balm and wrapped it up with a bandage.

Today, I helped her put her hair in a ponytail because she couldn't do it herself. She also told me that she didn't sleep the entire night, due to the pain in her arm. And what we still find strange is that she did not fall or bump her arm, nor do any forceful exercise to explain the pain. I have not asked her to identify where the pain exactly is, but she does keep mentioning that her elbow hurts. I was planning to take her to a doctor but from what I've read, it seems as if that won't do much. What can this possibly be? Is there anything that can alleviate the pain or any type of treatment for it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this

P.S. My mom is a housewife so she does a lot of scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, cleaning, washing, etc. and she's had 4 kids, and this is the only year where she has not been a babysitter at a nursery nearby.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

First important concept: If you mom has leg ulcers, she's NOT in good health/not problem free.

As far as the sudden onset of pain in her right elbow., one place to look is Magnesium for Tendonitis.

True, a doctor isn't going to have much to say to benefit her right elbow symptoms, other than possibly ruling out other serious medical conditions.

I would start with IceDipping as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page, making sure to get as high over the elbow as possible.

And Magnesium, and GET HER VITAMIN D LEVEL TESTED asap. Vitamin D (D3 specifically) is a hormone at the base of body operation, basically. It's cheap and easy to get one's levels up where they should be. Related to her arm pain? Quite possibly. Related to her overall health and immune system function? Absolutely.

Feb 01, 2011
RE: Fell over - can't straighten or bend elbow
by: Bonnie

Hi Joshua,

Had a look online for the Pronator Teres muscle and had a poke around my arm - feels like one in the same muscle that's causing my grief!

Am I right to assume I've just pulled that muscle or something?

Thanks for all your help!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Bonnie.

Yeah, probably just a temporary tweak. It happens.

Still, it happens for a reason. There's always more than one factor involved.

Magnesium, self massage, IceDip. No matter how much we tweak ourselves, with some time and effort we can make it all better, every time.

Feb 02, 2011
It's me with elbow pain and leg ulcers
by: Anonymous

I recently posted here on my mom's sudden elbow pain....
Well yesterday we took her to two doctors. The first appointment was due to her leg ulcers and the doctor told her that she wouldn't be needing any more check ups for a couple months, since her leg ulcers have cleared up. She does have to continue wearing the orthopedic pantyhose and of course, keep a look out for any sudden changes/symptoms. No she definitely isn't in good health right now but before all this took place, she HAD been pretty problem free.

We took her to a second doctor and all he gave her were some pills for the inflammation and painkillers. However, none have been working too well. After I read your post, I told her about the IceDipping and she seemed a bit reluctant but she is going to start it tomorrow. As for the magnesium, how exactly would she take it? When you buy it, does it tell you specifically how much you need to take or does a doctor have to tell you how much?

Also, I found it interesting that you suggested she have her Vitamin D level tested A.S.A.P. because her mom has osteoporosis and her other siblings have resulted with similar problems as they have gotten older. I want to take her tomorrow but can you get it done at any regular clinic?

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and answering my questions.


Joshua Comments:

1. Check out the Magnesium Dosage page.

2. At a certain level of conversation, 'problem free' in no way necessarily equals 'in good health'. There's a lot going on underneath the surface of our skins.

I find it a useful concept.

3. Any doctor's office can do a blood test for Vitamin D levels. Check out the Vitamin D pages at

We have such huge incidence of Osteoporosis not because we're short on Calcium, but because we're short on Vitamin D and Magnesium which are required by our bodies to utilize calcium.

Feb 03, 2011
Same here. Parapalegic with arm pain and can't straighten arm
by: Paragirl

I have had the same symptoms in my left arm for several months now. I have been paraplegic for over 25 years. Suddenly after a routine transfer, I felt some pain that lasted for about 2 weeks. The pain went away, but I am still unable to straighten my arm completely. There is no pain when I try, it just won't let me straighten it out. Whenever I exert myself too much, however I do experience quite a lot of pain, which eventually goes away with time. So, my question is, what can I do to get my full arm extension back and stop the intermittent pain from occurring?


Joshua Comments:

1. Make sure you're getting enough Magnesium. See the Magnesium Dosage page.

Magnesium deficiency can result in 'locked' muscles, or at least, too tight muscles. The parapalegia adds in some other factors, of course, depending on what exactly you have going on.

2. Get someone to massage the biceps, the pronator teres, and everything in the area. If they know what they're doing, they'll feel what is restricting your movement. If not, they probably still will if they feel around.

More questions, more answers.

Feb 03, 2011
Attacked And Now I Can't Extend My Arm Out
by: Julie

Hey I hope someone can help me. I was attacked as I walked down the street by some guy. Well I fought back which left both of us the attacker and I bloody and buised.

Well the day after the attack I very limited range of motion in my shoulder and also I can not straighten my arm due to severe elbow pain. I had my arms above my head reaching back to stick my thumbs in his eyes while he was choking me so as that happened I think that is when I got my injury.

I have been to the hospital once as soon as it happened the medics transported me but I was so shook up at the time nothing hurt. What type of dr should I go to for this and any idea on what it could be ?


Joshua Comments:

Hey Julie.

First off, ROCK ON for fighting back. I hope he's missing an eye.

Secondly, with all the adrenaline that was flooding your body, it's no wonder you didn't feel any pain at the hospital.

Plus, you're probably just SORE from exerting yourself in a way that you're not used to, which includes stretching/straining connective tissue and shoulder/elbow joints.

You could certainly go see a doctor. Though at this point you're likely too sore to identify any actual injury, and they're just going to prescribe rest and painkillers/anti-inflammatory drugs.

Assuming that you have the sense that you're in pain but not injured per se, I'd focus on decreasing inflammation, and giving it a few days to settle down (assuming that this is just a few days old?)

1. A couple showers a day, finishing on COLD water, as long as you can stand it on your shoulder/neck/arm/back/everywhere. It's like a giant ice dip. You'll get a lot of old fluid out and new fluid into your tissue. Just that will decrease your pain levels.

2. Get magnesium in you. Epsom salt bath. See the Magnesium Dosage page.

Magnesium will help de-stress yoru body and relax shocked tight muscles.

3. Ice dip your forearm/elbow, as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

Do all that for a week or so, lower pain levels. Then write back and we'll see if you have any actual injury.

Feb 04, 2011
please help, elbow pain after chinese new year
by: Anonymous

Hi eyeryone and happy chinese new year

i'm a 18 years old boy. during chinese new year i was helping my family doing housechores then my right elbow feels a bit tired then i took a break and continued later but when i continued all of a sudden i cant use any strength and the next day i cant straight my hand

i never bother it but after the next day i cant even bend my arm and now even a bit of motion my elbow will pain like getting a quick stab by something.

now i cant even sleep because of the pain pls help.


Joshua Comments:

Hello anonymous.

There's plenty of info on this site. Assuming that you don't have some serious medical condition, then start by reading and following the suggestions on this thread. It's a great place to start solving your elbow pain problem.

Feb 14, 2011
Pain in elbow and shooting pain up the arm.
by: Anonymous

Idk if this is where I should post this, because I can straighten my arms. I've been dealing with this rarely for 4 years.

Occasionally I get shooting pain up my arm if I move my wrist a certain way and the inner elbow feels like it's burning with pain, even bent.

Went to an ER back then, they said it wasn't CTS.

I'm in culinary, so I have to do repetitive motions while chopping and mixing, I suppose this has something to do with it, just don't know what IT is. Or how to deal with it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Chef!

It's fine to post here even if you can bend the elbow. Inability to bend is just a symptom.

Chances are, people that can or can't bend their elbow have the same -core- issue.

So. Read through this thread. Find where I talk about what to do for the lower bicep and the pronator teres.

You probably have a little more flexor muscles issue from holding and controlling the knife.

So. Ice Dip. Magnesium for Tendonitis. Understand the Symptoms of Tendonitis. Self Massage. Repeat. Keep at it.

Feb 22, 2011
Fractured elbow, now locks out when straight
by: Anonymous

Hi I had a hairline fracture in my elbow about a year ago after I fell and the fracture had blood build up visible on the X-ray .. I don't remember exactly where it was fractured in the elbow but its almost a year after it happened and I'm still having problems straightening my elbow. Everytime I try to straighten it it locks out and in order to make it pop back in I extend my arm and pull on it and it pops back .. I frequently have to do this and it's causing me pain . What's wrong with it ? And is it normal of the injury to have this type of problem after getting the cast off so long ago?


Joshua Comments:

What have you done for it, to try to make it 'better'?

Mar 01, 2011
Feel ya
by: Anonymous

I am a 19 year old Male I am very active, play baseball and use my right arm a lot. I have a similar pain at first I thought I would need tommy john. But the pain only comes when it is not in use. It hurts when i straighten it. When i massage it or ice it or take any care of it it seems to hurt more the next day.

Any suggestions on relieving pain or any idea what it could be



Joshua Comments:

Keep at it FeelYa.

If it's hurting at rest, then basically you're stuck in spasm.

Magnesium, and keep icing and massaging it, and everything close. Poke around and see if you can find a spot stuck is twitch and spasm.

Mar 19, 2011
Elbow pain after impact at a water park
by: Anonymous

Yesterday I went to a water park/ resort, and there was this part where you could sit on piece of wood and hold onto a rope.It all went fine until I hit the end when I got off to get into the water my elbow hit the wood and it hurt really bad but later it kind of stopped hurting and I didn't think much of it so I continued with the rides with my family. It started hurt today so when I try to bend or extend my elbow I can't because it hurts. If I touch it, it will hurt bad and I don't know what it is. I have tried to put ice on it and it still hurts. If I try to carry something heavy like a book or heavy bag my arm can't carry it because my arm pulls down and it hurts really bad. Thanks for any help!


Joshua Comments:

Well, as Julie just below you says, it's never a bad idea to get an X-ray if you're worried about it!

Probably you just have pain and inflammation from the impact, possibly a bone bruise. Ice MORE and MORE OFTEN for a couple days and see what happens.

Flush that pain enhancing chemical out of there, and that'll help you identify more specific spots of pain/bruise/etc.

Mar 19, 2011
Hey Update On My Elbow, I Broke It!
by: Julie

It was an easy fix I had an xray done and now im in a huge cast lol it was broken


Joshua Comments:

Well yeah, a break in the arm will certainly do it!

Mar 27, 2011
Pain in Inner elbow with pain numbing sensation in pinky and ring finger
by: Tommy

Hey Joshua,

Your website is really helpful. I'm 23 years old and had ulnar nerve surgery when I was 15 years old.

I haven't had any problems with it since the past couple days. I seem to get sharp, shooting, near unbearable pain when I decide to push on something like; tucking my shirt into my jeans, opening a door, or when waking up in the morning to push myself out of bed.

The pain is located on the back side of the right elbow right below the triceps where it seems the nerves would run(ulnar nerver) to the front of the inner elbow. I have noticed a little numbness in my pinky and ring finger.

I noticed the sharp pain when doing triceps pulldowns. I work on a rig where I don't get that much sunlight(Vitamin D), and where I have a lot of free time to work out(usually working out once a day; cardio or weights). I hope it's not the ulnar nerve in the elbow again because I would hate to have surgery again.

If you have any suggestions as stretches, I would greatly appreciate it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tommy.

Here's a helpful concept: It's not the nerve. It wasn't the nerve last time.

So, what is it? It's either nutritional issues causing problem, or tissue is TOO TIGHT. Realistically, it's both.

You had a problem at 15, which is unusual. Thus, requires some investigation.

1. Get your Vit D tested pronto.

2. Read Magnesium for Tendonitis and follow the link to Magnesium Dosage.

3. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

Start the above, then get back to me.

Mar 27, 2011
Still having problems after elbow injury
by: Anonymous


I wrote a note on June 8, 2010 after a boating accident which hurt my elbow tendons. There was also an acheing feeling after exercise (golf, Swim, pilates, etc.) During the winter I started physical therapy and received ultrasound, anti-inflammatory therapy and strengthening exercises. I also stopped all my workouts except pilates and hiking. Everything finally settled down to the point where I had very little pain. I finnally decided to play nine holes of golf with a brace and see how it felt. Unfortunately the elbow flaired up to the point prior to PT. I am so frustrated with this injury. It doesn't help that I really don't know what I did. I am starting to wonder if I need to see an orthopedic doctor and maybe have a MRI to find out exactly what happened. I plan to re-start PT since it has been 2 weeks since I golfed and it still is bothering me. Do you have any advice?

It has been almost a year and this becoming a real problem and it is limiting my activities quite a bit. I am concerned that I will never be able to play golf again. What do you think is going on?

Thanks for you input.


Joshua Comments:

The short answer is to get my The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works DVD.

Because while -maybe- you need an MRI and a trip to the doctor etc, PROBABLY you just have a Tendonitis dynamic.

Meaning that you have Symptoms of Tendonitis and a Pain Causing Dynamic.

In other words, now you (probably) don't have an injury per se, you just have an ecology that is TOO TIGHT, full of pain enhancing chemical from Inflammation, and has been for TOO LONG. That causes things to not work so well.

What you described above is the usual story of people experience with Tendonitis.

For the record, Rest never had a chance of helping/fixing anything.

Mar 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks Joshua for your response. I will try the super icing and massage this week. I am also going to start lap swimming this week and small strenghtening exercises. After reading all of your information on tendonitis I have to agree and that is exactly what my PT told me. Inflammation, icing and exercises are key in clearing this up. Geez, I sure wish I never want on that sport boat ride in high water on the Colorado River.

Thanks again for this site and I will keep you posted.


Apr 12, 2011
I can't bend my elbow...and joint pain
by: Anonymous

I have the same exact elbow symptoms that the man described. I woke up with pain for no reason and couldn't bend my elbow. It's been about 3 weeks and it still hurts. I can't extend it all the way or bend my wrist back when I'm trying to stretch it open and bending it closed really hurts the joint. I had an x-ray at the ER and it didn't show anything but the doc there referred me to a bone doc.
I'm a 46 year old female with a long history of arthritis in my knees and back and sometimes the pain in my elbow feels like that deep "toothache" feeling that I had in my knees before (and occasionally after) I had my surgeries.

I'm pretty sure that it's not arthritis tho because it came on so suddenly. I've been taking OTC pain meds and nothing works...I can barely wash my hair and can't sleep with my arm around my bf because the pressure on my bicep pulls on my elbow causing more pain.

I just tried looking for the muscle cluster you explained but couldn't fine anything. Hopefully the bone doc can find something and coincidentally I just ordered a magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement for my headaches and overall health. Do you really think the magnesium can help? I hope something happens soon because this is getting extremely annoying.

I'm used to living with pain but I don't need another joint/body part added to the long list that I'm already suffering with.

Thank you,


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

Magnesium for muscle tightness and joint pain, absolutely (including calcification issues).

The first thing I'd have you do (including Magnesium and self massage) for your joint pain is to go totally off ALL gluten for 30-60 days.

That's the main/major cause of arthritis and joint pain, as it sets your body into an inflammatory state (which ultimately can show up one day all of a sudden as pain and tissue irritability).

It would be nice if a doctor found something obvious and easy, but chances are s/he won't......

If they do, great. If not, experiment with gluten free.

Apr 12, 2011
Thank you!
by: Lisa

Thank you for answering so quickly! I started rooting around more for a muscle spasm and found a tender very sore spot on my upper forearm just below where my elbow bends, towards the outside if my palm is facing up. I've been massaging it since last night. It seems to be helping some but it hurts like ?!&! when I touch it.

I'm waiting for my magnesium/calcium/zinc to arrive in the mail (I also ordered gaba & Vitamin D3). I'll research the gluten free food but it's very hard for me to stick to any restricted diet. I'll try tho if you really think it will work.
I'll let you know how I'm doing and again...thank you for answering me!



Joshua Comments:

If you find a spot like that, go after it! Gentle at first. The more you work it (regularly throughout the day/week) the less and less painful it will get.

You stick to your current diet with no effort. And while it may take effort to change to a new dietary habit, how much effort does it take you to be in constant pin/joint pain?

Try gluten free. It's not any tougher than anything else, it's just a change of habit.

Apr 12, 2011
1 more thing...
by: Anonymous

I forgot to ask you if magnesium will help with night time charlie horses in my calves and thighs. I'm naturally very muscular in my legs and arms and this has been an issue ever since I was a kid. Just last week I woke up with severe pain just above my ankle...that was a first for having a spasm in that location.
I also have permanent nerve damage in my feet/toes and the sides of my calves from my lower back surgery & pinched sciatic nerve. I have a "cage"...they removed my lowest disk and replaced it with titanium. Since the surgery my toes tingle constantly and if I scratch the side of my leg above my ankle, I can feet it in my feet.
Will the magnesium help any of this?

Thank you again,


Joshua Comments:

Magnesium should very much help with charlie horses. As for damage from surgery, I don't know. Try it out and see what happens. It will require some trial and error.

May 04, 2011
Hyperextended elbow or elbow Tendonitis? BBall Joe
by: Basketball Joe

I've read through most your posts trying to find the answer but feel that my problem may be a little different. I am 42 and play basketball (usually take 800 miligrams of advil before I go) 3-4 times per week. About 4 months ago someone threw a ball my direction. I reached out to block the ball and my arm extended more than it should have.

For the last 4 months I have not been fully able to bend that arm at the elbow. I am very active, coaching baseball (throwing batting practice), play some tennis and squash, swim, etc... Although, I can play, I can't play at 100% or even 90%. I can't extend the arm swimming, can't follow through on a jump shot, or throwing motion. Serving a tennis ball just hurts. The elbow hurts every time there is extension in some form.

Just need some advice.
BBall Joe


Joshua Comments:

Hey BBall Joe.

Does it feel like boney joint pain, or soft tissue, and where?

Give me details, pain me a picture.

Are you particularly flexibly, joint-wise? Can you touch your thumb to your forearm? When you straighten your elbow, does it go past a straight line?

May 04, 2011
Almost better after massaging the sore area for a week!
by: Anonymous

I massaged that sore area for about a week and I've been taking the magnesium for a few weeks now with no charlie horses and my elbow is almost back to normal...most of the time I don't notice it at all.

It usually hurts tho if I try to sleep with my arm around my boyfriend...the slight upward pressure on the inside of my forearm seems to pull on my elbow but it's much much better now, thank you very much!!

As for the gluten free diet...I have to pass. I'm on disability and can't afford the extra cost of the special food.


Joshua Comments:

That's great you did the work and got the benefit! Not bad for just a week!

Don't stop now. Explore a little more, massage a little more, see what is left in there that is tight/stuck/etc.

As far as gluten free food, go shopping again just to take a look, from this context: Don't buy 'special' gluten free foods. Half the time it's not much better than junk food (the rest of the time it doesn't taste good enough to afford the extra cost -- just my personal opinion there....)

There's lots of good food out there that is already gluten free.

Meats. Vegetables. Legumes. Eggs. Raw butter. Raw milk. Basic, real food.

You're certainly free to pass on it, but just wanted to throw that in there.


Help more people with inner elbow pain. Help them straighten their arms!

May 06, 2011
by: googled symptoms and found this

massaging the area where it was tense really helped as i slowly straightened it. now my arms fine! Thanks for the tip!


Joshua Comments:

You're welcome!

May 10, 2011
Not tennis elbow - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Petey

I'm feeling elbow pain similar to the rest of the panel for the past few days from sleeping with my right elbow propped behind my head. I've been following the regiment of Calcium/Magnesium, ICE massage, and ADVIL. And I'm gradually seeing results. So thanks all for posting your valuable comments; especially Joshua. At the beginning I had difficulty eating, brushing my teeth, and washing my face.

I'm still struggling, but optimistic this will soon pass so that I may get back to my active lifestyle. I'm an avid tennis player and noticed while playing that I could not serve without some discomfort. Because I simply could not fully bend my elbow and or straighten out my right arm while serving.

I don't use a dampener on my tennis racquet, but not wondering if I should. Even though, I believe I do not have tennis elbow. Any thoughts and or comments are appreciated. All the best for health and happiness to you all.


Joshua Comments:

I wonder if, while you're sleeping with your arm propped behind your head, you're stressing the ligaments or joint of the elbow itself (meaning that there's tensile forces pushing/pulling apart).

Depends on your symptoms, of course, but....don't sleep with your arm like that anymore. :)

May 10, 2011
Pain around the elbow.
by: Steven

I'm a 23 year old male. Great physical condition. Went to the gym from the age of 19 to 20. Then Didn't go for a year due to a knot in my shoulder (Holy cow, couldn't lift my arm for a month and it's something I've had to work around for the last 3 years when lifting heavy objects around the house).

Anyway, I started back at the gym last week. Worked out my biceps on Wednesday and it felt good, but the next morning I had way to much pain on the lower bicep near the elbow. But since I'm well aware of muscle pain back when I used to lift weights, I just decided to go back to the gym the next day to work out my back and legs real quick and take a week off to rest my muscles, since It's been 3 years that i have worked out.

The next day during back, it really did cost me to do my work out, because my biceps were sore as heck. Once I was done working out, my arms were in great pain, but the kind you're proud of cause you did a good work out.

Well the next morning I couldn't open either of my arms. Period. Even if I tried, the pain in my elbow (Closer to my forearm than bicep) was so incredible, I spent the next 2 days without opening my arm AT ALL. Saturday day night, I couldn't sleep cause of the pain. So I decided to take a warm bath, which always help me sleep at night. That warm bath took all the pain from my elbow away, and I could sleep.

Sunday I bought heat pads and used one on each arm. Around 3 hours later, I felt no pain, but if I tried to stretch my arm out, I still couldn't. So with help of my brother, he forced them open. Yes, it was painful, even with the heat pads. But since then, I can open my arms by myself. Except when they are fully open and when i twist my wrist, I can feel the sharp pain is still there.

Today is now Tuesday and the pain is just barely leaving every day. But I want it gone COMPLETELY. I can't lift any object over around 10 pounds without feeling a slight pain in my elbow near my forearm. The more weight I lift, the sharper the pain.

By Thursday I want to work out, pain or no pain, I've learned from my shoulder that it's just something you live with. Except I don't want to live with it, I want it to leave.

Is cold better than heat? (I've not tried cold, but heat works perfectly).

What kind of supplements might help?

When I work out my shoulder, I'm forced to do exercises where my palm isn't facing south, and I get little pain. I never saw a doctor for my shoulder, it's something I treated myself by reading a similar forum. But, will my arms heal the same way as my shoulder did? Or could working it out actually be a very bad idea and I'll go back to not opening my arms again for several days or worse?


Joshua Comments:

See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

Working out probably is a bad idea, as it will irritate an already too irritated dynamic.

May 11, 2011
man in severe pain
by: Anonymous

my husband has lumps in his bicep and severe pain in in his elbow causing him to not sleep at night he works all day and when he gets home he can barely move his arm the pain starts in his elbow and goes up to his shoulder and down to three fingers on his right hand his little finger and the two beside it he puts ice on it and heat and it makes it hurt twice as bad his pain level sits at about a 15 to 20 out of ten they did a nerve test on him and they said his nervers are fine they told him it was tendinitis but its not they are finally doing blood test on him the first set of test said he had low b12 and something about a high acid level they are now testing him for chemicals in his blood what could all this be I hope it is not deadly please reply if you know what may be the cause or the problem with my husband and his arm please and thank


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymouis.

I would need more information.

I hope it's not deadly too!

I would get his Vit D level checked, and see: Magnesium for Tendonitis.

He definitely needs Vit D (not prescription as that's D2, and you want D3), Magnesium, and B12 (methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin).

Could be from a variety of factors, but definitely take care of the three above and then get back to me.

May 11, 2011
Chronic Tendonitis and super icing. It works!!
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh
I wanted to report back regarding my tendonitis. My last note was very frustrated because it has been almost a year with continued chronic tendenottis in my right elbow. I tried your suggestion of super icing and it worked very well. I did the 2 hour ice dip for 7 days and also the dixie cup ice massage. I started swimming again and will do the ice massage if there is any indication of inflammation/pain.

I have golfed only once and clearly the motion of a golf swing has a negative impact because the tendonitis flares up but I would be sure to super ice after golf and ice dip the next day and the pain was gone within two days. So with that said, I am very pleased with your recommendation. As I type today I am pain free.

Thank you so much for this information. I was very worried that this was going to be a daily chronic occurance. The icing and reduction of inflammation plus the addition of strengthening through swimming seems to be working quite well.

I will keep you posted again in the future.



Joshua Comments:

That's great Joette!

Knowing how to knock the pain down is half the battle!

Do keep us updated.

May 11, 2011
Cheers Joshua -- Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Anonymous

Thanks Joshua. I believe I have strained ligaments. I still can not touch my right shoulder with right hand and still can not fully straighten my right arm. And I don't have huge biceps. I wished I did, may be then I wouldn't be in the situation that I am in.

Do you think I need fluid drained from my elbow?

I'm still continuing the regiment of ice, massage, and gentle stretching with some ADVIL and CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM tablets. Thanks in advance.


Joshua Comments:

I don't know Anonymous, do you have fluid in your elbow?

And, why do you think you have strained ligaments, as opposed to anything else?

May 11, 2011
Inner interior elbow pain
by: Ryan

I'm 17 and I am double jointed in my ankles, knees, shoulders, and elbows. I've recently started back up baseball again, but it seems that any movement , whether it be throwing a baseball or carry books causes stress on my elbow. Now granted I'm not the strongest person out there.

I can do a bicep curl and it feels like my tendon or ligament likes to slide/rub back and forth over something in my elbow..whether it is a bone or not, I don't know.

The pain is tolerable, but I feel since I'm double jointed, does that increase my chance of getting an elbow injury?(another thing, I can crack my elbows by place my Hand on a table and then turn my forearm, elbow counter clockwise until it cracks.. It hurts after that, but only's a habit, but sometimes it feels like it needs to be cracked to relieve pressure.

I'd like to start pitching again, but I'm unable to because of this issue. I'm not sure what it is, or what I can do.. I can clearly feeling the "stringy" like tendon/ligament? on the interior and exterior part of my elbow. That seems to be the problem, but I'm not sure. help please.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ryan.

If you have loose joints, you need to increase your Magnesium intake, increase your muscle strength, and help counter Process of Inflammation.

Every time you crack something, inflammation increases. If your ligaments aren't doing their job, your muscles need to do their job. Magnesium is required for optimal muscle function.

If that makes sense and you can work with that, get to it! If you need a more specific plan and details/background, you might want to get a Phone Consultation.

May 13, 2011
Same elbow pain but from blood test
by: Robin

I have the inner elbow pain describe in the original post --sharp pinching when i straighten my arm or try to pick things up like a gallon of milk. The only difference is this condition occurred after getting blood drawn. Is it possible that the needle poked a tendon or something? The pain is to the left (closer to body) of the needle insertion point.

It's been11 days since my blood test, and I feel like the pain is getting worse. I don't feel any pea like bump, there's no swelling or redness.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Robin.

It's possible but unlikely that the needle hit a tendon.

It's more likely your body is just overreacting with an inflammation response to the injury of the needle. This means pain enhancing chemical release which sets your neuroreceptors on edge, and it can be a downward spiral from there.

I suggest you spend a day or three Ice Dipping as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

Let me know what happens.

May 16, 2011
Pain after Blood draw
by: Anonymous

After getting blood drawn I developed pain very similar to the original post. Sharp pinching in my inner elbow when I straighten my arm or attempt to pick up something slightly heavy (i.e. a gallon of milk). The pain is slightly to the left of the injection point.

I don't feel any pea-shaped bump. Any idea of what's going on? Could the nurse have hit a tendon or something when she took blood? I had blood drawn 2 weeks ago.


Joshua Comments:

If the needle went through the vein to hit tendon, one of the two of you would have known it. If the needle missed the vein and the clinician had to poke around for a while until nailing it, then there's bruising and stiffness from that. Or your muscle might have just seized up some.

May 18, 2011
Elbow pain when flexing elbow, bending my wrist clsose to my shoulder
by: Peter

I have exactly the same problem as Barry Allen, except I'm 59 years old.
I have had the problem for a week now and I'm hoping that it's some form of tendonitis and will eventually clear up. It's not painful when I 'straighten' my arm but it is when I flex it and bring my wrist close to my shoulder. It feels that there is some swelling in/around the joint.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Peter.

Well, you better get to work then! Knock that inflammation down, get new blood and nutrition in there, and make sure your overall nutrition is up to snuff.

May 29, 2011
Bicep pain
by: Sarah

Hi, I came across this page while trying to figure out what is going on with my arm and so far you seem to be the most helpful although my symptoms are slightly different then the ones I read.

Yesterday while at the store I felt this shock like pain by my bicep on the inside of my arm above the elbow right under my bicep, I didnt really think much of it until later in the day it happened again kinda uncomfortable but again didnt think much of it, later in the day I was hanging up some pictures and the shock got really extreme and painful within 20 minutes that part of my arm hurt and is numb to the touch and has continued thru today with several shocks throughout the day that have been extremely painful.

If I slightly run my fingers across the area I get the shocking pain as well. I do heavy lifting all day long but have never really had any problems with my arms do you know what mite be causing this and what can I do, the pain has been there all day but the shocks are what is the really painful part often leaving me screaming in pain when they happen.

Jun 02, 2011
elbow pain and swollen ligament
by: steven

Been reading a lot of this and trying to determine exactly what might be the problem with my elbow based on all this information posted.

I have a swelled ligament or something right on the inside of my right elbow that was the start of my pain. Each day throughout the day I have a shooting pain down my forearm and then it hurts to straighten my arm. I honestly have noticed my arm at this point will not even straighten out all the way in comparison to my left arm. This has been going on now for about 3 weeks.

If it was possible I would even post a picture of the swelled ligament or whatever it is if that was possible.

Any thoughts?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Steven.

Would a picture show the swelling? If so, go ahead and email it on over.

Overall, at this point, it doesn't sound particualrly different than any other example on this thread. That's just kind of how it works.....

Pain, tightness, lack of mobility, downward spiral of more pain and more tightness.


1. Can you identify if it's a tendon or ligament?

2. If you can see the swelling, send a picture over.

3. Any injury, or history of injury, in the area that would be affecting this.

4. Normal daily activities you use your arm(s) for?

Jun 04, 2011
same pain when i try and straighten my arm after pitching
by: Rob

I am 18 years old and earlier this week i threw a bit too much in baseball and my arm started to hurt. the next morning i woke up and it was twice as bad as it was the day before. Now its the third day after it happend and it is even worse. I am considering seeing a doctor but i do not want to have to get surgery on my elbow.


Joshua Comments:

Why would you have to get surgery?

Do you have an actual injury, meaning a rip or tear?

Just because it hurts, even if it's disabling, doesn't have any correlation to rip/tear. There Are Two Types Of Tendonitis, one with injury, one without.

Jun 05, 2011
elbow pain
by: steven


I am about to email you a couple pictures.

Normal activities are fine unless I try to stretch my arm out. which in comparison to my left arm is not even possible to completely do.

Let me know if the pictures show you anything or if I need to send more.

Thanks again


Joshua Comments:

Hi Steven.

Thanks for the pics. I should have asked, can I put them up here for people to see?


1. What happens if you poke that swollen spot? Does it hurt? Is it soft or hard? Please describe in detail.

2. If you poke around the area, what does it feel like?

3. Assuming your arm doesn't hurt 24/7, what exact activities, fast or slow, cause it to hurt, and how and where exactly do you feel symptoms?

Jun 07, 2011
Got Elbow Pictures?
by: steven


did you receive the pictures I sent?



Joshua Comments:

Yes, got them. See my previous response.

Jun 08, 2011
Broken Collar Bone and elbow pain when straightening arm
by: Martin


Think I might already know the first step, which i will start ASAP - ice bath in the kitchen sink!

Broken my collar bone in my left shoulder racing (triathlon) 2 weeks back. I now have similar pain in the inner elbow when I fully extend my left arm, just like those before me! I have no pain in inner elbow when the arm is bent but once I try extend fully a pain shoots down my arm from elbow. I've been sleeping in the lounger up-right during the night as wearing figure of eight brace, so don't think I would of sleep on it!

Any help or further advice I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance,



Joshua Comments:

Oh.....broken collar bones SUCK. I had just a tiny collar bone fracture when I was in 8th grade, a giant wrestling coach picked me up and bodyslammed me to the mat, his whistle was in his shirt pocket and I think that's what connected with my collar bone.

Ouch. I hurt for a long time. Sleeping was rough. And that was just from a little fracture...

But I'm kind of a wimp that way....


Ice Dips, yes! 2 minute ice packs of the collar bone area, yes!

Magnesium and Vitamin D YES! since, among other benefits, they're required to utilize calcium and thus heal bones quickly and strongly.

How did you land? I wonder if your elbow area is actually affected physically, or if your collar bone issue is sending pain down that way. I.E., when you straighten your arm muscles up near your collar bone are required to fire, which hurts the collar bone, which triggers pain down lower.

Jun 09, 2011
Response From Steven
by: Steven


Feel free to posty the pictures.

It it doesnt really hurt to poke at it and it is not a soft form of any kind it is hard to the touch. Feels like a ligament or tendon or something is swollen.

As far as the pain doing normal activities are fine, really only has a sharp pain when I bend my arm and reach up like to say touch my ear for example. I also feel a little pain when I rotate my wrist.

The strangest thing is the inability to completely straighten my arm, it doesnt hurt to try to but it just doesnt happen.



Joshua Comments:

Yeah, that's likely Pronator Teres involvement, hurting when rotating wrist.

You're going to want to focus on -below- the elbow structures.

That's good if it doesn't hurt when you poke it, but something is keeping the structure irritated and swollen/inflammed.

In short, you need to do some serious icing, and start massaging the TOO TIGHT structures you'll find right on either side of the elbow joint.

Poke around your triceps too, see what they're doing, I'm curious.

Turns out adding pictures to this thread is kind of a pain in the ass. My site is going to get upgraded at some point soon, and that feature will make it easy. So I'll add them in then. Interesting, that is a significant little swelling, as opposed to a bigger broader one.

What are the chances that you actually ripped/tore a little something? Those two thoughts aren't necessarily correlated, but I'm asking what activities you've been doing that may or may not had enough strain involved to get a little Pulled Muscle Symptoms.

Jun 19, 2011
Elbow Pain from sleeping on it wrong, pain 2 weeks later
by: Stacy

I woke up with mild pain. Figured i slept on it wrong in some way but i have had the pain now for 2 weeks. And if i pick up anything with that arm pain is severe. enough for me to drop a gallon of milk and a carton of eggs. I have no insurance so i am trying to figure out what i did or how to ease the pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Stacy.

You probably did sleep on it wrong. That didn't hurt it, it just pushed all the pre-existing tightness, inflammation, etc, over the threshold into PAIN and problem.

Basically you're stuck in a pain dynamic.

Read this thread, plenty of free info, and exactly what you need to do.

Jun 20, 2011
reply from Steven


feel free to post the pictures.

it is a hard spot where the swelling is and my elbow does not hurt all the time, mostly when I bend my arm or when i attempt to throw anything at all.

It has gotten a little better but overall the biggest issue I still have is my arm will not straighten completely out. If I compare it to my other arm this is very noticeable.


Joshua Comments:

Yep, Pronator Teres and friends.

Possibly you gave yourself a little tiny tear to tendon or ligament or joint capsule from the throwing.

If your muscles aren't doing their job, all the force from throwing literally pulls your elbow joint apart. There's A LOT happening with a throw, as far as muscles firing, nervous system keeping track of things and often overreacting, increases in force with momentum, reversing that momentum, etc.

I imagine that, tiny injury or not, your muscles are now locked tight, trying to protect you.

You may not need protecting, but you do need to make those TOO TIGHT muscles relax. Nothing gets better until that happens.

Jun 20, 2011
Announcing 'Reversing Bicep Tendonitis'
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hello all.

After much procrastination, I sat down and finished putting together my Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook.

There's a lot of information here on this thread you can use to get yourself out of pain and to get your arm straightening without pain again.

And the ebook is another resource for you.

It is a complete, detailed, described plan. It contains ONLY what you need to get your arm working again. No fluff, no filler.

Whether your Bicep Tendonitis is at the elbow, in the belly of the Bicep itself, or up at the shoulder, 'Reversing Bicep Tendonitis' deals with it.

Please tell your friends if they have 'can't straighten my elbow' pain and Bicep Tendonitis issues, and please consider it for yourself.

Click here to find out more about Reversing Bicep Tendonitis.

Jun 25, 2011
1st day at the gym: Soreness around the joint below biceps
by: Anonymous

Hi, it was my 1st day at the gym yday and I did Chest+Biceps routine.
After around 6 hours, I felt this soreness around the joint below the biceps and by next day morning it feel even sore. I couldnt stretch my arms straight 90 degrees. What should I do? Continue working out or rest for a few days to get rid of the soreness?
I have taken rest for 2 days now but the pain and stiffness hasnt subsided.


Joshua Comments:

I would never recommend rest. Rest doesn't fix anything.

Read through this thread, lots of helpful info and answers to your primary question.

Jun 30, 2011
inner elbow pain after a Saturday workout, by Maddee
by: Maddee

Hi, I'm a 21 year old healthy female, I've had some major injuries, but none pertaining to this area, I love staying fit and lifting weights.

Last Saturday I went to the gym, and did my regular upper body routine. Later that night I started feeling quite a bit of stiffness in my inner elbow. The next morning I got up to get my daughter out of her crib, and I noticed that I had so much pain in my arm while trying to lift. I couldn't actually lift her out and luckily it was Sunday so my husband could do it for me.

Now though it is Thursday, and I don't have any help during the week, I really need to get better as soon as possible so I can actually pick up my child without extreme pain, and do everything else.

I have avoided really hardcore arm exercises, but I haven't stopped completely because I don't really want all the effort I've put in to go to waste.

I can pin point the area in which the pain is coming from, it is my right arm in the far right part on my inner elbow and it reaches halfway down my forearm and quarter way up my bicep. It hurts sooo much to try and straighten it, but it isn't impossible. (huts less after straightening a little at a time, but goes back to being stiff after not having it straightened for 15-30mins)

I have tried Ice, massaging, heat, (I have used magnesium for another issue I've been having, but it hasn't seemed to help with my arm. Exercising and keeping my arm active seems to lessen the pain and stiffness, but only for a short time. I've also tried looking for the "pea spot" can't find anything.

So after giving this information my main questions that I want answered are:

Is it alright to keep exercising, if yes, can I continue doing my old workout or just take it easy?
Is their any other treatments or things things to take/drink?
Which is better icing it or heating it, or a mix?
What are some ways to stretch that area so I can prevent it from happening again?
Can you tell me what it is in you opinion, a ligament, tendon ect?
Should I see a doctor, If not right now, but if the issue continues, how long should I wait?

Thank you for your time, I'm sorry I know this is alike so many others on this thread, but I wanted to make sure, and ask my own questions.

Jun 30, 2011
Cannot flex elbow more than 90 degrees
by: Anonymous

My 10 year old daughter is a gymnast and cheerleader. She was practicing her round off, back handspring, back flip, when she fell on her elbow. I did not see the accident, but she said she had to pop her elbow back into place. It was swollen for several days. We put ice on it and have kept a brace on it. The swelling has gone down and she can straighten her arm, but she cannot flex it more than 90 degrees.

What do we need to do now?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymom.

How did she 'fall' on it? Came down with a straight arm, or hit straightarmed at an angle, or fell sideways on the floor? I'm guessing a version of the first couple.

I wouldn't worry about the inability to flex past 90 degrees for the moment. The joint is swollen, she might not physically be able to articulate the joint.

She dislocated the elbow, that's bad. She's 10, that's good. The question is, did she permanently stretch the ligaments that hold the joint in place. Time and activity will tell.

My thoughts.

1. Keep icing the hell out of her arm/elbow. 24/7 if possible. 5 gallon bucket full of frozen water bottles, and as many dips as possible in a day. More than 10 seconds is fine as it's a joint issue. See my Thumb Ligament Injury page, as there are similarities.

2. Get rid of the brace. Have her keep her arm moving, to keep getting length and shortness to the structures and lubrication to the joint.

Mobility is better than immobility. If she can keep it moving, even just a little bit, that's GOOD. Don't have to go for full range of movement, but do keep things moving.

Keep me updated, and ask questions along the way.

Jul 04, 2011
elbow pain from using computers too much
by: Tiago


I'm 24 and I use computers too much hours per day (work). I feel pain on the inside of my right elbow (with thumb pointing out, palm facing up) when doing push ups, throwing something (like baseball), extending arm against resistance.

If I close my hands, put closed left hand in chest at diaphragm then place my right closed hand on top of the left and try to extend right arm against the left hurts a lot, it's the way I test the pain, however if I do this some times the pain eases for a while. The pain is sharp and stronger in the morning.

I have chronic problems with both my left and right supra-spinatus tendons, almost healed though. I just don't know what the elbow problem is and what exercises I can do to improve. ps: I can rotate my wrist either side, flex and extend without any pain, no lack of strength.

Thank you,

Tiago Faria


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tiago.

If you're having problems in your shoulders, then it makes sense you'll develop problems in your elbows.

It's all connected.

And for the record, you don't have 'tendon' problems. That's just where pain ends up.

You have TOO TIGHT muscles and connective tissue and a Pain Causing Dynamic.

What activities from this thread have you been doing to help?

Jul 04, 2011
Response to Maddee
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Maddee.

Yes, it's totally like most of the others. That's cool, it all is worthy of repetition. And you've done some self care and have questions, so that's totally valid. No worries.

While I certainly can't tell if you have an actual injury to tendon or ligament, chances are you're basically just stuck in spasm, in contracture. Meaning, your muscle is stuck in firing mode, and the nervous system is SUPER defensive.

The muscle is clenching and doesn't want to lengthen.

Should you go to a doctor? I'm certainly not going to tell you know, but I'm certain that if you do you'll be prescribed rest and anti-inflammatories.

I think ice is better, but you can certainly do both to enhance the circulatory turnover.

Should you work out with the arms? It probably won't 'hurt' you, but it WILL add to the irritation level and sensation level.

Chances are you just haven't done enough of the selfcare you've been doing. Meaning, the forces causing the pain and tightness have not yet been overwhelmed by the benefits of your self care.

1. How much magnesium are you taking?

2. How exactly are you icing?

3. How exactly are you massaging?

Jul 11, 2011
Pain In Elbow, can't straighten elbow, diabetes
by: Whitney

I came across this site and I need to know. For a month now my elbow has been in pain. Its not always painful only when I try straightening it out. It will absolutely NOT straighten out, even when I try my hardest. When I try even pushing my arm out to straighten it shakes. I also can't bring it up forward all the way it hurts. Last night it hurt so bad I had to take ibuprofen. It was getting better but the other night I had hit it and it just got worse. I am a diabetic and thought numerous times it could be caused by that, but I am not sure.

What exactly could this be?


Joshua Comments

Hi Whitney.

What could it be? It's the same thing as the rest of this thread.

Your muscles are locked, basically, for a variety of reasons.

The diabetes may be a player, but probably just as an indicator of general nutritional deficiency.

Get my Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook and get to work fixing this.

Jul 12, 2011
Update: Cannot flex elbow past 90 degrees
by: Anonymous

We went to an OP because her flex kept getting worse. He clarified there are no fractures. He believes she dislocated it when she fell on it and she relocated it while getting up somehow. He wanted us to keep an eye on it, but I have become very impatient and we are going back today. We are going on the fourth week. He is going to do a different type of Xray that will show whether or not the bottom growth plate may be fractured.

I will keep you posted. I am very concerned that it might be her ligaments and I am going to question the OP about it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Have you been doing any of the things I suggested?

Jul 12, 2011
Update 2: Cannot flex elbow past 90 degrees
by: Anonymous

Yes sir we have. We keep the brace on when she is around other people, but we take it off when she is home. We continue to ice it constantly. She moves it as much as she can.


Joshua Comments:

How much are you ice dipping?

Are you/is she massaging the muscles described in this thread?

Jul 17, 2011
by: wendy

About 3 weeks ago I slipped at my dance studio (ironically on magnesium spray that I use for my p. faciitis, shin splints, and achilles tendonitis). I landed on my left side pretty hard, but I don't remember if maybe i had twisted and landed on my right elbow.

After a few days my right arm was so weak I couldn't hold my coffee cup, spray hairspray, or squeeze toothpaste with my right hand. It went about 70% away for about a week, so I could do those things but w/just a little pain, which all started with the inner elbow.

I teach pole dancing, but when I used my right arm to swing around the pole it didn't hurt it at all (my right arm is pretty muscular, but not huge).

About 5 days ago I must have done something at the studio & the pain came back tenfold. Now it hurts to swing around the pole.

Within the last 3 days I can't use my arm at all, I can't even carry a LIGHT purse with my hand or in the crook of my right arm. At the store I was getting SEVERE pains in my forearm/top of hand w/o doing anything with my arm.

I've been icing it the last two days, but it's not helping. I even bought the Dragon dictation thing for my laptop because I cant type (although I am using my right hand to type now, it's straining my forearm, & the inside of my elbow.

I DO TAKE magnesium in addition to a daily woman's supplement.

What is scaring me now is that I noticed that the bottoms of the whites of my eyes are yellower than usual, not deep yellow but enough for me to notice. I didn't think much of it until I started looking up forearm/elbow/bicep pain & found rhabdomyolysis.

My face looks yellower than usual to me, but now I'm afraid it's just my imagination. Anyway, this could be a totally crazy theory so please tell me if it is:

The bits of destroyed muscle from the inner elbow have floated away and blocked some liver ducts, causing the yellowing & other symptoms that I took notice of in the last week but didn't think twice about until I read up on liver stuff (darker urine, darker than normal eye circles,an UNUSUAL craving for water the past few days, EXTREME fatigue (which I have every day unless I take the prescribed Vyvanse-but the last two days fatigue has overcome the drug), & swollen ankles.

The ankles swell sometimes when I'm teaching, but I chalk that up to the shin splints/lower leg issues I have. Haven't been on my feet at all for the past few days but they're still swelling.

Sorry for SUCH a long post, but I wanted to tell you everything to see if the elbow/forearm/bicep pain could be involved with the rhabdomyolysis.

I also sleep on my right side with my right elbow bent under my pillow, but for the past 4 or 5 days I can't because it hurts too much.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Wendy.

If you have Rhabodymolosis, that's out of my realm. And, it's potentially bad news.

Get thee to a doctor and get checked out.

Jul 20, 2011
arm lump with blood clot or pinched nerve
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing similar symptoms, the only difference is I have a "lump" where my arm bends. I am unsure whether it is a blood clot or pinched nerve. A lot of the information I found leans more towards a pinch nerve. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so maybe I will have a better answer.

Aug 02, 2011
Ummm... Hi... Having similar pains in that area...
by: Anonymous

Hello! :L

Um well i'm 13 and i was lifting a shopping bag yesterday with 5 2 liter's milk cartons and when i straghter my arms i think i did something to the same area.

When i straighten my arm quick i have a sharp pain in the inside of the elbow bit. but when i push my elbow more when i do it it doesn't and when it's nearly straight too. I felt around and compared to my other inner arm and i have two small bumbs 1 or 2 cms away from each other along the bend line. Its annoying couz when i straighten my arm i wince and i look like a complete idiot passing a phone to a mate.


Joshua Comments:

Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation.

See: Process of Inflammation

See: How To Reduce Inflammation

Aug 04, 2011
Elbow pain from playfighting with a friend
by: Anonymous

3 months ago i was playfighting with a friend and bent my elbow in a funny way and heard a pop. it was painful for a second but then felt completely fine. the next day it was a little bit sore and gradually got more sore. it doesnt look inflamed at all but i cannot touch my shoulder with my thumb as it hurts when i get 90percent there and i cannot fully straighten it either.

the pain appears to be coming from the left outside on left elbow. if i move it quickly from a bent position to a straight position it clicks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Playfighter.

So what are you doing to make this better?

Has anything chaged for the better/worse since you wrote this 2 weeks ago?

Aug 12, 2011
sharp pain in inner arm, not sure how it happened
by: Anonymous

I have had for about a week a sharp pain in the inner part of my arm right around the inner elbow and bicep. Not sure how it happened it started with a dull pulling feeling and now every time i twist my arm a certain way or straighten it out too far i get a sharp pain that goes both directions on my arm.

Its hard to describe...feels like a rubber band pulling, warm sensation and painful. it surprises me every time i accidentally straighten it or move it because the pain is sharp and uncomfortable. I do lift weights and do pullups twice a week but I first noticed this 3 days after I lifted????

What do you think it is and how to treat?


Joshua Comments:

I think you tweaked your structure and your nervous system is overcompensating to protecting you.

Read through this thread, all the treatment is there.

Update as you go along (Do put in something other than 'anonymous' next time though, please.

Aug 16, 2011
inner elbow pain, also hurts when slowly straightening the arm
by: Alan

I have the identical problem--except that when I straighten my arm slowly it is also very painful.

There is a small swollen area to the left of my forearm (with palm face up) by the elbow. The pain in my arm has been getting progressively worse, and also shoots into my right upper arm on the outside when I straighten the arm. The pain is such that I can't use the arm as I normally would (e.g., pushing on my shoe hurts; lifting anything like a laptop from the table with one arm is painful, etc.). Don't know what this is.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Alan.

Sounds like par for the course with everybody else on here. With slight variation, it's basically all the same thing.

Good news, bad news.

Read through the thread, follow the suggestions, let us know how it goes and we'll fine tune as necessary.

Aug 17, 2011
Swollen Upper Right Arm
by: Chris

Hello Joshua Tucker

3 days ago I stated using dumbbells each weighing 5KG, and perform short but intense workouts such, Dumbbell Flys, Bent Arm Side Laternal, Dumbbell Font Raise To Ceiling and the common Biceps workout.

After the first day I just felt some sore numbness, but did another workout.

After day two I woke up an my right arm was stiff and had unpleasant pain when performing the arm movement to straighten.
Today I rested, but now there what appears to be SWOLLEN right arm, my left arm has light numbness but no difficulty straightening.
When I touch any part of upper right arm, chest and armpits It is like touching a sore bruise.
The main pain is located near the right inner elbow.
Even after a some time with the arm straight, I relaxes it and after a sort interval then attempt to straighten it again but pain that comes from stretching the muscle once again. Bummer

Is swelling possible when pulling an arm muscle?
What might this be?

Thanks In Advance


Joshua Comments:

Hi Christian.

Maybe you pulled a muscle, maybe you're just sore and your body kicked in a huge Process of Inflammation.

No way for me to tell from here, really.

Having said that:

Yes, swelling is certainly possible. How swollen are you? A little, a lot?

Aug 19, 2011
I have the same elbow pain and swelling - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: debbie

Hi, I have the same exact problem!!!

I have severe elbow pain, and cannot straighten my arm. And my elbow is very swollen. Hurts 24-7, and I cant sleep.

Nothing helps- not aspirin, pain pills, ice, nothing. Been to my doctor numerous times- She's BAFFLED. Next is getting an x-ray. This blows.

How can a doctor not know what this IS????


Joshua Comments:

Hi Debbie.

How can a doctor not know? What a GREAT question!

Let me know when you find a definitive answer. I have my theories, of course.


Did you do anything that might have caused a rip or tear?

When you say 'nothing helps', say more about that.

How bad is the pain?

Is it constant or only when you try to move?

Anything else interesting to report?

FYI, an Xray will only show a broken bone and MAYBE if it's a major tendon with a serious tear, Xray isn't going to show anything.

Aug 29, 2011
Pain in Left Arm , hurts to straighten it but feels fine when it's bent
by: Anonymous

Hey Joshua, I've been getting similar pain when I try to straighten my arm but when its bent, I don't feel the pain.

Before yesterday, I did workouts for the first time; like curls, flies and dumb bell bench presses. However yesterday I didn't feel any pain there whatsoever, but this morning after I woke up, I started to notice the pain.

Do you think it's because it was my first time doing lifting workouts that caused this pain, or something else? I am suppose to do my workout routine today again, should I rest it or just continue with my routine.

Any treatments I can do, and will I need to see a doctor?


Joshua Comments:

Hey Anonymous.

Will you need to see a doctor? I definitely can't make that call.

Did the workout cause it? Probably, but more in a 'caused enough irritation to an already irritated dynamic that it just took you over the threshold into a 'stuck in pain' situation'.

Should you work out more with it? Probably.

Unless you have a rip or tear, you're just experiencing irritation and inflammation, which includes the muscle being stuck TOO TIGHT.

It hurts to open the arm, but it feels fine bent, because that too tight muscle/structure is shortened, and thus not firing off a 'danger danger we're getting ripped apart!' signal to the brain.

Working out more will either help it or hinder it. Only one way to find out.

Ice massage. Self massage. Irritant out and new blood and nutrition in. Lengthen that tissue.

Aug 31, 2011
response to joshuas reply to me :) -- Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: debbie

thanks for answering. By nothing helps, I mean exactly that. Ice, pain pills, muscle relaxers, warm baths, nothing helps. I got that x-ray done that I told you about, and the doctor who is so baffled, told me the x-ray came out normal. She now says its tennis elbow. I don't even play tennis! (LOL) Then I went to a rheumatologist who told me the same thing, but she gave me an injection of Kenalog. Seems to have relieved the swelling, but my arm still is in a lot of pain. And I still, 3 months later, cannot extend my arm all the way. Yes, its been this way for 3 months. :( :(


Joshua Comments:

Hey Debbie.

Let's first change your language a little bit. Humor me.

You say 'Nothing helps'. The correct thought/concept is, 'Nothing I've tried so far helps'.

I nitpick this for good reason, though I won't elaborate on it here.

Point being, there are things you haven't tried yet. Very much realted to that, there are things your doctor will never have you try.

That's where I come in.

Assuming you've ice dipped enough, in cold enough water, and that had NO beneficial result, then it's safe enough to say that at least a good portion of your pain is coming from a nutritional deficiency direction, which can include gluten intolerance. (Gluten intolerance causes all sorts of weird/odd/bad symptoms.)

magnesium, Vitamin D, B6, and B12 (methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin) are the big players. If you don't have the building blocks you need, your body can't do what it needs to do.

Investigating further, how's your health and energy levels, overall, and historically?

Aug 31, 2011
response to Joshua from Debbie
by: debbie

Hi Joshua,
I get what youre saying about nothing so far helps. You're going to have to humor ME now....explain what gluten intolerance is, and do I have a deficiency in vitamins? I also have rheumatoid arthritis. And Im only 43! ;)

I'm usually quite sore and achy most days. And I don't have tons of energy- cant work out like I usually can. very short workouts, like ten minutes and I'm done.

My doctor ALSO diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, the same time my elbow started hurting. what do you make of it?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Debbie.

In short:

1. Gluten is an inflammatory agent. I have no problems with it, some people are horribly allergic to it. A huge number of everybody is somewhere in the middle.

2. Gluten is an inflammatory agent. The body has to fight off the side effects of that inflammation. Research shows that when athletes go off gluten, their performance and recovery improves.

Imagine 40 years of your body trying to fight off the constant influx of new inflammatory agent. That's what leads to....

3. Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic pain and chronic illness and tendonitis symptoms and and and.

4. Most everybody in the US if Vitamin D and Magnesium deficient. If you have pain and other symptoms, it's a safe bet you need more nutrition in your body.

Magnesium deficiency causes Fibromyalgia symptoms. So does Vit D deficiency.

Adequate levels of Vit D reduces the incidence of breast cancer by 85%, and the category 'all forms of cancer' by 33%.

Both are super cheap, and there's no reason to be short of either of them.

ESPECIALLY in your situation.

4. Overall, I'm going to send you over to Kerri's site

Everything you want and need to know is there.

5. FYI, what you complain of, it's totally reversible. It will just take some investigation and correct action.

Sep 02, 2011
Same problem with pain and not being able to straighten my elbow
by: Carwyn Wood

I've got the same problem with my elbow.

I woke up at 4am and my arm was killing me, it's like my muscle is swollen but can't see it and it wont let me stretch it and when I move my arm about it seem's to get better but when I leave it still for 10 mins it goes back to pain, it's weird.

My grandfather seem's to think that i've pulled a muscle and you can work it back by moving your arm about and moving it back seem's easy but could take hours for it to go back.

But i'm having the same if it's worse by tomorrow ill go to the doctors it's not a massive deal of pain but really uncomfy because now i'm dying to straighten my arm but cheers for posting all your messages this type of problem seem's quite common just you don't hear it much because you think it's just a strain or normal pain to have, but I don't think there is nothing to worry about.

Sep 05, 2011
double jointed and problems with pain and straightening the arm
by: Anonymous

I have common pains in both of my elbows and I sleep in a similar position as you do. I am double jointed and was wondering if perhaps you are and if so, if that could possibly be a factor in the pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi dbljnted.

I don't know if the OP is double jointed, but being DJ, to the extent that you are or aren't, can certainly affect the nervous system.

If your nervous system notices that your joints are -too- loose, then it tightens up muscles to support the joint.

Over time, things get tighter, the joint is still loose, the Process of Inflammation slowly builds up, the nervous system freaks out, etc.

Sep 21, 2011
What's your diagnoses? -- Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem! Did you ever get an actual diagnoses? I am a 31 year old female and I have been fighting the balling up tightness in my left arm for more than 3 weeks now! Stretching helps only momentarily and just as soon as I feel I am making headway it balls up again... needless to say I am aggravated and need all the help I can get in this matter! Thanks


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

What good would a diagnosis do you?

I always wonder, because people are so excited to get one.

Regardless of the name, the dynamic is the same:

Need more magnesium, self massage, ice dipping, etc.

I don't know if the original poster got a diagnosis, but I'm curious.

Oct 04, 2011
I have the same lump - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Barb

Hi, I have the same, within the crease of the elbow, I noticed it sometime ago but didn't pay no mind to it.

But now it has gotten larger and my inner arm next to the elbow is swollen, it is very hard for me to straigten my arm let alone to pick up anything.

The pain is bad, I have been searching online thats how I came across this site, it is very difficult for me to move my arm because of this area and the lump and the swelling towards the side of the arm towards the body. Do you have idea what it may be?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Barb.

It -could- be lots of things. I'd need to know more about you and your situation.

Sometimes it's good to go see a doctor just to rule out anything dangerous and medical.

But most of the time it's just too tight muscles and connective tissue and an overactive inflammatory response.

Read through this thread and do what it suggests. And it's up to you to assess your arm and decide whether it needs a trip to the doctor or not just to be on the safe side.

Oct 16, 2011
Sprained elbow from a car accident swerving left
by: Anonymous

i was in a car accident where i had to swerve hard left to avoid severe impact and jolted hard, but since then i have what i would describe as a twisted elbow as the symptoms are very similar to previous (tennis elbow symptoms)you have had posted on your site????

i didn't feel much pain until the following day and then the 3rd day after, i couldn't bend my arm without being in pain, its now been 6 weeks since the accident and the pain is still niggling me, and can hurt when picking up heavy objects sometimes? any idea what this could be?

many thanks


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

It's basically the same thing as everything else on this thread:

1. TOO TIGHT muscles (clamped down hard in the moments of accident.

2. Freaked out nervous system locking things down in defensive mode (pain and tightness)

3. Process of Inflammation

4. Likely need Magnesium for Tendonitis

Oct 23, 2011
Weird feeling of ache/weakness in elbow, forearm, & wrist
by: Mike S from SoCal

Hello. thanks for the help ur providing me & others similarly situated.

background info:

Im a 39 y.o. male involved in heavy duty (heavy weights low rep) bodybuilding.

Recently I've gotten a weird feeling of ache/weakness in elbow, forearm, & wrist area. this has persisted for almost 2 weeks.

I drink a lot of water. I think this probably may have started when I did barbell biceps exercises on a preacher curl, although I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened (sort of creeped on me).

i do heavy duty bodybuilding 3 times a week: tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays, so i do have a lot of rest.

it's said that the human body has an amazing almost miraculous ablity to repair itself on its own. I'm hoping this is what happens.

3 Questions:

1) I cannot really take a week off from bodybuilding for this aforesaid lower arm problem to completely heal, but should I lower the heavy duty workouts to less weight & more reps temporarily???

2) You say a magnesium & vitamin D/calcium supplement is recomended for this type of injury (tendonitis) to heal faster. But, can I take a good multi-vitamin which would probably include these vitamins & minerals?

3) What other than vitamins/minerals, drinking plenty of water, self-massage do you recommend to eradicate this problem?

Thanks, again for all your help. Good luck everyone with recovering!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mike.

1. I do -not- say 'Vit d/Calcium supplement is recommended'. I've never said that. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis again. We get enough Calcium from our diets but don't utilize it due to lack of Mag and Vit D.

2. Rest is not beneficial for your situation. You have pain/symptoms primarily due to muscles/connective tissue being TOO TIGHT. Rest doesn't soften/relax tissue. You need to start working on yourself.

3. You can take a multi. But as you say 'probably', I'm concerned that you don't actually know how much is in there. Look. Learn. Know. Having said that, no, there's not enough of what you need in a multi.

4. You don't need anything other than nutrition and self massage to fix this. I could tell you a thousand things to do, but just do those two things. If you do it right/enough, you can reverse your pain dynamic.

As an athelete, you put a lot of time into your sport. You may want to expand that to put some time and effort into the self care required to keep your body happy.

Oct 26, 2011
elbow pain when bending or straightening hurts at the back of the elbow
by: jay

3 weeks now the elbow hurts to bend or straighten it hurts at the back of the elbow the doctor tried to get fliud from the bursa sac nothing came out .

It is swollen ice packs make me crazy with pain so do heat packs the pain in the elbow joint seems to.

Be on the elbow just above the bony point it is soft it hurts to bend or straighten I just don't know waht to do oh almost forgot I have not bumped it no yanking on it I am on sulfasalazin for crohns lamictal 50 mg wellbutrin 150mg simvastaton 40mg thank you for your time in this matter.


Joshua Comments:

Well, if you have Crohns, then you are Gluten Intolerant. Which also almost certainly means that you have Leaky Gut. Which means that you have nutritional deficiency.

While your pain may or may not be from true Tendonitis, it's -highly- likely that you have pain from nutritional deficiency and the systemic inflammation that comes with digestive problems and auto-immune problems from gluten intolerance/crohns.

Oct 28, 2011
elbow pain hurts to bend or straighten
by: Jay

Well now the doctors are unsure if its the tendons they are now talking about a abnormal bone and want to do a MRI. My blood work ups don't show I have any vitamin deficiencies which is goood news with the crohns that means the vitamins are helping I guess.

What type of abnormalities are they looking for in the bone I am now very worried both my parents have died from cancer


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jay.

I have no idea what they're looking for, you'll have to ask them.

Also, ask them what nutrients get pulled out from the pharmaceuticals they have you on.

Also, ask them what those pharmaceuticals are doing to fix the SOURCE of your pain and problems.

Basically, they have no idea why you're having the symptoms you have, so they're going to look and test and come up with all sorts of theories to test out.

Nov 02, 2011
Feel deep bruise pain in my elbow joint
by: Yevgeniy

HI there. I am a 34 year old male with average good health and no prior history of joint problems recorded though with family history of arthritis.

I started feeling this sharp, sort of, deep bruise pain in my right elbow while lifting weights in the gym, particularly extending and flexing my elbow joint. In the next few days, I am feeling pain in my left arm that is kind of muscle to a joint throbbing periodically.

One of my friends insists its an early onset of arthritis and its acting due to weather changing. What are your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance. Yevgeniy.


Joshua Comments:

Well, if it's true arthritis it's due to nutritional deficiency.

If it's just 'inflammation of a joint' from too tight muscles, that's unsurprising. Muscles connect to tendons that cross the joint. When those muscles are too tight they compress the joint. When they're too tight for too long, you end up with joint pains and inflammation, which -can- cause true arthritis.

Nov 08, 2011
Elbow and arm problem and IBS
by: Bek

About 3 months ago I started getting pain in the back of my elbow. At night I would wake in excuriating pain and found that I was sleeping with it bent and felt tight at the elbow. The pain gradually got worse over time. I finally went to the doctors a week ago and got x-rays, which came back fine.

Anyway the next day I went to the chemist to get cream and a guard, and my elbow, bicep and just below my elbow was very swollen and a lot of heat was coming off it. Went back to see the doctor and he told me that their is nothing wrong with my arm!

It's rather bizarre considering it is my left arm and I am right handed. The pain seems to be spreading to my shoulder and neck also, and by night times, I am in so much pain that I can barely move and trying to open things is very hard, it's like my wrist and fingers are weak.

I am a stay at home mum, and over the past 6 months have been virtually on bed rest, since having 4 operations and being diagnosed with IBS, so it's not like I am doing anything strenous, nor have I banged it nor damaged it any way.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Bek.

What were the surgeries for?

If you have IBS, and just had kid(s), you absolutely are suffering from nutritional deficiency, and you definitely are suffering from gluten intolerance.

I'd need to know more to say more, but:

A. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation for your arm/elbow

B. STOP EATING ALL GLUTEN. Period. Absolutely.

Let me know what the surgeries were for.

Nov 11, 2011
Inner Arm Pain and kneed pain
by: Erick

Ok I've read through most of the post and although the symptoms are similar they're not the same as mines.

I'm having pain in my left inner arm the area right above the elbow. I have no pain when I extend my arm or putting pressure on my arm...only when I bend it in a curling position. While in the curling position I can not twist my wrist, touch my shoulder or bend it all the way without pain. The pain isn't something's inside the arm. Sometimes the pinky and ring finger feel numb.

My job is an Administrator Assistant and I'm at a computer all day long.

I had a total of 3 knee scope surgeries...and the funny thing is my knee was hurting before the pain in my arm. Now that the pain in my arm is here my knee feel a lot better!!!

Can this have anything to do with my knee?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Erick.

Well, it's all connected, so who knows? Pain radiates, the body responds accordingly. That's the magic of the Pain Causing Dynamic. It can and does affect the whole body.

Plenty of suggestions here on the site to start with. Keep us updated.

Nov 14, 2011
re: answers to post above
by: Bek

My children are now 11 and 4. I had thrombosed hemerroids removed 20th April 2011, then developed and abcess 2 days later in the butt cheek, had that lanced on 24th April 2011, on the 10th May I was readmitted to hospital as the abcess came back bigger then ever (incompetant surgeons from the first 2 surgeries), so I had that lanced.

Seen the new surgeon 6 weeks later, and was told that the first surgery for the hemeroids was not a success, and was readmitted on the 6th October 2011. I also had a colonoscopy to look for polyps, cancer, and scarring. Thats when I was told I suffer from IBS~~~~~~

The pain in my elbow has now radiated from the bicep down to the wrist, (top of arm, not under), with what feels like swollen muscles or something, very tender to massage on bicep and near wrist.

I am still expericing mild pain in the elbow.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Bek.


1. Supplement with Magnesium. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis and the 'magnesium dosage' link at the bottom of that page.

Lack of magnesium equals muscle tightness and extra strain due to physical inability to deal with stress(ors).

2. Stop all gluten. Gluten does bad things to your body in the short term and the long term. You can't fix your IBS unless you GO OFF ALL GLUTEN. Go read up at .

3. You may have an actual physical problem in the elbow, or you may just be having referred pain from nutritional deficiency and other inflammatory factors from the gluten intolerance.

Nov 19, 2011
Recognise this -- Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing very similar symptoms.

My wife and I (we are both fit 50 yr olds) are from Scotland but go camping and trekking to California every October.

I came back from the trip this year with chronic elbow pain as if I had been working out on the biceps but strained them (I hadn't).

I know - for sure - that the pain was caused by sleeping on a flat floor (Yosemite/Zion/Valley of Fire!!) and lying with my head on my arm. Sounds daft, but I had no pain before the camping but woke up on the first morning of this trip with what has been described.

And do I have a remedy?? NO.


Joshua Comments:

You don't have a remedy?

Hmmm. Read this thread all the way through.

Nov 29, 2011
Exactly the same...
by: Glenn


I've had the EXACT same symptoms as the original poster for a couple of days. Even in the way the pain progresses each day.

I'm now at day 3 and I can pinpoint the pain. Been trying to massage it whenever I'm free but as I work in IT I have a lot of typing to do so my arms can't relax. Last night, I kept waking up to the pain in the elbow and I'm guessing its because I slept at an improper posture which caused the pain in the first place.

I'm going to try drinking a lot more water and sleeping without putting any pressure on my arm and see how it goes. I hope it doesn't get any worse...


Joshua Comments:

Ice Dip a bunch of times before going to bed....

Nov 30, 2011
very bad elbow pain
by: mandy

I injured my elbow a year and two months now. I have been seeing a orothpedic for my elbow but they said it tennis elbow but i dont think that .It wakes me up every night and my pain is between 8-10. Sometimes its hard to move my arm. Im so frustrated cuz im always in pain. I hope someone has an idea what it might be. Thanks


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mandy.

How did you injure you elbow?

Nobody can help if you don't give details of what's going on.

Dec 06, 2011
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy syndrome (RSD) pain after golfer's elbow surgery
by: Tater

i had golfer elbow operation, now my elbow will now extend out any more, and now i have rsd in the same left arm, the pain drives me nuts, just had a stellate block.

no ones really telling me whats up with this rsd swellin down still got pain an numbness and wrist getting real small.

somebody help me please, thanks


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tater.

1. Did you have numbness before the surgery?

2. Why do you think that you have RSD?

3. What do you mean, 'wrist getting real small'?

4. Describe the pain. Details details details.

Dec 13, 2011
Can't bend/stretch arm after accident; no pain or inflammation. Please help!
by: Marco

Hi Joshua,

First of, thank you for helping all these people, as this elbow problem seems to be something conventional doctors are not equipped to handle. I have read every single post on this page (to make sure I don't waste your time with repetitive problems), and I decided to write to you because the symptoms I experience are slightly different from the ones here.

I'm a 22 year old male in great physical condition. I workout 4-5 days a week and eat a strictly healthy diet (brown rice, green leafy vegetables, fruits, lean meats, etc). Because I lead an active lifestyle, I make sure to supplement it with multivitamins and minerals and plenty of water. I have never had any problem with my bones or joints (meaning I could stretch/bend them to their fullest extent in any direction) until the incident two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, I was in a rural area riding a motorcycle. Because of the poorly maintained road, I swerved to the side of the road and crashed. I was unharmed, except that I landed on my right arm fully extended and banged up my elbow. That's when I found out I can't move my right arm more than a few inches.

When we got back to the city, we had my arm x-rayed and the orthopedic doctor said there weren't any dislocations or fractures, just a great deal of inflammation. He prescribed 50mg Cataflam and Feldene gel, and the inflammation is almost completely gone at this point.

But here's the problem: I still can't bend/stretch my arm all the way. Since the accident, I can bend my arm from 30 degrees to about 90 degrees. I went to three doctors and they all told me that I had nothing to worry about. Just get some rest and I should be able to get the full range of motion back on my arm when the inflammation subsides.

Instinctively, I know rest will do almost nothing when it comes to solving my problem. Whenever I try to bend/stretch my elbow, it feels as though something is jamming the joint. If I had to localize the jamming sensation, it would be at the flexor carpi radialis / flexor carpi ulnaris / pronator teres area. (In layman's terms, it would be at the point where the inner forearm and the inner elbow meet) Also, its interesting to note that there is no pain on my entire right arm, even if I apply pressure on the "jammed" area. There is also little-to-no decrease in grip strength.

So my questions for you are:

1. Have you ever seen something like this before?
2. Is this a bone, a joint, or a muscle problem?
3. What, in your opinion, is causing that "jamming" sensation?
4. Why is there a lack of symptoms such as pain?
5. What should I do about this problem?
6. In your experience, approximately how long does this take to heal?
7. Is it possible that this will be a permanent thing?

I am worried sick about not being able to bend/stretch my arm forever. :( Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.



Dec 14, 2011
Joshua Responds to Marco - Can't bend/stretch arm after accident; no pain or inflammation. Please help!
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hey Marco.

Glad to hear that's the worst of your motorcycle crash. ER nurses don't call them 'donor cycles' for nothing.

So. In short.

1. No.
2. I don't know.
3. Depends.
4. Depends.
5. A variety of things.
6. Depends on #2 and #3.
7. Yes.

Let's try that again.

1. Not specifically. But jamming a joint is jamming a joint. Only the variables change.

2. I don't know yet. I'll ask you some questions and we'll narrow it down.

3. See #2.

4. See #2.

5. Hang on, we'll get to that.

6. Hang on, we'll get to that.

7. Hang on, we'll get to that.

Questions for you:

1. Was it painful when you landed on your straight arm? Was it painful after? For instance, did you think that you had broken it?

2. Describe your positioning when you impacted.

3. When you say that there was inflammation, and that it's almost gone now, what exactly does that mean?

4. When you try to bend your arm, do you have a sense of why it won't move? Muscles locked? Joint swollen so can't move? Just no muscle power? Etc.

5. When you try to straighten your arm, do you have a sense of....

6. If you poke around the entire elbow area, is there pain? Super tight muscles? Tenderness? Etc. Look for those spots. Follow muscles to tendon to joint. Explore.

7. In general, do you have a high or a low pain tolerance?

8. History of injury?

9. Probably unrelated, but dude, do you eat any fat? It's super important. IMHO you may want to add some in, for a variety of reasons. (Having said that, it may work for you, so...)

Answer the above, and we'll go from there.

Dec 14, 2011
Marco Responds to Joshua
by: Marco

Hey Joshua,

Wow, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yes, I realize that so much more could have gone wrong with that accident. I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I can also send you picture files of my x-ray if you think it would help.

1. Yes, it hurt when I first landed and it hurt for about three days after the incident. The night of the incident, I couldn't sleep because of the pain. My whole right arm was inflamed the next day and using it to pick up anything was painful. I initially thought I had broken something. Eventually though, after taking anti-inflammatory medication the pain subsided on its own.

2. I landed on my elbow like this: With your right arm, imagine reaching forward for something in front of you at about neck level with palms and fingers pointing outward. Then imagine being thrown sideways to the right with your arm outstretched like that.

3. For the first week after the accident, my whole right arm was swollen. It was puffy, warm to the touch, and discolored. You could see purple blood clots through the skin. As I took the medicine that the doctors prescribed (NSAIDs), the inflammation slowly subsided, and along with it, the pain and discoloration. I also gained a few degrees of movement, but not all the way. Today my right arm is 100% pain free and looks completely normal, except I can't bend/straighten it all the way. Also, all the inflammation is gone, except for the point where the inner elbow and the inner forearm meet, as it still feels slightly warm to the touch.(Does this sort of answer your question?)

4. When I try to bend my arm, it feels like something is jamming the joint. The resistance seems to be coming from the sharp tip of the elbow or somewhere very close to that area.

5. When I try to straighten my arm, it feels like something at the back of my elbow is blocking it from straightening all the way.

6. Using my uninjured left arm as a comparison:
a. My right pronator teres muscle feels stiffer/ harder.
b. There seems to be more "mass" around my right elbow.
c. There is only one point that hurts on my right arm when I try to massage it. Its at that point where the inner elbow and inner forearm meet.

7. Generally, I have high pain tolerance.

8. I do not have any history of injury.

9. Haha, yes I do eat fats too. I have a spoonful of virgin olive oil everyday with my salad, along with EFA and fish oil supplements. And the occasional steak with a brownie dessert. :p Thanks for your concern though!

I hope I answered your questions clearly enough to give you a good idea of what's going on. If anything is unclear, let me know and I will elaborate further. Also, please let me know where I can send you the picture files of my x-ray.

Sorry for the long email, and again, thank you so very, very much.



Joshua Comments:

So you didn't impact with the ground like you were doing a push up? Landed on the side of your arm?

Dec 14, 2011

1. I ONLY HAD PROBLEMS WITH MY ELBOW NOT MY HAND so no i had no numbness
2. they said that it was rare one in a million an its me he said he is sure that he didnt hit the nerve in elbow.
3.My wrist now looks like a kids wrist color changed,fingers skinny i cant explain but i see it will ask the doc on thid
4. the pain is like baby labor pains in my hand they come as they want an any time, cold then hot
no one has said what all this RSD pain will do to the rest of my body or world, with the pain an test they want to do i just had the stellate block hurts no more swelling still pain should i keep having them i feel like a ginny pig is there any cure for rsd
thanks again


Joshua Comments:

Well if they're not working, then you may not want to continue them.

Yeah....doctors are basically done with you after surgery. If it didn't work, it must be -your- fault, obviously.

So. Now it's up to you.

Let's start with....

What are you doing for self care to try to help make this better?

Dec 16, 2011
Marco Responds to Joshua
by: Anonymous

Hey Joshua,

Yes, I landed with my arm stretched out. Based on the description, do you have any idea what's wrong? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




Joshua Comments:

Sorry, still not clear. Your example was that your arm was stretched out forward and then you were thrown sideways.

Did you

A. Land sort of like a push up, such that force went from wrist through straight elbow to shoulder

or did you

B. have your arm straight out in front of you and you fell sideways, thus landing on the length of your arm?

Dec 17, 2011
I can move my arm and elbow again after pushing on the spot
by: relieved

I had the exact same pain and did nothing really to involk it that I can think of. I found the small pea size point near my elbow, applied pressure and the pain was gone!! Worked awesome! Thanks a ton!


Joshua Comments:

Go Relieved!

Dec 17, 2011
Marco Responds to Joshua
by: Marco

Hey Joshua,

It would be B) I had my arm straight out in front of me and I fell sideways, thus landing on the length of my arm. Any ideas?




Joshua Comments:

Hey Marco.

Well, let's see.

My first thought is that there's muscle there in the arm that is stuck tight.

You hit the ground with arm outstretched, landing on your tricep, basically.

So impact to a muscle will make it tense up, and stay tense as the body kicks in a 'guarding' and protection mechanism.

Also, depending on how you hit, your forarm could have whipped down as impact hit the tricep, essentially putting your arm/elbow into a whiplash like hyperextension of the elbow.

If such is the case, muscles on the inside of the elbow (pronator teres, biceps brachii, etc) can be locked tight.

I can't imagine that if you were in my office and I was pressing around that I couldn't pretty easily find something that hurt significantly if I pressed on it.

So. You need to dig around all through there, tricep, bicep, forearm, and try to feel for something that is A. tight and/or B. painful.

It doesn't have to hurt. But something is super tight, and not being mobile when you move your elbow.

So there's that.

It's also possible that your elbow joint itself is either swollen (thus compressing the joint and restricting movement).

It's also possible that your elbow joint was whacked out of alignment.

-Usually- both of those options would cause a very noticeable amount of pain. Still, it's possible.

I'd put my money on super tight soft tissue structures not firing correctly and thus stopping movement.

Jan 08, 2012
Sharp pain near inner elbow with arm extended
by: Dom

Here is my story and issue. On Dec. 20 I went in for surgery and had an IV inserted in my right arm. After surgery I had no pain in my arm. One week later I asked the doctor if i could start working out again, he said yes in a week, but take it easy. So a week later (1/2/12, 2 weeks after surgery), I went into the gym for a light chest workout. I kept it light and high reps. I believe it was the next day that i started to get a sharp pain at the inner elbow if i extended my right arm out. I have noticed a few things:
1. It does not hurt for every extension.
2. If I apply pressure to the area and then extend, it does not hurt.
3. It feels like a sharp pain as if a needle was poking me on the inside and as i pull back in it feels warm.

Considering this happened two weeks after surgery, can i rule a blood clot out? I'm a healthy 25 year old. My sister who is a pharmacist and her fiance who is in med school both said they doubt it is a blood clot because its not red and swollen and a clot would have shown up earlier.

Do you think it might be muscle related from that one workout?

I also heard it may just be some pain from the vain they inserted the IV into.

Thanks in advance.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dom.

I have no way of knowing if it's a blood clot, but yes, generally blood clots have a whole other set of symptoms. So while only a trip to the doctor will confirm it yes or no, I'd lean towards 'Incredibly Unlikely'.

Having said that, what kind of surgery did you have? On the arm? Elsewhere? Assumably a minor surgery of some kind or you wouldn't be working out two weeks later.

But it's good information.


1. What kind of surgery?
2. History of pain or injury?
3. Overall health? (Youth only goes so far)
4. Does it hurt at the same spot that the needle was?
5. What kind of pain is it? More details/description please.

Jan 09, 2012
Sharp pain near inner elbow with arm extended
by: Dom

More details below...

1. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction in the nose.
2. Just started about a week ago
3. Last physical I had there were no issues. I work out and eat healthy.
4. It feels like it's pretty close to the spot of where the needle was, but i could be wrong because sometimes its hard to pin point whether its a little towards the bicep or towards the forearm.
5. As im extending my arm in certain positions, slowly or fast, I'll begin to feel the burning and stabbing pain at the location. Once i reach that point it wont go away till i pull my arm back. It seems as if the pain was worse at first and i would normally pull my arm out to put my jacket on and would feel that pain bad, to the point id need to immediately pull the arm back.

Another item I forgot to add about the chest workout I had about a week ago was that I used dumbbells (up to 70 #'s). So i was carrying dumbbells over from the rack to the bench. This weight has never been a problem though.

Let me know if you need further clarification.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Dom.

Well, it sounds pretty specific to the needle puncture.

You didn't have Levaquin or Cipro or any other fluoroquinolone, did you?

I fear you fall in the realm of "Don't know and no way to be sure".

Having said that, how about this.

1. Our default mechanism is to slowly over time get tighter muscle and tighter tissue, and more dry and crunchy than soft and squishy.

2. Needle inserts into flesh. While it's -tiny-, it's still separating tissue. It causes pain. The nervous system kicks in/ramps up it's defensive Pain Causing Dynamic.

3. Maybe it hits a tiny nerve. Maybe it hits a tiny pocket of dense scar tissue that has naturally formed over time and use.

That burning pain is either pain enhancing chemical, or nerve pain.

4. Now the tissue gets stressed a certain way and a whole feedback loop fires, pain signal gets sent. The body overcompensates, dumps a lot of pain enhancing chemical, other waste product/irritant gets created, which causes the whole dynamic to get tight/tense/defensive,etc.

At this point all I have for you is to learn How To Reduce Inflammation and Ice Dip and Ice Massage. Get inflammation factors out and soften up/juice up the tissue. Massage it often throughout the day.

Do that intensely for a week and update me.

Jan 25, 2012
similar symptoms - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: wj

I have been experiencing similar symptoms after lifting dunbells two days ago. i had not worked out for a few weeks and then i went back on monday,i did a lot of bicep curls. afterwards, i realized my arm would not relax and stayed in a slightly bent position. the next morning i woke up with a significant increase in pain. i am unable to straighten it out after a certain point without severe pain.

the pain has worsened everyday especially when i wake up. i can slowly move it and after a couple attempts the pain subsides a bit. when i sit with my arm in a fixed position it gets worse.

i have not experienced tingling or pain in my fingers or wrist but i have had trouble lifting other things. i am sore on my lower bicep and upper forearm however the most pain is directly in the joint of my elbow.

i am healthy and in shape but only 15.

Jan 26, 2012
Fix The Elbow Problem, Straighten The Arm
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

There's a lot of information in this thread that you can use to get your arm straight again, and doing bicep curls pain free again.

If you want a complete plan of attack, I put it together for you in this ebook.

Reversing Biecp Tendonitis Ebook cover
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Feb 05, 2012
inside elbow tight from pushing and pulling wheelchairs around
by: Anonymous

great page i now realise whats up its the overweight people in wheelchairs im pulling up the ramp then under the wheelchairs to clamp them in squeezed in between 2 chairs not enough room to move in between 2 chairs and training shows us how to lift a box no a body in a wheelchair i injured my leg 5 month ago its still numb and sore i must be useing arms more than legs i push on back bars with legs but now using arms as i turn them in my bus


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Yep, using all arm and no body will, sooner or later, cause problems.

Body Mechanics!

Feb 05, 2012
WILL a split make my arm straight after 5 months

hey Joshua,
my physical therapy/occupational therapy folk put a splint on my elbow/arm after 5 months, will this help to get it to go straight again. they said i had rsd/crps (reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome)in my left hand/forearm at my doc's office,i have had 5 stellate block they keep me really numb but i still have pain but no swelling just make me fat as heck.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Tater.

You have an entirely different scenario that what this thread is about. Having said that, I would definitely do what is suggested in this thread.

Having said that, if they are doing nerve blocks on you, your body is really out of whack.

Your doctors won't tell you this, as they have no idea what's going on (My proof for this? They're doing nerve blocks because they have nothing to fix the problem) but were I you, I would get SERIOUSLY interested in your nutritional status.

I would need more information of your specific situation, but just going on general terms, I'm going with that.

I definitely suggest a Phone Consultation.

As to your actual question, well, yes, technically putting your arm straight by forcing it into a splint or cast will straighten it, but it's not going to fix any aspect of the problem, aside from keeping it straight. Which doesn't necessarily do you much good all by itself...

Feb 05, 2012
by: tater

i do thank you, i am on top of the nutrional status because of the meds that they are putting in me, i stll have no use of my ring an small finger just numb. thanks so vert much again.


Joshua Comments:

No problem Tater, you're welcome.

However, I'm VERY suspicious of the statement: "i am on top of the nutrional status because of the meds that they are putting in me".

What's your vitamin D level?

How much Magnesium are you taking?

How much B6 or B12 are you taking?

Vitamin C?


Good fat?


Feb 06, 2012
protein/good fats
by: Anonymous

i do vit-d b6/b-12= v-c everyday. i not sure of my proteins. i use olivet oil in my salad. any help i can get on this will be a great help, thanks again


Joshua Comments:

You didn't answer any of my questions.

Makes it REALLY tough to offer anything useful.

Feb 17, 2012
Same problem
by: Ed

Hi, I have exactly the same problem...
On Wednesday, I went to the GYM but I forgot to stretch afterwards. On thursday I started having pain in my arm, but I thought it was only sore.
On Friday, the pain became unbearable, I can not stretch (or fold) my arm to much and I have pain in the same place as you.
If you found a solution please tell me.


Joshua Comments:

Did you read the thread? Plenty of solution here.

Feb 20, 2012
Elbow severe stiffness and pain when bending
by: Michelle

I have done something to my elbow, not sure if I've hit it or pulled it carrying a heavy load. It has been very sore for at least 4 months now. It hurts to make a fist, to bend is stiff with pain.

I hold heat on it, and ice but no results. I have had an xray, but nothing abnormal showed up. The doctor said, if it's still sore in a few weeks to make another appt. and she would see about physiotherapy.

Do you have any idea what this could be?

What can I do to help?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Michelle.

I don't know -exactly- what it is, but chances are if you read this thread you'll find what you need.

Having said that:

1. Where exactly does it hurt when you make a fist? How bad?

2. Where exactly does it hurt when you bend your elbow? How bad?

3. How stiff?

4. Where exactly does it feel stiff?

5. Is making a fist and bending the elbow the only thing that cause the elbow to hurt? Or does it hurt 24/7?

Feb 25, 2012
Elbow pain and RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
by: Maria

Hey there,

Great page. I have RA and work retail. I take Naprolen every day for pain, however I think I tweaked a tendon in my elbow. I've noticed the past week that my rt hand is falling asleep at night and I'll have to physically move the fingers to get the numbness to go away. If I go to grab something like a 32oz drink, I'll have to support my right t hand as it hurts and I feel like I have no strength. It hurts on the outside of my elbow when I extend or go to grab something. Tennis elbow? Carpal Tunnel?

Any insight would be most appreciated. I'm sure right now my C-reactive protein is up as well as my sed rates. My lower back hates me at the end of the day at work as well as my knees and feet.

I'm a big mess right now, but gotta keep on keeping on LOL!




Joshua Comments:

Hi Maria.

Technically it's more of a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome scenario if there is numbness etc. Depending on which fingers are numb, could be Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

Which is fancy language for the nerve is getting compressed by too tight muscles and connective tissue. Either at the neck/shoulder, the forearm, and/or the wrist.

I agree, you gotta keep on keepin on

You gotta go totally off of all gluten too, if you want to have any hopes of dialing down the Rheumatoid Arthritis.

And the rest of the thread has plenty of 'to do' suggestions.

More questions, more answers.

Mar 02, 2012
woke from a sharp pain in the middle of the night huge pain in my elbow
by: Anonymous

I woke from a sharp pain in the middle of the night. Whenever I try and straighten my arm, I get a huge pain in my elbow.

Unlike the other guy, mine is in my elbow and their is no confusion on where the pain is. It is unbearable.... Please help me. Like the other guy I have a healthy physique and no reason why I should have this pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

There's plenty of reason that you should have this pain.

That it showed up suddenly out of the blue doesn't mean it arrived by magic.


1. Where exactly in/on the elbow?

2. Describe the pain.

3. Age.

4. Overall description of daily activity.

5. Overall description of diet.

Mar 04, 2012
Throwing arm hurts, broken it twice, play baseball
by: Zack Allen

I have been playing baseball for 8 years and I am 15. I have broken my right arm twice and I have over the last 6 or so months noticed when I open and close my elbow and when it does this it hurts and there is also pain when I lift things.

Mar 05, 2012
Same pain as asker! please help?
by: Vincent

Whenever I lift weights the day after my left arm (viewing it from my perspective) has a severe pain inside the elbow where the bicep and the dent of the inside of the arm connect. I can't extend the arm. What is the pain? And why do I only get it on this one arm? It hurts bad.


Joshua Comments:

You only get it in that one arm because that's how your body is currently set up. Compensation pattern is such that, for whatever reason, that's where you're feeling it.

Read through the whole thread, there's lots of explanation as to why the arm won't extend fully.

Mar 06, 2012
Thanks and a question from a league bowler with elbow pain
by: Mike G.

Hi Joshua,

It's humbling to see you tirelessly answer a myriad of similar questions.

As my issue is similar to lots of the posts on here, I'm guessing your advice to me will be the same, but let me tell you of my issue just in case you detect any difference.

First of all, I'm a league bowler, so there is a big, red flag right there.

When pressing around my arm I am feeling some pain on the top side, in the upper area between my wrist and elbow. It's soft area, whether it be muscle or tendon I'm not sure.

However, the greatest area of pain I find while feeling around is on the top side of my elbow. Not really the point of the elbow, but above it. I am pushing against bone though, not anything soft. It is where I feel the greatest bit of pain.

I can straighten out my arm all the way with no problem. I'm sure it's pretty well stretched from all the bowling. It does feel tight and there is some pain when doing so.

As others have said, lifting a gallon of milk or even squeezing a bottle of bubble bath liquid into a tub causes pain.

If I clinch my fist, close my arm up, and squeeze my fist tighter I can feel pain in them areas.

I have no issues that I can tell below or on the point of the elbow itself, and nothing up higher into the bicep area.

Surprisingly I'm able to manage the pain some with Aleeve and able to continue bowling. Though it's definitely not getting better.

The first few times I throw the ball during a bowling session is hard to do, then it gets better after I've thrown the ball a little bit. I guess it loosens up. Though towards the end of the 3 game session at times pain can start to return.

So I guess first of all I'd like to have your overall thoughts, and my question would be would it make things worse to continue bowling or make no difference at all?

I will definitely start icing and look into magnesium.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

Mike G.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mike.

Tirelessly, indeed!

I'm not exactly clear on where exactly you're feeling that spot of pain. You said it was above the elbow, not on the it on the triceps side or the biceps side.


Mar 08, 2012
Joshua Responds - Mike League Bowler - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: The Tendonitis Expert


I think you're saying the back-of-the-hand side of your forearm is sore/painful, and when you do the fist/bend arm/clench thing, you feel it more on that back of the hand side of the arm.

Aside from that, your situation is a little bit different in the sense that flinging bowling balls around requires a certain something from your body/musculature, but ultimately, it's the same.

Even if your pain is on the tricep side instead of the bicep side, essentially it's the same, just on the other side of the arm. Having said that, you're absolutely going to need to work both sides. From the bowling thing, the palm-side is super to tight, I promise.

Too tight muscles, too tight connective tissue, inflammation, the nervous system clamping things down and firing off pain signal, increased nutritional requirements, etc.

Between what's on this thread and if you need it, the 'Reversing Biceps Tendonitis' ebook, there's plenty for you to get to work with.

Get too it for a week or two (and -do- the magnesium, looking into it won't help you at all....) update me on what's what.

Mar 19, 2012
My arm hurts too -- Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Anonymous

My arm hurts as well. The pain kind of moves around. I can bend in and out comfortably, but I can not pick anything up. I can not even lift a drink without pain. It has been this way for about 4 months now.

Please Help! I lost my job and was going to start a cleaning business. I did this before and feel like this is my only present option. I can not do this if I can not pick things up.

My best solution is to just deal with it. I have to work. Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi WannaClean.

Wiser words were never spoken..."My best solution is to just deal with it".

That is absolutely true.

So to clarify.

1. You can straighten your elbow, and bend your elbow fully closed without any pain or problem? True/False?

2. It hurts to pick things up. Where does it hurt? How exactly does it hurt? Details.

Mar 20, 2012
Serious rower cannot straighten or pronate forearm
by: Rower


I'm a serious rower training 9-12 times a week. I got what was diagnosed as tendinitis or tennis elbow last winter, and after some physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory methods it went away, although ever since my arm hasn't been able to straighten fully.

There is no pain, so I got on with it. However, from time to time, and more seriously lately, my elbow clicks and I can't twist my right arm anti-clockwise past the point where the palm is almost facing straight down if held out in front. If I stretch it a few times, usually something clicks and its fine again, but it keeps coming back, and locks for longer periods of time. I'm a little worried about it, and wondered if you had any suggestions.

Many thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rower.

Unfortunately, it didn't go away. The pain did, but the structural elements that work together to cause pain, didn't.

I recommend my Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook. Most of the issues on this thread include the deep biceps and the pronator teres.

You're looking at the pronator teres. TOO TIGHT, and not functioning correctly. And by correctly, just imagine that it's already, constantly, 80% firing. So it doesn't have much strength potential, fatigues easily, and has greatly reduced ability to lengthen/shorten.

Can't rotate anything if either/both A. muscle doesn't fire to pull and/or B. Muscle doesn't relax/lengthen so the opposing muscle can pull.

It's no big deal, but it -is- a matter of doing something to effectively change the scenario there in your arm.

Mar 20, 2012
Sprained arm/elbow?
by: Anonymous


6 days ago, I fell backwards on a sidewalk and hit the palm of my hand first, and then my elbow. It seems like my arm twisted once my palm hit the sidewalk.

Extreme pain right away. I iced it and wrapped it with an Ace bandage. 6 days later, and I still cannot straighten my arm fully, my elbow was swollen (slowly going down now) and I cannot twist anything with my right arm. I cannot open doors, open a water bottle, or even shake hands.

Any feedback would be great.

Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Well, that sounds like actual injury (rip/tear), but could certainly just be the predictable and acute Process of Inflammation at work.

If you're worried about rip/tear, go get an MRI (not an xray).

And/or, hit it hard with an Ice Dip for a solid 7-10 days and see what happens (It'll take at least 1-3 days before you notice anything, and in your case, you want to dip as many times as possible per day. See: How To Reduce Inflammation

Mar 22, 2012
inner elbow hurts, not a lifter, but a couple spots feel bruised
by: Anonymous

hello,im 47 yr old female and i dont excercise or do any heavy lifting here around the house.

but my left arm, inner elbow, same as the picture above, the same two spots feels bruised. dont know how this happend but it really hurts, i can bend my elbow and straighten it but i just cant pick up too many objects, such as a glass of water hurts. this has been going on for atleast 2-3 weeks. should i be worried?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous. I don't know if you should be worried, but you probably -should- be interested.

Interested in what's going on causing the symptoms, and what you can do to alleviate them.

If it's been 3 weeks, it's either going to go away soon, or it's not.

You have to make a judgement call, of course, but it doesn't sound particularly 'bad' from what you've said so far.

As humans we get surprised when things hurt for no obvious reason. But there is ALWAYS a reason(s).

Mar 23, 2012
Did pushups... Elbow hurts with shooting pain
by: Student

I did pushups a few days ago... Now when I bend my arm I feel a shooting pain that begins at my elbow then goes up my arm it is so painful! Pleas help ASAP! D:


Joshua Comments:

Is there really cause for panic?

Are you out of shape and did some push ups out of the blue?

Or are you in shape, did some push ups, and now have shooting pain symtoms?

Big difference.

I'm in decent shape, but I have done pull ups for a month or so. I did some two days ago and HOLY CRAP my forearm extensors and rotators are sore.


How bad is this shooting pain?

Constant or occasional?

Sore? Ache? Muscle pain?

Sore/hurting anywhere else from this push up event?

Mar 24, 2012
ganglion cyst? - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Anonymous

It looks as though a ganglion cyst might explain the symptoms we're all experiencing... Visit a doctor and ask if that's what you got?


Joshua Comments:

What has you think that a ganglion cyst might be involved?

Mar 29, 2012
My arm hurts still...
by: Student

It feels like it is getting worse. We were doing PE with JROTC and we had to do a different type of pushups my hands were getting sweaty and it slipped. It didn't hurt when it happend so I just continued doing pushups. I've never felt a pain like that so I was just freaking out. It still hurts really bad. I have been keeping it straight for a while but it starts to hurt at about 60 degrees closed.

Im 15, 5feet 3inches and I weigh 135 pounds. So I guess I'm a little over weight for my height and age. I. Have gotten a similar pain like this before but it didn't hurt as bad... I usually get it when I sleep on my arm.


Joshua Comments:

1. What have you done to help it get better?

2. Say more about how it's hurt 'before'.

Apr 01, 2012
pain in arm near elbow from Rugby contact
by: Anonymous

Like the original poster I'm getting problems in the same place but I can out pressure on it and when its bent there no pain except when I straighten my arm or while curling it I'm getting pain. I know what caused as I was playing rugby and while attempting a tackle my arm was caught inbetween the players legs and his left leg pushed against the top of my arm and his right leg pushed back on my forearm that at the time I thought my arm was going to snap due to the opposite forces on either side of the elbow. Yesterday when it happened it wasn't that painful I just thought it was a little sore but would maybe be ok day after well today it hurts a lot more and much more severe pain
I'm 17 im literally like 4 years behind on ny growth I look about 14 too so I am worried if I could have done some damage to the bone as people say your more likely too when growing which only the last year I seemed to finally have a growth spurt
Any tips on what might have happened or how to get rod of some of the pain
I'm thinking of going to see a doctor and hope to get an xray


Joshua Comments:

Hi Behind.

Are you 'behind on your growth' meaning you just haven't fully developed yet (totally normal and common) or you're nutritionally deficient and therefor haven't given your body what it needs to develop to it's genetic potential?

If you broke you arm, you'd know it. If you have slight hairline fractures, you'd probably know it. And/or, there's nothing a doctor is going to do with an xray other than tell you to rest and take painkillers/anti-inflammatories.

When that opposing pressure was suddenly applied, your muscles fired LIKE CRAZY to guard and protect.

It's not surprising you're sore.

Ice massage and ice dip as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page for a couple few days, and check back in.

Apr 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

hi i have a similar problem i cant straighten my arm and bend it too i fell down with the back of my elbow when i was playing basketball i had an X_ray but there is no broken thing the doctor said your ligaments have accumulated in one place and gave me some medicines and ordered me a physio therapy and told me not to massage it and it will go away by itself but still i cant stretch my arm to the end what do you advice? thanks in advance for your time!


Joshua Comments:

Your doctor said "your ligaments have accumulated in one place" ??!?

My advice is to never go to that 'doctor' again. I can't imagine that he's really a doctor. Maybe the janitor was wearing a lab coat and playing an april fools joke.

Ligaments don't accumulate.

The rest of my advice is to read the thread and do what's suggested on it.

Apr 08, 2012
I have a similar issue but im a 15 year old football player....RB/WR and DB. i am extremly athletic and healthy. i dont do drugs of any sort. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?????
by: Aaron

i had football practice thursday night and everything was fine with my arm. i came home and went to sleep that night normaly.
i woke up friday with a pain in my arm and i noticed that i couldnt fully bend my arm. but the pain was mild (bearable) i was suffering from the same symptoms as some prior comments but not as severe at the time. i figured that i would be fine if i just rested it but still worked it slightly.
i went to the backyard to work it out by playing basketball and it began to feel better. then i could somewhat extend iit more but not fully without some pain but i figured it would get better with a good nights rest knowing i had a football game the next day.
sure enough when i woke up my arm felt nearly perfect. when i woke up i got ready for football. i got to my game and everything in my arm felt just fine. i was runnning catching and tackling without any pain. sure enough that game i felt fine and dandy.
i came home and rested and that entire day i felt fine. and i figured that the pain in my arm just went away so i went to sleep that night glad that it was over, or so i thought.
i woke up this morning with severe pains in both my arms and i couldnt move my arm without moving it extremly slowly. i was trying to figure out the problem so i looked it up and found this website with people having similar problems to mine. so somebody please help me


Joshua Comments:

Did you read the entire thread? Have you tried any of the suggestions?

Apr 09, 2012
Responding - Help identifying inner elbow pain, can't straighten arm
by: Student

Well, I just stopped using it all together. It doesn't hurt that much but I've tried not to lay on it also... It has hurt like this before when I sleep with my arm under my pillow and it would only hurt if I bent my arm really fast like if I quickly reached up to wash my hair.

The pain i get when i sleep on it is just a quick shooting pain and then it seems to fade away slowly... It kinda feels like that now its not as bad as it was but it's the same as the pain I get when I sleep on it.

Sometimes if I sleep without a pillow I get a similar pain in my neck.

Apr 16, 2012
elbow pain released
by: Anonymous

to find that one spot and just move it and play with itcaused a feeling of something releasing down the back of my elbow and the pain went away,,,thnks


Joshua Comments:

Ta da!

Apr 20, 2012
One Possible Cause of an immobile elbow
by: Jason

I had/have the same exact issues as outlined by the original poster back in 2010' ie: waking up with a locked elbow.
I went to an Ortho and the xrays showed a foreign particle in the joint.
The theory was that thrashing around in my sleep likely caused the particle to move into an area that restricted the elbow. Had to go to PT to get it loosen. Otherwise, the option was surgery.
Hope this helps someone.


Joshua Comments:

A foreign particle? Like what?

The elbow joint is a closed system. Pebbles nor wood chips can't make their way in there.

If a bone chip or chunk or cartilage somehow breaks loose, that's a different conversation.

What exactly was this foreign particle seen by the Ortho?

Apr 21, 2012
One Possible Cause
by: Jason

Wood chip? No, it was either a bone chip, a piece off a tendon, cart, etc. An xray is unable to ID exactly, only IDs the existence of something present that is restricting the motion of the elbow.
It seems that people who are having their elbows lock up or are in pain from it, need to consult an expert.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jason.

If a person has a piece of tendon inside their elbow joint, I would be VERY concerned. That would be like a wood chip getting in there.

If a bone chip or chunk of joint cartilage breaks off in the joint capsule (not a foreign object, there should be NO foreign object inside the joint capsule or you have other problems), then it definitely can block joint motion.

So that's a good point. If you can't bend the elbow or straighten the arm, it's because of one of two reasons:

A. The most common is what's seen here on this thread...muscles lock tight and prevent movement.

B. A little chunk of degraded joint tissue blocks the joint mobility.

They both have different sets of identifying symptoms.

So the expert one speaks to about elbow pain should be able to identify the cause of the problem, even without an xray.

Apr 27, 2012
Pain in elbow when straigntening arm
by: Jen

I am 40 year old female, in good health. I had a baby 9 months ago. I hold her a lot while doing household things. She is an average weight, right now she weighs 18 lbs. I know that my elbow issues are from carrying her.

It hurts the most when I put her down and my arm is no longer arched around her and whenever I try to straighten my arm.

Do you think this will go away on it's own once I'm not holding her as much? Or should i get physical therapy now or later? The pain I would have to describe as a dull lame like ache. Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jen.

I don't know if it will go away or not at some time in the future after you stop carrying her so much.

It's safe to say that it will, or it won't.

You can wait and see what happens, or you can do a little bit of self care to help things out.

Also, I highly suggest that you see this page, as pregnancy and stress takes a lot of nutrition out of a person. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

PT is great, if it helps at all. If you have the time and the inclination, go for it. Then you'll know.

Apr 27, 2012
bruised arm hurts and cant bend it anymore
by: Nallely G.

My boyfriend and I have recently started to go to the gym. The last time we went was on Friday (march 2, 2012)and that same day he was working out on the Lat Pull Down machine. I noticed he was struggling a bit but he kept on working out. When we left I noticed he had a bruise on the inner part of his arm/elbow but he said it was nothing. I'm not sure if it has to do with anything about his problem. When we were driving back home he was struggling to hold on to the stirring wheel so I took over and drove. He said he was just sore. The next day he couldn't even bend his arms he said it really hurt but he insisted it was just sore muscles.

As of today(march 5, 2012) he is still not able to bend his arms he says the pain in the inner elbow is unbearable. He says it feel like the inside of his elbow/arm is tearing, his elbow is swollen and hurts when touched too(the bruise is still there). The swollen area is warm and red.

We are asking for any information that will help us. We have no medical insurance and cannot afford to go check it out at the moment. Is there any pain medication he could take too??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Nallely and hubby.

Bruising generally isn't much of a just depends on what happened in there under the bruise.

It sounds like your husband either gave himself a little tear, or his nervous system overcompensated with the Pain Causing Dynamic and Process of Inflammation.

Regardless, hubby needs to learn How To Reduce Inflammation, because that's the prime symptom/problem at the moment.

I suggest that he get the Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook as it contains all the self care he's going to need.

Apr 28, 2012
Bicep injury not DOMS
by: Nam

hi! so last week, i had this bicep soreness that made me not be able to straighten my arms. i looked up online and found out i had DOMS because i stopped working out for like a month and started it back. not really knowing what to do, i rested a few days but i still felt the pain and couldn't straighten my arms.

then i decided to hold a weight and let it pull my arm down making it straight! it hurt but it work..
but now my biceps became a lot weaker than ever before. it even look smaller too!

do you know what happened and what i could do? thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Nam.

Well, from what you've said, it sounds like you tweaked your bicep (or neighboring) structure, got sore, stopped working out for a month, still hurt and can't straighten the elbow, and now your muscles are smaller.

No mystery there. Muscles get smaller when they're not worked out. Other reasons too, but let's go with that.

As for the rest, I think the thread will explain it pretty well.

May 03, 2012
Pain getting unbearable
by: Kathy

I have been dealing with this tendonitis over 6 weeks (I painted my bedroom over 2-day period, noticed it then- went to doc, told to ice, stretch- I can't take nSAIDS due to GERD.

He gave me prednisone. getting worse. I fell forward one day and after that could not straighten, pain even when at rest. Went to urgent care- they thought they saw a fracture, casted it. next day went to ortho- no fracture- gave me a cortisone shot. I'm starting PT for Iontophoresis.

The pain is getting unbearable. It's my right arm- my dominant one. How can I rest it? Should I avoid any activity that gives me pain? That would be everything!

Now feeling constant burning pain above and below the elbow- wondering if there would be another cause of all this pain? I'm afraid I am injuring it more by using it even when in pain?

I have also been suffering from plantar fasciitis since november- could there be some other issue going on with my connective tissue system?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kathy.

There Are Two Types Of Tendonitis, with and without injury.

I'm guessing that you're in the 'without' category.

But if your gut isn't pulling all the nutrition out of your food that it should be due to imbalance in stomach acid etc, then over time you are getting more and more nutritionally deficient.

Which, ultimately, causes pain and problem.

No -physical- method is going to get you out of pain until the nutritional lack of your body gets (closer to) filled.

Having said that, see It's a pretty safe bet that you're gluten intolerant, vitamin d deficient, and that you actually need MORE stomach acid, not less.

That's Kerri's field, of expertise, not mine. I can talk you through it some, but Kerri's your go to gal for that.

I can say that you need to go off ALL gluten for a couple months, get your Vit D level checked and then supplement accordingly, and -probably- take acid pills (HCL, I think). But again, especially that last topic, is Kerri's domain.

So having said all that, definitely understand how the Tendonitis dynamic works. See: What Is Tendonitis

Rest isn't going to be of any benefit to you. Overuse isn't the issue, the issue is that your body isn't working properly, and thus you're in a downward spiral of the Pain Causing Dynamic

Read those pages, and then get back to me with questions etc.

May 09, 2012
Ache within joint of arm possible blood clot
by: Simon

As with the first post, I have pain on the inside of my elbow. I've had the pain for over a month now and it doesn't seem to be getting less painful. I'm not sure how it was caused, I have a feeling it was either through sleeping awkwardly (with the arm half over the bed)or whilst working out.

There's no pain whilst the arm is relaxed. The pain only comes from straightening the arm. It's at it's worst when putting pressure through it. When my arm is straight and I twist it, I also have some going through the top of the arm.

Looking at the possible causes with your first poster, I'm concerned it could be a DVT. I suffered a blood clot in my calf following surgery a few years ago. Following subsequent tests, I was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden (more prone to blood clots).

Other than going to my doctor, what would you recommended?



Joshua Comments:

If you're worried about a blood clot, my ONLY suggestion is to go to the doctor and make sure it's not.

May 15, 2012
injured shoulder and wrist now elbow is locked
by: Anonymous

Approx. Six months ago I injured my wrist and shoulder on the job. I do my fair share of heavy lifting and repetitive movements every day. Today I came home from work and had all of my usual pains. Then while making dinner out of the blue my arm locked up. I can not straighten it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could this be from my shoulder?


Joshua Comments:

It's all connected, and all related, so....yes.

May 16, 2012
Same Pain
by: Craig

Wow...I am having the same pains...the more I stretch the better it feels but it really is painful...sometimes it like you can really hear the bones crunching or popping. Mine also happens in my sleep and has continued for about a week now. When I roll my wrist I feel it in my forearm, when I flex I fell it in my elbow then you feel the lil poppin/crunchin feeling. when I bend my elbow and hold I really feel it at the elbow then...


Joshua Comments:

Tight muscles, tight connective tissue, compressing joints.

Someone should make a haiku out of that....

May 21, 2012
Pain in Elbow from filing in file boxes, felt elbow pop
by: Karen

44 y.o. female in Kansas. I have experienced the same elbow pain as described by the 39 y.o. Maryland male; however, I did sustain an injury in February at work while filing. I was lifting file boxes at work above and below my head and waist, felt a pop in my elbow area.

Basically I thought nothing of it thought it was just tweaked and went on about my biz. Then 2 weeks later, I was experience pain in the bend at the elbow, really painful to straighten and loss of strength.

Went to primary care doc who said it was tendonitis and not to use it, ice and biofreeze and simple bending exercises. After 2 weeks of that, I was no better, except I was in worse pain. I was then sent to an ortho spec.

Went through x-rays and MRI and no sign of any tear or partial tear of the bicep or tendons. So again, diagnosed with tendonitis. Have been doing therapy since. (Ice, ultra sound, e-stem and some simple exercises). They have stopped the ultra sound as the pain in bending has become better but my strength is not where it was before.

In fact, this weekend we were at a graduation party, my husband handed me his drink 32 oz and I had my 32 oz drink in my arm bent at 90 degree angle up against my body for approx. 10 minutes and it hurt so bad to get the arm to go straight again. In addition, on the next day, I was mowing on our riding mower and was not using my left arm, as this is currently my probably arm it was bent at a 90 degree angle and again I had the stabbing pain when I went to move it.

The therapist said it is from over use, but it makes absolutely no sense to me, as I am babying this arm.

I am ambidextrous, with my left hand being primary. So, my right hand is being coming sore from overuse, as I am used to using my left hand.

Any clue as to what my left elbow arm pain is.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Karen.

Well, from what you've said, at this point I think it's the same (or at least, has all the same active components) as the other scenarios here.

The 'pop' may or may not be a factor, but I'd need to know more. Was it like the elbow adjusted, or something else?

Ultimately, you have to do what's described in this thread and to a greater degree, what's in Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook.

You need to get the right nutrition in, soften too tight muscle and connective tissue, and get then nervous system to dial down the 'locked' tightness response.

Jun 07, 2012
hyper extension elbow
by: Ernie Marine


I've had a pain in my elbow for about a year and its getting worse. It feels like I hyperextend it everytime I extend my arm.

Actions like opening a door to wide or putting on a pack starting with my left arm are debilitating.

When ever we ground fight I can't really do anything with my left arm because it hyper extends really easy. The pain is cosistent on the top almost as if it was on the elbow bone itself. It's tender right on the tricep base and top of the forearm base that connects to the elbow.

Please advise. Thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ernie.

Well....does your elbow actually hyper-extend?

Jun 07, 2012
pitching arm pain, hurt elbow sliding into home base
by: Anonymous

I am on a baseball team and a pitcher. I am having the same type of pain right now. My coach has the pitchers each do 80 pitches a practice and then we go back to practicing.

My arm was always fine until one game where I hyper-extended my right arm sliding into home. I had to pitch later in that game and fight through the pain.

That was 2 weeks ago and last night I had a practice and only did 40 pitches and then in the middle of the night woke up with a sharp stabbing pain in my bicep and inside of my elbow.

I took ibuprophen and went back to sleep and woke up and it felt fine and about ten minutes later it was hurting again. I am twelve and I pitch about 55 mph.

Please help and give me any suggestion I also iced my arm.


Joshua Comments:

Hi 12. My suggestion is to get to work doing some self care. Read this thread, and/or get the ebook.

Either way, get to work.

Also, did you actually hyper-extend it, or did you just put some strain on the tendons and ligaments?

Jun 08, 2012
Left elbow pain when doing chest dips
by: Anonymous

Ive been having the same problem for over 3 months now. I get a numbness feeling and sharp pains when i go to straighten the my elbow. The pain is in my forearm close to where it bends at.

When i do chest dips it hurts really bad to where i can only do 3 or 4 at a time. The pain doesnt go away. I try to rub it and massage it but to no avail.


Joshua Comments:

There is no try. Only do.

Do enough until it makes a difference. Rubbing it once or twice isn't going to change the dynamic.

Jun 09, 2012
Pain in Right inside elbow area
by: TR

I had a blood clot back in sept of last year in the area of my problem right now. i am on blood thinners. the last couple of days i have been getting a pain in that area where at times i can not straighten it out with out a sharp pain.

but at times i can do it slowly and there is no pain. am wondering if this is a problem i should contact my doctor about. since they say that im on blood thinners i shouldnt get any other blood clots. im taking 7.5 mg of the blood thinner. last blood check was 3.1 which was three days ago.

Dont know if i carried a grocery bag that was to heavy or what.... ohmy


Joshua Comments:

Any time you're worried about blood clots you should get it checked out, until you get real familiar with what is/are blood clot symptoms, and what aren't.

Jun 12, 2012
ernie response
by: Anonymous

I don't think so but it sure does feel that way sometimes.

Jun 16, 2012
Sharp pain extending left arm quickly
by: Jemma

Hi, I'm an 18 year-old and don't do strenuous exercise or activities which require significant use of my arm. I've noticed similar problems with my left elbow on-and-off over the course of a few months. I often sleep on my left arm, but that doesn't seem to trigger my pain.

When I have this problem and try to straighten my left arm, at a certain point it causes pain in inner elbow. I haven't noticed any tightened muscles in the area, although it does hurt to touch the area when my arm is straight. I can avoid sharp pains by slowly straightening the arm and have almost no pain when my elbow is bent. I can also grab and twist as normal, arm bent or straight.

After the initial pain of straightening my arm, holding it straight is not painful. However, if I quickly straighten it, the pain is much more sharp and severe.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jemma.

Read the thread, it's all in here!

Jun 18, 2012
strange pain...for a long time
by: Andy

Hi there,

Well I'vforad this for a very long time probably 10yers now but never really done anything about it as it hasn't interfered with any activities I do. Although I do feel the pain.

Basically I fell a fairly sharp pain in the center of the elbow joint only when the arm reaches its fully extended position an I relax it or I force an over extension. The pain is on my right arm and it does get lessen when I stop sports for a while. But just a quick over extension with my arm resting in the car window when driving and the pain is back for a long while...but again only when I fully extend the arm and relax or force an over extension.

I havo no loss of power, grip, motion apart from my right arms angle when fully open is a little less then my left arm, like there is something small just in the joint...not supposed to be there...

Any idea....


Jun 19, 2012
sharp pain top outer elbow
by: Ernie Marine

When I push on the top bone where the crook of the elbow is it really hurts. It also seems to hurt there when I hold anything bigger than a soft ball.

Jun 23, 2012
My inner elbow pain after lifting weights
by: David

I'm having problems with my inner elbow when straitening it. It is even getting to the point of just hurting any time Im at a 90 degree.... I'm 17 a male and pretty healthy.... It started the day after I started my weight training program for football.

the next morning after the weight training my left ARM was having problems straightening but I could get it to about a 140 degree angle before I got pain. That day I went back to the gym and didn't have much problems when I was there.

The next morning my left ARM felt worse and my right ARM started to do the same. The next morning it just hurts constantly.... I'm about to be a senior and iv been weight training since I was a freshmen.... I haven't lifted in about 6 months due to two injuries I got from snowboarding a hip and a broken wrist.... I tried straining my arms using weights as leverage and force and it worked till about 1 min after and then goes back to hoe it was.... Idk what I should do and stuff.... If you have any ideas and such please tell me.


Joshua Comments:

Hi David.

1. Read through this thread, it tells you what you need to know.

2. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

3. You're an athlete. You need to eat better.

Jun 23, 2012
Loss of range of motion in left elbow and shoulder
by: Anonymous

I first noticed that my left arm didn't straighten completely when I took up archery in 1982. I had no pain at that time and just lived with it.

In 1997 while building a pole barn here my left elbow became very swollen. I thought I'd been bitten by an insect or something the swelling went down and in a week I resumed working.

Now I'm 58 and the range of motion is getting worse.i can put my rt hand on the back of my neck easily and raise my elbow higher than my head.

The left side needs a little push just to get my left hand to the back of my neck and when in that position I can't move my elbow up down or side to side.

Is this more likely tendinitis or something else?


Joshua Comments:

Well, there's definitely some tendonitis dynamic of too tight muscles, too tight connective tissue, inflammation, etc.

But I'm going with 'something else' too.

It sounds like your shoulder is very much involved. When you put your hand to your head and try to elevate the elbow, it's probably the shoulder structure that that is limiting that.

Muscles are too tight, constricted by connective tissue shrinkwrapping, and you're stuck that way. Compression, effectively.

How directly that's connected to the elbow issue and swelling, I don't know.

Say more about 'I thought I was bitten by an insect'.

Jun 30, 2012
Similar problem
by: Ashrick

Hi,I am a 15 year old boy and I used to go to the gym. I pushed myself a little bit but not too much. My arm could only bend about 22 degrees each way from a 90 degree position. It hurt a bit when I try to bend it further but it did not bend even if I forced it. About a month or two ago I went to a doctor and he gave me anti-inflammatory tablets. I could bend my arm further every day but after I finished the tablets I still could not bend it completely. There was no pain anymore. Now it is starting to come back and I can't bend it as much as I could.


Joshua Comments:

I'm not sure what you mean? You've always had limited range of motion in the elbow? Or did you injure it? If so, how?

More details.

Jun 30, 2012
Ashrick has similar problem
by: Ashrick

No,I never had any problem before. It started about a month before I went to the doctor. I don't know if I injured myself because I had no signs of injury and I didn't do anything where I felt that I injured myself.


Joshua COmments:

So just out of the blue your elbow got all swollen and couldn't move full range of motion?

1. Did you sleep on it funny?

2. What activities do you do on a normal daily basis?

3. Did you do something outside the norm?

4. What did if feel like when you couldn't straighten the arm fully? Did the elbow hurt, or not? Did something else hurt? Feel tight? Just wouldn't go?

Jul 01, 2012
similar problem
by: Ashrick

I don't know if I slept on it funny. I started helping my dad but I only tightened the nuts and bolts involved in installing a satellite dish.

When I try to bend my arm inwards it hurts on the side of my elbow closest to my body and behind that part on my upper arm. It also hurts when I apply pressure there. When I try and extend my arm outwards nothing hurts.

It is not the pain that prevents me from bending my arm and its not only the swelling. The swelling is only slightly visible when compared to my other arm. When I press my fingers around my elbows I can feel the structures more in my other arm.


Joshua Comments:

So what is it that's stopping the arm from bending? Do you have a sense of it?

Jul 01, 2012
similar problem, can't bend elbow even when swelling is gone
by: Ashrick

I don't know but even when the swelling went down and I finished the anti-inflammatories then I still could not bend it completely straight.


Joshua Comments:

Well, what a great opportunity to learn about and to start listening more closely to your body.

When you bend the elbow and it stops moving, does it feel like:
A. the joint is compressed and it can't swivel more?
B. Muscles are locked tight and won't let it go farther?
C. Sharp pain, dull pain, no pain, no sensation at all, a full feeling, numbness, etc.

Jul 02, 2012
similar problem
by: Ashrick

I don't know but even when the swelling went down and I finished the anti-inflammatories I still could not completely straighten it.


Joshua Comments:

If you don't know between A, B, C, it makes it -really- hard for me to have any idea how to help you.

Jul 10, 2012
cannot straighten my arm have A lump by the side of my elbow
by: Allan james

My left arm is bent cannot straighten it IVE tryed it and THE pain I cannot stand my doctor is sending me for an XRAY plus I have A purple lump by my elbow which gives me pain in my arm IVE had pains that make me feel sick what can it be I was told by my doctor to keep a close eye on it my doctor thinks it might be a cyst,IM not SURE of it I hops it is what help can anyone give me THANKYOU,from a.p.James.Birmingham.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Allan.

Well, I just don't know, and can't tell from here. Maybe if you gave me a VERY detailed descriptions of your symptoms, activities, health, etc I could get a better picture.

Jul 10, 2012
whats wrong?
by: hannah

this is just now happening to me my parents are calling me dramatic i just broke my left arm/elbow about october and now my arm has been getting deep pains im not able to stretch me arm out and now im worried it may be more severe i havent fell on it or hit it on anything and now my whole body is acting the same i sore all over and suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Hannah.

I need more information.

You broke your arm, meaning what exactly? Details please.

Were you in a cast? If so, how long? How long ago?

Say more about the deep pain in the arm. Details please.

Say more about all over body pain, etc.

Jul 16, 2012
fractured elbow fell off a chair when 8 years old
by: kriz

Hi, my name is kriztia I'm 17 years old,and I'm Mexican so if i spell something wrong I'm sorry. When i was 8 years old i fell from a chair and broke my elbow.

I had surgery and i had a cast on for about 4 weeks, but when they took it off i couldn't straighten my arm and bend it, it hurts so bad so i was on therapy for about 6 months but it just got better in touch my face and move my hand.

Then the doctor said that there's nothing else they can do. so i just got used to it, i've learned how to use my arm as is. then i came to USA. The school doctor told me that it was wrong, it should not be like that and i should come to the hospital here in America and i told my family about it but also the problem is about the money.

Do you know what do i need? another surgery or something? Is there a chance it will ever heal fully?. I really want to straight and bend my arm again

Thanks :)


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kriztia.

If you just had a fracture (as opposed to a clean break where the bones separated and possibly rotated/moved out of proper alignment), then the problem is caused by the cast.

Immobilization of a structure causes connective tissue to shrink wrap. It causes muscles to lock down and stay short/tight.

The American doctor may want to do surgery in that scenario, but it's really not necessary. You just need to open up the connective tissue.

A really good/skilled/experienced massage therapist can do this and show you how to work on it yourself. You can do it all yourself, and while a couple trips to the massage therapist would be a good idea, you can rely on yourself (and save a lot of money).

What you'll find on this thread is a beginning, and may be all you need (including time and ongoing self-care).

You may want to get my Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook, and if so I'll give you some specifics by email to fine tune what you're doing.

More questions, more answers.

Jul 20, 2012
Same Pain as others
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh,

My pain is very similar to everyone else that I have read but I decided to go ahead and submit a comment to see for sure. I am 27 and very active, play sports all of the time, workout several times a week. About 3 months ago I was playing softball and fell forward onto my outstretched arms. My elbow did not hurt initially, it felt a little off but that's about it. The next inning I went to play the outfield, caught the ball and threw it back to the infield.

When I threw the ball, an intense pain shot down the inside of my arm. I immediately left the game, went home and began icing my elbow. My elbow swelled considerably and had bruising.

From that point on I have not been able to fully straighten my arm. At first I was not able to turn my wrist from palm down to palm up either but now I can almost fully rotate my wrist. I am not able to throw a ball at all without extreme pain. I also cannot do any kind pressing exercises. I can do pullups no problem though.

Weird things hurt my elbow, I was lying on the couch and clinched the bottom of my shirt and pulled it down and had extreme pain on the inside of my elbow.

I have done lots of research and thought maybe I did something to my UCL but I have no clue. Thanks for the help!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Reagan.

So you can do pull ups but can's grab the bottom of a shirt and pull down. Interesting.

I can't tell from here if there's a tear or not.

Really for you there's only one thing to do. Well, more than one thing, but A. Reduce inflammation via the ice dip method, B. massage/feel around.

As inflammation and pain decreases, you'll be able to better identify any actual spot of injury/problem.

Hopefully you're structure is just 'stuck' in a painful dynamic and there's no actual tear injury.

Get to work, and keep us updated.

Jul 20, 2012
Reply to previous post
by: Reagan

I guess I should have noted that the pulling down the shirt and feeling pain was an isolated incident. I'm not sure what triggered it but it felt the same as when I try to throw a baseball. Also, I can only do neutral grip (palms facing each other) pullups with about half my normal range of motion.


Joshua Comments:

say more about that. For instance, why specifically can you only do neutral grips, and why specifically only partial range?

And play around with it and find out -exactly- what hurts it/causes pain, and what doesn't.

Details, details, details.

Jul 23, 2012
Reagan: Reply to previous comment
by: Reagan

say more about that. For instance, why specifically can you only do neutral grips, and why specifically only partial range?

And play around with it and find out -exactly- what hurts it/causes pain, and what doesn't.

Details, details, details.


I have played around with different grips for pullups and neutral is the only one that doesn't cause me pain in my elbow. When I try to do overhand pullups I get a sharp pain in my extensor muscles. The pain is in the area that you have labeled as the "hotspot" at the top of this page. When I try to do underhand pullups, I get a sharp pain where the pronator teres connects to the elbow. I have attributed this pain to a possible UCL tear but I am not sure, it could be my pronator teres being overly tight.

As far as range of motion is concerned, I am unable to straighten my arm and when I try to, I get a sharp pain similar to when I try to do underhand pullups. I can bend my elbow almost all the way but not quite and when I try to force it, I get the same pain as with straightening it. Attempting to do pushups causes pain in that same area as well.

I went to a massage therapist and she mentioned that it felt like my tendons in my arm were playing tug of war and my elbow was caught in the middle.


Joshua Comments:

Well, that massage therapist was mostly right. There is a tug of war. But tendons are just the rope. It's the muscles doing the pulling. The muscles are stuck too tight.

I can't tell from here if there's injury or not. Your best course at the moment, is to do what's suggested in this thread. That will make everything better overall, and it will then be easier to identify what's actually going on in there.

The Reversing Biceps Tendonitis ebook wouldn't be a bad idea, for a complete plan a bigger picture.

Jul 24, 2012
Randomly seeing stars when straightening elbow
by: Mike41

Not sure if this fits on this thread, but I've have had a gradual increasing frequency of intense sharp pain when straightening my elbow.

It happens at random times while reaching for something. I have to quickly recognize it and stop the motion or it feels as though I could rip my lower tendon (bicep brachii tendon) from my bicep or the bone.

The pain is excruciating and feels as though I am tearing the tendon. There is no pain in the bicep and after 5 minutes, the burning, numbing, radiating pain subsides and I regain full motion without pain...?, then a day goes by and it happens again. It will literally stop me mid sentence at work when reaching for a pen or at home reaching for the phone.

It has never happened with anything in my hand only when reaching.

I work in an office at a computer much of the day.
It is my left arm only, and I am right handed.
I used to be into bodybuilding when I was younger but now struggle to find time to work out and have become quite inflexible.

I've had no elbow injury, am 41 and have separated both shoulders through football injuries which i have been told left me with short, tight biceps. This is clearly at the connection of the bicep at the elbow.
One common item of the threads above is I too sleep on my arms and often wake with my arm numb.

Any ideas? There doesn't seem to be anything to ice, as there is no lingering pain or inflammation.

It is gradually getting more frequent and I'm growing concerned.



Joshua Comments:

There's always reason to ice. It creates circulation...old irritant out, new blood and nutrition in.

You DO have pain, even if you're not feeling it. Your nervous system is totally tracking everything...that's why pain comes back, because you're in a pain dynamic.

What you've described is currently your flavor of it. Sudden onset (spasm), quick to go away. Predictably, it will progress more in the direction...last longer, etc.

In other words, what you have going on TOTALLY fits on this thread.

Jul 29, 2012
Inner Elbow Pain, just straightened my arm
by: Anonymous

I extended my arm and felt like it was going to crack, but it didnt. Since then I cannot extend my right arm fully. I do not know what I did to cause this. For 6 days now I have had this problem. I try to fully extend my arm and it just will not go. I even try to push through the pain but it will just not fully extend. I goes about 90% of the way, but once I push it further it starts to hurt and will bot go. the pain is coming from the inner elbow on the bicep side. Any thoughts?


Joshua Comments:

All related thoughts are in the thread.

Sometimes, the body just does stuff like you describe. All for good reason, even if you did something as simple as straightening your arm.

It's never that simple, as the body is super complex.

Aug 01, 2012
Can't straighten right elbow after the gym
by: GymRat

I had pain for a few days but its mostly gone. I only feel a little pain when I bend my elbow behind my head or trying to fix my collar. No pain when I straighten though. Just does'nt straighten all the way. Its been two weeks now. I'm worried about not being able to bend my elbow straight again. Should I be seeing a doctor to help this heal better?


Joshua Comments:

Hi GymRat.

What would a doctor do to help?

I suggest you do what's suggested in this thread to open up that locked muscle, and see what happens.

Aug 01, 2012
inner elbow pain from heavy lifting
by: Tony

I'm having same pains but in both arms. I didn't sleep on it wrong or anything. I do lift very heavy weights almost everyday. My pain has been going on 2 months now and don't know what to do. I can move it with no problem but it is uncomfortable when I try to do pullups or start curling the weights.

I've been to a chiro where they iced it and used plastic tools to rub up and down. How can I fix this so I can get back to lifting extremely heavy without the pain?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tony.

Do you give yourself recovery time? The body needs rest so it can physiologically regenerate/recuperate.

The answer to 'how do I fix my elbow pain' so I can do pullups etc, is, unfortunately, that you have to LEARN how to fix your elbow pain and keep your body health and able to cope with heavy lifting.

Read the entire thread.

Aug 01, 2012
re comment Tony
by: Tony

Thank you for the quick response. I do give myself 2 days down time as well I only do one body part a day like arms on. Wednesday chest on Monday. I am basically a bodybuilder just dont do shows. I've been working out and perfecting my body for over 10 years and this has never happen to me. That's why I needed some help cause its weird that this happen out of the blue.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tony.

It's useful to understand that it didn't just come out of nowhere, not 'out of the blue'.

See: Pain Causing Dynamic

Aug 06, 2012
re: can't straighten arm after the gym
by: GymRat

Well, it turns out all I needed was rest. After 2 1/2 weeks my arm is now straight again. I'm now back in the gym. For a while it was scary seeing my arm like that. I thought it would never get better. I hope everyone on here the best. Thank you all.

"Hi GymRat.

What would a doctor do to help?

I suggest you do what's suggested in this thread to open up that locked muscle, and see what happens."

Aug 08, 2012
Still Wonderin, elbow hyperextension from rugby, had it scoped
by: Old Woman

So I have read the thread and can't find a similar situation to mine, so I am still wondering if anyone can help me. About 20 years ago I hyper extended my arm playing rugby. Had to have it scoped to remove fragments of bone that had chipped. It was better for a while. For about the past 6 months or so it has been locking up again, but I have been able to pop it so that it would straighten. Sometimes the popping would hurt, sometimes a lot sometimes not so much. I would pop it around 8-10 times a day. About a week ago, don't really remember anything happening,it wouldn't straighten anymore. The locking has drastically reduced as well, but it isn't comfortable anymore either. I can't rest my elbow on the table (my mom would be happy), it is difficult to wash my hair, and (embarassing as it is), it is difficult to reach around to hook my bra. So, I am at a loss here.. Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Old Woman.


Is it a muscular locking, or is it as if there's a wedge in the joint that stops the joint from moving?

If you had it scoped and there were bone fragments etc, that changes the game some from the rest of the thread.

Also, WHY were there bone fragments in there? Did the rugby hyper-extension do that? Was there more than just hyperextension, meaning was there also break/fracture/tendon injury/ligament injury?

How 'bad' was the hyper extension? How's the joint stability now, if ligaments got stretched?


Aug 08, 2012
Old Woman - Thanks for the reply
by: Old Woman

Thanks Joshua for the reply,

As far as the type of locking: I am not sure, I have tried to straighten it with all my power and can't. I even had my boyfriend try and he couldn't straighten it either (and it wasn't due to me telling him to stop because of pain, he just couldn't move the joint).

The reason I had it scoped was due to bone fragments floating around in there due to the hyper extension those many years ago. I extended it so much so that the bones (don't ask me which bones) hit each other and chipped off. I am not aware of any other injuries, such as the ones you mention...tendons, ligaments etc.

The hyper extension could have been a lot worse I am sure. The joint is ok. It certainly could be better. I have lost a tremendous amount of strength. I can't open a bottle or jar now, which sucks. I can't tuck my arm at my side to sleep. So bending it too far and stretching it out too far are a problem. It aches if kept in a stagnant position.

Believe it or not, with all my complaining, I do have a pretty high pain tolerance. Am in pretty good health. Exercise everyday. Training for a tri next month. Bike about 35-50 miles a day and am 40 years old. And don't like something like this to keep the old woman down!! :-)


Joshua Comments:

1. You said "I can't open a bottle or jar now, which sucks. I can't tuck my arm at my side to sleep."

Why not?

2. You said "It aches if kept in a stagnant position."

What aches, exactly?

3. Why exactly can't you open a bottle? General weakness, or abnormal/unexpected lack of strength (yes, those are different things....)

4. Feel around your biceps, and deep around the inside of the elbow as you shorten/lengthen it. Are the structures totally tight and stopping straightening of the elbow.

It's either that, or your joint is jacked up, possibly forming new bone that's stopping articulation. I can't tell from here....

Aug 10, 2012
Old Woman - Jacked up elbow, soft tissue or bone
by: Old Woman

Thanks again for the response. Can't open the jars due to sudden lack of strength. Not a gradual thing. It had occurred since I haven't been able to straighten it.
Can't sleep with it tucked under me because it hurts when I try to bend it as far as I should be able to bend it. If that makes any sense.
As far as feeling around when I attempt to straighten it...I can't say that anything feels totally tight on the outside. Like the muscles dont feel tight. It does twinge in there when I push around but not like I'm gonna die pain.
It's probably jacked up as you said in the last response. I was just hoping for an easier solution. Some stretching and flexing type things and I'd be good to go. But I'm thinking. Maybe that's not gonna be the case. :-(


Joshua Comments:

Well, try and find a good/highly experienced massage therapist (a chiro or PT, maybe.....) and see if they can determine whether it's tight/locked muscle/connective tissue stopping the movement, or if the muscle/connective tissue are soft and mobile and it's the bone/joint itself stopping movement. It's almost certainly the former, but certainly possible to be the latter.

If you were in my office for 3 minutes it'd be easy to tell, but.....

Either way, you should be supplementing with Magnesium. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Aug 13, 2012
Banged my...brachioradialis muscle...?
by: Lisa

You helped me before when I woke up and couldn't bend my elbow. I mean REALLY helped when I couldn't find an answer anywhere else. (it still gets sore but NOTHING like it was before I found this site, THANK YOU!!) Anyway, new problem with no luck on Google.

Today I banged my what I think is my brachioradialis muscle (fleshy part on top of forearm when my hand is flat on the table)I hit it REALLY hard on a metal door handle coming out of a store. Within seconds it hurt BAD but even worse when I got in the car and started poking around looking for the exact site.

There was lump that I lightly pressed then screamed out in pain, followed by a few tears, it REALLY HURT! It's only been 3 1/2 hours and it barely feels bruised. My question is, is there something there that I could have dislocated or pushed out of place but fixed when I was pressing to find the spot?

It's baffling me to no end, how it could have hurt SO BAD then practically disappear without even a bruise.


Joshua Comments:

The body's funny like that.

If it doesn't hurt now, and there's no swelling, etc, I wouldn't worry about it.

There's a lot I COULD say about all that, but if you had a temporary ouchie and you're fine now, then it's all good.

If you're not all good, then that's a different story.

Get to ice dipping, just to help things be/stay all good.

Aug 14, 2012
A bit bruised
by: Lisa

Thank you for answering so quickly...again. You're awesome!

But I just woke up and although it's only lightly bruised, it's quite sore, down and to the outside of that fleshy area I described, in about a 4 x 2 inch area.

I am icing it and of course I expected it to be sore but please, for future reference and if it doesn't heal like a normal there something I could have knocked out of place then pushed back in? A tendon, a muscle? Besides ice, is there anything else I should do or look for?

I KNOW you're very busy and I KNOW this isn't tendonitis (it's my right arm, the elbow thing was my left) but it's really freaking me out how there could a lump then no lump that quickly and how BAD it hurt but be barely noticeable when I expected an ugly bruise...with a lump.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

Pain is just a (electrochemical) sensation. It's just a signal, an indicator.

Pain does NOT equate directly to injury or actual problem. Sometimes the brain freaks out/overreacts.

Sometimes it is 'bad' but the body quickly recovers/recalibrates.

Could it have knocked something out of place? I guess so, but wouldn't put money on it. If you ripped or tore something, or knocked the joint out of place, you'd likely KNOW it.

Could you have pushed a muscles structure out of the way and the body responded with an instantaneous spasm of the muscle to compensate? Yes.

Could that create a lot of instant pain and then resulting soreness? Yes.

Is there swelling and a bump forming? Doesn't sound like it. Keep an eye on it, and we'll deal with it adequately if so.

Until then, ice massage, and self massage (gently pushing from wrist to elbow).

Worrying doesn't help anything. Paying attention does.

I don't want it to sound like I'm discounting your concerns, I'm not. I'm just going with what you're telling me, and from what you've said, I'm not worried about it.

Keep an eye on it, self care, and let me know if anything changes.

Aug 14, 2012
Thank you!!
by: Lisa

"Could you have pushed a muscles structure out of the way and the body responded with an instantaneous spasm of the muscle to compensate? Yes.
Could that create a lot of instant pain and then resulting soreness? Yes."

Thank you soooooooo much! If that could have caused a quick lump before I unknowingly pressed it back into place, then I think that's exactly what happened.

It's getting more sore but that's usually what happens..."That's gonna hurt tomorrow." I will definitely watch it, ice it, and let you know if it gets any worse.

And thank you a million times over for taking the time to answer.


Joshua Comments:

You're welcome!

Rock on!

Aug 24, 2012
54 years old. arm pain from a fall, 4 weeks still lump and pain
by: Anonymous

I fell 4 weeks ago on my elbow and went for xrays which said it was badly sprained but nothing broken.

The doctor said it was a contusion. The bruises are just about all gone but I still have pain when I try to turn my arm to the right. My elbow has a small lump and my forearm is still tender. Should this take that long to heal?

I am 54 years old so I know things take longer to heal.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anony54.

Yes, 4 weeks is entirely unsurprising, especially if you're not doing anything in particular to speed up the recovery.

Aug 27, 2012
arm pain
by: Anonymous

What can I do to speed up my recovery?
Thank you


Joshua Comments:

You can read this thread and do what's suggested.

Sep 04, 2012
Similar elbow pain
by: Caitlin

I have had a similar problem for about 6 years now. It goes back to when I was 16, and I threw a dodgeball and remember my elbow hurting some after that.

Ever since I have had pain in my elbow every time I straighten it. I got worse during the few years that I danced because I was using that elbow and arm a lot.

I went to a doctor and then later got an MRI on my elbow. The doctor said that my elbow was inflamed but that he didn't know why, and the MRI didn't show anything wrong.

The doctor gave me a sling to put my arm in whenever it started hurting but that seemed to make it worse and more painful whenever I took it out of the sling and extended it.

It hurts whenever I extend it even if I haven't been using it, and I've noticed that I never hold that arm completely straight by my side, it's always slightly bent. Occasionally it will hurt more, or less, but there is always pain.

I'm currently in school and was hoping that you could shed some light on this before I decide I need to go see an elbow specialist.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Caitlin.

It doesn't matter too much how long things have been hurting. Get to work with what you find in this thread, which may or may not include the Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook.

Oct 08, 2012
pain in folding and stretching my arm.
by: Jayesh

Hey, I'm jayesh joshi, 17 years old.
About 3 days back I went to the gym for the first time. I've already been exercising at home an also at my combat studio.
In the gym, I did dumbells and butterfly also, push ups cycling etc.
So the next morning there was and has been a pain in my bicep and elbow region. I can't stretch my arms fully nor fold them fully without experiencing pain. I've massaged it, iced it, put balm on it but nothing works, please help.


Joshua Comments:

Hello Jayesh.

Welcome to the world of using your body.

There's a bit of trial and error involved.

It's not uncommon to be sore for days after a first workout, regardless of whether it's the very first ever or just the first one after weeks/months/years of not working out.

Chances are it'll go away on it's own. Get back to the gym, do light workouts. Warm up first. Give your body the opportunity to EASE into getting into shape.

If the biceps thing continues, let me know.

Also, eat better and supplement good nutrition.

Oct 25, 2012
Similar elbow problem from weightlifting and bicep and tricep curls
by: Colton

Im am having the same pain. 4 days ago i started back lifting and we did biceps and triceps and i woke up the next morning sore all over but i especially noticed my inner elbow being kind of tender.I didn't think much of it but the next morning it was almost unbearable and has continued to hurt ever since, ive talked to a good source a fellow power lifter and he's almost certain its from triceps curls.

Im not positive but have not found a legit diagnose or treatments but if any one knows i would appreciate it.

And i forgot the pain only occurs when i fully extend my arm.

Jan 19, 2013
cant straighten my arm at all due to bone build up in joint
by: Lily Johnson

I have been unable to straighten my left arm for about 6 months. I mentioned it to my GP who sent me for an xray. This showed nothing. He then sent me to a muscular skeletal specialist who said it wasn't anything muscular, that there was some weakness and that I needed to see a bone man.

The bone man sent me for an MRI and for physiotherapthy. The Physio said he cant help because the MRI shows a calcified growth that is effectively like a door jam that is physically stopping my elbow from straightening, I now have to wait till 28.03.2013 to see the bone man again, do you know what they could do for me.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lily.

In your specific case, where an MRI shows actual bone/calcium formation in the joint itself that physically blocks the movement of the joint, surgery is really the only method I know of.

One has to physically go in and remove the blockage. Ultrasound isn't going to do it. Maybe western medicine has some marvolous medical device, but I doubt it.

There's a chance the body can reabsorb the calcium build up. When the body is magnesium it expresses calcium. In the scenario of Calcific Tendonitis of the Shoulder calcium is expressed into the structure and causes all sorts of pain and problem, and then the body reabsorbs it.

But if you have actual bone formation in that spot, I think surgery is the only alternative.

The problem is, it just may develop again over time. One might want to investigate why it developed in the first place and reverse those factors (like not enough magnesium).

Why so long for a follow up with the bone doc?

Jan 25, 2013
Elbow pain from playing softball
by: Terry

September of 2011 in a softball tournament my elbow stiffened. I play outfield and was therefor throwing the ball some distance and with some velocity. It has never really been the same.

I went to a physio guy in town here who manipulated the elbow by putting static pressure on the bottom of my biceps and straightening the arm. I always left physio feeling sore but loose, but the problem never really went away for good.

Now, a year and a half later, the stiffness has increased to the point where I can't fully extend my arm, maybe to about 85% straight. Also at times I can't even reach that until my arm 'pops' and the range of motion returns.

I do play volleyball and softball and go to the gym regularly and I haven't had any impact on my performance. I haven't lost any power, or ability to throw or swing. The stiffness only seems to occur when the joint has been inactive for a time.

Like when I am watching tv and then try to straighten my arm. Kinda feels like when in use its fine, but when its not it settle out of joint and has to pop back in.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Terry.

I don't have for sure answers, but it sounds like for whatever reason your only feeling it in that arm. Chances are you're short on nutrition such that when the too tight muscles and connective tissue get relaxed, they can't stay relaxed.

I'd definitely work all the muscles that cross the elbow joint. If it's 'popping' like that, it's because it's being constantly compressed by too tight muscles and doesn't have it's full free range of motion.

Popping makes it feel better momentarily because it's back in it's groove, then the chronic tightness does it's thing and compresses the joint/pulls it off to one side.

See: How To Reduce Inflammation

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

See: The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works

Feb 04, 2013
possible sprained arm/elbow?
by: Johnny


A week ago I fell backwards pretty hard on a sidewalk. My palm hit the ground first, and then I believe i twisted my arm and ended up hitting my elbow hard.

It pained a lot for the next few days. My elbow swelled up. I tried icing it as much as possible but didn't seem to help. I wasn't able to straighten my arm (still not able to fully) and its impossible to twist my wrist in any direction without a shooting pain. I can really bend my elbow either unless its in a straight direction, any angled movements and it pains.

Could it be just a sprain, or more?

Thanks for your help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Johnny.

This thread will be very valuable to read through.

I can't say whether you have a sprain or not. Sure, it could be a sprain, or more, or less, or not.

It's safe to say there's some inflammation. Deal with that first.

If the joint itself is bruised, that will take extra time to go away.

Bone and joint bruises are WAY more stubborn than elbow tendointis, as the tissue involved changes slower.

Read the threat, ask questions.

Feb 07, 2013
Pain in my elbow
by: Chelsea

My pain started about 12hrs ago and there is a sharp pain in my left arm. If I try to straighten my arm the pain comes on very sharp. I can bend my arm completely and feel nothing. I can touch my shoulder and my head and nothing hurts. If I slowly brace myself I can get it straightened in about 10-15 minutes. Once I get it straight I can bend it over and over again, but as soon as I stop the pain comes back when I try to bend it without taking the time.

I didn't do anything to bring it on; the only possible things are that I ran on the treadmill the day before or that I have rheumatoid arthritis. All in all I'm a healthy 23year old.
Any ideas on what it could be wrong? Thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Chelsea.

Sudden left arm pain? Are you having a heart attack? Let's make sure we rule that out.

Aside from that, it's par for the course for this thread: muscles and connective tissue too tight, tighness compresses the joint, both of those factors cause inflammation which causes pain and more tightness, etc.

You move the arm around a little and warm things up, and things work better. That's because you're loosening too tight structures, getting new blood in which pushes old stuff out...thus less pain and freer movement.

Feb 08, 2013
Heart Attack?
by: Chelsea

Maybe that's possible...but I surely hope NOT. The day before my arm started to hurt I got a bad twitch in my right eye. It's happened before under stress I think. I easily stress out, but I'm working on that. My eye was twitching while at work when all of a sudden both of them began twitching uncontrollably, I couldn't even see straight at the person standing right in front of me. It took me a minute, but it got better. I thought it was a heart attack. I do still have the twitch in my right eye.

My arm is feeling better though, I still have the pain, but it doesn't take as long to straighten it out. Also, I have heartburn now, but I've always had it and it's low level; maybe 3 on a scale of 1-10 high.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Chelsea.

Anytime there's twitch, cramp, spasm, muscle pain, etc, that's a big red flag for magnesium insufficiency.

See Magnesium For Tendonitis and start taking enough magnesium.

Also, lack of magnesium is the actual correlation for heart disease, not cholesterol. And, while I'm not really thinking that you're having a heart attack, lack of magnesium causes heart attacks either through creating heart disease, or if there's an extreme lack of magnesium (which you probably don't qualify for), the muscle of the heart not being able to function properly thus causing heart problems/heart attack (misfiring).

If you've had heartburn for a good while, that points to A. that you're not getting all the nutrition from your food and B. that you're gluten intolerant and it (or something else) is messing with the function of your gut.

So assuming that you have gluten in your diet, might want to go completely off that for 2 months and then have a pizza and see how you feel.

Heartburn is a function of NOT ENOUGH stomach acid, interestingly enough. Let this nurse (Kerri) tell you about that:

See Too Much Stomach Acid

See How To Increase Stomach Acid

Feb 10, 2013
by: Chelsea

My arm now feels completely normal. I have not pain in it at all, I do still have the occasional eye twitch still.
Thought I'd mention I am a pescetarian of 2years, albeit, a lazy one; but most days I eat more than just peanut butter sandwiches and cereal. Thanks to the things you mentioned I will make sure my diet has more meaningful parts because I do not want this to happen again.

Thanks Joshua!


Joshua Comments:

Yes, a diet consisting of nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and cereal is a recipe for bad things to happen....

Feb 13, 2013
Baseball injury
by: Anonymous

I am a 14 year old baseball player who has trouble fully extended my elbow. It doesn't hurt very badly, I just can't extend it all the way. I am a pitcher and play on my high school team as a pitcher, and I have been experiencing symptoms since I was 12. Initially, it was a more sharp pain, but now it just hurts when I pitch and afterwards. I am aware of curve ball related injuries, and have developed my own knuckle curve with no elbow twisting. Help?



Joshua Comments:

Hi BI.

1. Read the entire thread.

2. Can you not straighten your arm/elbow because muscles and connective tissue are tight and not lengthening all the way, or is there a 'hard' obstruction, such that the bones/joint won't allow it, like an door on the wrong sized hinges that won't open/close all the way?

Feb 15, 2013
Re: baseball injury
by: Anonymous

The latter. I stretch it as far as I can and it feels like there's a rock in the way and it just can't go any further.


Joshua Comments:

Obviously I can't tell from here which of the two it is.

Might be worth a trip to an xray machine to see if they can visualize the elbow joint and rule in or out if it's bone structure that stops motion.

They won't be able to tell if it's too tight connective tissue causing that sensation of a hard stop. You'll need to find a good massage therapist or maybe physical therapist. Which you might want to do anyway.

It's worth finding out which of the two it is. If it's tightness causing the problem, that's totally fixable. If your joint bones are growing such that they're blocking free movement...not so much.

Do some self massage, feel around in there so you open and close your elbow, and see what you come up with.

Feb 21, 2013
my arm hurt when it bends
by: derek

look im 11 turning 12 so my spelling isent good so try sounding out the letters if i make a mistake

1 day ago my arm hurted a tiny bit today it hurts big time im 11 so maby i (know i spellt it wrong)
hurt in the middel just now typeing this i felt better only a tiny pain i sleep on the opisite arm

any thing else i guess i dont eat that good i dont exsrasize but i spend more than a hour walking

(15 min to school 15 coming home 4 lunch going back and then coming home with gym and ressecss in bethien)today i did have a maby 2 foot (im in cannada but i know feet) icey snowball that i hit off a snoman in gym we uselly play dogeball oh i play xbox a lot and my arms are aways bent when i
play. when i go to bed i have the hurting arm by my side the left arm hurts i will put this on favs and cheack dayly unless it totedly gets bedder than i might say i got better.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Derek.

Have your parent's get your vitamin D level checked.

Read the Magnesium For Tendonitis page.

Read the rest of this thread.

Do some ice dipping (as much as you can for a few days) and let me know what the results are.

Let me know what the Vit D level is.

Feb 23, 2013
Elbow Problem, playing basketball and hit elbow on wall
by: Ryan

Help me please...

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am a basketball player. I play on a city travelling team. We had a tournament yesterday and I got pushed into the wall and I hit my elbow pretty hard. I did't pay attention to it after my friend told me that it is just a "stinger".

But after the game I realized that I couldn't move it too fast or I feel severe pain in the joint. I also can't bend it back without it hurting a lot and I have to use other hand to push it back. I'm worried about this because I have a another game in two days, I would gladly appreciate it if you could give some pointers for how to recover and let me know how bad it is.

Thank You So Much,
Ryan R.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ryan.

1. Read through the entire threat.

Actually this one too, as it's impact and joint related. Might even be more relevant: Long Term Hand Injury From Punching A Wall Hand Tendonitis And Knuckle Pain

You didn't punch a wall, but your elbow basically did. Some of the conversation will be relevant.

2. Here are some important questions:
A. Did you break your bone?
B. Did you fracture your bone?
C. Did you knock your elbow joint out of alignment? Kind of like a vertebral subluxation where it's 'out' just a little bit.
D. Is there any swelling? At all?
E. Is there any bruising?
F. Describe the pain. Is it sharp or dull, in one spot or all over, etc?

3. Regardless of the above, you should get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it up with frozen water bottle (or a block of ice) or the equivalent and water and ice dip the S$*t out of it, 10-20 seconds at a time. Either hand/forearm/elbow or bend the elbow and stick that in.

Like, 50+ times a day for the next couple days. You could ice pack too though I'm not a big fan of that.

Read this thread, and the other one I linked to. Follow any appropriate links and read those pages too.

Answer the above questions here.

Feb 27, 2013
ulnar nerve
by: Anonymous

Cubital. (NOT CAPREL, BUT CUBITIAL) Tunnel. The ulnar nerve

Mar 04, 2013
hey pain went away
by: derek

Ok im back my trakpad broke and i just got a new mouse so yhea my arm felt better 2 days after i posted my message i didnt do any things to make it feel better because i couldn't check this website anyhow thank you if it would make a difference.


Joshua Comments:

Hey, I love it when things fix themselves.

Keep an eye on it and see what happens. Maybe it will come back, maybe it won't.

Maybe sooner, maybe later, maybe never.

Mar 30, 2013
What do you mean about the pea sized bumps?
by: Z

I'm having a similar issue as "Barry's elbow pain location anatomy graphic", except that I have been doing crossfit and one morning woke up and couldn't bend my arm past 120 degrees.

That was on Thursday morning 3/28. Today, Friday 3/29, at around 3:30pm my right arm started to lock up just the same. I read that you said to feel around for pea sized bumps and that they may be "active". What do you mean by that and do you have any other suggestions.

I went to my family doctor and he thinks that I strained my brachialis. He took an xray and it was negative. The weekend is approaching and I won't be able to go to another doctor until Monday and this is really freaking me out because it's getting worse and more painful in both arms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Z.

This thread contains a lot of helpful information, as far as what to do for self care to reduce pain etc.

re: feeling around for pea sized bumps.

Small bits of muscle can be stuck in spasm, so it gets balled up.

Or connective tissue fibers can grow together and/or bunch up. Depending on the location, it can be muscle and connective tissue.

Long story short, this decreases the structure's ability to work optimally, and can cause various negative info into the system which then responds in predictable ways.

So part of the self massage process is to feel around, feel for what's tight, see if there's any 'trigger points' (small spots of muscle fibers stuck in spasm), and work them over time until A. they're gone and B. the structures are appropriately soft and relaxed.

Makes sense?

Jun 11, 2013
I have all the same symptoms: Except way more intense
by: Anonymous

I'm a machinist that used to be able to pick up the 8 inches very strong grip very strong upper body strength now I can't even with my right arm pick up a glass of water sometimes burning pain in my elbow It's a burning pain from the outside bone all the way through the elbow. I have lost most of my hand strength do to the pain squeezing causes and can't lift a
Much either. It's getting worse whether its bent or straight the pain remains less severe but always there even when sitting still and if it gets touched or bumped out come the cuss words please help


Joshua Comments:

Hi Machinist.

Read through this thread, try what's suggested, and update me on what happens.

Sounds like you have all the classic factors at play: 1. Too tight muscles and connective tissue (so tight there's not much contraction ability left to create 'strength'), 2. lack of nutrition (muscles dont' have the building blocks to perform optimally), and 3. inflammation process (pain enhancing chemical sitting there in the tissue).

Jun 16, 2013
A lot of pain in my upper right arm
by: Anonymous

i m having pain in my upper right arm alot. it pains in the shoulders all the time. I cant even straighten my hands and lift anything. i cant fold my hands too. Please help me with it.. or recommend any medicine or remedy for it... please please


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

First off, I need more information and more details. who what how why when how long how often health history history of injury activities diet

Aside from that, read this entire thread. I'm sure after you give me more details that i'll tell you to go totally off all gluten and to get necessary nutrition into your body so it can work better.

Jul 17, 2013
similar situation
by: shannon

I have had the same situation since Christmas 2012 I figured I can't have slept wrong for over 6 months strait and it continues to get worse. I do hair for a living so I use hands a lot and it is affecting my job.

I just turned 30 and have hashimotos thyroiditis, premature ovarian failure, tarsal tunnel in both feet (right severe) mild scoliosis and arthritis in spine.(that's what happens when undiagnosed for so long) but I can not lift push or pull almost anything with out extreme pain.

I have numbness often so its hard to tell if it is associated with whatever is going on with left arm. My endocrinologist is sending me early to see my neurologist he is thinking pinched nerve. Thoughts? Its driving me crazy!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Shannon.

Do you have the Hashimoto's under control? Do you know that Hashimoto's is an auto-immune thyroid issue, primarily caused by gluten intolerance?

Thus, are you on a gluten free diet? If not, I HIGHLY suggest that you do so.

By 'premature ovarian failure' do you mean early menopause? I don't much about that, but when taking all your symptoms into account, my suggestion would be to find a 'Functional Medicine Practitioner'. They're what western medicine should be, and know how to deal with the root cause of the bulk of your issues (whereas you may have noticed that hospital doctors don't).

Various of your systems (hormone, immune system) aren't operating properly, and only the right actions (like going gluten free) have the potential to correct that. Prescription drugs, etc, can't and won't.

Kerri (long time ER and ICU nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner) over at is a good resource and has lots of info on her site.

Jul 25, 2013
Word for word... Same issue
by: Ms. Drake

Fell asleep laying on my arm fully streched, what happened father that, I don't know. But when I woke up, my left arm elbow on the back side had a stabbing sharp pain when I stretched it out. Slowly, I can stretch it with minimal to no pain. Any quick moves, the pain strikes with a vengeance! No injuries ever to the arm and I don't lift weights etc... It's feeling like its worsening.

I attempted to make a sling and kept the arm in a bent position for a few hours and as soon as I let it down, I regretted the decision. It was worse. When I put pressure on the area I do feel a tight string like ligament and understand this is what is causing me pain.

I'm hoping it will heal itself, but it seems ill have to try and pop it back into its normal state slowly and over time. Question... Could this be the so called funny bone when it's not in a tickling mood? It hurts, I want to be a baby and have someone massage it away for me....;(

Jul 27, 2013
lower bicep pain
by: Anonymous

I did weights 3 days ago and played 1 hr a day of tennis each day since then with no problem. When playing today, i felt pain in my lower bicep but i thought nothing of it and played on. I iced it directly after it. It is now 2 hours since i iced it and i cannot straighten my arm. My arm is pretty much locked at just over 90 degrees, i cant move it any farther

Anybody have any idea what is wrong?


Joshua Comments:

It sounds like your nervous system thinks that you are injured and it's locked everything down.

1. Did you rip or tear anything?

2. If you poke around the area, is everything super tender? (which would mean that there is the pain enhancing chemical from the Inflammation Process is flooding the area.

3. Is it not moving because there's a problem with the joint, or is it not moving because the muscles won't let go such that the arm could then straighten?

Jul 29, 2013
I want to know
by: Anonymous

To Joshua... Really? Are you a doctor? To the guy suffering... I just turned 30 it's been almost a yr that I have faced your same problem... My arm has been swollen, bruised, and hurts bad when it pops.. Literally no lye every 5 min. Can't straighten it and it hurts more and more each day. Hot towels, ibprophrin, I mean you name it it doesn't help! I can't do push-ups I can't mop, sweep, anything without it getting worse! I just started waitressing and it's killing me more and more each day! With my salary right now... Can't afford to go see a specialist or doctor... And you're advice, if you are an surgical expert didn't help at all.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonywaitress.

1. Am I a doctor? Thank goodness, I am not, or I'd have no idea how to effectively deal with Tendonitis issues.

2. As I am not a surgeon, I am not a surgical expert. Having said that, it's not rocket science. I only give surgery a thumbs up if there's a problem that surgery can actually help (which is almost never a tendonitis problem)

3. Your arm has been swollen and bruised and popping for A YEAR? That is a significant problem. Does it come and go, or get progressively worse?

Seriously, a year of swelling and bruising is a big problem. Relying on hot towels and ibuprofen probably isn't the best strategy.

4. Why in the world would you think a hot towel or ibuprofen would help? I certainly never suggested such things might.

5. What exactly have you done to help your arm? Specifically, what 'advice' of mine have you followed that 'didn't help at all'?

List exactly what and how much of what you did.

Aug 02, 2013
I have similar issue in my elbow
by: chris

Hi, I am also having similar pain on the inside of right elbow. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough that I am a little worried about it. It feels like the tendon that allows my arm to bend tightens up and feels like it is going to rip if I straighten my arm or even twist it.

It will usually come on all of a sudden and it is so intense that I freeze and pretty much have to force myself to unbend my arm really slow and then it will just go away. Also I have not injured my elbow in any way that I am aware of. I do work out but I don't ever max out and it never bothers me during workouts or even shortly after. It seems to happen randomly. 24 y/m. average height/weight.


Joshua Comments:

I'd definitely check out the Magnesium For Tendonitis link farther down in this thread.

Aug 04, 2013
The waitress....
by: Anonymous

Joshua I am really sorry for sounding like I was griping at you. I just had a very long day at work and was super stressed. It's still bothering me though because I don't know what's going on with me and yes my arm is just getting worse and worse. I am going to try and put a heating pad on it tonight like my Mom said(she works in the ER). Honestly it's starting to affect my work and also my life in general. Is this an age thing? To answer your question...yes it has been over a yr now and no I have not done anything about it....which is all on me I know. Last night I was lying in bed and was in tears because all of a sudden it just started pulsing with a sharp pain that shot down to my has never done that before. Like I said it's just getting worse.


Joshua Comments:

Hi again Anonywaitress.

No worries. It's all fun and games on the internet.

So. You've been in progressive pain for a year, haven't particularly done anything about it, etc.

Again, no worries, that's just kind of how people operate. Good news/bad news, they don't do anything about their pain until it's so bad they HAVE to. (I can't say that I'm really all that different.)

So. Heat. Heat brings blood to the area. That's a good thing. But you have chronic inflammation, which traps fluid in the area, and traps the pain enhancing chemical that inflammation pumps out in the are too.

So personally I wouldn't use heat. I'd learn How To Reduce Inflammation. It's not a fix, but it's a very effective pain reducer and great for the ecology of your arm.

1. Do you have any other health issuues of any kind?

2. History of injury, in the arm or otherwise?

3. Any other relatively similar pain anywhere else?

Aug 31, 2013
sounds like what i have
by: Anonymous

My pain started one day back and it sounds the same as here I have the pain out of the blue did not hurt my arm fall or anything.

it just started as I moved my arm and when I tried to straighten it was very painful after a bad night sleep seems like the pain is more mild I can straighten my arm but it still hurts I was not sure if it was my bicep or elbow or both that hurt the pain was / is so bad .

Oct 10, 2013
Elbow Pain on tip of elbow
by: Joe

I have elbow pain that seems to stem from the joint and noticeable on the outside/tip of my elbow. It hurts bad in my left elbow when I try to straighten my arm all the way out - it does not hurt to move it in a curling position at all. I do get pain in the same area when I try to push on something with my arm. I also notice it when I place my elbow down on something such as the window sill of my car door.

I am also starting to notice it in my other elbow as well, just not as bad.

Could this be a form of arthritis? It is worse after physical activity but pretty much hurts all the time. The only relief is from icing the area.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Joe.

I'd have to know more.

How old are you?
How's your overall health?
What's been your history of activity with your arms (work, sport, etc)?
How often and for how long to you lean on yoru elbos (including resting the elbow on a car window ledge)?
Any history of injury?

Oct 18, 2013
Follow up
by: JOe

Thanks Joshua,

I am 41 years old and relatively good health. I attend a gym regularly but mainly for cardio and light lifting...nothing crazy or body building type exercises.

I have played hockey most of my life and still play. It causes the pain to flair somewhat after playing but hurts during the off-season as well. I have an office job so nothing beside typing on the work-front.

I do not really 'lean' on my elbows much...just notice it when I do. I can push on certain areas on the back of my elbow and cause pain. I really notice the most pain when the arm is fully extended. Also, pushing on anything with that arm causes a sharp stabbing pain in the joint of the elbow.

I have had xrays and an mri but neither showed anything. I have been using ibuprofen and dunking my elbow in ice/water during flare ups. This seems to help somewhat. I have been noticing a similar sensation beginning in the other elbow - which leads me to think maybe something related to arthritis.

Thanks for your input


Joshua Comments:

1. Ice dip the entire forearm and as high up the arm as you can.

2. Does it hurt more when you do a tricep extension with weight than it does when you just straighten your elbow?

3. If you're worried about arthritis (even if you aren't) go totally off all gluten, processed oils, and more sugar than you're willing to for 1-2 months and see if the pain goes away.

4. It's either from too tight muscle and connective tissue, or more systemic 'arthiritis' factors (inflammation and auto-immune response to inflammatory agents). Or both. No real way to tell but trial and error.

5. I may have said this earlier, but it's not particularly surprising that the other side is hurting. A. you use both arms, B. the nervous system likes both sides to be the same so it will make it the same and C. if it's inflammatory factors, the body responds so again not surprising the other side is feeling it too.

6. My Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook will walk you through how to deal with this. If it's the compression as mentioned above, elbow flexors play a role as well as any tricep players (the ebook just talks about the former but it's not a big stretch of the imagination to work the other side of the arm as necessary).

Oct 24, 2013
Quick question
by: Russ

I have symptoms just like explained by many people on this page..long story short I had pain in elbow for a couple days then after about three days I wake up can'tt straighten my left arm w/o severe pain!!

Now here's my question I had a neck fusion about 2 1/2 months ago on my 5 and 6 vertebra. Before surgery I had numbness on inside of elbow and my thumb went numb... Now post surgery my pinky finger goes numb and a spot in my left shoulder blade could this arm/elbow pain be possibly from pinched nerves in neck causing muscle spasm like you have mention above??

Or this is just totally separate and massage and treat for imflamotory tendons??

Ps maybe this wasnt a quick question lol thanks you have been a big help just reading your answers I thank I for your time : )


Joshua Comments:

Hi Russ.

1. Did you do anything in particular that would have caused your elbow pain?

2. Why did you have a cervical fusion?

3. Anything happening down the arm can be attributed to compression up at the neck, yes. Spasms, pain, numbness, etc. Granted, now the spine has been fused there's nothing to do about that, so yes, as you say, it's now a matter of opening up all the too tight tissue of the neck, shoulder, etc so that nerve flow can happen as freely as possible (as uncompressed as possible).

Hopefully it's not the fusion itself causing the compression, but is the too tight muscle and connective tissue that was there pre fusion and is still there and worse after fusion.

Nov 09, 2013
how i can reposition my hand?
by: big bright

You guys are do nice work. I having problem with my hand which i dislocated for almost four years now i have been unable to straighten or bend it my elbow still fill terible pains please if you can help me with how it can be repositioned thanks alot.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Big.

You dislocated your wrist -and- your elbow? Or you dislocated your wrist and your elbow just hurts?

In other words, tell me more about what you have going on.

Nov 14, 2013
help! bicep hurts in the morning until I move it around
by: Anonymous

Hello i have a very bad pain right below my bicep, where the arm bends, , when i wake up it will hurt real bad until i bend my arms a couple of times to get used to the pain. its been hurting for a couple of days and yes i lift weight/work out. every time i bend it completely straight it hurts.

could this be anything bad or just a muscle growing?


Joshua Comments:

The muscle could certainly be growing, but the tightening/loosening you you describe is generally a function of 'too tight'.

You sleep, the muscle contracts and you don't have consciou awareness of control over it so it continutes to tighten up, you wake and move it around which lengthens it.

The pain is from fatigue and constant contraction. Think your muscles are resting at night? Think again.

Dec 03, 2013
I have Pain and swelling in the crease of my elbow right below my bicep.
by: Matthew

Hello, I have Pain and swelling in my inner elbow right below my bicep. It hurts to extend my arm. I also noticed a couple of small blueish purple veins there too. I got my blood taken about a month ago, and the pain is almost exactly like the pain after getting you blood taken.

Kind of like its bruised, but it isnt. What could this be?


Joshua Comments:

Was it an 'easy' blood draw? Meaning, easy one stop shopping, or did they have a hard time getting the vein such that they had to poke around a lot?

Was their bruising after giving blood?

Was it traumatic at all?

Have you been fine the entire month until now?

Jan 03, 2014
Help, tremendous pain in shoulder and forearm and elbow
by: Robert

I have horrible pain in my left elbow. There are 2 spots where it hurts most, the bottom of it if you have your arm extended and your forearm resting on a desk, and the top part of it as well.

Here's the thing, I cannot squeeze a container, like jelly or mustard etc, without going into a tremendous amount of pain. It hurts to squeeze things, or to lift them.

I also have a pain in my shoulder which hurts tremendously as well. Both pains started around April/May of 2013 and only the shoulder pain is a little better. I am left handed to boot!

Help!!! O I have hardly and money and no health insurance.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Robert.

1. So should I assume from your last sentence that you haven't recently taken an antibiotic like Levaquin or Cipro?

2. Just out of the blue, sudden significant pain in multiple areas? Or do you mean the pain started, and then got worse since approximately april/may?

3. Why do you think you have this pain? What might have contributed?

Jan 12, 2014
by: Kristen

I had the same thing going on. I'm assuming mine is from shaking the baby bottle, to mix the formula; the pain was not there when I was breast feeding. I have had extreme pain in the center of the elbow joint and the out side boney prominence when I push, pull and straighten my arm (not when I bend it with no tension).

I felt around in the forearm muscle ( I didn't find and pea size knots but I did feel the muscle jumping around like crazy, with a little pressure (in many different spots).

I know now there is some crazy muscle spasms going on in there and it will take some time getting them all worked out but you hit the nail on the head. I don't know why I didn't think of this myself I'm usually very in tune with any pains I get and know how to fix them but, this one hurt so bad I got a little confused.

Thank you Sir and have a wonderful New Year!

Mar 10, 2014
seious pain on elbow and arm where you draw blood
by: Anonymous

Woke up one am with serious pain in my elbow but didn't think much of it thinking it would go away if i just didn't use my elbow which isn't that easy!

Never knew how much i actually used my elbow until i tried not too lol. anyway everyday that passes it just gets worse. where you get your blood drawn hurts the worst! pain even goes up the inside of my arm and hurts when i use my finger to grab things sometimes.

Some days its so bad i cant even pick my 2 year old daughter up. everyday when i go to pick up a cup like my cup of coffee it hurts so bad i almost drop it. its like there is someone stabbing me with a needle.

i have tried to ice it and heat it but neither helped a bit. when i first started taking iburophen for then pain it took the edge off but no i am taking 10 ibuprophen in one shot and it doesn't do anything!

This has been going on since November and i have no idea what the problem is or how to treat it. i can not even straighten my arm out. like it just wont straighten out and when i try to the pain is unbearable!

Also when i try to straighten my arm out the pain goes up to my bicep as well. best position for my arm with the least amount of pain is to keep it bent. L shape, like i would be carrying a box or something. if anyone has ANY idea what this may be or what i can do to treat it please let me know. cant wash dishes, fold clothes, carry cups or pick up my baby girl.

It's an awful feeling when my 2 year old is crying or holding her arms out for me to pick her up and i am unable to do so.

Please, please, please can someone help me figure this thing out!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Unless you have a medical issue like a tumor or blood clot, the answers you're looking for are in this thread. Read it all!

Apr 14, 2014
I fell on my arm in the bathroom and can't straighten it
by: Anonymous Jeo

I fell about 5 days ago in the bathroom, I landed on my left arm, it hurt pretty bad, no popping, just cannot straighten my left arm.

I work at a computer all day, I have been just dealing with the pain, but since it has not gone away in 5 days I am starting to get concerned. The next day after I fell I woke up and my right arm was numb (it has now been numb- the ring finger and the pinki finger, from my hand to my neck for four days) I do not know if the two are linked.

My back hurts pretty bad and my forearms hurt. I cannot reach my face with my left arm.. I am going to make a doctors appointment I guess... I was kind of hoping the pain would just get better.. any ideas?


Joshua Comments:

How exactly did you land on your arm? Straight arm like a push up? Down at your side and you landed on your arm and body? Some variation of either?

Apr 16, 2014
Fell off the toilet onto the tub, landed on my arm and whole body
by: Anonymous

I fell from standing up on the toilet, hit my back on the bathtub and landed with my whole body on my left arm, it was bent when I fell..

Also I am 29 female, regular excersise. Ive noticed ice made the pain worse and heat has helped relieve a little bit of pain.


Joshua Comments:

Well, consider that you were in a car crash. Meaning, your whole body was hit by impact.

How 'hard' you landed does of course play a role.

So it's not surprising that you're having 'whiplash' symptoms in area other than your arm.

Specifically to the arm, did you land on/hit the elbow?

If you can't reach your face with your hand/arm, is that restrction coming from the shoulder, or the elbow?

Apr 17, 2014
fell off the toilet onto the tub on my elbow
by: Anonymous Jeo

Hi. I landed on my arm. I think it was bent.. the pain has gone down just a little.. im sure I hit the elbow kn rhe floor. It felt like I had scraped my elbow bone on concrete.


Joshua Comments:

So the elbow joint isn't bending.

Either it's inflammed/swollen from the impact and bone bruise, which is most likely, but it's certainly worth having it looked at by a doctor to make sure there's no actual injury or dislocation etc. By a doctor that knows what they're doing, of course, otherwise they'll look at it, see you can't bend it, and tell you to take some antinflammatories and come back in a couple weeks if it's not any better.

May 03, 2014
same symptoms
by: Leeann

I'm also having the exact same pain! Mine started after I got my blood drawn at doters right above the spot that's hurting me.( same place as yours)

Please keep me informed, especially if u find out what it is and how we can ease the pain.

Thank u in advance and if anyone has any questions or suggestions feel free to ask ,for this pain is terrible. Thanks again

May 05, 2014
Not a mystery
by: Anonymous

I have this same issue, it can't be that odd. It's been months thought I just slept on it wrong. I'll look into it further.

May 22, 2014
I have no idea what's wrong with my elbow
by: Alana

So yesterday morning I was feeling okay and I started stretching and I heard popping but I thought it ought to be the usual so I let it slide then as I started to wake up my lower arm started to feel pain I had no idea where it was coming from then it started to go in my elbow everytime I put it down.

I told my mom (by the way I'm 15 years old) and she said I slept on it wrong and I slept on my right side so it doesn't make since it makes it hard to go straight and it makes me want to cry.

I've never felt this pain before although my elbows are double jointed and can bend more then usual arms. Before I had this pain I would always here it pop back in place but it didn't hurt so I don't really know what the problem is ...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Alana.

Well, I rather imagine that in some way shape or form (sleeping on it which puts pressure on the joint, or stretching and getting a weird not-good pop), that the joint/joint lining is irritated.

1. Either it's still a little out of joint and that's causing pain or
2. You just now have a huge inflammation process kicking in.

Read this thread and learn what there is to learn, and follow the 'how to reduce inflammation' link and start ice dipping intensively to bring the pain levels down.


Do you have full range of motion?

If not, what's stopping/hindering it?

Jun 11, 2014
Arm elbow pain stiffness after fall on Christmas
by: Gary

Can't move my left arm around my back.

Had X-ray still waiting for results.

My doctor said it isn't the signs of tendinitis.

I did fall on it xmas day and it was black and blue for a couple of days but didn't see doc at the time.

Now I have major problems with pain especially when I wake in the morning.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Gary.

1. Why exactly does the doctor think it's not the signs of tendonitis? What does he think it is, then?

2. Did you ever have similar pain problems before.

3. How/where exatly were you plack and blue after the fall? Shoulder? Arm? Elbow?

4. What was the progression of pain from the time of the fall to now? Did it hurt the whole time, or was it pain free and now it's hurting?

5. How exactly did you land when you fell?

Jun 16, 2014
Inner elbow pain after sleeping
by: Same but Different

This is kind of severe pain, kind of not. When I woke up my inner elbow was KILLING me. Now for the specifics... If it is in a 90• angle resting, there is no pain. BUT if I so much as try to let it straighten itself or if I try to use it by bending it more... HORRIBLE PAIN!

In another's, unless I'm holding the arm bent or letting it sit still it is very painful! Painful bending or straightening. When I say starightening, I mean as soon as I let it off my leg and let the weight of its self try to straighten it, pain immediately. Same with trying to use it or just bend it!

What's happened to my arm!!!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Gary (assuming this is the same Gary).

Thanks for the description, that's helpful.

And to have a chance at answering your question, I need you to answer these questions.

1. Why exactly does the doctor think it's not the signs of tendonitis? What does he think it is, then?

2. Did you ever have similar pain problems before.

3. How/where exatly were you plack and blue after the fall? Shoulder? Arm? Elbow?

4. What was the progression of pain from the time of the fall to now? Did it hurt the whole time, or was it pain free and now it's hurting?

5. How exactly did you land when you fell?

Jun 22, 2014
more elbow pain when cold and start to move the arm
by: joe

I have a similar problem. I have elbow pain right where all the bones meet. Im no expert but it feels like joint pain. Ive had this pain for 3 months now. Ive been n construction work before and sports so never worried about a little pain here and there.

I feel the most pain when my arm is cold. Meaning it will hurt as i start moving it when at rest for a while. While at rest there is no pain. After moving it around for a while the pain is less but it is still there. It hurts the most as i am extending it. It is also tender to touch. If i bump it in the area it will hurt.

About a month ago i decided to see if i can mitigate this pain somehow to i got a pressure brace for my arm. As soon as i put it on i started to feel a lot better. I left it there for 2 days and it started to feel uncomfortable on me so i took it off. But the elbow pain was completly gone. 5 days later after i stopped using it the pain slowly came back. So im using the brace againto see if i can fix myself up again.

Is this tendonitis? Can it be something else? Oh also i dont know how i started getting this pain. It only became noticeable to me when it started to hurt a lot. Since getting hurt here and there were always part of my job and part of my routine i never payed attention to it if it started slowly.

Thaks in advance.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Joe.

Is it tendonitis? Sounds like it.

Muscle and connective tissue get tight over time, compress the joint. Eventually the nervous system can't 'win' anymore and you start to feel pain etc.

Could it be something else? Until I hear other clues that might lead me to believe it's something else though, I'd go with the understanding that structures are too tight so function is impaired.

Jun 26, 2014
Inner Elbow Pain, Not stretching straight
by: Anonymous

I have a similar problem as everyone else.
I am a 24 year old male.

I woke up a couple of days ago and in the morning my left arm was in pain and would not stretch properly.

The pain is in my inner arm right by the joint.
Stretch at best 80 to 85%.

This scares me because I dislocated this elbow about 5, 6 years ago. But the pain is significantly less compared to what I felt back then and I have full forearm and wrist rotation.

I've had surgery done on it and had no problems until very recently.


Joshua Comments:

What exactly did you have surgery on? What exactly did they cut/do?

Jul 02, 2014
Can't straighten elbow after pull ups and push ups and dips
by: Kelsey

About 3 days ago I did a workout that was 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 squats 10 rounds of that.

my arms were sore the next day but nothing more than the usual pain. then yesterday I couldn't straighten my elbows.

I iced it and massaged it and it seemed to help a little. today I woke up and my left arm is worse my right arm is feeling fine. the left arm straightens slightly more than 90 degrees and then it won't let me go anymore. my inside of my shoulder is now hurting there's pain going down my forearm and into my fingers (mostly my pinky) it's sometimes a tingling pain.

it also hurts to let my arm dangle so I keep it at a 90 degree spot. it's very painful. any idea what I should do?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kelsey.

I'd start by reading this thread and doing what it says to do.

Then see how your body responds.

It's unlikely that you ripped/tore something (unless you think you did or your phsical health is such that it's likely that you did).

So then it's a matter of getting your structures back to working 'normal'.

Jul 27, 2014
elbow pain when I touch either of the bones or try to bend or straighten my arm
by: caroll

Hi, my left elbow, well bones on each side started hurting, not too bad at first but noticeable.

As each day went on pain has gotten more severe, now my Arm throbs all the time the pain goes to my shoulders and down to my wrists!

It is extremely painful to bend or straighten my arm and if I just tap either bone it send excruciating pain thruout arm.

I'm really thinking about going to the er (it's Sunday) bc the pain is just that bad. I have been icing and wearing a brace, but this is not getting any better it is getting worse by day, any ideas?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Caroll.

Did you do something to your elbow?

Or did it just randomly, for no reason, start hurting?

Aug 25, 2014
Same Pain as OP, but possible dvt?
by: Shaina

Hello:) I unfortunately have the same pain as the OP. If I reach for things slowly, everything is fine, but if I quickly extend my arm, I feel a sharp pain somewhere in the crook of my elbow.

What's odd is that I can't tell if it's necessarily the crook of my elbow, or if the pain is somewhere in my forearm or bicep, or all three. At first I thought that it was a torn/pulled tendon, which I still haven't ruled out.

Then I wondered if it could be biceps tendonitis, but there was absolutely no shoulder pain. Maybe it was some sort of radial muscle pain, but I wasn't sure.

The pain began about 3 1/2 months ago when I got back from vacation. I had gone paddle boarding, and had to carry a board that I had rented about a 1/4 mile to the beach, and back to the rental shop.

On the way back, my friend and I did a team lift. She was at the front of the board, and I at the back. Like a dummy, I had my arms bent at the elbow at a 90 degree angle, with the end of the board sitting on top of my upward facing palms. The sort of pain I felt over the next few days, directly at the crook of my elbow made me think I pulled a muscle or tendon.

One last kicker is this, which I hope has nothing to do with my pain after having read about dvt.

Two weeks before going on vacation 3 1/2 months ago, I donated blood plasma. The procedure went well, and I thought nothing of it until I came across your answer to the OP. It has been almost 4 months since the donation. And the only pain I have had has been limited to the inner elbow area of my arm (give or take 2 inches).

I have not been using my arm much at all, but have been resorting to my left hand constantly. The pain has actually gotten better in the last week, though I still feel some pain, and am not ready to start using my arm like I used to. The pain goes away completely if I take ibuprofen, and I can get through work like normal.

I hope I have provided enough information for you.

P.S. Joshua, I think it's cool that you've been responding to all of these posts so consistently over the past few years. Good job:)


Joshua Comments:

Hi Shaina.

It's entirely unlikely that donating blood caused a dvt that started to hurt 2 weeks later. Anything is possible, of course...

But if you don't have swelling and redness and more constant pain, chances are incredibly high that you're fine.

What makes more sense is that you held a weight longer than you're used to in a position you're not used to and muscles got tight and stayed tight.

And the nervous system thinks it needs to stay that way just in case. Kinda dumb, but that's what it does.

See the Magnesium for Tendonitis and How To Reduce Inflammation links in this thread.

The Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook covers all the lower arm. Maybe it's biceps, but I bet you a dollar it's more the Protanor Teres that is the bigger player here.

Look it up in an anatomy book then poke around and try to find it while moving your wrist up/down and while rotating the forearm back and forth.

Aug 26, 2014
cant straighten arm above head tight string
by: james

Hi my issue is a small string that I can feel running from my armpit along the inside bicep then all the way along my forearm. It started hurting just in the armpit area then over a week has got sore all the way down the string, it doesnt hurt or feel any different to normal to flex my bicep or clench fist.

It feels like a string in my arm that's too short and hurts when I straighten it above my head. I have had an ultrasound from shoulder/armpit area to elbow finding nothing out of ordinary, have also been to a physio twice and he has no idea what it is.

Should I see a specialist?


Joshua Comments:

Is it a nerve?

Or is tight connective tissue?

Poke around with arm up, and with arm down.

Let me know how it goes.

Sep 19, 2014
Can't straighten arm - physio helping
by: John


I have exactly the same symptoms as the last commenter, and very similar to the original poster.

I'd had a bruise on my inner arm that quickly went away. I don't remember doing anything to cause it. However, the bundle of nerves or tendons under my right arm was visible, along with pain straightening it.

The doctor was useless, prescribing anti inflammatories and a shoulder ultrasound. Finally went to my excellent sports physio. On the first visit he improved the pain with movement and massage, and the bundle of nerves went away a bit.

He diagnosed a 'trapped nerve' (there were other terms, but essentially a nerve that has become stuck and shortened). He wasn't highly familiar with it, and hadn't seen anything quite like it before, but is treating it with exercises, massage, mobilization, ultrasounding the joint area, and things are slowly getting better.

Cheers, John

Sep 22, 2014
outer elbow pain after a hand stand
by: worriedgirl

Hello, well the last time I went to my dance class my teacher had me to this thing that's like a handstand and I believe that after that my arm started to hurt. At first I didn't notice it because I thought that it would go away but it hasn't.

It actually feels like it has gotten worse. I cant bend my arm straight and I cant even rest on the elbow or apply lotion on my face with that hand.

My boyfriend keeps on telling me to go see my doctor but my mom says to use muscle relief cream and I think that getting a massage would help but in the end I don't know what to do.

I work at a desk all day since I am a receptionist and I try to massage it, bending it, and try to relieve some pain but that doesn't seem to work either:/

What do you suggest?


Joshua Comments:

1. What would a doctor do for you?

2. Have your boyfriend poke around your arm and shoulder and armpit area and upper back and see if he can find a muscle or area of muscle that is too tight, possibly spasmy, and extra painful.

Probably you put your out of hand-stand-shape body into a hand stand and muscles and nervous system did not like that and muscle(s) seized up to hold you and never let go, are in constant contracture, and that causes pain (and can refer pain elsewhere). Or, depending on where you're feeling the pain, you strained your elbow structures and inflammation kicked in (releasing pain enhancing chemical).

Or both.

3. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Oct 01, 2014
same sort of pain from lifting 10 lb dumbells 30 times
by: Anonymous

im a teenager who has just started lifting and stuff like that, recently i did 30 curls with ten pounds, which made me fatigue.

now i cannot fully bend or straighten it like normal. usually i can force it back and then keep it straight, but then when i flex it back i cannot bend i straight once more. at first i thought it was growing pains, which is possible because its in both arms, but definitely mainly in the right, oh and i pitch for baseball as well.


Joshua Comments:

Hi anonymous.

Welcome to the wonderful world of working out and getting sore and stiff.

Here's a rule of how the body works: When you contract a muscle, the muscle retains some of that contraction when you relax.

So you did multiple reps with weight resulting in strong contraction. And there's the whole 'sore' thing which results in feeling tight and stiff. That usually goes away.

But it all adds up over time.

So, after every lift, do a gentle lengthening stretch. And do that afterwards to help the sore tightness go away faster.

As a pitcher, you're going to have to deal with this as well.

Also, see the magnesium-for-tendonitis link in this thread.

HOpefully you're just having these symptoms because your body wasn't used to weight lifting so you're extra sore/tight.

But if you're short on magnesium, then your body literally can't stop contracting a muscle like it ideally should.

Oct 05, 2014
Not Sure if the same...
by: Alyssa

I had a massage on Friday, and she was quite tough on me. She massaged my whole body. That afternoon I was a little sore, but on Saturday both my forearms just below the elbow line were tight.

I woke up hady able to extend my left arm (I do sleep on my arm).

I can't extend Palm up or down and sometimes the pain goes to my bicep (but not all the time). It's now Sunday and the pain is just as worse but now my right arm is exactly the same as the left. I've been icing and stretching and massaging but I'm getting a little frustrated because it does hurt.

Not sure if this is the same

But any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Alyssa.

It sounds like your body might have had a previous issue aggravated enough to the point where all of a sudden it became noticeable.

And then of course the Pain Causing Dynamic amped things up so you hurt more/longer.

Do you have any previous issues with your hands/forearms?

How 'hard' was the massage on the arms/forearms, specifically?

Oct 26, 2014
pain left elbow area
by: Tyler

I recently lost the ability to bend my arm without extreme pain. Yesterday I woke up and it was a little sore so I rubbed around trying to massage it and I ran hot water over it in the shower. When I got out of the shower the pain became unbearable to the point where I couldn't sleep.

To keep the pain at a minimum, i must leave it bent across my abdomen. When I try moving it it's very strong shots of pain. My guess was tendinitis due to the increased pain after the hot water.

When I do attempt to extend my arm it results in rapid twitching from muscles as if to reject the movement. I tried rubbing the bicep and extending the arm, this helped but not a complete fix of the issue.

I am currently icing it every hour for 20 minutes at a time.

Would greatly appreciate the help if you could

thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tyler.

1. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation

Ice dip, don't ice pack for 20 minutes.

2. Did you do anything to your arm? Sports, crash, accident, fall, slept on it really weird, etc?

Oct 26, 2014
Need help, arm has been bothering me for a few days
by: Anonymous

Hey josh,
I'm a really active 15 year old ad this has been bothering me for a few days now. I tried looking for one of those bumps but couldn't find any. Is this normal? Please get back to me ASAP.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anony15.

What bumps?

What's going on with your arm?

Oct 27, 2014
Re been bothering me for a while
by: Anonymous

You were saying to look for bumps of spasming muscle in your original answer. I think I may just be sore but I'm not sure.


Joshua Comments:

Oh yes. Spasm in the muscle, definitely search for that.

And, being sore can REALLY limit a person...and goes away after a few days.

When pain/limitation doesn't go away after a few days, then it's time to really start investigating.

Oct 28, 2014
Pulled muscle is actually a bone spur
by: Anonymous

After having random twinges of pain in the crook of my elbow for the past few months, a simple x-ray showed a bone spur at the distal humerus. I realize you are the tendonitis expert, but you have been very helpful with advice in the past, and I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on bone spurs?

I want to try to slow down the growth of it, and over the past few weeks I have felt it getting slightly bigger. It hurts less when I use my arm less, and I have changed a majority of my diet so that I'm not eating so much meat and dairy as before. This seems to help when I am consistent with my diet.

I have read that apple cider vinegar can sometimes act in such a way that when applied topically, the bone spur can begin to dissolve. I have also read that alfalfa tea is good to drink because it has a lot of calcium and other nutrients.

One thing I don't necessarily understand is why extra calcium helps with bone spurs, when bone spurs are formed out of calcium(?). I'm not sure if I understood that information correctly.

I guess what I'm looking for is advice on how to handle a bone spur without immediately settling for surgery.

I'm turning 26 very soon, which means that I won't necessarily have time to have surgery before I get kicked off my parent's insurance. This means that I have to bide my time for a few more months so that I can have the surgery on my own insurance. But, if I find an alternative method that works for me, I would very much like to avoid having surgery altogether.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated, though I do understand that bones belong to a completely different system from muscles and tendons.
Thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi ElbowSpur.

Are you REALLY feeling in grow in the past 2 weeks? If so, that's problematic and you better get to work!

If you're considering bone spur removal surgery, here are some good questions to ask: Quiz Your Doctor

Surgery, besides being painful, doesn't fix any of the causes of the spur. What's to keep it from coming back?

A Bone Spur is generally caused by forces in the area telling the body the bone needs to become stronger.

Bone spurs in and of themselves don't necessarily cause pain. While they certainly can, it's worthwhile to see what other forces are at play.

This generally too tight muscles and connective tissue putting load on the bone or joint area so it 'grows' to become stronger to withstand the load (not very smart, but that's what it does.

1. I can't imagine that topical apple cider vinegar would do anything. Bone spurs are growths of bone, and aren't going to just go away or reabsorb.

2. I don't know why Calcium would help, other than to make the bone spur stronger bone material. Magnesium and Vitamin D are stronger possibilities, as they are required for the body to utilize calcium. And magneisum insufficiency causes the body to express calcium.

Will Magnesium help? I don't know, but it's cheap and super good for you and worth doing anyway (and to see what happens).

3. Where exactly is the bone spur located?

Oct 28, 2014
Leaning one arm on the other while studying i injured my arm
by: tyler

i originally felt the pain after leaving my forearm pressed tightly against my upper arm while studying.

i was in this position for a couple hours at a time and doing a lot of leaning on it for extended periods of time.

the next day i woke up and it hurt a bit and didnt think anything of it so i kept using my arm as normal.

the night after that i had fallen and my arm was fully extended while i slept but the pain still didn't intensify until i took the hot shower and tried rubbing in the shower cause i just thought it was a simple cramp.

now i cant completely bend my arm straight out to open the joint or completely close the joint. when i try, it tightens in two places: one is, with the palm up, is on the inside of the elbow but more towards my self while the other is on the outside very similar to the picture detailed above.

though these places tighten the most pain is coming from what feels like the tendon/muscle fibers running parallel to the humorous bone. possibly the distal bicep tendon.

hopefully that helps you help me


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tyler.

Either all that compression made the body think that it was injured or being injured so it tightened up to 'protect' itself, or the muscles were working hard while you thought you were leaning relaxedly.

If you were pressing into muscles, those muscle specifically have to work to support themselves and the other arm.

So you might just be really really sore, kind of like working out, because those muscles kind of were working out.

Either way, if it doesn't go away in a few days (and you can help speed that up), then do what this thread says. Ice dips, and gentle massage.

Magnesium never hurt anybody either. (See the links to Magnesium earlier in the thread.)

Dec 28, 2014
Same issue, have to stretch and massage daily to get it to stop
by: Anonymous

I'm a sixteen year old female with the exact same issue in my left arm. The first time this occurred I was twelve.

It got to the point where my mother took me into the ER, and when nothing appeared on the x-rays, they sent me home with a sling which only worsened the problem. I stretched the arm and massaged my inner elbow daily until it stopped.

Now, I can feel the muscles tightening again. I'm not sure what it is that causes it, but it's interesting to hear of someone else with this problem.

Jan 05, 2015
Cannot lockout elbow after elbow fracture and later a broken wrist
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue as everyone else. Though mine was probably initiated by an accident. I fell of Mountain bike, and broke my wrist.

Since the accident I cannot lockout my elbow. I went for scans showed a fractured elbow but this was an old soccer injury.

I have taken inflammation tablets and had numerous physio sessions. On same occasions the physio has got it back to normal, but within a day later the bicep appears to spasm and the lockout returns. A

Any other ideas? My physio has referred my to a sports doctor and think a cortizone or even a botox injection may reduce inflammation and help my arm.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

If the elbow fractured once, and you broke your wrist in a fall later (that means force transferred up the arm to the elbow), you could have joint inflammation swelling the joint so it doesn't want to go there.

You could have chronically too tight muscles around the elbow, specifically brachialis and pronator teres and all the way too tight connective tissue shrinkwrapping all that.

Have a friend wrap both hands around our elbow (all the way around). Then have them squeeze as hard as they can, then try to move your elbow. It's like that.

I think botox is a REALLY STUPID method of trying to deal with this. "Oh, let's kill some muscle with dangerous toxins, that'll fix it!"

A Corticosteroid Injection might help for a little bit, but isn't a fix.

From multiple impact injuries you have a long term Pain Causing Dynamic in play, possible swelling or even deformation of the elbow joint, and the resulting interplay of your body trying to have full motion, and your brain desperately trying to keep you from moving in ways it thinks is going to cause you more pain.

Learn How To Reduce Inflammation

Jan 20, 2015
elbow pain from sleeping
by: Anonymous

I too sleep with my arm under my head and about a week I'm experiencing pain in the left inner side of my elbow-pain no where else. Perhaps I'm sleeping most of the night on that elbow-what do you think?


Joshua Comments:

It's certainly possible. Putting the elbow joint into a compressed/awkward position for hours at a time can and does result in pain symptoms upon waking.

Feb 06, 2015
Elbow problem
by: Eghay

Hi,i'm a 22 yr old guy from philippines.

I noticed this elbow pain sort of years ago when im playing basketball,when i make a shot then when my arms goes straight my right elbow hurts like the bones goes bumpin hard.

Then one day I asked my girlfriend to give me a low five(hi five in vertical direction)my hand on the bottom,when she slapped my hand there goes another bone bumping hurts!! I thought my elbows joint will separate..

Until now when im playin basketball the pain when my arms goes fully extenders still i use elbow supporters for some comfort on my elbow.
I even feel the pain just stetchin out my arms.

The pain is inside so i cant identify where the pain is actually located.

Im wondering, should i visit a doctor already or there's some treatment for this.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Eghay.

If you have a tendon or ligament tear or actual joint damage, then a trip to the doctor may be a good idea.

Have you tried ice dipping as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation link that you'll find farther into the thread?

Feb 06, 2015
about the pain in arm
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem? for 2 days now i have been struggling with my left arm it feels almost like i have fractured it i havent fell worked or anything? i thought it was too much pc or xbox?

i can straighten mine but when i twist it to the left it sends shooting pains all up my arm it doesnt feel right what im doing is i have anti inflamitry gell from asda it cost five pounds then im keeping my arm and hand cold and rested and going to the hospital monday to get it xrayed i didnt understand what has went on ?

its a bit odd this happening? i also heard it could be frozen shoulder or i have tore something or it is a trapped nerve i hope your arm gets better soon anyways wish me luck for monday haha :]

Feb 13, 2015
Injured elbow when asleep :)
by: djooole


While i was asleep on my left side, a sharp pain and i also felt some moving there (like poping smth) woke me up in my forearm just below the elbow joint where the triceps attaches. I wasnt able to fully flex my arm, only 90 degrees and above this no chance, it was like blocked there and i had very intense pain when pushing something.

I train martial arts and do weightlifting, but at this moment i was sick and didnt train for 6 days anything.

after this it did get just a little bit better, but i couldnt resist training. during technical work i had a lot problems but at sparring none. and even after the training my elbow felt better.

but after one training a couple of days after, when everything was finished i felt some lateral biceps pain and forearm pain. Supination was very painful in the supinator muscle and for a week i couldnt even supinate my hand.

sometimes it was slighty swollen.

But now it is healing and getting better slowly. But now i go to the current problem.

i have problem extending my elbow fully, sometimes it will extend full but sometimes it wont, like its locked against something just before fully extended. Like it hits on something and when this happens it hurts a lot. pain is only on concentric contractions.

Feb 22, 2015
pain when I extend my arm, can't punch in martial arts
by: ian

Hi im experiencing pain in my right inner elbow, but it's only when I extend my arm.. It doesn't hurt at all to do anything else just when I fully extend it. Which is rather inconvenient as I train martial arts an i cant throw a punch properly because I can't lock out my arm fully.

I've been experiencing this pain now for I'd say like 5-6 months.. It started off really painful, but it's not as bad as it was but pains still there an won't seem to fully disperse.. was just wondering if there was any exercises I could do to make it better/stronger?


Joshua Comments:

Strength isn't the problem. Tightness and lack of ability to function is the problem.

Read this thread, there's plenty to get to work with.

Mar 20, 2015
Elbow Pain and unable to fully extend arm after pull ups and back workout
by: Chris B.

I was doing some back workout like pull ups and stuff. I did not feel any pain or any pop/tearing feeling during my workout.

Now though my right arm is sore but I still have full motion in it and my left arm I can not fully extend without some pain and it takes time and I am afraid to extend it and risk tearing.

My bicep does not look torn like I have seen on patients and I can still curl low weight. My arm just feels almost like its locked in a little bicep flexion though.

When I have my arm flexed at 90 degrees it feels fine but if I just let it hang it will not straighten. I have no shoulder pain with this injury. No bruising or hemorrhage in arm.

I have been trying to ice it and avoiding curling anything. It has only been a couple days but I was wondering do you think I could have possibly seriously injured myself?

Any idea what I may have done?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Chris.

Well, PROBABLY your muscles is just locked tight, for a variety of reasons (read the thread).

It's possible the elbow joint is out a little bit. Tight muscles can pull joints out of whack, then they don't 'slide' through their grove very well.

But again, notice the 'tight muscle' aspect there.

And it's possible there's a rip/tear though it doesn't particularly sound like it from your description. I'd go after too tight muscle first and see what reveals itself.

Mar 29, 2015
Elbow Pain

Same thing here. Always occurs after exercising, usually bench press or bicep curls. Cannot straighten my arm and if I do I get a sharp pain in my elbow area.

Feels like something is going to snap. Fine when my arm is not straight.

Eventually goes away at random times. Sometimes minutes, sometimes an hour or so. Any ideas on how to prevent this or what causes this to happen? The worst is when it happens on the golf course and I cannot play anymore.

I guess I could give up working out but would rather fix the issue.


Apr 20, 2015
Elbow doesn't straighten
by: PZ

My right elbow doesn't straighten all the way for the last 2 weeks. It looks weird. I workout a lot but I don't know how it happened.

It just came out of nowhere.

I noticed some stabbing pain coming from the inner elbow when I was putting on my shirt and when I extend the arm a certain way.

I can still workout and bench press 400 lbs without being in pain. I have been massaging the area and stretching. The elbow is still locked.

May 02, 2015
Elbow Pops
by: Anonymous

If I am playing on my phone when I go to straighten my right arm, it locks in place and doesn't fully extend until I force it and it hurts while doing this and then comes a loud pop that really hurts.

Wasn't as often at first, but now does this about 30-40 times a day. Anyone know what this is?

May 03, 2015
by: candy

About a week ago I noticed that my elbow was hurting I'm a stay at home mom so I don't get to exercise or anything like that. Anyways, the pain first started out about a week ago. SHARP pain in upper elbow. By upper I mean right above the bone that sticks out when arm is bent.

At first it was bearable now it's excruciating. Every time I try to straiten my arm a sharp pain shoots and just about send me in tears. Idk what to do.

I just know I have to do something. Its not getting better.

May 12, 2015
Hyperextended elbow won't straighten without pain
by: Andrew

So I read Barry's problem, mine is a little different. I did hyperextend my arm in wrestling about 15 years ago, since then my arm already don't extend fully.

Now it's worse, it got pulled on and now it has stabbing pain when I try to straighten it to the normal ( not fully extended) position.

The pain seems to be coming from more the elbow down the forearm about 2 inches, instead of towards the bicep. From reading Barry's story, I tried to find the spot to press, but had no luck.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Andrew.

Do you mean that you can't find any tender/tight/painful spot?

May 12, 2015
Fell with my right arm straight to break can't straighten
by: Tracy

I had a fall in my home about 5 wks ago. I tried to break my fall by putting my arms out.

My right arm was injured tremendously...had xrays and fractured my elbow but they decided for no surgery.

They told me it was a moveable bone and to use it as much as possible. which I did but I can't straighten the arm now. Its like it just locks up at about 85-90% straight. and it hurts when I try to push past that point.

What exercises can I do to stretch out the tendons? I'm sure they were messed up with that kind of impact.

Thank you for any insight you can give me.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tracy.

1. You don't want to stretch tendons. You do want to lengthen the muscles and connective tissue.

Probably yes they are clenched tight due to the 'trauma' of the fall. The brain tightened them to to try to protect you, and is not very smart about letting them relax, especially since you're still in pain (which the brain reads as 'danger').

2. Was the fracture a relatively small fracture? Or a big one?

Would surgery even have been an option anyway? Smaller fractures are left alone, bigger ones might warrant a cast.

Casting has it's own short and long term downsides so that you don't have a cast may be a good thing.

3. Read everything in this thread and follow the links.

May 12, 2015
Trama to elbow
by: Tracy

No the fracture was small and they didn't want to cast it because they were afraid of it freezing up and then I wouldn't be able to ever straighten it.

I try to get it as straight as I can without pain and hold it for 30 secs at a time.


Joshua Comments:

Well they're right on that point...casts and immobility cause the connective tissue to constrict.

1. Poke around while moving your elbow....see if you can identify if it's too-tight soft tissue somewhere stopping the motion, or if it's hard tissue stopping the motion.

If the elbow joint is bruised swollen, just the swollen tissue of the joint can be limiting movement (no room to move).

2. Ice Dip a lot.

May 20, 2015
Similar elbow ache
by: Anonymous

Hey Joushua.
I suffer as well from very similar pain. I do can straighten my elbow, but at the end of the motion i feel sharp pains at the inside of my elbow, near the ulinar nerve.

It's been 12 weeks or so that i feel this kind of pain-I've been to many doctors, and yet didn't find any solution.

Maybe do you know what is the treatment for it or can you diagnose it? I don't have any swelling on my elbow.


Joshua Comments:

Have you followed any of the suggestions in this thread yet?

May 22, 2015
reply to the comment above
by: Amit Rubin

Yes i did. I tried to search for a muscle spasm-didn't find any.

I wanna try that thing you offered:

'5. If you can, ice the hell out of the arm. 5 gallon bucket full of arctic cold ice water, if you can even get your arm deep enough in it. Frozen water bottle massage is a good secondary option.'

But I am not sure that it is going to be good to my arm. When I take a shower and put some hot water on it i feel like it is a little easier to straighten my arm with less pain.

Some Information about me:
I am 15 years old, I do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and I work out 4 times a week at gym.


Joshua Comments: haven't ice dipped, so you have no idea if it's helpful or not. Is that correct?

How does 'heat helps a little' equate to 'ice dipping therefor will not be good'?

Try 20 ice dips as described. The only way you'll ever know if something works is if you try it.

Also, read the 'Process of Inflammation' page you'll see a link to on this thread. It explains the hot/cold thing.

Jun 12, 2015
Pain after curling in the gym
by: Anonymous

I'm a 15 year old male, I was working out in the weight room and then later decided to do curls.

This morning I woke up with t-rex arms. Whenever I try to extend my arm a stabbing pain is felt about 1 inch from the elbow in my bicep.

I've tried everything and it won't go away.


Joshua Comments:

Hi AnonyCurl.

You tried everything?

What exactly did you try? Details, please.

Jun 12, 2015
Can't Straighten Right Arm All the Way But Don't Remember Injuring Anything
by: FredZ

I don't remember injuring anything. It just came out of nowhere 2 months ago that I couldn't straighten my right arm all the way.

No pain at first then I noticed inner elbow or tendon pain while doing certain things like putting on a shirt or throwing a backpack over my shoulder.

Meanwhile, I can still lift heavy weights. I can bench press 400 lbs without any pain. Preacher curls cause pain because there is a stretch on the bottom but I can do heavy standing barbell curls with 150 lbs without a problem as long as I don't stretch on the bottom. Same with dumbbell rows and pull-ups.

From what I gather on this thread, I should be poking around for a muscle spasm and soaking the area with ice.

Anything else that will help?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Fred.

There's a bunch of things that will/can help.

But for the moment, ice dip as described, and find the too tight muscle/connective tissue structures that are not lengthening enough and work them till they're more soft/mobile.

No need to do a hundred things. Do the two things and see what happens. Then you'll have more/better information with which to further asses the situation.

And, you don't have to have an injury to have pain/problem. It's generally more about function (or lack of it).

Jun 15, 2015
Thank you for your reply
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your reply. Work them in what way? Stretching? Massage?

"find the too tight muscle/connective tissue structures that are not lengthening enough and work them till they're more soft/mobile."


Joshua comments:

I'm not a fan of stretching. Massage can be/is more specific about targeting the tight tissue.

Jun 29, 2015
same here!
by: Anonymous

I am also experiencing this same thing! Doctor just called it tennis elbow but I'm not convinced.

Jul 01, 2015
That's the worst pain ever
by: Danny d sr

I am currently experiencing the exact same symptoms in the same areas you described to a t.

I went to the doctor and they said it was over worked and the tendons are injured.

Aleve seemed to be helping more then ibuprofen so they gave me prescription naproxen and told me to get both a wrist and elbow brace from cvs or Walmart .

I got a regular wrist brace with the metal support in it and a thin strap elbow brace with pressure pads for tennis elbow. I was at day 4 of excruciating pain couldn't even lift my arm and about an hour after wearing them 90% of the pain went away.

Good luck

Jul 22, 2015
Cracked Elbow Suddenly Pain
by: Jay

Okay SO i was just relaxing one day at home and (yes i DO know this is a bad habit and i should probably see some kind of therapist for this or something) and i was stretching somewhat and i snapped my elbow too full extension to crack it.

Like you know you crack your knuckles Etc but it hurt pretty badly and Since then i cannot fully extend my arm without feeling like an unpleasant pulling sensation as if i need to crack it again almost im looking for some kind of relief too the pain because i cannot extend fully and the psychological need to crack my arm again to crack the elbow is making me snap my arm and it hurts very bad when i do so .

Jul 28, 2015
Both arms hurt whenever i try to straighten them...
by: Isaac

Hi, both my arms hurt whenever i try to straighten them, I have worked out at the gym but not as much, also i play games and on my phone laying down holding my up as im doing now but my arms hurt when i try to straighten them.

Plz help me...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Isaac.

Read this entire thread. Follow the links and read those pages.

That will explain the how and why that you're hurting.

In short, muscle and connective tissue is too tight and short, you have some chronic inflamation, and nutritional lack.

Aug 08, 2015
Tired of living with pain and limited motion.
by: Anonymous

I cannot straighten my left arm out completely no matter how much I try to push it outward.

I can straighten it further if I turn my palm inward but much less if I have my palm turned up. My elbow grinds and there is a lot of tension in my muscles and tendons in my whole arm. It causes a lot of sharp and burning pain that never stops.

I have just gotten used to being constantly in pain. I tried physical therapy for a while and have used weights and an inflatable air cast to try to help recover my lost range of motion.

I stopped going to physical therapy because it felt like I was being tortured and I was not making any progress with it even though I did everything I was asked to do.

I still exercise and lift weights on my own.

I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some advice or any information on my options. I want to restore my full range of motion and relieve the pain if possible without having to limit my physical activity.

This started when I was about 16 or 17 and I am now 27.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Read the entire thread, follow the links and read those pages too.

Look up the anatomy of the arm, biceps brachii, pronator teres, all that right in there.

Then go to work opening up that too tight tissue.

Aug 18, 2015
left elbow pain after flipping car
by: Johnquline

Hello... My name is Johnquline. I'm 21.

I was in a wreck about 2 months ago. I flipped my car on its side and my left arm got pinned between the car and ground.

I went to the hospital and the said it was just bruised. I'm still having a lot of pain in my elbow. I'm not able to straighten it out all the way.

When I bent it farther than a 90 degree angle it sends sharp pains up to my shoulder and down into my hand.

My elbow constantly pops with every movement. I also have a tingling sensation in my figures and they tend to get really cold and turn almost white. I have very little grip in my hand and have difficulty to even lift a gallon of milk.

Do you have any suggestions on what it could be and what I should do about it?

Thank you .


Joshua Comments:

Hi Johnquline.

You almost certainly have a joint bruise.

Read this paged (link farther down in the thread) and that will explain more/all about bone bruises. It's talked about some in this thread too.

Probably you hit the elbow on something hard, have a joint/bone bruise, there is swelling and pain, muscle etc has tightened which pulls connective tissue tight (constricting vein and nerve and causing numbness etc [presuming that's not coming from whiplash side effects]).

How badly was the arm pinned? How much weight/pressure on it? Was there crush damage and the doctors called it a 'bruise'????

Read this thread, read that thread, come back with questions.

Aug 19, 2015
relpying back
by: johnquline

No they didn't call it a bruise they called it a contusion.. If I'm not mistaking that's the same thing as a bruise? I'm not sure how much the car weighs. It was a Buick rendezvous.

When I wrecked I went air borne and flipped onto the driver side and slid about 15-20ft.

My arm was on the outside of the car during it all. I had to wait till they flipped the car back to its right position before I was able to get it free.

I remember it feeling like my arm(elbow down) was going to rip off my body. But after my arm was free I remember it burning really bad in the elbow area and the rest was numb..


Joshua Comments:

Hi again Johnquline.

Contusion, bruise, same thing.

But from what you describe, while it obviously could have been MUCH worse, there was still some significant-enough trauma to the joint.

Visible bruising is obvious (and visible), but a Bone Bruise isn't.

And we'll use that as a general term for joint tissue getting compressed/crushed/bruised etc.

And that can hurt and hurt for a long time.

You sound damned lucky that your symptoms are as minimal as they are (compared to what they could be).

Having said that, you still have pain etc. Granted you're only at the 2-3 month mark, and joint/bone bruising can take longer than that to go away (much longer).

There's likely other crush damage/downside, but without an MRI etc we're just guessing. And even with an MRI, there's nothing a doctor is going to/can do about it (if there's nothing broken to surgically repair....and even that would come with more damage from the surgery itself).

So. Time and letting your body do it's thing is a factor. And doing some self care to help your body speed it along is even better.

Personally I'd get Reversing Wrist Tendonitis (it deals with forearm, and everything in it is relevant).

Aside from that, I'd learn How To Reduce Inflammation (follow the links to that you'll find in this thread).

Sep 12, 2015
my arm left arm
by: Anonymous

My arm aches bad and my hips when you I try to walk and its very painful.

Sep 13, 2015
Similar Pain
by: Ewan Miles

This is very similar to the pain I just woke up to... I have never felt pain like this in my life!

I thought I'd maybe twisted my arm or put too much weight on it in my sleep?

Sep 20, 2015
unknown pain when straightening arm overhead
by: Jonathan Collazo

Hi, my name is Jonathan i weight 145, I work out 3 times a week, I run 4 days a week, I eat healthy just pretty much live a normal healthy life.

I'm only 23 years old, in nursing school to be an RN. Just one day I went to school, did my normal routine: woke up, brushed teeth, washed my face went for a 10min run, came back showered, ate and went to school.

During class I had to stretch so I lifted my arms up and stretched my arms all of the sudden I could not stretch my left arm far enough because it would hurt. The pain feels like it's coming from brachial altery and a little towards my bicep. It just happened during my morning run I was feeling pain or anything, I didn't really stretch my arms so I wouldn't have known if I had ant pain before school.

It's been about a week and I just left it alone, massaged it and drank lots of water to see if it will go away but it hasn't. It's been now 3 weeks and the pain has gotten worse only if u try to stretch my arm.

I can lift thing with it and even biceps curls lifting 30 pounds and wouldn't hurt only went I stretch my arm it hurts. I'm not sure if I should visit a doctor, I thought it could be a blood clot but it's different I don't think it is.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jonathan.

Is there any redness or swelling? ie bloodclot symptoms?

Only hurts when you stretch, not when you lift/bend...hmmm.

So if you straighten your arm down at your side or in bicep curl position, it doesn't hurt?

Only when you straighten over your head?

Sep 27, 2015
by: Jonathan Collazo

Right, it only hurts when I stretch the left arm as far as I can go and at the same time stretching my wrist back.

It's been 4 weeks now the pain has settled a bit, I have been putting ice pack and got an elbow brace and been resting it as much as I can. The pain has now started in between from the elbow to my Radial pulse.

It's weird I can't explain and in between the elbow and my wrist there's a slight bump and bruise that has come up. I've been putting ice on it, that spot hurts the most.


Joshua Comments:

Hmmm. That is weird.

What kind of bump?

Like a little swelling?

A hard swelling?

How big?

Oct 13, 2015
Jonathan replies - small swelling bump elbow pain
by: Jonathan Collazo

It's a small swelling bump, kind of like a small bruise from hitting something hard except i have not hurt myself or anything. it has slowly been going away but i still have pain and problem stretching the arm still.


Joshua Comments:

Is the bump on something? For instance, did a vein/artery pop a little and you got a bruise/swelling?

Is the bump on a tendon?


Or is it a floating bump.

If you poke around under the bump (deep towards the bone, push the bump aside sort of), how's that feel?

Oct 15, 2015
Jonathan Collazo Cid
by: Anonymous

I did feel around, seems like the bump is right on my vein I pushed down but I feel a sharp stabbing pain when I push it down. You can see the bump slightly, people tell me it might be tennis elbow, some others things I'm not even sure now haha.


Joshua Comments:

Well....if it's a bump -right- on the vein, meaning the vein itself, that that's worth checking out.

Could be as simple as a varicose vein, meaning, the little valve that can break which could cause swelling and/or enlargement of the vein itself.

The danger of that is weakening of the vein and rupture/anyeurism.

If you think it's the vein itself, I'd have a doctor check it out to rule out anything dangerous (big vein rupture would be a bad thing)

Oct 30, 2015
Brilliant thank you so much Joshua
by: Dylan Obrien

Hey there, I am a 15 year old post elbow surgery patient. Woke up with these exact symptoms and thanks to you, found the pea sized lump and massaged it until poof. All gone can't thank you enough.

kind regards, Dylan

Nov 02, 2015
I have same sypmtoms
by: Anonymous

I am having the same symptoms, anything to do that will help? I have it in both my arms.


Joshua Comments:

Plenty that will help in the thread and links found in the thread.

Nov 03, 2015
Jonathan Collazo Cid
by: Anonymous

Hey by the way, does anyone that have these symptoms play any sort of video games? like on PC or maybe console?

Dec 02, 2015
I don't know what i did
by: Anonymous

I have been playing video games lately but I don't know what i did to make my arm hurt. I don't know if i did something to it playing Basketball or if it was decorating for Christmas or what.

I think i might have slept on it funny or the motions I have been doing for the elementary kids in our church. Sooo yeah it has only been hurting a few days but the pain is getting more and more intense.

Dec 30, 2015
Cant fully extend my arm (3+ years)
by: Amron


About 3-5 years ago, I fell on my left arm while I was playing soccer on a concrete ground. Instantly, my whole arm was in pain, but in a few hours it narrowed down to my elbow.

The doctor *thought* i broke my arm and ordered that i get a cast - which i had on for about three weeks. A week after i got my cast off, I noticed that I wasn't able to fully extend my left arm. There was slight pain at first, but now, 3-5 years later, It feels like it is impossible to straighten it.

I'm pretty skinny so I decided to start working out at the gym, but not only is my left arm unable to fully extend, it is significantly weaker than my right arm.

HELP! I lost hope all these years until I found this site not more than 10 minutes ago. I want to know how I can fix my left arm.

Thank you very much.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Amron.

What is stopping the arm from fully extending? is it 'boney', in that the joint structure can't articulate any more?

Or is it that too tight soft tissue structures aren't lengthening enough and thus the arm can't straighten?

Jan 01, 2016
inner elbow pain whenever I rest or lay down to sleep
by: Norah

In September 2014 , i started having some pain in my right elbow whenever i rest or lay down to sleep .the pain is not clear and not constant sometimes i it extends from the elbow to my shoulder ,other times it extends from my elbow to my fingers and sometime will be just in my elbow.

The pain varies from time to time , writing with my hand usually makes it worst .during finals i cant sleep unless i take some ibuprofen.

At October -2015 I went to doctor and i took A Nerve Conduction Study everything was good said the doctor.

He prescribed me Vitamin B12 for one month .after a while the pain almost disappeared. However as i started my finals now the pain comeback whenever i write or try to sleep .

In my last exam there was an extreme pain while i'm writing , for several times i just couldn't control the pen and i had to stop for seconds to regain control .

P.S: i have neck pain from time to time , could it be related? could it be my neck applying some pressure on my nerve? Or what could it be ?

Thank you In advance.


Joshua Comments<:

Hi Norah.

Yes, it could be any of the things you mentioned, and more.

Do you have a history of whiplash-type impact/injury?

Have you taken B12 again to see if that was what made things better previously? (I presume you stopped taking the B12).

Jan 13, 2016
by: Norah

Hello , thanks for replying and yes, i started taking VB12 again. And the pain is much way less now .

However, it's not gone completely, the pain could be iterated by writing or even writing in the keyboard for too long.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Norah.

Well that's good information, that enough B12 lowers symptoms.

How much B12 are you taking per day? Is it methylcobalamin?

The writing isn't the 'cause'. The cause is that your body isn't able to perform/recover adequately. Lack of B12 looks to be a player there.

Jan 14, 2016
Please Help
by: Anonymous

Hi, for the past several months now my left elbow has been in pain. At first, it was just that I wake up in the morning and it hurts to extend it, but I could extend it. It would sort of crack, like cracking your knuckles. But after a while,maybe 2 months now, I can't extend my arm straight at all.

Some days the pain is very bad and I can't tie my hair up or wash my hair in the shower.

I'm not sure what's wrong, I'm only 17. I do do labor but its not much. I've been wanting to go to the doctor but never go around to it. please help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi 17.

Start by reading the entire thread, and following the links to read those pages too.

Then come back with questions.

Jan 15, 2016
Replying 2
by: Norah

I take two tablets of 500 microgram a day , basically 1 milligram a day. yes its Methycobal .

Yeah clearly writing is not be the cause, yesterday i was playing basketball for a long time and the pain return very strong after playing .

But i feel the problem is more than a Vitamin B12 deficiency . Because otherwise the symptoms would have varied i from one place to another. but instead its only in my write arm.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Norah.

Yes it likely is more than a B12 issue, but, if taking B12 helps symptoms, then that's a good sign that B12 is a player.

I wonder what would happen if you took 5mg/day.

I wonder what would happen if you took enough Magnesium (see the link to the magnesium page in this thread).

Mar 08, 2016
elbow pain, can bend my arms but
by: joann

I can bend my arms but the inside of my elbow to my wrist on side of arm is what is bearable pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Joann.

Can you say a little more about that? It's short on details and I'm not sure if you mean 'bearable' or 'unbearable'.

Apr 02, 2016
Both arms and now left leg starting
by: Billy B

To start im a 43 year old male
Almost 2 years ago i hurt me lower back loading a gocart onto a trailer with out ramps like i have done 500 times.

Since i hurt my back at home and couldn't work (worked in construction) i was basically fired for hurting my back and i couldnt afford to go to a doctor.

I just stayed in bed to rest my back after a few weeks back felt better but when ever i went to pick anything up from the ground i would loss my grip in my left hand and would have pain as im gripping it even a drink bottle would cause this.

After a few weeks this went away then my right arm started to hurt at elbow and i couldn't bend it or even touch my face with my hand cause i couldnt bend it all the way forward or backwards this went on for about 8 months.

Then about 5 months ago my left arm done the same thing right arm is getting where the pain is getting lighter but still bad.

About 3 weeks ago my left leg started hurting like i pulled a muscle in my leg it hurts on the back side of my leg hurts to bend it backwards but i have all forward motion of my leg its bad enough that i cant lay in bed or sit up and put my leg on my knee with out pain.

i have done the ice water in the bucket for my arms but hasnt helped done a heating pad also to no relief i have lost about everything cause of this all this has started since i hurt my back never been in hospital ever besides when i was born.

Can this be caused from my back injury ???

Please help im desperate.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Billy.

Yes it can all be resulting from the back injury.

That's somewhat concerning if when you bend over you lose all grip strength....

And ice dipping might help some but isn't likely to be a fix of any kind. Loss of grip strength as you describe it isn't coming from the hand/forearms.

Pain causes a chain reaction of progressive tightness, inflammation, and nutritional lack.

I would go out and get the book '7 Steps To A Pain Free Life' by Dr. Robin McKenzie. It's a terrible title, but it got me up off of 2 months on the floor in two days.

That's where I'd start if I were you.

Apr 09, 2016
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

I woke up 3 days ago to the same type of pain in my right arm.

I as well thought it was how I slept since I did not work at all the day before and did nothing to hit my elbow.

The pain is getting worst for me the more time passes. Since its my third day I am having trouble to even putting weight on my arm to pick up.

Though I am unable to go to the doctor at the moment. I wish I knew what wrong with my elbow because their is no explanation to what wrong with my arm.

May 01, 2016
Arm pain
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. But I'm 16.

Jun 07, 2016
same thing
by: Anonymous

im 14 and in good health and have exactly the same thing and iv had a similar pain in my feet but it would go away in a few muinuits.

Jun 27, 2016
Exact same pain in my left arm
by: Melissa

I've been searching for 3 weeks about this exact same thing. Pain in inner elbow, bicep and forearm. Original post describes my issue to a tee.

Can't even lift an empty cup without excruciating pain. But I can carry heavy items??

I'm leaning towards golfer's elbow because I can find nothing else similar.

Did not injure the arm. Just woke up like this a few weeks ago and haven't seen a Dr because i live in the boonies and the nearest hospital is very far away.

Anyone figure this out yet? It's affecting my ability to work -- I'm a bartender.

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